Dire Straits - Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts Lyrics

Me and my mate we think you're great
Some we like and some we hate
I know him I've seen him on the adverts
Got any badges posters stickers or t-shirts

You were bloody great last time you come
I thought me 'ead was stuck in the bass drum
Bloody loud, me bloody head hurts
Got any badges posters stickers and t-shirts

So how'd you get a start in show biz
My mate's as good on the drums as he is
My mate thinks I'm bloody cracked
Please sign my jacket on the back

All them badges made of plastic
I think they're great, just fantastic
I'm unemployed, he's still at school
He gets annoyed 'cause I'm such a fool

You don't half sweat a lot up there
Have you got showers in here?
You're bloody great, my bloody head hurts
Got any badges posters stickers and t-shirts

Yeah, me and my mate like ac-dc
Hot & sweaty, loud & greasy
My mom says we're a pair of perverts
Got any badges posters stickers and t-shirts

C'mon mister
We hitch-hiked here in pouring rain
Now we've missed the frigging train.

Hey! can I have one of them lagers?
Thanks very much, mate. can 'e have one?
A-one, a-two, a-one two three four...

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Dire Straits Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts Comments
  1. Nathaniel Hawk

    PICK WITHERS!!! swinging as hell

    Taylor DiClemente

    He's fantastic!

  2. Burning Toad

    I was lucky enough to get the EP on the flea market of Valencia, Spain. Only DS vinyl I did not have yet... THX for posting. A rare song, included on the "fun" MK category. Not that different to some songs on "Down the road wherever", anyway (rearview mirror?) so...
    PS: BTW< the Chet ATkins influence can be seen, right?

  3. thomas mumbo

    I've been a Dire Straits fan since around 1985, but i've only just discovered this today. It's funny as hell!!

  4. Paul Smith

    Not heard this in over 30 years,still great.

  5. Steg

    A discovery . Thank you

  6. Walter Cod Bollocks

    A masterpiece.

  7. Straitsfan

    Can I get this EP anywhere?  Been looking for it.

    Homer Duck

    It's on Ebay and Amazon.

  8. Marco Aurelio Coelho

    Pena que este disco não está mais disponível para compra!!!!

  9. Gumboot Zone

    ONLY true Dire Straits fans will search up this song then sit and listen to the whole thing. So if you're here intentionally, and you have a smile on your face, then welcome to the club! You're one of the elite!

    Garrie Taylor

    So True that - turned up the volume as well ( this tune is a we gem)

  10. William Josephs

    Excellent!! One of my favs!!

  11. trfesok

    Outtake from "Love Over Gold" (!) that appeared on the US version of the EP.  In my Dire Straits playlist. Thanks for the upload!