Dion - Shu Bop (The Lost Track) Lyrics

Shu Bop, Shubedubop, oh oh...

I can't forget the first time I saw you walking by
My heart stopped for a moment
There was love in my eyes

Shu Bop, Shubedubop, oh oh...

And I, I had to find a way
To make you look my way
There was joy in my heart
I, I couldn't turn away
What more girl can I say
It was love from the start

I don't know you
But I love you
And that feels so strange to me
And I know I want you
Got to have you
Stop girl, turn around and won't you look at me

You looked and you caught my eyes
I thought that I would die
It was love from the first time
You, you smiled and I walked away
Thinking of what to say
There was nowhere to hide

Shu Bop, Shubedubop, oh oh...

I can't forget the first time I saw you walking by
I don't know you
But I love you
And that feels so strange to me
I know I want you
Got to have you
Stop girl, turn around and won't you look at me

You looked and you caught my eyes
I thought that I would die
I was lost for the first time
You, you smiled and I walked away
Thinking of what to say
There was nowhere to hide

Shu Bop, Shubedubop, oh oh...

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Dion Shu Bop (The Lost Track) Comments
  1. gary jones

    WOW. Shu Bop, DooWop. Love it.

  2. vodkamarie

    I'm listening to this type of music for about 63 or so years. I sometimes think Dion created this sound. He is a natural "doo-wop, R&B, rock'n roll, acappella all rolled into 1.

  3. Maryann Skerchek

    Never heard this song. Love it.

  4. Walter geldof

    Great song of Dion and his Belmonts .

  5. Paul Bedard

    WHOA!!! I rarely use Shazam but i keep it just in case I hear something rare. Listening to Sonos doo wop express this morning and this song comes on. I stopped in my tracks and scrambled for my phone. I can't believe im hearing this for the first time at the end of 2019. WOW. Ive always loved dion and considered my self an afficionado of his library, until today. I'm humbled. THANK you Thank you Thank you for this song. Its on heavy rotation now. SOOOOOO good

  6. redflamered

    A gem from Dion

  7. rvictor64

    I am not sure why a Vietnam Background was used, although, I appreciate the memory and Honor to serve. Crew member of a UH-1B &D Helicopter with the 116th Assault Helicopter" The Hornets" from 9/66 to 11/67 in Cu Chi. I had all my 50 and 60's records sent to me so that I could listen remember and at the same time forget the happenings around me. For all you who ask why we were there I can only say that I don't have all the answers, but if for no other reason it was to show the Communist that we intend to stop aggression and give Freedom to those who suffer under Dictatorship, Socialism and Communism. At 74 now My feelings are the same and may Freedom and Oldies live forever! God Bless all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, or disabled and those who still are mentally afflicted by Vietnam. ron

  8. Bill Locurto


  9. Dan Davidson

    Dion was one of the best no doubt about it. But I never quite got over his split with the Belmonts. I loved them together. So many great memories.

  10. Jerry Barone

    Dion wasn't the best dowop s inger ever. Did that guy ever hear Tony Williams

  11. Jeff Smith

    Dion, kenny vance , and Ronnie mislay THE GREATEST
    greatest memories of my life,74 years young Jeff Smith

  12. Jacky Giraldo


  13. MizzQueen SoldOut4Christ!!!

    Oh when music was music. And REAL talent
    Not the slime drain like
    Today's. Slime drains
    The good old day's

    Gone 4ever
    Ooooh such a shame:(:(

  14. Rick Smith

    Love, love, love, this song!

  15. Jeff Smith


  16. Darric P.L.

    Love Dion!!

