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Nami ni nomareta moraru wa kago ni yure nemuru
Chi ni otosa reru ame wa yamu koto naku tada uchi tsuzukeru

Kara ni tojita aijou sae, kokoro yaburu kemono ni nomarete
Nani ga sousa seru? Mune ni te wo ate
Ubugoe wa kinou no toki to saru

Koe wo dasezu kie te yuku
Arasoi (h)e ta mono sore wa jiyuuna no ka?
Yume no taion kanji negau
Tojita hitomi

Koe wo dasezu kie te yuku
Arasoi (h)e ta mono sore wa jiyuuna no ka?
Yume no taion kanji negau
Subete ga neji magaru
Akai yami no naka
Takadaka shiku kakageta inochi wo

[English Translation:]

The morals swallowed by the waves sway inside the basket and sleeps
The rain drops onto this earth and doesn't stop
It keeps on hitting the ground

Even the love that's locked inside the shell, is swallowed by the heartless beast
What makes them do it?
I put my hand on my heart
The baby's first cry disappears with yesterday

It disappears without even being able to let out a word
Was it freedom that we won?
Feeling the body temperature of my dreams and I pray
My eyes shut closed

It disappears without even being able to let out a word
Was it freedom that we won?
Feeling the body temperature of my dreams and I pray
Everything gets wasted
Deep into the red darkness
The life I hold high and proud of

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Dir En Grey Inconvenient Ideal Comments
  1. Kayaちゃんねる

    This video is unlisted as of Dec 24th 2019. Watch the new translation here: https://youtu.be/i1hDgn6gNNI

  2. Loretta Bell

    Beautiful 🌹

  3. hey_ miss_true

    impecável, mais afinado que isso não tem <3

  4. crown_clown

    4:57 what the hell is that voice?! it's fucking amazing! Kyo sounded so fucking clean here, my god.

  5. City Pop Translations

    The thing we fought for and won, is it freedom?

    I think thats what hes trying to say even though hes using the masu stem of 争います。。。

    Is he talking about his eye or the babies?
    I wonder if it should be just
    A closed eye
    or Closed eyes
    kyo is hard to interpret so many times!

    anyway The only reason I'm commenting so much is cause I'm in the middle of translating this song when I came across yours^^


    Thinking about it again, even if he's using the stem of 争う, I think you're correct.
    With 閉じた瞳 there are indeed a lot of options. I think simply making it "a closed eye" would be ripping it out of the context provided. So you could read it referring to the baby or to himself, in my opinion.

    City Pop Translations

    @Kayaちゃんねる your right! it would take it out of the context a little but sometimes i like that^^ because it feels like thats what he's doing in Japanese! but,. I get where your coming from^^

  6. City Pop Translations

    really great translation btw! I think the English could be a little better in terms of getting across the poetic lyrics but good job!

  7. City Pop Translations

    hey could you post the kanji for the first part? He is clearly singing new lyrics that are not part of the original I would love to see them, I'm having a hard time making out what he said.


    Sure, I obviously did them by ear and with the help of a (Japanese) friend of mine to get another set of ears, so please take them with a grain of salt.
    息数を数え (息数 would be a newly put together word, but I guess it wouldn't be the first time Kyo does that. I'm not too happy with this, but after consulting with my friend I figured this is my best bet. Huge disclaimer still)
    どこかで待っていた (even if very slurred, I think this is it)

    City Pop Translations

    @Kayaちゃんねる thanks!!
    I will check them myself!!

  8. DeadMemories

    The background eclipse is like the MV of Tool's Vicarious

  9. 今日罰


  10. Siriusql Belmont

    Thanks ! Good live ! I forgot how clean was the sound. Not my fav, but still, intense.
    also : subs on par !

  11. Энхүүш Дирү

    Thanks for video

  12. Midori Sleazoid

    I love this concert, great translation.

  13. HAHAHA A


  14. ZuuuHaN

    Wow! Thank you for this! <3 would be awesome seeing vinushka with subs from this "a view of the megiddo" :)


    Thank you for watching! I have already subbed Vinushka (from their Tour18 Shinsekai), and for now I'm only uploading songs once. I'll keep it in the back of my head though for sometime in the future :)


    @Kayaちゃんねる yeah saw it after when i already wrote the comment :D but thanks for that too!! And keep doing these, these are awesome!


    Hi again, just letting you know that I found the time to sit down and actually watch the performance you suggested and I was blown away. I guess it's time to reupload this song in the near future with both retranslated subs and improved subtitle timing!

  15. ho 96


  16. Diamond Dick

    Thank you for this, will you be uploading more from this concert in the future?


    I plan on doing that definitely, this concert is amazing! I haven't set my mind on what songs it'll be though, yet.

    Diamond Dick

    @Kayaちゃんねる I suggest Filth because the performance was great but I appreciate anything you put out from it tbh

  17. Night Light

    I have hoped you would upload this! Thank you so much!!

  18. Vermin

    Yes! Thank you so much!