Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had A Heart Lyrics

Anyone who ever loved
Could look at me
And know that I love you
Anyone who ever dreamed
Could look at me
And know I dream of you

Knowing I love you so
Anyone who had a heart
Would take me in his arms and love me, too
You couldn't really have a heart
And hurt me like you hurt me
And be so untrue
What am I to do?

Every time you go away
I always say
"This time it's goodbye, dear"
Loving you the way I do
I take you back
Without you I'd die, dear

Knowing I love you so
Anyone who had a heart
Would take me in his arms and love me, too
You couldn't really have a heart
And hurt me like you hurt me
And be so untrue
What am I to do?

Knowing I love you so
Anyone who had a heart
Would take me in his arms and love me, too
You couldn't really have a heart
And hurt me like you hurt me
And be so untrue
Anyone who had a heart would love me, too
Anyone who had a heart
Would surely take me in his arms and always love me
Why won't you?
Anyone who had a heart would love me, too, yeah
Anyone who had a heart
Would surely take me in his arms and always love me
Why won't you, yeah
Anyone who had a heart would love me, too
Anyone who had a heart
Would surely take me in his arms and always love me

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Dionne Warwick Anyone Who Had A Heart Comments
  1. FaveAuntPookie

    Wonderful song..great!

  2. sammy davis


  3. Natsy

    This was back in the time when music was still music. Superb and brilliant. Thanks for the upload!

  4. Julia A. Gibbs

    Such a wonderful sexy song!


    you know what you're talking about

  6. van davis

    thanks d

  7. Toi Trouble

    I was trying to come with something about Dionne's genre, but you my friend nailed it.She for sure on of a kind!

  8. Nordic kingdom


  9. IDiggSocialMedia

    Great song! Last night PBS had a tribute show for Burt Bacharach! It features many of Dionne Warwicks songs as well as many other artist! Should be on again on its sub-channel tonight!

  10. 4SherylB

    This song brought me to tears today.

  11. Appleholic1

    Bacharach and Warwick. What a team. What an amazing combination. Together they made beautiful music

  12. Bruce Powell

    One of the most beautiful ballads of all time by the great talent that is DW--it is an amazing work that I've always loved a lot!

  13. patmike3

    The sound of the Kennedy assassination and my parents divorce when I was nine. Beautiful and indelible.

  14. L S

    Wł. telewizor, zobaczyłam reklamę Flory i od tego momentu zakochałam się w tej piosence. <3

  15. missteedub

    Still has the capacity to make me verklempt. Timeless. A broken heart knows no generation or era. We all know what it feels like.

  16. dedumdumtumtum

    flora uczyniła moje życie lepszym, dziękuję!!

  17. Anthony Devine


  18. jaylamb393

    Luther Vandross also did a cover of this song.

  19. Timmac48

    One of the best love songs ever & sung by one of the Greatest singers.

  20. 1mikera

    I could not agree with you more. I too am your age and a musician. Tonight I listen to this being cover (very well) on Idol, and I came unglued. Dionne is one in a million.

  21. Bruce Powell

    Anyone who had a heart would adore this Dionne song and the songstress herself!

  22. Bruce Powell

    My God this is beautiful music nonpareil--Dionne delivered a timeless epic piece here that I've loved so very long.

  23. Deborah Hogan

    This is the most beautiful and yet the saddest song I have ever heard.

  24. John Kebles

    I agree 100 % never has there been more beautiful music than the 50's 60's 70's and 80's, invoking emotion by the melody and the words. Still gives me the chills and I've been listening to this music since I was a child.

  25. Peter Silverman

    Saw her sing this at American University in the ate 60's. She was a perfectionist. And she was perfect

  26. byan85

    Bacharach/David and Warwick, together, made sonic bliss.

  27. ohtheglamourmusic

    Bacharach/David forever!!!!

  28. BroccoliQueefed

    I liked her voice better than Whitney Houston's or Aretha Franklin

  29. beefoneeto

    Can't disagree-Warwicks first three singles were otherworldly

  30. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    Yes i agree....it was lacking nothing. Perfection!!

  31. ariacurva

    Grande Bacharach!

  32. News 24h

    Dionne Warwick is a one of a kind singer.

  33. rocco woodbury

    Another Great

  34. Pedro Talavera

    Dionne, a great singer

  35. sadikie williams

    I really song this song. I can relate.

  36. 1mikera

    I can't help myself to occasionally comment on how unique this ballad is. Dionne's voice is and always will be one of the best (not to be duplicated), but this story line and the delivery, cuts to the bone every time I hear it.

  37. Robertl Quetzalcoatl

    DIONNNE Warwick is by far the best American singer ever.

  38. Mars Lars

    A true classic of timeless beauty, sung by one of the greats!!!!!

  39. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    Well said....i totally agree.


    I am 40 years old but when I first heard this on AM as a kid, I didn't really notice the music or lyrics, just the basic harmony. Now, the background music is as beautiful as Ms. Warwick's singing, as well as the lyrics...

  41. Tonithenightowl

    Damn what a voice!!!



  43. Jack A

    I agree with you crockermud, and I'm 68 years old. Dionne Warwick, is a treasure from the 20th Century. But in reality, she is a treasure for all times. She sings so perfect with so little effort, she is just spectacular.

  44. xevissimo

    So beautiful

  45. annbax11

    Love this song, how sad am I to want to live in the past, when you really don't want to know what the future holds

  46. weldon johnson

    The music is awesome also.

