Dire Straits - Ride Across The River Lyrics

I'm a soldier of freedom in the army of man
We are the chosen, we're the partisan
The cause it is noble and the cause it is just
We are ready to pay with our lives if we must

Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
Ride across the river to the other side

I'm a soldier of fortune, I'm a dog of war
And we don't give a damn who the killing is for
It's the same old story with a different name
Death or glory, it's the killing game

Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
Ride across the river to the other side

Nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right
And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world

Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
Ride across the river to the other side

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Dire Straits Ride Across The River Comments
  1. Angel Villar

    Mi querida ciudad de Rosario...

  2. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #21 on the mainstream rock charts in 1986!!!


    Holy guitar

  4. bob the bob

    Love this tune. That base was amassing

  5. robin browne

    Reminds me of the early 70s crossing the Mekong river from Thailand into Laos. Love the song and hate it at the same time.

  6. Jeremy P

    Artistic way to visit a classic historical story.
    I wonder how many millennials don't even realize what this song is about.

  7. Melanie Elizabeth


  8. Melanie Elizabeth

    Brilliant, thank you Mark, thank you Dire Straits!

  9. Stephen Price


  10. Frankincensed

    At the beginning I was thinking Peter Gabriel then solo Sting. Oh, it's Dire Straits.

  11. Mário Pereira

    "Ride across the river to the other Side".

  12. Sanjith S S

    Last ship brought me here.😁

  13. CriArt


  14. His Overlord Upon High

    About 3:00am , July 8 1998 my sister called. She said Dad was going to cross soon. Maybe I should come over. I drove over. I heard this song on my drive over. He did pass shortly after I arrived.

  15. fossie 2004

    Best Song from the Album👍👍😍😍

  16. sandro barros

    rock progressivo

  17. Tavaras Riddle

    towards the end is that a Naughty By Nature sample of the song Hip Hop Hooray I hear?????

  18. kelly watkins

    Supposed to be the best sound engineered album ever. I wouldn't doubt if that were actually true.

  19. Ann Wilson

    great song. the whole album is as good too.

    my heart sinks remembering wondering if my daddy will be one of those that make it home from the war. it was many moons ago but you always remember that feeling deep down in your gut. 😶

  20. Emilixpro23

    Rosario, patrimonio de todos

  21. asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb

    great atmosphere  track.  The most complete of albums , it has everything


    esse foi e é o cara. alta inteligência.

  23. Lisandro Selva

    Rosario patrimonio de todos !!!

  24. Sab Centrella

    Try writing a 6 minute song.

  25. Guitarmaster7272

    This song is absolutely beautiful. Not a single flaw.

  26. clint aubert

    This is my favourite song ever.  No exaggeration. It has my favourite solos by Mark and I love the sound of the band on this album.  Dire Straits never sounded better than on Brothers in arms in my opinion (Love over Gold runs a close second).

    clint aubert

    Damn, I have to say I love on every street too.  You and your friend, on every street, and other songs on the album sound great too.

  27. Reenee E

    Awesome music. Still listening...and loving 😍😊

  28. Hílton Souza


  29. Bouhh LeLoup

    Une tuerie!!!! Une de mes préfères !!!.

  30. Frederik Andersen

    This song always made me think of the Vietnam war

  31. Nicolas Buralli

    Rosario patrimonio de todos.

  32. akula444

    40 years later still trying to find a bad Dire Straits song...
    nope, not this one

  33. Renee Brillant

    So talented. One of the most gorgeous antiwar anthems ever

  34. Randall Frank

    The percussion on this song is absolutely amazing!

  35. cliff tudor

    Saw him again Aug 27th. The boy's still got it!

  36. dbusiness100

    Miami Vice



  38. Hílton


  39. Hílton Souza


  40. dok falloul

    mark knopfler is simply the best guitarist in all time ride across the river amazing track thank you

  41. kevin sayles

    we all know how great Mark's guitar work is on this track, but for me it's the trumpet that makes this my all time favorite Dire straits song

  42. Tomasz Wójcik

    "Nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
    Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right
    And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
    Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world"
    Very wise words

    Fernando Gross

    I think it actually is "tomorrow the roads"

  43. John Smith

    Original, to the point drumming.

  44. John Smith

    Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right ... That's what's happening nowadays.

  45. Mlizar

    This album has better production quality compared to most albums of today.

  46. lucia cintra

    He is brilliant ❤️

  47. David Kiehlmeier

    I'm a soldier of Freedom
    In the army of man

  48. jouniku

    This sing got me into DS/MK music, a true blessing! And one of the few songs that sound better as the studio version than live.

  49. smokiebird06

    I don't know if he's the greatest guitarist of all time, but he sure as hell is my favorite guitarist of all time. He also comes in second and third.

    Stephen Price

    Gutiarist mark it doesn't get BETTER

    clint aubert

    He is mine too.  I wanted to play guitar when I listened to Sultans of Swing.  It sounded like how the guitar should be played.

    Mango Roxx

    @clint aubert TRUTH!!

    Gerrit Pronk

    I totally agree 👍

  50. swami fakkananda

    i am 59 yr yung. first time i heard this thing i got an errection and it became a perpetual one (I MEAN PERMANENT). wooooow.

  51. Blue Blue

    shame on me. totally forgot this one.

  52. Sharon Lunn

    Still sounds good in June 2019 great band

  53. Lair Fiorillo

    Great ...

  54. Grande Gathor

    dire straits had 2 lead singers: Mark Knopfler and Mark Knopfler's guitar

    REEF REACHER 2 Steve Miller

    Exactly, what a perfect way to put it. I’m going to play this again and again today. Great snow day song


    the thing is the first one was much worse than the second one.

