Dire Straits - It Never Rains Lyrics

I hear the Seven Deadly Sins
And the Terrible Twins came to call on you
The bigger they are babe
The harder they fall on you
And you you're always the same you persevere
On the same old pleasure ground
Oh and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

You had no more volunteers
So you got profiteers for to help you out
With friends like that babe
Good friends you had to do without
And now they've taken the chains and the gears
From off your merry-go-round
Oh and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

And your new Romeo
Was just a gigolo when he let you down
See the faster they are babe
The faster they get out of town
Leaving make up stains and the tears
Of a clown
Yes and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

Oh you were just a roller coaster memory
I don't know why I was even passing through
I saw you making a date with Destiny
When he came around here asking after you
In the shadow of the Wheel of Fortune
You're busy trying to clear your name
You say 'I may be guilty yeah that may be true
But I'd be lying if I said I was to blame
See we could have been major contenders
We never got no money no breaks'
You've got a list of all the major offenders
You got a list of all their major mistakes
And he's just standing on the shadows
Yes and you smile that come-on smile
Oh I can still hear you say as clear as the day
'I'd like to make it worth your while'

Ah but it's a sad reminder
When your organ grinder has to come to you for the rent
And all you've got to give him
Is the use of your side-show tent
Yes and that's all that remains of the years
Spent doing to rounds
And it never rains around here
Well it just comes pouring down

Now you know what they say about beggars
You can't complain about the rules
You know what they say about beggars
You know who's the first to blame his tools
You never gave a damn about who you pick up
And leave lying bleeding on the ground
You screw people over on the way up
Because you thought that you were never coming down
And he takes you out in Vaudeville Valley
With his hand up smothering your screams
And he screws you down in Tin Pan Alley
In the city of a billion dreams

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Dire Straits It Never Rains Comments
  1. johneygd

    For couplet contains a creepy massage.

  2. ballinr1

    Best solo ever!!! Such an underrated tune by the straits this

  3. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    always like this album closer. if you look at those lyrics are very Dylanesque..in fact it's interesting that between love over gold and brothers in arms Mark Knopfler not only would play on but produce Bob Dylan's great underrated album the 1983 Infindels.
    that's only my opinion but when you look at the lyrics and the pros and the style of this song it's got some very heavy Bob Dylan leanings to me. that's okay gang if you don't agree I'm just throwing it out there folks

  4. Alobytes Whitestone

    Quanto è bella...

  5. Larry Beckham

    Yuck - somebody does not know how in encode without distortion. Move to Dire Strait's posting.

  6. mikko hyvärinen

    What a Fcking Album. Fcking Fine. I fcking say. fkingfuuuf

  7. mikko hyvärinen

    Aye, fkin Masterpiece.

  8. Selina tolson

    Love it

  9. Salmou Sougou

    The Best,from Senegal (W Africa),over 40 years listening to this Maestro of guitar

  10. Scott Roberts

    epic masterpiece

  11. younes cherradi

    This album sold over 6 million copies. One of the most underrated albums.

  12. tricguerrero

    Excelencia musical

  13. Brad Wicenciak

    Thank you Holly Beth Vincent


    For me the fun part about this song, and just about all songs on the making movies album is to have known a few "holly beth vincents" about the time the songs came out.

  14. Brad Wicenciak

    I love angry Mark

  15. Mac J

    Genius of Mark Knopfler, he's still in his peak, just have seen him live during his latest tour, amazing gig, and the last one in Madison Square Garden -pure magic

  16. Steve Lumber

    My God, that Hammond

  17. Hílton Souza


  18. Fabrizio Fortunati

    Mark Knopfler e Yngwie J. Malmsteen i miei unici Maestri di Musica e soprattutto di Chitarra!!!

  19. Hílton Souza


  20. Ipa Nema

    Precisely 4'40'' into this extraordinary song, Knopfler launches a guitar Solo (with capital S) which leaves you speechless. The emotions (mostly anger and desparation) escalade and nothing can stop that guitar. It's a total mystery how ''It never rains'' never made it to the Hall of Fame of Rock&Roll. Talk about underrated songs, this one is right at the top of the list !

