Dir En Grey - Obscure (Lotus Version) Lyrics

Hirari wa michita biran no tsuki to outo
Nodes tsuka-ito wa o wa itta

Kuzuki koyoite ikutsu tsurushita

Awanai hada wo shokushite niku e to kuchinawa wa tainai e fukaku

Hirahirahira to
Oboeteiru no ka
Yoru ga hajimari hishimeku

Koganeiro, toge no haeta kumo ni nari kioku wo megurasete
Memai ga sasou

Bloody baby & Sacrifice

Koganeiro, toge no haeta kumo ni nari kioku wo megurasete
Memai ga sasou

Kieteshimaisou na gurai
Kanashige ni mau sakura ni naredo haigo kara kikoeru no wa…

Shi ga hajimari shun

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Dir En Grey Obscure (Lotus Version) Comments
  1. Baby With a 6 Pack

    People here saying the original was better... Well La:Sadie's was better 😂😂

  2. 茄子茄子


  3. TouhouGaijin

    New Diru is shit, will never be as good as they were.

  4. Thomas Garland

    Those whistle notes

  5. 在りし日のうたOfficial


  6. Vehemency Cardoso

    I've noticed a lot of their revisited/recreations feel kind of... generic. Like they're trying to wipe out their pre-Withering to Death days as if in shame. Maybe I've just hung out with too many metalheads and the sounds all end up blending in my head but the original Obscure was better in my opinion. This just doesn't have the same feel as the other. 


    well they were under a lot of pressure. There is no way for us to understand what it is like to be a visual kei artist in the 90s until now.

  7. Crow Face

    the original has a lot of memories for me. but this is good too, i like them in their own ways. 

    Ethan Priest

    I feel the same way. I heard the original first and jammed it for years, and I liked it better for a while because the mixing of the sounds made it scarier for some reason. This one's a lot easier to just listen to for me

  8. godseyse

    The only thing I miss is Kyo's chaotic falsetto psycho noises he made during the pre-chorus... that's what made the song for me. I still love this one though!

  9. Sonya Keang

    But hey it's gonna grow on me

  10. Sonya Keang

    The original may of had more lyrics and no unnecessary noises but here the guitar and bass parts where complex with lots of layers ( which is good) and a good chorus

  11. Zin Armagadan

    I'd like the new Dir en Grey better if Kyo would lay off the Death Metal growl...

    Christian Gutierrez

    He's been doing it for a long time even on the new album

  12. Rotten

    Love both versions of this song I love this band they just keep getting even Greater as time passes

  13. Rotten

    Love bo

  14. marseillemadame

    stop with these comments sound like "first is better" or something. dir en grey's skills have improved and they decided to do a remake. simple? simple! I love two versions.

  15. KaMui1987

    original is definitely superior...

    what's wrong with the mixing in the new version anyway?
    too many layer in the chorus...
    and what happened to the brutal guitars and the bass?

  16. Christian Hart

    I like the new added whispering. It's fucking sick. His lows got deeper sounding. They sound amazing too.

  17. skootinpumkin

    The original is my fav. This is defiantly one to wear down my voice though :D

  18. ASHL0TTE

    Poetic obscurity. :) I personally prefer this one alot more than the older version.

    So much more emotion invested in this one.

  19. MoosicDude

    If the original wasn't fucked up enough...I like it!

  20. Tterror510

    I'm gonna have to let this version grow on me, cuz I like it, but it sounds so different, it may as well be a different song I.m.o.

  21. Xabii za

    its so great and better than the last version of obscure lol next week in mexico jjeje

  22. Atradaitoshi

    I'm sure there will be plenty that disagree... but I think I actually like this version more.

  23. krosbone

    Where did you get this CD? I can't find it anywhere.

  24. Erudito Aswad

    i really like the chorus :D especially at the end!!

  25. Bayron Cuellar

    agg esta mejor la original

  26. STUPIDloids UTAU

    me gusta...pero es mas genial la original :/

  27. Dan B

    My fave version by far.

  28. All Fiction

    This gives the song a different feeling but I like the original better. It's awesome that way.

  29. Th3MrB3nz3dr1n3

    Annnd I think they should start remaking things from Kisou. Don't get me wrong, Kisou is one of their best, if not the best, album. I just want to see what they could do to some of the songs on there. Like Kigan or Zomboid. Hell, Filth too


    Th3MrB3nz3dr1n3 so how do you like the remade Kigan

  30. Th3MrB3nz3dr1n3

    @CinemaBizarreWeirdo/Jasppier did y'all make up and get married after your little tiff lmao

  31. Arrancargod

    Jesus where do you get those kind of outfits?

  32. shadzzz441791

    Growling too loud =/

  33. DeadMarv50171

    This one is fucking amazing, but I still prefer the old version.

  34. FilthInTheBeauty24

    I personally prefer new version, but old is also amazing

  35. C.A. Barnett

    lol @ most of these comments. nothing you do or say will ever reach them.
    they are worlds away. just enjoy the hatred and sadness these songs can
    give you.

  36. dirumassacre

    @CinemaBizarreWeirdo But his hair is back =D

  37. BatBoy Aaron

    @CinemaBizarreWeirdo Because their focusing on sound not look??? Duh?

  38. JakeTheJedi

    amazing. nuff said.

  39. Reazon Sama

    0:31 oohhhh fuck me harder !

  40. K ak

    Merveilleuse chanson! ;)
    Love everything :)

  41. sushidroid

    Yeah, Kyo rewrites lyrics for a lot of their songs when they go on tour (Obscure has gone through a lot of different versions, Glass Skin was 100% different at Budoukan, etc). This version is different than even how they last had it on tour though.

  42. sllypper

    @sweekunelove It's not the same lyrics. I checked the romaji. There's only the "Bloody Baby & Sacrifice" part.

  43. Briana Schneider

    kyos voice is soo omg!!! no words can explain it!

  44. Mickael manoux

    *orgasm* *Q* ou plutot *オルガスム*

  45. bestiaonthedrum

    i prefer the original, but this is good either... kyo's vocals are monstrous!!! O.o