Dire Straits - How Long Lyrics

How long, how long baby
How long has it been
How long you gonna keep me wondering
How long before you see
Stallin' me was wrong - how long

How long, how long you gonna keep
Slappin' my hands away
How long you gonna keep my love at bay
How long before you're sure
My love is strong - how long

How long, how long you gonna keep
Tellin' me you like me fine
How long until I'm gonna make you mine
How long before you wake up
And find a good man gone - how long

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Dire Straits How Long Comments
  1. Dudley2346

    How long before you wake up
    , and find a good man gone....

  2. Nadya Nadya

    Merveille des Merveilles ...

  3. Scott Roberts

    Could listen to this 10 times in a row, in fact...I think I will!

  4. rachid abbassi

    My best song Always mark it remember me summer 1998 in taghazout bech morocco

  5. Jean Paul Kiner

    Super guitariste MARK !

  6. 61guitbox

    Mark Knopfler w/ Vince Gill 👍🏻😊

  7. - Buehmann

    How long, how long you gonna keep
    Slappin' my hands away

    Donald vs, Melania

  8. Roy Howard

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNODW7j09D4 Boots of Spanish Leather

  9. Roman

    fantastic Voice and Guitar ... !!!

  10. Paryete Sowiranoe


  11. anom pard

    relax song to driving or cicling

  12. fred bidosse

    when a great roasbeaf play country, we could remember, 20 years ago some of us had it and some of us did not learn
    so sad to be a frenchie in 2019
    the royal air force saved us one time, maybe the royal kingdom will save a sad and poor french nation from a new ......

  13. Ilkka Luoma

    Tulee vahvat muistot mieleen 1990 -luvun alusta ...


    Música para encerrar o álbum, mas é muito bom escutá-la.

  15. Arun Gurung

    Amazing....forever....this is what music used to be...nowadays people talk fast and call it music🤔🤔🤔

  16. Brakkeleer Thuis

    Together with The Bug the biggest shit songs of this album. So NOT Dire Straits!


    @Samthebam4044 I loved this piece the first time I heard it. Still one of my all time favorite DS/MK songs. For me, it's the diversity that counts. This is the same band who produced Money for nothing? Entirely different notes but both are acts of class.


    Actually three great guitarists help make this one of my all-time favorite albums. Along with Mr Knopfler was Vince Gill and Paul Franklin's pedal steel. They're all three more audible on this tune.

    The Pedal Press

    Ian Duncan lol

    Abraham Gross

    DS was only the beginning of the Long Road...

    Thomas Morris

    The start of knopfler's deviation into creating what he wanted not what everyone else wanted. They are both brilliant songs, and the scope of dire straits is not limited in any way so really have no idea what your talking about

  17. PhilipHuertas

    this was my first album from this band

    Ian Duncan

    PhilipHuertas This is good but get the earlier stuff. It’s even better.

  18. kapilmerc

    D, I won't go, I can't, you're the strongest magnet in the world, that attracts not iron but K the besotted fool, so in love with you. Girl, give me your number, I want to talk to you. I'll be brief, I'll wax eloquent, I'll be what you wish, but I want to hear your love from your lips. Nobody in love is denied this, except me, my naughty, stubborn angel


    Hope you got lucky by now , Mr . K . Am in a similar position , and understand how you feel :-) .

  19. kapilmerc

    D, how long before you trust me with your number