  21. LegoJedi

    My favourite from Love Over Gold

  22. Hílton Souza


  23. Luis LR


  24. Alonzo Hooper

    This song should have been named "Cliche'"  It's one cliche' after another cobbled together to make an understandable song.  Great song by the way.  One of my Dire Straits favorates.

  25. Dean Cox

    Never heard a song change personality so violently since 'Day in the Life'.

  26. PIERRE6619

    I heard "it never rains" today in my dream and was telling to myself how beautiful it is and here I am listening to it. True story.

  27. Danny Hammett

    n these comments in ear prove im right ask everyone here what the best dire straits song is and everyones song is diffrent all dire straits songs are great they all have meaning that u can relate to dire straits gives u shivers down ur spine there songs can chill u right out make u cry make u happy theres not many bands that can do all that best guitarist ever in my mind

    Mac J

    well, it's all due to Knopfler's amazing songwriting and playing

  28. Danny Hammett

    bad dire straits song pfffy whoever says that is a wanker n dont no shit about dire straits dire straits never had a bad song n this song is up there amongst tge best dire straits song the lyrics the guitar the man

  29. jonnine

    Can't blame the tools round here, babybitches.
    So... anyone know where I can score some good shit? Swear to god, money not an object... for a few lines of moon trajectory material. Cmon, get the insufflatable shit out, I'm dying here.... I'll go £100 for a decent g, seriously!

  30. Tchikanii

    I was seriously shocked when I realised that this piece is 8 minutes long. After years of listening, I never noticed. Shortest 8 minutes ever - go figure :) Love ya Mark and DS, until I'm crinkly and old.

  31. Brian Arsenault

    such a calm falls over me with the song intro ... soooo good

  32. MARCE5975

    solo out of phase guitar or wha?

  33. doublestarsystem

    Someone tell me why we don't see such music today's... Mark is born to what he is: Magician of electric guitar...he is to this instrument what Max Plank is to quantum physics and Einstein to relativity...and now...I am 50 years old and still in love with this music...though I don't know what I was born for...

  34. Danny Hammett

    check his lyrics the mans a genius n thats a great song as are all of there sings are i remember when i was 16 i was hitchin to see my bro in halifax i got stuck on motorway had staits on my walkmen 6lanes of traffic 3lanes movin slow all his songs have meaning that man can make and break a man with tgat guitar ur the best mr mark knopfler

  35. Kalp Kumud Kumar

    people tell Brother in arms is best of Dire , but in my opinion love over gold is best album from Dire straits.

    Johnny Campbell

    Of course, On every street, is a close second

    Bridgett Zehnder

    How can you pick. Everything is brilliant by itself🤘🏻😍🎵💃🏼

    Darkx Abdel

    Kalp Kumud Kumar , in my opinion all albums and tracks from dire Straits are good.

    MAK Ousaad

    Totally agree, Mark has reached his highest level in guitar playing and songwriting with this fourth studio album, all the 5 songs are masterpieces and the solos are just stunning.


    Sure this is ;)

  36. Brian Arsenault

    I have a problem with this track.... I just can't play it often or loud enough... Sorry officer, it was THE Straits that made me speed :)

  37. Brian Arsenault

    wow...just wow !!!!!!

  38. bellyofanarchitect

    Sounds like a left over from "Making movies"-

    bob bob

    Nah it suits this album

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    you're almost closemaking movies with definitely begin to really define Mark Knopfler sound that people would become very familiar with..
    between him and Chris Rea they seem to be cut from the same cloth as far as fingerstyle greatness.. evach sometimes you listen to it Chris Rea you think it's Mark playing on it..

  39. Gary gari

    Fucking masterpiece.

    One of the most underrated songs of Dire Straits

    Kenneth Mc

    @numv2 That solo gets me every time.


    Gary gari agree!

    Liam Unruly

    Fucking fuck, shit goddamn and son of a bitch.

