Dir En Grey - Dozing Green Lyrics

Mesmerized by those eyes, those bug eating eyes
My breathing just stops I calm heart, and it sheds a tear
The bright and refreshing sunlight
Mixes itself around and around along with the sound of the rain

My torn out heart, let it dance now. I question the emptiness
The white voices leaking on my breath in the sun

The obscene exposure of the wound
Becomes nothing like the dogma's own wind
You're now melting. Your heart is melting

In the dark morning, I hear you whisper さようなら

My torn out heart, let it dance now. I question the emptiness
Right now, I wanna be all alone now

It's the season of spring, weeping eyes cry tears
Your neck-less body crawls, can't save you now

Love me

Abandon hope

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Dir En Grey Dozing Green Comments
  1. Erufen Rito

    "remastered" and compressed with a potato...

  2. izSpeshul

    My life changed in 2004 when I first heard them. I don;t care about seen any other bands in concert. My wife and I had our first date at the 2013 Ghoul tour in Chicago!

  3. El triangulo distri Tres hermanos albicelestes


  4. metalgod542

    Holy FUCK. How have I never heard of Dir En Grey before.

  5. Earth Dragon

    Will always love this band. Definitely the best thing to come out of Japan. And this is probably one of the best songs that showcase Kyo's brilliant vocal range, next to Saku and Obscure.

    Justin Getty

    Earth Dragon with Anime and Sushi!

    Salad Pizza Restaurant

    My second favorite japanese band after Sigh

  6. no one

    The bass is intoxicating.


    And the guitar, so signature as any song of theirs

    Nor Innocent

    Yass toshiya is really good


    tuned to drop A xD

  7. Dylan Field

    Fave song ❤️

  8. Horror Saint

    I wish I could meet Kyo


    I actually got to see them up close after a concert once where they were signing merch I think.

    evil spirit ariana

    +RavenChan Why didn't you take the opportunity and kidnapped them? :c *i want to clarify i am joking because i attract sandstorms like a magnet*

    y e e

    flexus___ thank you for that clarification

    evil spirit ariana

    y e e You are welcome. Anytime.


    ill tell ya...I've shook his hand so many times...Ive only seen him smile once. In 2006. every other time he is usually not really present in his body. More so thinking and no much of a people person. Die , Toshiya and Kaoru are really nice and fun! Shinya is really nice and VERY shy! So...i mean meeting him is cool....but yeah. He doesnt really respond to people.

  9. Энхүүш Дирү

    Perfect, no other words.

  10. xXBeast GamerXx

    when you stub your toe




    A masterpiece !

  12. Jake Moresea

    One of the best