    Dean Cade


    Vagelis Komninos

    hahaaha very well put Gathor :)

    Mário Pereira

    I give thanks for your wisdom.

  55. Shawn Brecht

    in my 56 years of rock and roll brothers in arms is my favorite, dire straits nailed this one

  56. philip gray

    what a ride the maestro amazing sounds

  57. jkev1122

    Dire Straits were indeed the sultans of swing.

  58. sandro barros

    rock progressivo musica experimental

  59. Dire Straits

    2:54 the best

  60. Michael Wurtz

    A beautiful song of the master
    Of the master Markus 😉

  61. rayooo blanco

    Himno. Lo reitero.
    Belleza de Himno.

  62. rayooo blanco

    Ride Across the Rviver, una de las mejores canciones en el mundo, en lo que a mi respecta.

  63. rayooo blanco

    straits across the river.

    Drive across the river.

  64. rayooo blanco

    Himno, mi tema favorito de Dire Straits.
    variemos un poco el léxico

    dire across the river.

  65. Nakke144

    The intro is kinda similar to Chris Rea's "Bombollini"

  66. George Ferreira

    We are the same. You are the other one.

  67. AlexLordAlcyone

    tough call but this is my fav song on the album

  68. Tarcisio Bastos

    Mark Knopfler o melhor guitarrista de todos os tempos, amo demais. Dire Straits Forever.

    George Ferreira

    Tudo respeito meu!!
    E otra maneira de vir o Mundo, nao es?? Tudo força la para essas terras.
    Martelo e enchada....
    Canta la para essas aldeas...
    Nunca'me perdas esta corrida...
    Outra vez, Força!!!

  69. rayooo blanco

    tengo muy buen porte para darle mensaje a los que me dañan gane o pierda yo, pero Dios es quién único Sabio.

  70. Steven Dawson

    Absolutely KC & @ 75 still I'm still there!

    Mango Roxx

    75 is the new 45, lol! 😎

  71. andrew berridge


  72. Philip Halpenny

    ...while his guitar mournfully moans.

  73. Plippersrock Bikecross

    Dire Reggae blanc🌴🎸🎷🎹

  74. EIRE 32

    This is one of them tunes that always gets turned up to the last. Class tune from a great band

  75. Nuporis

    John Ilsley you got to love it

  76. Mark Holder

    I absolutely love this track. I think it might be my favourite dire straits track


    Same for me!


    tough call but this is right up there

  77. Jacob Bassett

    More ppl should know this song.

  78. ADDAMS

    In the Bayou atmosphere...<3


    Ótimo trabalho! Esta música é um capricho tanto quanto outras do Dire Straits. Fortaleza, CE, Brazil escuta Dire Straits!!! ✨ 🎸 🎤 🎶

  80. Wagner Clementino

    remember me a 5.1 DTS (R) version that a listen (with 5.1 speakes) a very long ago.... excellent Dynamic Range......... thank you for post a "master piece" like this

    Nikkita Roo

    Wagoner Clemintino

    Nikkita Roo

    Wagoner Clemintino, Sir, what do you know of 440 mghrtz? The range or tuning of instruments in this range? Please?

  81. deadstar44

    A guitar tone and a touch to die for.

  82. Somasundaram Balakrishnan

    Houston rocks proud to rock with Dire Straits tuneage !!

  83. Skider Runner

    Heard this song in the mall today. Came home to look up the lyrics until I found it.

  84. Rhonda Webb

    Simply one of the most brilliant artists around!!  Love you Mark Knopfler....You sir, are a Guitar  God!

  85. Lana Del Taco

    My school has this as a fucking class bell

  86. Rich R

    Classic rock at it's best, great then still great now..

  87. Geoff TuckFrump

    “I’m a soldier of fortune, I’m a dog of war; and we don’t give a damn who the killing is a’for.”


    Lma0. No, Tuck gee-off. Trump 2020.

  88. MAK Ousaad

    Brilliant song, true lyrics and sensational music. The guitar is weeping.... Thanks maestro !

  89. Federico Forcadell

    Rosario, patrimonio de todos.

  90. Katia Claro

    Essa música é uma delícia...guitarra boa❣

  91. DarrenVelSatis

    130mph non stop! In a cherry red SAAB 900 turbo, M6 from Birmingham to Cumbria, those were the days!

  92. ecabernet

    I love the 3rd verse, the opening is so good. Just the whole transition from the guitar solo into that verse is just so smooth. Takes a tiny break, and then... I mean how can you not sing along to that?

  93. Fatima Soares

    Essa Música e Muita Viagem Perfet

  94. kelly watkins

    America screwing with nation building and dictators in central America in the 80s. I forgot how good this sounds, still digging it in 2018.

  95. Bcabatista559

    I like to think this songs about the Vietnam war, sounding strangely eastern, with meaningful American lyrics, fighting for death and glory, while being ignorant of the real cause.

    twicebitten thasme

    Close. Try our troops down in south america.
    (But the news doesn't report that...)

    SM Smoof

    Global banker wars?

  96. William Kraft

    I guess I'm lucky. I would have never heard this song unless I was watching a series "The Last Ship"

    Anais and Samantha

    William Kraft I take it you like it?

    kelly watkins

    I have the CD somewhere in a storage box, forgot about what a great album this was until I played this a couple of days ago. Repeat.

  97. Oliver Twist

    I hope Peter is ok

  98. sebas de bordeaux

    This song as well as Telegraph road is OUT OF RANGE.. TOO strong and meaningful

    Arben Dubova

    + Brother in Arms

  99. sebas de bordeaux

    The river is our personal life finally..