Dio - Stand Up And Shout Lyrics

It's the same old song
you gotta be somewhere at sometime
and they'll never let you fly
It's like broken glass
you get cut before you see it
so open up your eyes

You've got desire
so let it out
you've got the power
stand up and shout
shout, shout, stand up and shout

You got wings of steel
but they never really move you
you only seem to crawl
You've been nailed to the wheel
but never really turning
you know you've got to work it out

You've got desire
so let it out
you've got the power
stand up and shout
shout, shout, stand up and shout

Let it out

You are the strongest chain
and you're not just some reflection
so never hide again
You are the driver
you own the road
you are the fire -- go on, explode

Let it out

Stand up and shout

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Dio Stand Up And Shout Comments
  1. Avenger8450

    Stand Up And Shout!!!

  2. Steven Gary

    is this the same old song?

  3. Leader Snoke

    What, stand?

  4. deathmetaldouglas69

    Nothing Dio has recorded ever sounds dated, cheesy or 80's . No Def Leppard drum sound on any of his records. Funny how Vivian wound up joining them.

  5. Onie Meth

    Where dont talk to strangers song in this holy diver album !

  6. chasbo mcgillicuddy

    this song should NOT be played in bumper to bumper traffic!

  7. Rosco Haines

    Awesome track , drumming is phenomenal , along with everything else .

  8. Carmem Silvia

    "Stand Up and Shout"


  9. Bryan Eddy

    you are the strongest chain / and you're not just some reflection / so never hide again

    I won't, Great one. I won't.

  10. J.J.


  11. EverestBlizzard

    Back when metal didn't mix the bass out!


    Well these distorted downtuned 8 string guitars the kids use nowadays you can't differentiate them between the distorted 5 string basses.

  12. Shade Beast

    Google calls this heavy metal.

  13. Eden Tam

    2 minutes to midnight

  14. Adam W. Eishaupt

    F*CK YEAH !!! DIO is italian for god - in case you did not knew that already.

  15. Andrey Kusanagi

    kids these days are so lost in the JoJo memes they fail to appreciate Ronnie's legacy.

  16. Dale Benjamin

    My heavy metal GOD father.....R.J.D. ....R.I.P.

  17. João Furtado


  18. Sofocles Mefisto

    That fucking BASS !!!!

  19. Robert Berlettano

    This has metallica written all over It 🎸

  20. 1DownKhonvex

    power, desire, stand up and shout

  21. Mike Masoner Jr

    It is 1983 I am 18 years old sitting in my Prison Cell listening to Dio.
    Yup, I was an angry mean mother back then...Music helped me survive 4 years of fucking Hell.
    Thanks Ronnie James Dio.....Love you bro

  22. venomagent76

    Fuck... This song is molten energy formed into chords and drum fills with Ronnie pouring out the power of Metal

  23. Simon Hugo

    Holy shit I remember this from SSX on tour

  24. Mick C. Horror and Pop Culture

    Classic song
    Dio= Legend🤘

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  26. Shawn Begley


  27. X3MCTZN


  28. X3MCTZN


    P.S. rero-rero-rero-rero-rero !!

  29. john greenwood

    antichristarising.simplesite.com and find out who the real antichrist is. this will give you a good loughf

  30. ducc

    So when you type DIO and Stand on youtube this comes up... Not what I was looking for but I'll take it

  31. Bandit Keith

    "Buy the Album"

    It was the first damn CD I ever bought

  32. Chuck Kramer

    e gaddas out in the cold

  33. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Let it out! Go jump your cheezeatin ass in the lake!Before that,hold hands with your booty buddies and skip through Overton Park.

  34. Low xang yen

    *Stand* up and shout

  35. Peter Parker Recycle Bin

    Listening to this give me a *STANDO POWAH!!!!!* and the terrific ability to stop time..... *ZA WARUDO! TOKI YO TOMARE!!!!*

  36. Donald Sanabria

    Dio Stand (ZA WARUDO) up and shout!

  37. Emil Vasilev

    Man this is fucking awesome, groovier than any dance music out there

  38. Christina Jones

    I ate this song for breakfast.

  39. Kelly Tyner

    oh yeah, mojo said it so it must be true---POPPYCOC K!!! tHAT's only for those who never saw him LIVE, only them could think dead is better(see pet sematary). dead AIN'T BETTER! It's just.....well you know.....fnnnnnnn dead!

  40. The Gladiator

    Ssx on tour oohhh I MISS it

  41. Chuck Kramer

    who is that? dio. no way, who is that ...

  42. Per Yngve Ohlin

    Puro niño rata viene por Lord of caos

  43. Leah Smith

    I'm not much of a metal type person, but I don't think alot of people realize what an incredible singer dio was, not too many like him anymore, one of the greatest! Powerful voice, sang with all his heart n soul

    Kim Larsson

    As an old metal fan, I'm really happy that Ronnie finally gets full credit, as the superb singer he was. Back in the day, us kids had no clue....

    We just thought "Yeah, that sounds really badass!"

