Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife Lyrics

Your six blade knife can do anything for you
Anything you want it to
One blade for breaking my heart
One blade for tearing me apart
Your six blade knife-do anything for you

You can take away my mind like you take away the top of a tin
When you come up from behind and lay it down cold on my skin
Took a stone from my soul when I was lame
Just so you could make me tame
You take away my mind like you take away the top of a tin

I'd like to be free of it now - I don't want it no more
I'd like to be free of it now - you know I don't want it no more

Everybody got a knife it can be just what they want it to be
A needle a wife or something that you just can't see

You know it keeps you strong
Yes and it'll do me wrong
Your six blade knife - do anything for you

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Dire Straits Six Blade Knife Comments
  1. Yo Boi

    My favorite Dire Straits song !

  2. Daniela Oliveira

    Beuatiful 💜🎼


    Mark should have played more blues, love it.

  4. Dwayne Wladyka

    The guitar tones on this are so subtle, and it works so well.

  5. Lisa el

    Chi l'ascolta nel 2020 è un grande! Mark ti amoooo Gennaio 2020 🎻🎻🎶🎵😍💟

  6. Vanessa Morphine


  7. Tom George

    In these days a big part of his style was playing quiet notes, then loud notes. It creates a feeling of space and distance, and puts you in a trance with the hypnotic backbeat underneath. Very JJ Cale.

  8. Nicky Smith

    Good old tunes xxx LOVE IR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BALKAN Misterije

    Nocas je k'o lubenica 😄mjesec iznad Bosne..

  10. Aireli

    Im gay and I want six blade knives in my anus

  11. Malik Ait

    Un son de ouf

  12. lissontha Ad CuNhA

    Br fã do Dire Straits curte ai

  13. zen men


  14. krabby 1964

    Mark is the best.

  15. Panos Andrianidis

    love music love dire straits

  16. FR RF

    c'est dans ce genre de morceau que Dire straits me semble au meilleur. Ca me renvoie à la simplicité et riffs de guitars de JJCale. Bref la classe.

  17. Chris Richmond716

    I'm 25. I love this jam.

    a name

    here's a medal! 🥇

  18. David Ord

    Bang on the money with that bud WHY AYE man



  20. Alexander Engler

    Music is a Time Machine ! ;-)
    > R.I.P. David <

  21. Dino Kovač

    I guess 264 people got stabbed by a knife?

  22. Harald Lambert

    Best J.J. Cale-Album ever. Maybe. Anyway. Knopfler works

  23. Karl Beerman

    fuckin love this. music that got a good groove. people nowadays and their garbage, fuck its only shit lol.

  24. degunter2009

    eargasms... sooo beautiful!♥

  25. Isac Santos

    Indeed one of the best songs !

  26. Emanuel Dubei

    Guitar 10/10

  27. Patrick Lynch

    If there is a music God mark knoepfler is one of his disciples

  28. Paul Ellis

    proper tune to blaze too,whos listening 2019,?

    Colin oftheshire

    Who isn't?


    I'm with you Brother n' Armz! I'll smoke to this 4LIFE

    Spencer Herren

    bro. lighting it up now. 🤘

  29. Лесной Боровик

    Desperado yeahh

  30. Chris John

    Wicked tune 2019 !!!

  31. Lexieluthor

    Omg this song kills me

  32. carpo719

    One of the most badass songs ever. Always a classic, and always relevant

  33. TMNTdude1988

    Desperado (1995)

  34. Dharma Beach Bum

    Amazon digital music. Here I come.


    great song! Knopfler rules!

  36. Vibrantdragon312

    "In the city of fury" gaseosa mono

  37. Willem van der Windt

    I hear a lot of J.J. Cale in here. No problem, I can't hear enough J.J. Cale.

  38. Do what you must, I have already won

    This music makes it extremely hard to remain Tee Total.

  39. Pól Réamonn

    Such a sexy song.

  40. Sally Goldner

    Belated happy 70th wishes to Mark for last week. Thanks for giving us so many great songs like this: simple yet powerful playing with lyrics that create images. Rock on!

  41. Wayne Boyle

    The more you listen to it the more you discover, hell of a song

  42. Gabriel Rodrigues


  43. Marco Sansabini


  44. Anna Vajda

    You should not give knives as presents symbolically they cut the relationship.

  45. Álvaro Framis Sarría III Arte Fotográfico Sistema

    Great great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Shune

    Lead guitar ...so nice 👍

  47. piotrekm9030


  48. William H. Baird

    A perfect groove!

  49. hakat taşıat

    coolest way to play a lead guitar... mark knopfler

  50. thomas mumbo

    The music - industry, worldwide; has failed to give Mark Knopfler his due credit in my opinion. This man is a guitar legend and perfectionist. He also sings the lead vocal. Tell me who else could do it so fine. Apart from Hendrix, maybe 1 or 2 others. Anyway, the man is still alive and he is timeless. A Titan!

