Dior, Jez - Dreamcatcher Lyrics

Are you a part of me?
Broke glass and ocean sand
Lone lover

Under water, wash me away
Burning hallways filled with mistakes
Drown in love, lucid dreams
The way you look at me
I was blind but now I see
You know that ghosts don't sleep

Then we'll fly, we'll fly
We'll fly, we'll fly

[Jez Dior:]
Yo the perks of being a wallflower, they write about us now
We hardly show our face, but just the right amount
Because we don't fuck with crowds
And we don't fuck with louds
So give me silence
Yo, I fucking told 'em that I'm not a rapper
Because most the one's that say they are, are just some sort of actors
I'm too indie for rap, but I'm too rap for indie
So I don't have a team, I just wait on people to pick me
I put too much in myself in to this to be compared
And tell your parents yeah I got tattoos and I bleached my hair
So stop staring because my momma doesn't
I'm wondering why I'm under the weather, because I'm fucking on top of my shit
Man, I'm too awesome to quit
I stay coughin' up a lung sleep in a coffin and shit
It's like all we ever needed was bourbon and twelve hours
I'm swerving, I'm not the person you wanted but pick your battles
It's Jezzy

We'll Fly, We'll Fly
We'll Fly, We'll Fly

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Dior, Jez Dreamcatcher Comments
  1. Beatriz Almeida

    ya it so good

  2. MusicLover M

    Does anyone know similar songs to this?

  3. Dalton Young

    Jez Dior is next people...

  4. qwertty888

    not sure why this isn't more popular, this is so great!

  5. Jose Zamora

    This is really good. ^_^

  6. ibitthemoon

    Thank you Jez Dior for being a lyricist that has plenty of other subject matters to discuss rather than misogyny, money & drugs. I pray that you'll soon gain the popularity you deserve.

  7. Beyond Radio

    Great video <3

  8. Dean M8

    actually so good!

  9. Dan D

    This too was my feeling at first but the rap part has grown on me to the point where I really like Jez Dior's work. In fact, if you like this, check out Jez Dior's "Love Me To Death". If you play that song then this song next they go together really well.

  10. briann

    Guess I'm the minority here. I think this song is absolutely amazing until the rap comes in, which I feel like completely ruins everything else that built up to it. A shame, but I still enjoy replaying the first two minutes of the song over and over.

  11. marcus.n3rd

    we need more...

  12. Drew Hermes


  13. jazsueloify

    this is a refreshing sound

  14. Drums Eat Everything

    Blogged at drumseateverything.blogspot . com

  15. Jakub Linkert

    Jez sounds like lil wayne at 2:32

  16. John Pilla

    This is one of the better songs i've heard in a while.. good job on this mdnt, dior, and colin kelly for the amazing video! officially added to my playlist.

  17. marcgoone

    this song reminds me of the day my grandmother was circumsized!

  18. AGGR0L

    This is the shit.

  19. Eric Kwong

    Incredible, and so musical

  20. midnight

    Colin Kelly, link to his site in the description

  21. Jshulman1995

    I feel stupid. What happened?

  22. William Burns III

    who's his videographer producer and film editor? They are amazing!

  23. M16xVeNoMoUs

    Damn Jez Dior is soooo amazing

  24. HifiSkie

    All I can say is, I want more. From beginning to end, I was on the edge.
    Great job!

  25. stonesk8s

    Jez sent me here via Facebook.

  26. Frank Bruno

    unique video. Jez <3

  27. flyerfly1000

    amazing <3

  28. FabyDaOne

    JD kills this shit...

  29. Louis Graf

    You really are an inspiring artist.

  30. MrsTOORAW

    Amazingness <333

  31. Louis Graf

    This is an amazing song, good job chaps.

  32. HM96ye

    Yo be one dope ass mofucker yo ngga dats right yo <3

  33. DTownHD

    Ahh ya. Jez dior killed it! Sick song overall!

  34. Jake Raw

    Amazing job guys!

  35. Jez Dior

    It's Jezzy!