Dio - Turn To Stone Lyrics

Welcome to sun down, welcome to the dark
Could it be that evil has heroes

Bring everybody down - Celebration
Passing of the light
Giving up your spirit to the night

You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone
Just for ever
You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone

Here comes a fire
We'll burn it to the ground
Inside the page lies the power

We've turned it all around - Celebration
Words have control
To take away your heart and then your soul

You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone
Just for ever
You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone

Oh pray for a miracle
But the wishes in the well have all gone dry
There's no way for a miracle
It's not the way you live, it's how you'll die

Welcome to sun down - Welcome to the dark
Could it be that the evil has heroes

We've turned it all around - Celebration
Words have control
To take away your heart and then your soul

You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone
Just for ever
You'll turn to stone
You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone

Concerning the inhabitants of Otherworld.
There are many similarities to be found, parallel to our own society.
The individual must be absorbed. The collective must be as one. Feed my head!

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Dio Turn To Stone Comments
  1. Veeti Kaarineva

    2:40 Doesn't it sound like 'Carry on my wayward son' for anyone else?

  2. Vanei Pontes

    Great line Up: Jimmy Bain / Simon Wright / Scott Warren / Craig Goldy And "Ronald James Padavona" (R.I.P🎤) "Jimmy Bain" (R.I.P🎸)

  3. Robert Christensen

    an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source, although time gives us this .

    Damn it , I have I pain , my Demons wait for me , is this real? Who am ?
    Is this my reality?

    Where is my Family -Who are you ?

    Never forget .

    Family is here , we are here !

    - This is HEAVY METAL !!

    We will shuv shit in your face and you will know it is real.

    Not bullshit.

    Remember it will all be real !


  4. Icon Icon

    Despotic reptilian corporate entities are controlling you. Most people exist as corporate statistics, brain-dead puppet activists who contribute to the plutocracy. Words do have the power to take away your heart and your soul. Words express thoughts. Alas, the vast majority of people are happy, hopeful slaves arduously working to survive.

  5. João Craveiro

    Wait a minute... This isnt Eletric Light Orchestra

    Imponte Deluxo

    Is better

  6. Robin Mildon

    Craig Goldy you are so freakin cool. Love the guitar sound and chords. Mmmmaaahhh

  7. Sideshow BOB


  8. Fire In Soul

    From 0:32 to 0:42 orgasm..

  9. Eduardo Ramos

    James Dio é muito bom é show.💀✌👍🤘🤘

  10. Grim Grinning Ghost13

    Ever notice that the chorus sounds like Stargazer? The notes are practically identical.

    Benjamin Carmelo Borg

    It's not like he's stealing anything, just re-using. Stargazer is his as well.

  11. Fabiola RN

    Oren porelmilagrosa jeesus. Porkelos demonios. Destruirlo parapoder. Destir alaumanida. Akienelpana. Todosestansiedo egayados poreldiablo. Oren parakeyomelogre sinotodo estaraperdido. Grasias

    Imponte Deluxo

    Pero que diablos?

  12. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Damn nice

  13. Doge Master19000

    These ads are so fucking old💀

  14. João Lucas Proença

    I love You, Master! You will live in our hearts, forever!

  15. mark ellis

    the seven

  16. Racine Evans

    Hell yeah!!! My favorite track off the "Magica" album! That riff gets me every time:)

    James Vasquez


  17. Зелен Дракон Маг

    If we all listen to Dio the world would be a better place!

    Daniel Valev

    Damn right

    James Vasquez


    Wayne Kennedy

    DAMN FUCKING RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ZA WARUDO* would be a better place.

    Илья Шуваев

    О Боже, комментарий от русского под песней Дио :0

  18. mike hunt

    Simon Wright is one bad ass drummer  : )

  19. Richard Choi

    I just love the bass line in the beginning :)

    Chadley Allen

    +Richard Choi >>>He sed "It's Not how we live, it's how we die"(3:10) Donnie Adkins (rip @18 respectively) was on cocaine N the early 1990's @ 2 N the morning with the cops coming 2 freak him out. He took shotgun & turned 2 stone

    Chadley Allen

    Song 4 the occasion from Ozzy OSbourne "Never know why" singing "You'll Never know why:::we rock..."

  20. 666Mechanix

    Heavy metal at it's best. Thank you Dio!

  21. Marius Scheijgrond


  22. das wis

    about what?!

  23. Brandon Jenkins

    your 16 and dont know shit

    oOcorridosOo TM

    Calm down virgin

  24. das wis

    i know right ._.

  25. pickupthePWN

    I'm 2 and your username is incredibly creative

  26. das wis

    i'm 16 and we don't give a fuck.


    You're 22 now?

  27. thesleepingman1969

    yes..i smoke to mutsh dio... my life is shit you know xD

  28. ThePiperia

    yes.funny.haha.lol.rofl.lmao. stop already pasting the same comment in every dio vid..

  29. thesleepingman1969

    i always smoke Dio wehn i listen to weed

    Joshua Gulino

    Other way around bud (get it)

    Marion Cobretti

    this is my joint

  30. TheGavinkjg

    bring everyone down celebration

  31. KrunOO7

    That escalated pretty quickly

  32. Holly DeMerchant

    shut up kid

  33. The Devil-Joe

    I'm 15 and I love this song

  34. Evi Vappa

    <3 love you DIO!!!!!!!!1

  35. Nzill

    What about you start.

  36. Michael Brien

    People on youtube bitch like little baby's. All of you shut the hell up..

  37. SAlJar1

    "Words have control
    To take away your heart and then your soul
    You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone
    Just for ever" This lyric is seems to be about the world we live in. Great Master of words with deep meaning. "Feed my head!"

  38. Shadowreeper213

    Well that's uncalled for, why say that, and I'd want a rational answer and not "Because your a fucking idiot" or something else stupid.

  39. Shadowreeper213

    I did take that into consideration and it probably was just a coincidence, but it's still and interesting thought nonetheless.

  40. tray2057

    seen DIO twice...Monsters of Rock in 1986... then Dream Evil tour...but Diver was one of my first cd's bought.. this is still great !! RIP RJD !!!

  41. Sophies Discharge

    Rock in peace Dio!

  42. Shadowreeper213

    Wanna know something pretty freaky, my sisters boyfriend had a bonfire going the night dio died or the night after he died (I forget) and he said that the fire made an abnormal formation that looked like the Dio hand sign, you think that's a coincidence? And no he was not drunk or high or under the influence of any sort of drug or alcohol.

  43. Nejat Sevindik

    hastasiyiz agaaa

  44. Chad

    This sounds exactly like Jagged Alliance 2 music

  45. Ender Cleijne

    @gunsNrosesfan97 Bieber was just a couple of years then. R.I.P Dio we miss you. Respect your wish.

  46. Jósteinn Þorgrímsson

    the best of the best

  47. Aaron Russell

    Beiber bieber beiber fuckin pathetic excuses for children

  48. Jimmy snail

    What a voice,respect the man,rest in peace brother !!!

  49. BrotherOfMetal1993

    @gunsNrosesfan97 Theirs a reason why all the great one's go...

  50. Matze Lvithn

    @976thanos You will go to hell just for posting those names under a Dio video. But still... you're right.

  51. SpartanNitro

    Thanks for uploading this dude

  52. PrismAzure

    This song rock! Dio always rock!

    Welcome to the dark!

  53. PrismAzure

    This is a song and this is Dio!
    Welcome to the dark!