Dio - The Last In The Line Lyrics

This is The Last In Line

We're a ship without a storm
The cold without the warm
Light inside the darkness that it needs, yeah

We're a laugh without a tear
The hope without the fear
We are coming - home

We're off to the witch
We may never never never come home
But the magic that we'll feel
Is worth a lifetime

We're all born upon the cross
The throw before the toss
You can release yourself
But the only way is down

We don't come alone
We are fire, we are stone
We're the hand that writes
Then quickly moves away

We'll know for the first time
If we're evil or divine
We're the last in line
We're the last in line

Two eyes from the east
It's the angel or the beast
The answer lies between
The good and bad

We search for the truth
We could die upon the tooth
But the thrill of just the chase
Is worth the pain

We'll know for the first time
If we're evil or divine
We're the last in line
Last in line
We shine

We're off to the witch
We may never never never never never never come home

We're all born upon the cross
The throw before the toss
You can release yourself
But the only way you go is down

We'll know for the first time
If we're evil or divine
We're the last in line
We're the last in line
Last in line
Last in line

We're a ship without a storm
The cold without the warm
We're a laugh without a tear
The hope without the fear
We're the last in line
We're the last in line
See how we shine
Shine on

You’re the last in
You’re the last in
You’re the last in
You’re the last in line

Thank you, thank you, thank you

You’re the last in line

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Dio The Last In The Line Comments
  1. Petru Hodorogea

    пентру оамении де фер данке Дио

  2. David Folsom

    My best friend gave me this song he said it reminded him of me. He became known as the village 76 slayer after he murdered and dismembered a man there . I will never see my friend Paul ever again but I still really miss him.

  3. Shawn Matthews

    The song that set me on this path. Long live the memory of Ronnie James Dio!

  4. John Andress

    Ooooh. Health. care.

  5. Johan Figueroa

    D I O (s)

  6. NewRomanImperium


  7. Un Metalleux

    RIP Ronnie James Dio

  8. Way Word

    Mr Ronnie James Dio may be the ultimate voice of all Hupersons, peoplekind. All jokes aside, this guy is just the bringer of ...

  9. lucas ribeiro

    que cara absurdo morreu seu corpo volto ao po
    mas a inspiração a forma que vivi e viverei ouvindo power metal desse estilo
    Dio vive um clássico que sempre sera admirado por mim e caso tenha um filho(a) lhe mostrarei O Q EH MUSICA BOA.

  10. Josh G


  11. Joshua Michael

    It’s that half Ceno bite from hell raiser

  12. RayAstur23

    0:47 look at the hand of the "boy"

  13. Steve from Yellowstone

    I cant believe its almost been 10 years... i remember the day it happened, I was in high school and I was devastated when I heard the bews . RIP Dio :(

  14. Donnie Tesco

    There were few problems in the 80s that couldn’t be solved by a lightsaber to the scrotum and a TJ Hooker tuck-and-roll into an elevator.

  15. Hugh Jassman

    Second only to Bon Scott, my opinion. You groove to this song, but you bang to dirty deeds.

    Way Word

    Ah, man, don't go there - just have another thought.

  16. yu stu

    fucking awesome

  17. Theo Pfender

    What are the characters in this video doing today? Dio 🤟🤟🤟👌

  18. David Pfaffenberger

    The guy in the electric chair at 2:10 looks like Rob Schneider.

  19. solidsnakeisme

    I honestly never heard of Ronnie until I went to see the masters of metal tour in 2008. He performed and by the time the first song was over, I was amazed at how talented he was. His voice perfectly personifies metal, I've been a huge fan ever since. RIP Ronnie.

  20. Tomi Nousiainen

    kunnos 80s'

  21. D Roe

    I swear, this video inspired the look of the Borg.

  22. PandorasCrate0

    I didn't know this song was an origin story for the Borg. Rock on! \m/

  23. Ms. Blaileen

    LOVE the abrupt transition in this....


    My favorite Dio video, I always wished there was a video for Computer God from the Dehumanizer album.

  25. Stefan Riemann

    1984 my teenage years

  26. timicus2

    I seriously wish this song got more airplay. Rock radio in my area has forgotten they Dio did more than two songs.


