Dio - The Mob Rules Lyrics

Close the city and tell the people that something's coming to call
Death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall

You've nothing to say
I know they're breaking away
If you listen to fools
The mob rules
The mob rules

Kill the spirit and you'll be blinded, the end is always the same
Play with fire, you burn your fingers and lose your hold of the flame

You've nothing to say
I know they're breaking away
If you listen to fools
The mob rules

You've nothing to say
I know they're breaking away
If you listen to fools
Break the circle and stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
Just remember it might start rolling and take you right back around

The mob rules
We’re all fools

The mob rules

We’re all fools

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Dio The Mob Rules Comments
  1. ATarPΔC

    Ronnie James Dio was a god.

  2. applecake122

    Although his voice darkened with age, he could still go very high.

  3. ZephyrSpeedruns

    There will never be another

  4. Mike

    I don't understand why there aren't over 100,000,000 likes on this video! Just the opening scream alone merits even more!

  5. Pxtrxck Cxxksxy

    His scream at the start gives me chills...love it

  6. baldheaddriver5


  7. M. O.G.

    shame they dropped the key but it still kicks ass in every sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MrMegaFredZeppelin

    Long Live Ronnie James Dio \m/ \m/ ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  9. Samuel Mendoza


  10. Owais Asad

    Every time I hear this live version bcs if his opening scream too good GOD bless his soul ,

  11. Jimmy JONES

    This concert was incredible.

  12. John McDermott


  13. Nihilist_4_life

    I repeat 0:12 over and over and I don't understand why it gives me goosebumps.

  14. R J

    incredible vocals by the awesome ronnie james dio. rock on ronnie

  15. TruthSurge

    Ronnie just screamed an A6 (in the key of Ab). o... m...g.... I've never heard him do that in any song till this one. Damn.... That IS higher than Halford's stuff in his prime and this guy here is pushing 70! I knew he was going to do something but that?

  16. Bartman954


  17. Nunya Bidness

    This is what dedication to a craft looks like after decades of practice.

  18. Beast Head

    If you listen to leftist fools, the muslim mob rules.

  19. Meliboeus

    The Analytics for this video must be hilarious; after the first 17 seconds everyone starts the video over again, lol. Fucking insane Rock God voice.

  20. Arthur Hill

    Those 70 thumbs down should stick them up there arses...

  21. M. O.G.

    shame this is not in HD

  22. Ryan Cruz

    Who knew he could scream like that !!!! 100% GREAT!!!!

  23. baldheaddriver5


  24. Ray Fabris

    dio had a voice ten feet tall.great.

  25. ANISTAZI metal 94609

    I love this performance. And the stage set is so dope !!

  26. Jeff Krysan

    Peter Hudson that was his incredible vocal range not an effect. He’s done the screams occasionally in other shows as well. Even though it sounds unreal and not possible...that is his vocal chords making that scream. He was a monster!!!

  27. manduheavy vazquez

    The best ever. Greatness.

  28. AAA AAA

    Holy shit! 😯

  29. Arthur deAlba

    Still get goose bumps every time I watch this vid.

  30. Ronny Sessum

    Wow , this song is totally relevant today !!!!! Just turn on your tv

  31. Simão Junior

    Music of the game Maximun Carnage!

  32. Jake Kenny

    Take notes kiddies.....THIS is how ya fuckin' do it....accept no substitutes.

  33. OneAndDone

    We miss Ronnie. On the other hand, he left so much for us. He is perhaps the greatest metal front man to ever grab a mic.

  34. thedukeofno

    Could you see this conversation between Tony Iommi and RJD in 1980? Tony: “You know, I normally stand center stage” RJD: “Yeah, we ain’t doing that!”

  35. Erik Campbell

    Thank you.

  36. Martin Falk

    I can loop that scream for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. Now I can finally die in peace

  37. Paul Carr

    Hard to believe this is the same clean cut singer that started out in the 50's.
    Unlike most vocalists his voice got more powerful as the years went on .

  38. Vince -

    Seriously the worst song I've heard in a while.

  39. Bubs

    Ryan Adams brought me here!

  40. no no

    So this is Ryan Adams' first public statement and it's not as cryptic as you think

  41. David Taylor

    What a voice RJD had, sadly missed -- R.I.P

  42. Blitz Blisser

    65 Of you motherfuckers are stupid!lol

  43. Brett Bailey

    Ronnie was one bad dude....RIP

  44. David Czuba

    holy fuck. Best metal singer of all time. The band was at its height.

  45. Ian E Williams

    If you listen to fools... The Mob Rules!!! 🤘🏼🔥🤘🏼

  46. The Fonz

    Rock’s little big man



  48. Jerome Wagschal

    Thank God we have tons of footage and studio/ live recordings to remember what a fabulous showman and singer he was not to mention his songwriting skills...
    I'd rather watch something like this that shows his passion and talent rather than that ghost-like-back-from-the-dead hologram tour...
    And I never ever got the chance to see him on stage let alone talk to him...


    Tell ya what. Aside from his brilliance on 100 levels, he loved, truly loved, us, his fans. He was a good person and a great metal front man, in that order.

  49. Chris Stokes

    Geezer Butler. The bass players bassist.

  50. Dylan Wurfel

    Band is fuckiiiiing tight!!!

  51. Dylan Wurfel

    Ronnie was a monster!

  52. Martin Falk

    I can literally wank to the scream in the beginning

  53. Richard Hessian

    The impossible note he hits on the opening scream is a high C. The top octave on piano. Outside a guitar's range. That is an unreachable note for male singers, except trained Opera guys. Ronnie nails it at 67, while dying of stomach cancer.

