Dionne Warwick - We Had This Time Lyrics

No one's gonna say we didn't try to make it
We only walked away after we tried
No one's gonna say we didn't hold on for the ride

We had this time
And the memories still turn in
And burn in my mind
We had this time
But baby, it's a crime
We had to leave so much of us behind

Love for you and me it came so easy
We found the perfect dream, I swear
But when the dream came true, well the dreamers didn't care


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Dionne Warwick We Had This Time Comments
  1. Jimmy Harper


  2. Robin 2000

    Great song written by Melissa Manchester and genially performed by Dionne Warwick. They would have made a greta duo

  3. Virgo Lady

    We Had this time Hartley W. Pinn, Sr of AZ. The memories will always turn n burn in my mind. Our friendship was real the chemistry came so easily for us. I'm going to miss the best thing that could had happened to me. I will go on even though the pain will always be there.

  4. Leonard Kolesar

    So it goes.

  5. james rivers

    heartbreakingly beautiful!