Dire Straits - If I Had You Lyrics

Oo-ooo if I had you, yeah the things that I could do
Honey, if I had you

Now I could sing like an angel, fly just like a bird
Sing you the best love song you ever heard.
I could be a poet like mohammed ali,
Float like a butterfly, sting just like a, just like a bee.

Mmm, ooo, if I had you, ahhh the things that I could do
If I had you.

Now I'd go get your name tattooed on my chest,
Well it'd just say 'my baby, my baby, she's the best.'
I could be your superman, you could be my lois lane
I could be a tarzan, you could be my sweet jane - if you wanted to.

Mmm if I had you, ah the things that I could do
If I had you.

Yeah one more time...
Ooo if I had, only had you, yeah the things that I could do,

Oh boy
Only if I had you.

So come on dance with me baby, don't let me go.
Yeah dance with me baby, don't let me go.
Baby don't let me, don't let me
Don't let me go, oh no...

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Dire Straits If I Had You Comments
  1. John Boydell

    Just so, so sweet.

  2. Local Fox

    Let's go. Fly away

  3. Charles Dyce

    Classic Knopfler, this was good enough to get on an album. Maybe he didn't rate it.

  4. Barrie Sansom

    Thank Goodness for youtube as MK did some very underated stuff ...thanks for post

  5. Adrian Struys

    Brings back soo many memories

  6. Rockets, RC Planes, More | HD

    Never heard this one? What album is it from?

    Diana O'Gorman

    It's on "Twistin by the Pool"

    Craig Barron

    It's on the EP Twisting by the pool, along with Two Young Lovers. Great EP to own.

  7. Barrie Sansom

    So many great songs by Knopler which didnt get on the mainstream albulms soo glad you good people send to Youtube! Thankyou! Awsome track!

  8. Silvia Robert

    my lovely Mark

  9. Lily Peters

    Beautiful !

  10. elofan54

    My favorite Dire Straits/Knopfler song.

  11. Marcondes Amaral de Oliveira

    Damn! 10 years without hear this gorgeous song...

  12. Valentin Bolt

    do yourself a favour and play the "best of dire straits" playlist. Never had a smile on my face for so long just sitting alone in my aparment!

  13. Leila Houdrouge

    Adel Houdrouge : Great Great Great Mark Knopfler. 👍Always good, always...

  14. Lionel Berlouis

    Love that "if I had you"lovely guitar works in it.Top number

  15. Adrian Struys

    Love those strato riffs this used to rock the house

  16. Boz Ajanovic

    Nothing beats oldtime music-in Mark's interpretation! ;)

  17. Kudala_Mangalooru

    Lovely ballad. Beautiful Knopfler signature Strat. And that Hammond B3 waves in the end made the hair on my neck stand up. It is such a shame that this gem of a song has never been made available on CDs.

  18. pianodore

    wonderfull last 2 min

    Boaz Drogt

    pianodore 4*

  19. gHSTS & gUITARS

    Really rocking the emotion of these Jams!

  20. carlos manuel arriaga garcia

    The intro riff is quite similar to the one of expresso love, isn't it?
    However I love this song

    Darkx Abdel

    carlos manuel arriaga garcia . Exact.

  21. TheLegacyRadio

    A Sample Of Lost Classic Rock always played @ thelegacy.shorturl.com
    Search for The Legacy Nobex for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

  22. monica anderson

    Helt fantastisk(har jag tyckt sen jag hörde den första gången när den kom ut på EP på 80_talet) Jag har säkert lyssnat på den 100-tals gånger, tröttnar aldrig, det är en GLAD-låt!!!!. Vårdar min EP ömt!

  23. dtoeppen

    Why has this EP not been released on CD????????


    I think the same, its a shame... there is 2 version on cd release on 1988 and 1989, but its very expensive

  24. Ritva Nordling

    jag kunde vara din jane om du vill

  25. iricandescence

    I hadn't heard this one before. Thank you so much for posting it. :) Mark Knopfler (and the rest of those guys) are very dear to my heart.

  26. wellington alves

    the best

  27. Natirando

    I love this song, and your video is very nice. thank you very much.


    les legendaires DIRE STRAITS ..l'incroyable MARK KNOPFLER

  29. zmanifest

    I'm a fan of both Dire Straits and Justin Bieber!

  30. Scott lewins

    i think as a group we should lock bieber in a glass box (bare with me this wouldnt be fun if we cant see) with some huge speakers and play him a few dire straits albums and we can all sit and laugh as his head explodes after exposure to real music...

  31. Starbite Productions


  32. gred69l

    Bieber??? he's a meteorite...bright for a while then snuffs out before its feet touches the earth..hahaha

  33. Enre Inri

    Hehe. Yoour comment made me laugh, but its true. Cheers :-)

  34. Jon Cruz

    of course deer..buck out!!

  35. Marty Howe

    You jinxed it. the anti-Knopfler crowd are sure to post. But we all know they're Bieber fans.

  36. GRHennigh

    This is the way a guy feels. "When she's comin' after me."

  37. Soliter Samisto

    @ernestobujaran why worry now

  38. SilverWolfMoon

    @wx5767 It's from the EP "ExtendedancEPlay"

  39. Wade Xanders

    @afrolounger And I can't see that changing anytime soon

  40. Wade Xanders

    What album was the song originally on?

  41. Darja Blyumish

    this song is the main reason I'd like to have a boyfriend, so I can dance with him on music like this.

  42. dwittersnacker

    Mmmmmmmmm if I had you....you Tarzan, me Jane.

    abhilash mankad

    Wish I could compose something like this. My ultimate bucket list.

  43. MrCarioca1965

    Fantastico M.K.!!

  44. stuarth43

    I have never heard this and I thought I knew em all
    Great swing jive song or even foxtrot

  45. azapro911

    To be honest, this is a bit too good for an EP. Should have been an album track.

  46. ernestobujaran

    I think there is a video of this tune that was released in 1983 when the launching of the EP... Does anyone have it? it would be nice to enjoy it on youtube - tx

  47. ChriTur

    Wow. I haven't heard this in years. Thanks for posting!

  48. MartyMartin87

    I'm thinking about this Stratocaster guitar.... .... ooooooohhhh- if I had you...

  49. Marie O

    I loveeeeeeeee this song!! how can you not love it?=)