Dion, Celine - Brahms' Lullaby Lyrics

Lullaby and good night
In the sky stars are bright
'Round your head
Flowers gay
Set you slumbers till day

Lullaby and good night
In the sky stars are bright
'Round your head
Flowers gay
Set you slumbers till day

Close your eyes
Now and rest
May these hours
Be blessed

Close your eyes
Now and rest
May these hours
Be blessed

Bonne nuit cher enfant
Dans tes langes blancs
Repose joyeux
En revant des cieux

Good night dear child
In your white sheets
Rest happy
Dreaming of Heaven
Quand le jour reviendra
Tu te reveilleras
Quand le jour reviendra
Tu te reveilleras

When day will be back
You'll wake up again
When day will be back
You'll wake up again
Lullaby and good night
In the sky stars are bright
'Round your head
Flowers gay
Set you slumbers till day

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Dion, Celine Brahms' Lullaby Comments
  1. paola del bufalo

    Her voice is perfect for this lullabay

  2. Mary Sol Ceballos

    i hope i can download this😩😢😭

  3. Catherine Powell

    I'm 27 and it helps me sleep x


    This song is superb !!

  5. Alexandro Lima

    Muito linda 😍

  6. Marchewka Stephane

    Plusieurs versions de chanteuse et chanteur différents de language de plusieurs pays cette chanson et magique et à la fois immortel et indémodables elles ce partage
    Et va avec tout les interprète
    Céline Dion pause la barre très haut ma fois
    Carola hackvist la suédoise
    Sa version et égal celle de Céline

  7. Ms. BrassyBariBone

    ....When i had a wacky bear literally the noise in it was this but its instrumental

    Leslie Palmer

    Ms. BrassyBariBone me too! It was a flat pink bear lol
    So starting 30yrs ago, all 4 of my kids got this song on their crib mobile. Memories

    Ms. BrassyBariBone

    @Leslie Palmer awwww that's the cutest, I'm only 20 but I'm thinking once I get married and have kids about passing my bear down to them when their little

  8. leah gurl1234

    My mom singed this when i was at her tummy

  9. Stuart Mead

    Played at my daughters funeral. Such a beautiful song. Kills me every time. RIP Bonnie Blu. Daddy loves you xx 😭🦋

    Aurel Ivan

    RIP ::::((((


    Im so sorry for your lost Stuart.Prayers to you and your family..May our lord welcome her into his loving embrace 🙏🙏💙💙💙.

    L M

    I’m so sorry!

  10. Jan Jacobsen

    Mille bravo

  11. Terka K.

    This melody actually never made me sleep, but can perfectly calm me down

  12. J e

    This song always makes me cry because as a young girl i always planned my funeral. This was one of my funeral songs i wanted.
    Im an adult now so obviously i never had a funeral and im glad but as a child i always imagined it.

    Jane Nile

    May I ask, Why...?

  13. I am Who I am

    Amazing! 😍🤗

  14. Bil Wacky

    Flowers GAY.

  15. Dan Kinney

    I am 53 and this continues to be one of my favorite pieces of all time.

  16. Imelda Hyde

    Love this x

  17. Gillian Todd


  18. Victoria Sjoquist


  19. Petra Langenkamp

    My dad did sing it to me, and later I did sing it to my son .. sweet memories

  20. Linh Chi Lê

    this song always makes me smile :)

  21. Lic. Maria del Pilar Ortiz Jaramillo

    Diariamente la pongo para dormir a mi hija y es una bellísima canción, solo con ella se duerme.

  22. André Rühling

    lembra minha infância. lembra meu pai. lembra o AMOR. saudades pai. um dia nós nos reencontraremos💖

  23. madame F3A

    Bonne nuit mon petit amour😍

  24. Марина Мызникова

    I was singing it for my daughter. Not so good as Celine does ))

  25. Dafni Cortes

    That’s what I needed because I saw a profile pic of a Scary PIF. I needed this song as of right now. And it was someone’s profile pic.

  26. Dhenifer Vischi

    Minha Princesa Bella ama ouvir essa música ❤

  27. Abi Dubs Prodection

    This song make me cry!😢😭

  28. Meltem Kalan

    I love this song. My daughter's favourite song 😍😍 when she listens she sleeps right a way 😴🤗

  29. Gabriel Malto

    Love this so much😇😇😇😇😇

  30. Bacheche Ramos

    Beautiful song

  31. Evi Rabensteiner

    Wunderschön aber sehr Traurig !!

    Nawel Nawel

    Evi Rabensteiner warum traurig ?

  32. Josie Bridges

    I'm 10 and it sends me to sleep my mother says, "maybe it's because I played it for you when you were a baby." LOVE THIS SONG😍

  33. zahra fr


  34. Louise Cross

    Beautiful Xx

  35. tormenta219

    Bellísima, canción y con una interpretación con una de las mejores voces femeninas de la Tierra, gracias Celine, se la canto a mis nietos y a mi niña interior. Llega al alma, Celine bendita sos!!!!!

  36. Rabia Alkozai

    Not even a minute in and my baby niece knocks out

  37. jose gutierrez gonzalez

    beautifore song...

  38. Stephanie Douglas

    it makes my two daughters fall asleep😴😴😴😴

  39. oddball1711

    i'm 62 and this still sends me to sleep. Goodnight

  40. Çilenay Xudiyeva


  41. Lisa Budnick

    my new baby love it

  42. Titi Amador G

    para dormir zzzz

  43. Anita Tsuchiya

    this was the lullaby that my son makes him sleep.

  44. K Pearson

    My son's favorite song <3 he is 5 years old and he stills likes it to hear it to fall asleep :)

    Bob Knight

    K Pearson ub40

    Almaha __999

    K Pearson when I was 5-6 even 9 I love it I'm 12 now

    Matthew Fryer

    That's adorable!

    V Sagita

    And now he is 7 years old :)

  45. Mitchelle Lastimoso

    your sweet voice matches the song u sung., it really gentle to the ears, and it really makes us fall asleep., how I wish to see u in person Celine Dion


    Mitchelle Lastimoso

    JustKylie 14

    Actually the channel is Celine Dion's official channel


    bellissima la dedico ha te floriana ti amo

  47. Long Hoàng


  48. Lurah Cabalo

    my daughter's favorite song for sleeping since she was in my tummy until now that she is already 7 years old

    Sehun Lovato

    are u from the Philippines?

    Lurah Cabalo

    yes I am

    Kathy Lynne

    Yes. Both my daughters. They are now 47 and 51 and they still love this song

  49. lenett szczurek

    Never really thought about that picture this much before