  54. mnueet

    Sing Ronnie!!! Sing for us all!!

  55. cpmyers

    One of the greatest Rock songs of all time!!

  56. baldheaddriver5


  57. Jerry Garcia

    Dio with sabbath changed music into heavy metal 🤘.

  58. Wade Christy

    God damn it. I saw him multiple times while either on gel acid or the regular perforated paper. These EDM kids think they're tripping on MDMA, try this. It's thirty years later and I really miss him even though I never met him. Thankfully, YouTube is free.

  59. Tom Brummel

    Tony IS the world's best guitarist

  60. Tom Brummel

    WOW !!!

  61. Dgc7108

    I’ve heard a lot of screams in Rock and Metal but none this good in a LIVE setting. Don’t get me wrong Rob Halford let a few out when I saw Judas in Denver but Jesus fucking Christ man Dio let that one fly. lol

  62. baldheaddriver5


  63. Eric Kincaid

    Man, Ronnie still sounded great in '07.

  64. Johnny Wirtz

    even with stomach cancer {full blown} Ronnie was a better performer than most front men . 70 years old HOLY FUCK

  65. Jochen Hansen

    Perfect 👌👌👌👌🎵🎸🎙🤘

  66. Golfo Pollo

    I miss her

  67. Thiago Loureiro

    Miss dio! Amazing performance

  68. matt spears

    61 people had their volume turned off.

  69. Martin McClellan

    Dio was so awesome, he made the puffy shirt look cool. RIP.

  70. Rodney Collen

    RIP Ronnie James Dio, heavy metal icon/legend. Your memory, music, and legacy will live on forever.

  71. La Usina Radio

    Genio, una pena muy grande cuando nos dejaste!!!

  72. baldheaddriver5


  73. Chickenbeek

    \m/\m/ 👹🔥🐲🔮

  74. GrnFriday Grn

    Vinny is all over this!

  75. Douglas Luiz Fin

    \m/ the mob rules

  76. Brak Hayhurst


  77. Danilofernando Dalposso

    Vai toma no cu caranho propaganda de axé no meio do rock

  78. Tigus Williams

    That's a fucking shout, that could kill q Dragon!

  79. baldheaddriver5


  80. Brak Hayhurst

    Ozzy could never have pulled this song off

  81. Vijay Gahlot

    Close the city and tell the people
    That something's coming to call
    Death and darkness are rushing forward
    To stamp light from the wall!

    Oh! You've nothing to say
    They'll drag you away!
    If you listen to fools,
    The mob rules, the mob rules

    Kill the spirit and you'll be blinded
    The end is always the same
    Play with fire, you'll burn your finger
    And you'll get hold of a flame, oh!

    It's over, it's done
    The end is begun
    If you listen to fools,
    The mob rules
    You've nothing to say
    Oh, They're breaking away
    If you listen to fools

    Break the circle and stop the movement
    The wheel is thrown to the ground
    Just remember it might stop rolling
    And take you right back around!

    You're all fools!
    The Mob Rules!

  82. baldheaddriver5


    Arturo Almazan

    halford is washed up. his voice is not what it used to be. RIP Ronnie 🤘🤘

  83. baldheaddriver5


  84. David Olmos

    0:12 One of the best metal screams of all time.

  85. What I Left

    Did they change the band name to HEAVEN AND HELL because Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne sued them for the rights to the name BLACK SABBATH?


    They chose to go by the name Heaven & Hell to avoid confusion. They were doing stuff from the Dio era of Black Sabbath, so they took up the name of the first Dio-era album.

  86. Luiz Conte

    if you listen to fools Trump rules.

  87. Filip Karaula

    You know it's gonna be scary when he says the mob RUUUUULES in the begining

  88. Egidio Fioravanti

    Tommy is the diamond of black guitar

  89. Frank

    Dio is a true legend. Think about how many decades and music genres he’s transcend and persevered thru from the beginning in the doo-wop, to rock n roll royalty.
    Made it thru so many shifts in music and always stayed on the top.
    Doo- Wop, Roots Rock, Disco, Hair Bands, Grunge, the “Boy Bands onslaught 🤮, POP, Rap you name it and always stayed true to himself with good old to no frills rock. 🤘

  90. Benjamin Rosen

    That opening scream....blows me away every time

  91. Arthur Hill

    I just can't help it, but this song, and especially this particular one is my all time favorite Black Sabbath song ever. And it's a long list of favorites because there's nothing I don't like about Black Sabbath, except for the farwell tour when Bill Ward got fucked over by the Band, or there master., Sharon " the milignant cunt" Arden Osborne....

  92. Justin Mc Donald

    Dio was fucking amazing. I don't care what anyone says, I love Dio era Sabbath!

  93. jacob mitchell

    That scream!

  94. chrisjaybecker

    It's so cool that "Heaven and Hell" was able to play together again before Ronnie got sick. They couldn't al themselves Black Sabbath this time around, lest they incur the wrath of Sharon, but this band under ANY name was one of the greatest of all time. Now, we just need for the Two Tonys, Tony Iommi and Tony Martin to play together again... they could call themselves "Headless Cross" or something like that.

  95. Oliver oprecio

    So fucking legendaries

  96. Alex Hendrix

    to the 54 thumbs down....... FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  97. woody peanuts

    the devil's left hand.....

  98. KP guitarzan

    Loud as fuck---way a concert should be.

  99. missingremote

    Dio in heaven 🎼