    Why is he always putting my name in his titles

  28. Chris P

    God has you Ronnie.

  29. War Pig

    The elevator goes to 11.

  30. mark cal

    Meeno pelucce?

  31. Joseph Hickman

    Is ronniejames was a catholic or born again?ha!

  32. Jay Seelan

    I really like dio...never seen the video before...

  33. yankeesuperstar

    This is orthodox Catholicism, they don’t teach this no more

  34. pappy999

    WFBN-TV (Channel 66 Chicago) brought me here.

  35. FëanorLawless

    I knew about Dio when he died, now I repent from not knowing him earlier.

  36. Francois Burk

    Great song

  37. j freed

    Video has elements of films Terminator (not released yet that year) and Star Wars and even the future Total Recall movie - and Dio has the Egyptian look of Powerslave.

  38. 2012turok , NUFF

    Every sat i have a beer 4 dio. JUST TO THANK DIO 4 HIS VOICE & THE MUSIC. and tonight i have a beer ...thank u dio . i . i will never forget you,

  39. David Destin

    How have I never seen this ⚡️🐲⚡️

  40. Ashley Schaffer

    this is the heroes metal jam

  41. Anthony

    Heavy Metal God RJD. Royalty that will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Ronnie. \m/

  42. She’s the Devils god


  43. Walace Wally

    What such a shame, Wendy!! Cutting part of the solo, video AND EVEN LYRICS - saying to the new generations THATS OFFICIAL "MUSIC" VIDEO!!!!!!!!! What a shame...

  44. Skipper The Eye Child

    We are coming............


  45. Brian Styles

    What dipshits gave this thumbs down?!?

  46. emart88

    Dio would have been a cosplayer if he was raised in a different generation. You know he had fun making this video

  47. Leona Henry

    What a clear and precise deliverance of a voice that takes us on a walk we will never forget. What a fascinating song. This is pure genius!!!

  48. Ronnie Gregory

    I'm the last in line


    0:00 - 4:03 is the best part

  50. ElSubs Criptor BienChido 2 :v


  51. Thomas House

    The video of Steel Panther’s Satchel playing his favourite riffs brought me here, I’m glad it did.

  52. Josie Springfield

    R I P Ronnie James Dio miss you very much :((

  53. Corn Holio



  54. smorbidity

    That always pisses me off when I step into an elevator and next thing I know I'm captured by The Borg.

  55. Joe Friday

    Great song, bubble gum Borg vid.

  56. Bollen

    2019. Magical.

  57. matrix26uk

    So this is where Star Trek got the Borg!

  58. Tony_montana14

    Ronnie James Dio in the best singer and frontman in the history of heavy metal, the years of his death pass but his excellent art will never stop playing, Ronnie we live forever

  59. Καινή Εποχή Nova Era

    Is the boy Meeno Peluce?

  60. Warwick85

    The first time hearing this, sounds like gold oh my.
    Cool bass

  61. Scarpa Henrique

    That is is almost sixty now.

  62. fisty mopar

    Ronnie is amazing, he could sing about feminine hygiene products and it would be righteous. \M/

  63. Roland Hall

    We are the Last in line Go Dio

  64. Heavymetal Rocker

    Is it just me or does the intro of this song kinda sound like Metallicas
    “fight fire with fire”

    Thomas Daddio

    I said for years Vivian Campbell ripped off dozens of riffs ... But there are people who will argue about it all day

    Thomas Daddio

    @Haabemaaster They came out the same year , same month, but ffwf was first played Halloween the year prior

    Thomas Daddio

    @Haabemaaster no affliction here, just saying Vivian has ripped off dozens of other famous metal guitarists riffs. From DIO all the way up to the god awful SLANG album def Leppard did. And I'm pretty sure even DIO fans have heard of the ride the lightning album.

  65. waymooter

    Wow some one better get that elevator fixed... it seems to be stranding a few people in the basement of that building! Which seems oddly like a chuck e cheese

  66. Sanen Longkumer


  67. Hassaan awan

    Satchel sent me here

  68. Markus Michaelsen

    God Of Heavy Metal

  69. the real dave dave

    This song is still metal personified in 2019

    She’s the Devils god

    Shame they cuts the guitar solo out!

    the real dave dave

    @She’s the Devils god I know wtf is that all about?...was it viv on this one?