  17. jim doe

    So this song was recorded when?
    It was released in 2000

  18. lewis Z

    Yo Frankie will live forever 🤣

  19. Jacky Giraldo

    j/adore tout sinplement

  20. Joey Hull

    Same hear I love this song also

  21. Elaiine Enlow

    Love Dion. 💖

  22. Bernie Burris

    Love this song having the time of my life back in the day

  23. V MJR

    Great song

  24. Eli Soria

    I remember two years ago it didn't have 1 million views

  25. paul colucci .j colucci

    Dion is sti[ll kitchen 50 years later I was 12 years 0cl when I hereditary run around sue. My life chaneed towards being cool

  26. paul colucci .j colucci

    why mUST still be a teenr boy in my brain. Lzxts for all timed yall

  27. paul colucci .j colucci

    very bueno

  28. Bobolink Gieske


  29. Minuteman Press North Palm Beach

    Soooooo smooth- just makes you want more music like this- Dion forever

  30. tnnmichelle

    Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it  ♥

  31. Joe Postove

    What year is this song from?

    Rick Smith

    1993, recorded for a movie that was never released.

  32. Dane Salanoa

    Sitting at the park chillin with the homies and home girls

  33. Dane Salanoa

    Oldies but Goodies on a Sunday afternoon

  34. the lord of gaming and music

    What year was this recorded

    Rick Smith

    1993, was recorded for a movie that was never released.

    the lord of gaming and music

    ok, thnx for the info, its weird, music isnt really like this in the 90s, but I think thats pretty cool

  35. Aries Might

    This is a long song compared to similar types of music. With very little repeat to boot. Now thats being creative!

  36. Tony Totten

    There all tone deef or they txt american idol and x factor ....one hit wonders ..well most ov em ...dion belmonts .fantastic get my two thumbs up ...

  37. Tony Totten

    Love the wee video clip reminds me of steve earls copper head road ...2. Tours of vietnam ...,dion belmonts brill

  38. david spielman

    Dion has it goin on !

  39. Renee Martin

    It reminds me of my nephew love this songs

  40. Derek Dudes

    Great song, but this wasn't by DION & The BELMONTS. The title of the video is incorrect. This was a DION solo recording done by DION & his band in the early 2000's, which was released on Dion's CD "Deja Nu".

  41. Anthony Catuto

    My favorite singer next to Sinatra .Have both of their autographs.Dion always the coolest of cool ! What a voice.! My favorite !

  42. V MJR

    Nice Song love the rare ones

  43. ralph kimball

    This is Doo Wop at it's finest. It don't get any better than this.

  44. Clyde Barrow

    Dion Godfather of rock. Wolfman LEGEND!

  45. Dan Bryant

    Where all old now but there was a time when we had it all. This song brings me back to that time .

  46. bobby r

    DION FOREVER.........

  47. Frank Pryor

    My 4 year old granddaughter, her favorite song..she likes "do woop" word. Really into hearing Wolfman howling or singing..like "My Girl" the tribute to...👍. Love the 50's 60's music, such memories, cruising with the Wolfman on Friday and Saturday nights on the radio.. The BIG X over Los Angeles. blasting into San Jose...👍

  48. Cesar Rios

    shu bop shu shubuddy bop wop... good old times!

  49. Jerry Jones

    yes total assholes that DO NOT know music.Dion THE BEST of the BRONX!!!

  50. Jerry Jones

    yes total assholes that DO NOT know music.Dion THE BEST of the BRONX!!!

  51. Jerry Jones

    yes total assholes that DO NOT know music.Dion THE BEST of the BRONX!!!

  52. Jerry Jones

    yes total assholes that DO NOT know music.Dion THE BEST of the BRONX!!!

  53. Leria Dt

    Por siempre Dion

  54. Martha Greer

    I can't imiagine someone giving this a thumbs down. this is a classic. goes to show you know nothing about doo whop songs or the story. and it's free

  55. Torsten küsters

    I like this Song...........i love him so much Germany

  56. Monty Johnson

    this is when music was made

  57. MrMartininuk

    great from all the group................one of the very best

  58. Scats Scats

    It didn't last

  59. Larry Bridges

    Previous comment was my 1st. May should have been direct to you. Served with your namesake near DMZ???