  51. steven Lockhart

    I love this

  52. Jose Pescador

    Is it it just me or does this song have a sexy chill vibe to it. Man it brings be back to some time I don’t remember but it a feeling I forgot! Wow and I was looking for a total different song. Thank you auto correct

  53. Penny Z Merope


  54. Ruffian970

    When I go to my old mans house this is the album I go straight for!

  55. Arturo Garza

    At 3:44 I would have let that ride out at least until 5:00.

    Joe Cebu

    You're right. That ended way too early. Maybe they were hoping it would get airplay and felt 5 mins was too long.
    That's why I miss the 70's. Songs could breathe and still be played on the radio on their entirety.

    Arturo Garza

    @Joe Cebu Knopfler is a legend, he's one of those guitarists that just got it. His guitar work is masterful, he's definitely one of the most underrated guitarists.

    Joe Cebu

    @Arturo Garza yes

  56. Josip Maretić

    love that bass

  57. Albert Karena 000

    Six blade knife do anything for you.

  58. Martin Hodge

    I love the bass on this LP

  59. twinsof86

    One of the best debut LP`s of all time !

  60. mbfenner

    Do anything to you.

  61. Jake Bennett

    this is a very blissful track :) happy times...

  62. Joe Thorp

    Anyone else hearing some Johnny Cash at the beginning? Hurt?

    Joe Thorp

    HACKED BY POODLECORP nice one, didn’t know that

  63. ashleigh white

    The ultimate tune “stoned

  64. garnett lewis

    Wow Kick back put the lights down low an simply drift into low low

    Joe Cebu

    Lo-lo could be a asian girl you drift into. 😜

  65. Kristen Grim

    This is the type of song that puts a certain sway in your hips....

  66. tim KC

    Six blade knife, you were strong.

  67. keith grewcock

    The Soul Cages Sting-same riff👌🏻


    Another rip-off by Sting

    keith grewcock

    zaggy3110 That’s brilliant. Love Sting but he’s a blagger. Surprised he’s managed to avoid lawsuits, but also chord sequences are natural music progressions too. Thanks for the link👌🏻

  68. Monsieur Feedback

    Enorme. Enorme. Comme il danse déjà sur les cordes, qui roulent comme des galets sous les vagues de l'océan… Putain, énormissime !

  69. Drew Youngs

    Like this www.drewyoungs.com

  70. Luis LR

    ... I'd like to be free of it now - I don't want it no more 
    I'd like to be free of it now - you know I don't want it no more 🎧



  72. ossi korpi

    DESPERADO best fuckin movie ever

  73. Patrick Doucette

    Damn! This is good!

  74. Redduke Teleman

    Is the six blade knife his strat?

  75. Toro261

    I concur,

  76. Paul Ellis

    anyone listening may 2019?plymouth England waving at ya!lls,...ppp.


    born in plymouth cheers n beers mate

    Paul Ellis

    @chiseldrock where in plymouth?me swilly mate.

  77. Marcus Murphy

    Never heard this jam. Love it

  78. Александр Ратников

    can I play?

  79. Pol Grau

    The bass line is simple but perfect

  80. GerardoC01

    Dio esiste e porta anche il nome di Dire Straits

  81. Monsieur Feedback

    Les origines… tout est là, déjà. Tu sens déjà l'éternité, le truc de dingue, le truc qui va te rendre complètement addict.

  82. anom pard

    en la ciudad de la furia

  83. Antonio Florido

    Awesome 🎸👌🏽

  84. Marcos Gomes

    JJ Cales soul captrued in this song

  85. Dean Wipfli

    Cigars and scotch love it live it


    Cheers Dean

  86. Luka Cicek

    I listen to this song everytime I have sex

    it has become a tradition...

    Penny Z Merope

    Luka Cicek 🤣✌🏾

    Panos Panagiotou

    Tradition... like Christmas??? Once in a year??? :)

  87. Carlo Sando

    Y que riiiiiico!!!!!!!!!!,mmmmm

  88. Carlo Sando

    Sex made music,mmmmm!!!!!!

  89. luc chen

    He's the best of the best for me

  90. Phil Sannen


  91. Paul Conway

    Going to put my head on the block and say... Imo, this is better than Sultans.

  92. Mauricio Palma

    Super tema de la banda sonora de la película" La balada del pistolero"

  93. Kora Katar

    Awesome! The song i was singing when i got drunk the first time in my life 33 years back 😁

  94. moonlight0905

    Mark best music is the most unknown, go figures

  95. moonlight0905

    Let give it to the Scotch, they give us scotch am Mark.