    This dudes control over phrasing, stomach support, distortion and mouth, was amazing. He had the whole package, almost like an opera singer.

  44. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    I'd like to hear oldie heavy metal music. This is best history of metal music

  45. Michael Black

    Stick that in ya pipe and smoke it!!!!🤘

  46. Pika aizen naruto


  47. paul wright

    An Epic First Amendment song.

  48. Michael Hernandez

    Fucking Dio ! 🤘🏼

  49. Im Ran


  50. Shana Tinnin

    Climbed out my bedroom in 86 and ran away with my ex husband and went to St Louis where I was turned on to KSHE 95. They were hard core at that time to me. Great music.

  51. Darrin Skeels

    this one and y and t mean streak

  52. Darrin Skeels

    epic album was first album working at mcdonaldsd swayed me to metal.. plus alot of pot lol

  53. Jim Loftus

    Good shit right here, my friends.

  54. david morasan

    great great voice one of the best

  55. TLG AUCan

    The Lords Of Chaos

  56. Melon Grace

    You've got the Power!, Stand up and shout!

  57. ralphy 36

    383 faggots disliked this video.

  58. Alan Aguilar


  59. Chris Huertero

    SSX on Tour!!!

  60. 海馬瀬戸


  61. T_Rex


  62. Sofia Bertoli

    Dio 💜

  63. Rafael Crabs

    This will probably sound like a bullshit story but I'm really not that creative. In 2002, I'm not sure why we did this but when I was 11 in our school we were forced to sing songs in assembly with lyric sheets on the overhead projector. Hundreds of kids in unison singing pop songs. One of them was Hazard to Myself by Pink with lines like "don't let me get me, I'm my own worst enemy I wanna be somebody else." I think they hated us.

    We were able to suggest songs we wanted to sing and 7 or 8 of us gathered together and asked if we could sing The Rolling Stones or AC/DC. They said the kids wouldn't be into it.. even though we were the kids. Just imagining the irony if we suggested 'Stand Up and Shout' and they said "it's inappropriate" or something. "Shut up and sing that popular song about hating yourself." That's the New Zealand public school system for ya.

    What's great about Stand Up and Shout is Dio is encouraging others to be the badass, and his voice is so commanding and empowering like, this primal urge kicks in and Shia Lebeouf saying "just do it!" suddenly makes too much sense.

  64. Salam Wati

    Dio is Heavy Metal personified..others can be louder..thrashier...more extreme but nobody can dispute this is metals greatest no matter how many come & go..killer lineup with Campbell, Appice and the rest.🤘🏽

  65. Don't Misunderstand Art

    Stand up and shooooooooout
    -Mark Wahlberg

  66. Victor Koehne Ramalho

    Vinny on fire!!!!

  67. Uras Akman

    I can imagine an audiance going insane over this song and shouting no stop i wish i saw dio with an audiance like that but unfortunetly i didnt have a chance

  68. Jamez P

    rock candy should never remaster things... this is so brickwalled

  69. JGN


  70. James D

    Kick Ass!!!

  71. Steve OL

    Lyrical genius!!

  72. Stella Longoria


  73. Paul Gureghian

    372 Dislikes ? WTF ? Stand up and show yourself.

  74. jolly fresh

    my what a fat belly dio has

  75. The Guy Next Door

    This makes me want to really "Stand up and Shout"

  76. Lewdcifer

    You are the DRIVER!!! You own the Road !!! You got the fire go on Explode !!!!!!--

  77. Seb 123

    STANDO up and shout

  78. minutes ago edited

    Reflecting on listening this on the way to school, running late, getting high af.

  79. B. Rod Clark

    Viv Campbell totally makes that axe shout on the high frets...WOW!

  80. Stevo McSteve

    Please God don't let the Antifa crazies draw inspiration from these lyrics. They are forever the damned and unholy....

  81. Darrin Skeels

    one of my all time favorite albums... ronnis is a voacalist god. I remember 1983 closing mcdonalds i was working at we allways played this full volume

  82. Sebastian Amigon


  83. I'm a "Special" Boy

    Definitely the best song on this Album


    It's really good, but I prefer Shame On The Night

    I'm a "Special" Boy

    @CNT Respectable choice. Definitely a badass song

  84. ralph hayre

    Song for Clegane-bowl

  85. **Kristy Barnes**

    Saw DIO @ the BASEMENT in Dallas, KICKED ASS! RIP!

  86. Peperman -R21-

    A . E . K

  87. Rado Kromka

    anyone here from lords of chaos party? :)

  88. NestingSpider

    Ronnie Dio...still amazing...R.I.P. Rock God...

  89. Pedro Benítez Herrero

    Dio was just fucking badass bro!

  90. Kwan Ho Lai

    Stando ando Shiauto!

  91. Ralph Barker

    Awesome song, it really gets the blood pumping.

  92. Michael Wilson

    Still his best solo album Holy Diver.......Dio never topped this. One of 80's metal's best

  93. Joe Moody

    Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ 2019

  94. Francesco Angelini

    Viv Campbell god

  95. Tom Sievert

    If your lgbtq-stand up n shout!