  60. Larry Bridges

    David Wadsworth: served with a David Wadsworth from CA near the DMZ???

  61. Leonardo Gamino

    I'm a 98 baby. Gotta forgive my generation. I mean the beat can be catchy and great for going out and having fun. I've realized that they all are too strangely familiar which caught my attention of boredom. made me think about oldies, what it was like. Its bad here 2017. I'm jealous of you all that could experience this. its great

    Leonardo Gamino

    and gotta give Bruno props

  62. Dan Bryant

    My kind of music.

  63. Frank Pryor

    Never gets old, still playing The Oldies. Real music cruising with the Wolfman on Friday and Saturday nights in San Jose, The Big X over Los Angeles. Great time growing up in the 60's. The Wolfman made radio so real and entertaining..looked forward to his shows.

  64. Joseph Neary

    Still sounds good to me, the whole CD is Great


    There's not enough words to accurately describe how great this song is

  66. Bob Resner

    It don't get any better than this.97 Thumbs down what the F- - - - is wrong with people

  67. MrsScaredyCat

    Very romantic song.

  68. Spacemanspiff93

    First heard this song during my senior year of high school. Brings back great memories

  69. Donald Bernstein

    i love song]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]I PALY IT OVER AND OVER DOIN GOT BETTER WHEN HE GOT OLDER

  70. Jo Ann Barbella

    Written by Butch Barbella & DION

  71. Joseph costa

    fuck em

  72. Joseph costa

    wow cool shit....

  73. Kamiren Greene

    my brother,s love you me to

  74. Mary J Nierling


  75. Tonny Nilsson

    not the belmonts....

    Alex Batey

    Or the Del Satins either. They are back. Changed the name after Johnny Maestro died.

  76. Joseph Kane

    This is One Song I haven't heard of at all but it still sounds so good to me as it had came out in 1960

  77. Joseph Kane

    This is One I haven't heard of at all but it still sounds good to me as it came out in 1960

  78. Bob Resner

    What is wrong with people 80 thumbs down.ROCK ON

  79. wolfmanrick

    There is no better music in the world.My dad got me hooked.he was born 1939.my I was born way to late lollollol

    Jay Madry

    Always thought Dion had best DII Wop sound

  80. AlwaysPrisms

    wow this song goes back

  81. Luigi Dimarco

    Correction JZ shows you how interested I am in his garbage lol.

  82. Luigi Dimarco

    I agree with my fellow listener's today is a reflection of a extremely sick society how could these savages pass this garbage like Beyoncé Jv as music total not musical tone cranked out shit, then they try to justify it like our music is old past, I say this, from our rock n Roll to Doo Wop, it had musical genius patterns content, sonata form something these animal's don't know about we had sufictacation to our music that is Timeless, sonata form like literature it had a strong beginning, emotional, middle, and a dramatic end. we called it creative Art, it didn't matter what type or style from Dion to Pavarotti, all followed that form However, the getto shit has no knowledge of this fine Art form. This art form had three purposes it brought quality to the music and quality to the listener what musicians called an ear for music but, most of all quality to the society, fashionable quality fine clothing the nice people models, Today what do we have idiots with jeans below thier wast hats worn to the side attitude foul language reflecting the music total chaos cranked music one tone form of brainwashing, repetition no quality and the result violence , the music produces anger, frustration, evil. The recent video of Beyonce breaking car windows with a baseball bat dressed like a hoe roman warrior reduiculios, fashion not born of love,romance, instead of anger murder, denigration, destruction result a extremely sick society. I say, the reason our music is sought after even by most young is that it brought people to a much more peaceful time of love respect, honor, consistency, unity. Yes my fellow listener's be proud love our music because it had depth quality ,musical genus, great work went behind it and out time demanded, quality be proud America, enjoy because it history a time we will never see again, at least until the generation of young intelligence becomes tired of the garbage and elevates the crap. I challenge anyone to dispute this claim. They probably use sound bites and propaganda no creative thought just dumb down idiocy,and that people of Common Sense, have to put up with God bless you old America, and God bless common sense.