    Kenneth Mc

    @Liam Unruly What was that about?

    Liam Unruly

    @Kenneth Mc because he said "fucking masterpiece", it was copying his type of lingo.

  40. GeorgeTel100

    Mark has written MANY masterpieces but there's just something so grasping in this only seemingly simple song that I just have to visit it regularly

    Henry Mick

    I agree, one of their best efforts. This one wants to be explored and re-lived over and over again. It's an experience on it's own, maybe similar to 'Ride Across The River'. But It never seemed simple to me but very sophisticated. The lyrics will forever be stuck in my mind + that solo, it's just gorgeous and delivers a super unexpected turn. One of his deepest cuts in my opinion.

  41. Paolo Massimo Redaelli

    I bought vynil in 1982
    Fantastic album

  42. robbie v guitar

    Great keyboards

  43. Dyo Sergey

    4:58 - 6:48 Dire straits vocal part.

  44. Diarra Ousmane

    Dire Straits c'est surtout et surtout la magies de la guitare qui vous projettent dans l'espace comme des cosmonautes tellement ces notes sont si soignés à la perfections et encore bravo à Marc et tous les autres !.


    Mark suit l’harmonie comme personne ... il parle avec ses émotions

  45. Fernando Cardoso

    Dire Straits... Que saudades... Nunca mais teremos uma banda dessas. Mark Knopfler envelheceu e mudou seu estilo

  46. J M

    This song has always been my favourite DS song

  47. Martin Jørgensen

    Best guitar ever oan for ever 😎

  48. Sabin Sundas


  49. Mrinal Chakraborty (EVP Technology and Innovation)

    Truly most underrated song, even I was hearing this album for many years but never this song n it’s guitar solo never touched the soul, but today my daughter n me listened to this part over n over - sweat over there after - incredible, a gem from MK n DS - cheers

  50. Leslie Cunliffe

    This song owes a lot to the legacy of Bob Dylan.


    I always thought this song to be very Dylanesque.

    MAK Ousaad

    I don't think Bob Dylan has ever written such a masterpiece or even something approaching it. It's unique, it's Mark's signature, it comes from his deep soul.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    @DylanDream I think Bob liked it so much that's why a year later before Brothers in arms he tapped Mark the not only play guitar but produce 1983 infidels

  51. Marília Cruz

    This song is so rich and pure. All the time it remembers me a city, a open and green park, a soft blue sky with few white clouds and a high and strong yellow sun. But with strange stories in the middle and confused minds trying to make good decisions.

  52. Camshaft

    1000th subscriber

  53. Jack Kirk

    Only 261 likes? What a hell of a jam from about 441 on..

  54. TheWathman

    What a great song

    Costas V

    What a finish!!! masterpiece

  55. Franco Bernardi

    which problems about the 10 dislike?


    They be retarded

    Zack Tim

    @rogercharlie no, their speakers are not working lol

  56. Janna A

    Recently I've seen many comments ov people on some page how this soing is actually one ov worst Dire Straits songs? Srsly? It's one ov my lyricaly favourite songs in general, not just ds. I found it kinda boring when I was little but growing up I realised how powerful this shit is. Lyrisc, music, that intro is just perfect and enough the way it is. Knopfler knows his job for sure.

    Mary S.

    @Sante Pasotti at the beginning of the song I hear Ry Cooder's clear inspiration. Cooder was also an inspiration for many Chris Rea songs.

    Bleu Skye

    There are no bad Dire Straits songs.

    Bleu Skye

    @Mary S. Oh ! I love Chris Rea!

    Karl Hallman

    Knopflers best stuff always takes a couple listens

    Rémy Macca

    You look so beautiful:)

  57. Mike Foster

    Best track on any DS albums, and never got the recognition it deserved

    Ian O'Connor

    Yes this one of the most underrated Dire Straits songs on a very good album.Telegraph road is a master piece on side one.It never rains is the masterpiece on side 2,when I got Love over gold in 1982 I picked this to be a hit after private investigations and industrial disease ,Love over gold was,and sadly it never Rains was never picked up by the general music stations, the Sound radio station down here in NZ play this on their side b vinyl days, and list it as a lost song of the eighties,so when it comes on I turn up the volume.it has some very deep rifts and great keyboards to match from Alan Clark and of course the bass and the last album that Pick Withers worked on.This song and Follow you Follow me from Communiqu'e are very deep songs.All the Dire Straits Albums are musically profound. So I Agree Mike Foster.