  70. Detroiit 313

    Jammd this on highest volume my computer has!

  71. Detroiit 313

    We're off to the witch!

  72. Wesley Thiago

    Mestre dio

  73. Claudio Galdino de LIma Galdino

    Salvte, master of the voice!

  74. шаман

    всех благодарю кто поддержал незаслуженно пониженного статуса
    ДИО и его песни будоражищаю душу и кровь,еще раз всех благодарю,
    но не будем делать из него кумира,но защищать надо!!!!
    КАК СТАЛИНГРАД,в котором был ДИО В 2005 г на МАМАЕВОМ кургане со своей группой ,стоял прямо возле РОДИНЫ - МАТЕРИ,земля нашему маленькому и скромному эльфу пухом!!!

  75. Diego Garcia

    Tranquilamente este video se podria hacer hoy con un repartidor de Glovo o PedidosYa , y los pibitos jugando al Fortnite

  76. Jamboxx3030

    New producers can take millions of dollars and have an unlimited shoot budget. They will never make music videos like this. Go ahead hollywood, try to make a video of this caliber. I'll be waiting......

  77. david johanson

    was watching Loudwire with Satchel from Steel Panther and he said he grew up with this song. big fan myself of Dio. Holy Diver!!!!!

    the real dave dave

    I'm going to see steel panther Feb 2020 and I'm gonna hold up a sign asking satchel to play dio last in line

  78. Brent Cutlip

    My favorite Dio track.

  79. applecake122

    This song was published in 1984 and refers to Orwell's novel "1984" published in 1949.

  80. Matthew Boren

    We we're blessed to have him back in the 80s. We miss you Dio. Thanks for your awesome, timeless music and your inspiration

  81. DividedHalo8426

    Thank you Ronnie James Dio

  82. Dan Chaney

    Long live Ronnie James Dio!

  83. SyNTh


  84. SynDerLife _

    i wasnt born or had my teen years in the 80s but i wish i had

  85. Andygogo Comics

    Incredible music video for an incredible song. I wanna see Vivian Campbell live.

  86. EvilHomer


  87. ACE 98

    One of the most underrated bands of all time. I’d put them & Our Lady Peace as the top 2 in my opinion

  88. Cody Bryson

    When Irving Texas gets an atheist humanist church walking distance to where I'm at I'll start going back to church I'm good without god G.O.D. Government Organized Deity and Devine GOD and JESUS CHRIST have just never worked for me and my life's dreams anyways so I guess I'm evil not Devine. I'm a RENOUNCED Christian and now i AM completely drug and alcohol and abstaining from sex free and even kicked my worst habbit of all ever which was Jesus Christ. Cuz of the chickenshit and retarted bullshit of Christianity I just can not believe it I was under the power of 2 pussies that made me think I believed that Christian bullshit. I was under the power of the pussy by Kimberley 2 Ann dunaway macelreath then I was under the power of the pussy of Susan Holloway baby there is no pussy on Earth good enough to get me Cody Bryson to ever run back to Christianity ever again FUCK YOUS KIMBERLY 2 ANN DUNAWAY MACELREATH AND SUSAN HOLLOWAY BABY

  89. Patrick McCluskey

    Dio was not satanic at all. He explored many facets of religion to become a better version of himself. Clearly this video and his belting lyrics portray him to be a fighter for spiritual freedom and to not become a part of a Borg esque collective which is actually where society is heading towards in 2019 through social media and Orange Man Bad propaganda.

  90. Scary Hobo

    Is this a fucking Borg episode? Great lead by Vivian. Great album by RJD

  91. Swish Swish

    His voice...so POWERFUL!!! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  92. Robin Stiff

    Rob Harford, Bruce Dickerson, and DIO the 3 kings of Heavy Metal.



    Patrick McCluskey

    Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson. But yes I agree they are gods of metal. Blackie Lawless as well. And of course our friend Dio!

  93. snoop dogg dank kush


  94. William Cap

    Ok who remembers this tune on MTV's Head Bangers Ball miss the 80'S

  95. Kamy GG

    *GOAT !*

  96. Rhheh Vsgdvh

    Ronnie the best

  97. fotoloco

    el mejor video de Metal!