  83. Bellamy's paramour

    Dion was damn hot.

  84. J D

    Dion was the best doo woop singer ever


    J D *is

    Bernie Burris

    Splattt808 he's a badass singer what

  85. Mats Kamstedt

    I'm in my 30's and started to listen to many 40-60's songs, and I have to say that many of these songs touch my heart more than any of today's songs. Sure there are always songs I relate to other things, but these bring a special feeling, a more genuine one. Many songs of today's focus on what they see and not so much how they feel, and even how sad these types of songs are, songs of broken hearts and so on, they bring joy and a feeling of being happy to be alive to experience it. This song in peticular has been playing non-stop for me for the past days on and off from work, such a wonderful feeling and great lyrics.

  86. Nack

    Best Dion track , ever . Many tnx

  87. Mimi Betts


  88. Dee Ard


  89. Whitney Oaks

    My first time ever hearing this song and I'm in LOVE.❤️Puts me in a happy, nostalgic mood, even though I wasn't around in this era.

    Joe Fischer

    Whitney Oaks

  90. ron cash

    I have no problem with the images you posted . This country should be proud of the guys that served this country . Whether it was a just war or not . All wars suck . But men an women that step up to the plate an do what is asked of them , there is no shame in that !!!!

  91. trevtedboy1

    love this song.

  92. Luigi Dimarco

    You people fight it out I'm enjoying what I hear and hold fast to my memories FU#k it.

  93. bennygoods

    According to Butch Barbella who co-wrote the song with Dion, this song was meant to be a "gift" to New York legendary Dj Cousin Brucie for his 40th anniversary.

    Beverly Pisano

    I just love this song.

  94. ericfogle1

    great song and great voice!

  95. WishIWasATransformer

    Haha, all the musical pretension in the comments on old songs is absurd. Nobody cares that you hate "modern" music. In all honesty, most of you hear top 40 hits and equate that to the music of today when there is actually so so so much more than that. Limiting yourself musically, or in any way, is extremely ignorant and hinders you from experiencing and enjoying music you previously thought you hated. Good music is everywhere, in every time period. Stop being a dick and bashing all music that doesn't meet your bullshit standards.


    @Offended? Lmao, did I hurt your feelings? Not once did I state that you should like what I like, just that only liking rare 20s swing pop dance reggae doesn't make you a special little snowflake. Also: not a child, not a man, not into furries, and the username's a joke. :)


    +WishIWasATransformer let me help you with your life. Waaaaa. Waaaaa. Boo hoo. Who the hell do you think you as re judging what people like or don't like. Don't flatter your thinking your important. All you have to worry about is if the customer wants fries with the order.


    @Offended? I'm just saying people who shit on others for liking pop music or what the fuck ever are pretentious assholes and need to stop. You're making this a bigger deal than it needs to be because your so self centered that you think I'm personally attacking you. And I don't work in food service but have fun with the 9-5 job you have, where you feel underappreciated bc you never get a promotion because you actually suck worse than you think, and then going home to your wife who's secretly cheating on you with your best friend, and your three kids who hate you :)


    Lot a swearing here....and for what?


    Thing is Transformer,these days if you sing out of tune,that can be corrected....and if your voice is dull,here`s a vocoder to sing through....and take 104 might be the best one. If you take Little `Richard for example, they were virtually live performances...no overdubs...and no MTV demands that you are pretty and preferably white..............AND BY THE WAY, my terminal illness renders my wife`s  serial unfaithfulness IIRRELEVANT.

  96. Chance Watkins

    Great song. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

  97. Jerenda Burns

    the besties is the oldies

  98. crchuck H

    Best of times, great old music. Thanks for posting.

  99. Doowop Steph

    Dion and the Belmonts?
    what planet are you on?