    I like the first song on these Album

  58. Christopher Prim

    I want to be in a Dire Straits cover band.

    Marília Cruz

    Me too!!!!

    Christopher Prim

    @Marília Cruz This song is pretty Dylanesque. I hadn't checked out all the lyrics until this year. Wow.

    bob bob

    @Christopher Prim I would join you in that

  59. Glenn Horvath


  60. Mewse

    The pure emotion in those vocals at 3:20 is just magic especially with that guitar. Love over gold has to be my favourite album of their’s

  61. Brakkeleer Thuis

    Pfffft, what more can you say about this??? That solo....beyond everything! Mark is the best guitarplayer ever!

  62. Alboy stewart

    Best number they did
    A beautiful hidden jem
    With a finale resembling a hammer like right hand

  63. 이호진


  64. Exploder Bros

    Most underrated song by DS

  65. Alan Scott

    The intro should crop up somewhere else in the song - it's wasted just using it once - like the intro to Layla.


    It's - as I read on a blog - a 'dark masterpiece'...the song starts quite gaily and then transforms into something more menacing, so the intro has been left behind deliberately as the song has evolved into something pretty muscular by the end, and it's the end that makes you think you've just got to hear it again....

    Henry Mick

    @Damian Yepp, very good description of this outstanding work.

  66. dennis neo

    This album is a magum opus.

    Michael Ryan

    dennis neo completely agree.

  67. Darkx Abdel

    One of the best Mark Knopfler's guitar solo !
    I think it's the best one.

    Adel Houdrouge.

  68. John Davidson

    It's not an obviously flashy solo, and a slow-build, but from about 04:58, this is one of the most the most trippy and beautiful wah-solos ever. I remember hearing this when I was wee, and not realising it was guitar - what weird instrument is that? Great playing by Knopfler - obviously not a style he pursued; a shame as it's masterful stuff.

    Gustavo Gonçalves

    Really. It´s maybe on of the bests solo that Mark Knopfler has created. Better than Telegraph Road, or Sultans of Swing? This goes from each one.


    For me it is their best solo. Sultans' solo is overrated in my opinion. It shines only in Alchemy's version.

    Lloyd Darbon

    Agreed. He could've taken another 5mins playing in that style and I'd love ecery bit.

  69. Debora Frisoli

    La musica di Mark knopler mi piace perché coinvolge la mia parte emotiva quella che da forti emozioni ed è presente in tutti in noi oltre alla parte logica bravo Mark👌👌👌👍👍👍


    Molto bello l assolo vol delay, mai sentito da mark il delay ma sento che fa magie anche con quello

    Rocco Galata

    Ascolta l ultimo album...bellissimo omogeneo calmo .ti piacerà

  70. Nicola Romanini

    Gloria I Love You.

    Mr Donald

    Nicola Romanini luv u 2 hun

  71. jonnine

    I'd like to make it worth your while.... X(...

  72. Debora Frisoli

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 very very good!!!!!!

  73. Martín

    Una de las más grandes canciones de Dire Straits e incomprensiblemente infravalorada. Grande, grande, tan grande que la escuché por primera vez con 16 años y 25 años después me sigue poniendo la piel de gallina.

  74. Donald Myra

    just incredible guitar play by the group that is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Campos PT


    Donald Myra


    Doogie Carpit Burger

    Sinix PT, Super Underrated mate. Sounds like spring, freedom and good old times to me...

    Captain Turrican

    Actually rated bullshit,I don't like this except part from 04:58


    Grossly underrated

  76. Eric Gafford

    Love the build up!