  47. Sonny Losoya

    The sound of real soul!!! The afro-american sound that cannot be matched by "Noone"!!! PEACE!!!!!! Sonny

  48. TRHclub

    wish BB would get back in studio...miss his elegant ways of producing...

  49. tiamia1134

    This song is timeless - a perfect melding of singer, melody and lyrics. It takes my breath away. The best "rainy day" love lost song ever.

  50. tiamia1134

    Well said. I am 61 and this is my favorite love song from the 60's. I love the melancholy and pathos of this song - and yes, the sax solo is killer. :-)

  51. Sabrina Wickman

    Great song

  52. Taj Cameron

    Absolutely beautiful.

  53. Susan Daniels

    Brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Unbelievably touching.

  54. redgrapeskins

    such a great tune.. mellow,and expertly done by a young Dionne

  55. 1mikera

    Absolutely one of THE BEST ballads of all time. The story was told, the hearth was spilled, and the delivery was to beat all.

  56. Eddie Last

    This song popped into my head for no reason.....then I had tol isten to it 100+ times.

  57. RasGotekk

    Greeting's from Poland
    youtube .com/watch?v=nVq8SIl1Dog

  58. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    Her voice had such a purity to it that is very much missing in todays singers. Dionne's songs will never grow old to me. Her voice is instantly able to take me to the best places in my mind.

  59. June bug


  60. decumoose

    This song should be played at full volume with tears streaming down ones sorrow-laiden face ,a bueatiful love song.

  61. Franklin Thompson

    Good Gosh!. This lady is good!

  62. Zachariah NewYork

    This is what an angel sounds like. oxoxo

  63. Unique Detail

    The year before i was born,memories of my mum will always stay with me she was a fan and still is.

  64. Claudette Preisinger

    Wonderful video - Great song - Really takes me back!

  65. Rita Little

    This song still touches my heart. Dionne was the best right long with Brenda Holloway and Mary Wells. All three were my favorite singers.

  66. Rita Little

    This song still touches my heart.

  67. Maria Winter

    Eine große Stimme und ein wunderschöner Song.

  68. Self Mortification

    forgive me....but who is the wonky eyed gent at 3:00? =/

  69. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    The purity of her voice is just remarkable to me. She brought such a class to the music scene. She is my stress reliever when i am going through hardships. Notice how she does not need vocal gymnastics to convey the msg in the sing.

  70. Juliaflo

    How blessed you are to be from the house of Drinkard.

  71. Vincent Poldereau

    Magnifique et merveilleuse chanson !

  72. EwolDJ

    As fresh as the day it was made, along with a dozen other Bacharach-David-Warwick collaborations. Brilliant. RIP Hal.

  73. surlechapeau

    R.I.P. Hal David. Thanks for the words to timeless songs like this.

  74. 85points85

    The mold has been broken, RIP Mr. David......

  75. 85points85

    Mr. Hal David deserves some credit as well. RIP Mr David.........

  76. MrDoncos

    Another Gem from Bacharach and David.Brilliantly sung by Dionne

    RIP Hal David

  77. b w

    Hall David (Burt's partner) died today.....what amazing writing and, of course performing...I've sung classical music professionally for forty years (I just listened to the entrance of the guests in Tannhauser) and each is amazing and sublime.

  78. 3amPaternal


  79. David Anderson

    Rest In Peace Hal David.

  80. jhkyle815

    RIP Hal David

  81. roccodingo roccodingo

    magnifique que c est beau


    It's soft but it's not soft rock.

  83. heresthewire

    Wynonna Judd's rendition of this song is absolutely stupendous and a close second to the original for me (just type in "Wynonna and Burt" in Google search for the video).

  84. arianna barri

    OMG I just figured out im related to her 0_0

  85. Lucille7777

    Wow, those were the days!

  86. meritxell88888

    This song gives me the chills. And Dionne is gorgeous.

  87. Joe Geranio

    I was so young but never forgot this song!!

  88. Sedu Bah



  89. Vivian Retrossa

    love it, I just absolutely love this song!!!!!

  90. MrNeil1957

    Don't forget Hal David and the lyrics.

  91. jed kang

    15 people are brain dead, this woman was the best advertisement for burt ever, shes a top class vocalist and a grade 1 lady

  92. paul evans

    the best person to sing this song amazing to listen to and how true the words are.....

  93. doc2skate

    FOR MY FRENCH FRIENDS: Musique classique d'un chic lady. Dionne est vraiment magnifique. La dernière fois, j'ai ressenti ce genre de chill a été lorsque j'ai entendu pour la première fois cette chanson à l'âge de huit ans. L'un des la plupart définition chansons de 1964.

    ENGLISH: Classic music from a classy lady. Dionne is truly magnificent. The last time I felt this kind of chill was when I first heard this song at the age of eight. One of the most defining songs of 1964,

  94. Ramon R

    zoooo moooooi

  95. Craig Lamont

    That pretty well say's it all. Timeless !

  96. Craig Lamont

    That pretty well say's it all !

  97. Wensela Âû

    This is pretty funny, i was looking for this song and before the song played i got a commercial with this song in the background. Thought Youtube made a difference and played the song and commercial at the same time. :)

  98. MrYeezyWest

    if it wasnt for Mos Def id never find out about this song.
    its so nice..

  99. Michael Hughes