Dio - Sacred Heart Lyrics

Hey the old ones speak of winter the young ones praise the sun and time just slips away
Oh running into nowhere turning like a wheel and a year becomes a day
Whenever we dream that's when we fly so here is a dream for just you and I
We'll fin the sacred heart somewhere bleeding in the night yeah
Look for the light and find the sacred heart
Oh here we see the wizard staring through the glass and he's pointing right at you
Now you can see tomorrow the answer and the lie and the things you've got to do yeah
Oh sometimes you never fall and ah you're the lucky one
But oh sometimes you want it all you've got to reach for the sun
And find the sacred heart somewhere bleeding in the night oh look to the light
Well you fight to kill the dragon and bargain with the beast and sail into a sight
You run along the rainbow and never leave the ground and still you don't know why
Whenever you dream you're holding the key it opens the door to let you be free yeah
And find the sacred heart somewhere bleeding in the night yeah
Run for the light and you'll find the sacred heart
A shout comes from the wizard the sky begins to crack and he's looking right at you quick
Run along the rainbow before it turns to black attack
And oh sometimes you never fall and ah you're the lucky one
Oh sometimes you need it all you've got to reach for the sun
And find the sacred heart yeah bleeding in the night yeah yeah
We'll find the sacred heart

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Dio Sacred Heart Comments
  1. Giorgio Pascale

    I wore out this cassette back in '85 on my walkman. Part of the soundtrack of my life, and still awesome.

  2. Corvus Corax

    NEW RULE: It is now illegal to dislike this song 🚫👮‍♂️

  3. Hennie Dewilde

    Pure ... love it

  4. Hennie Dewilde

    Only in me dreams ...😘

  5. Sam Dobrowolski

    no, its pretty important that the renewal of the sons destroy the false definition of man

  6. Francesco Mannina

    Simple . rock...

  7. Kenneth,joe Harris


  8. Kenneth,joe Harris


  9. Kenneth,joe Harris


  10. kurt napier

    My earlyest childhood memory was looking at this album n my pa played it for me. Hooked on rock their forward........ Thanks dad

  11. Christoph Wilhelm

    There is no understanding without tears

  12. Dennis

    What a commanding voice.

  13. Dan Czemerda

    Dio is Italian for God

  14. Giorno Giovana

    When he says you it sounds so personal like its directed at one person.

  15. jim legg

    been listening to songs never heard from dio all amazin love it RIP my friend

  16. Sean Gray

    lol... spell Ck SUCK

  17. Sean Gray

    man! this song always did sun... lol

  18. Noe Albor

    ✨🌈✨QUICK!..... run along the rainbow; before it turns to black!! 🖤🖤🖤
    Rest in paradise

  19. Smoke

    Hello friends, listen to this version of Hear n 'Aid -We're Stars Argentina / official video clip 2019

  20. Carmem Silvia

    Lord DIO, you are truly the best singer in all THE WORLD!

  21. Carmem Silvia

    Whenever we dream, that's when we fly"
    I, Dio Brando have a dream, be able to fly when i'll fight Jotaro...

    Aparently his dream was realized.

  22. Twilight Sparkle

    Anybody else think that's two hands holding an orb showing Thunder Cats


    I guess a dragon can be described as a thundercat.

  23. Psychopathic Ninja Crew

    Greatest song in history in my opinion, it's right next to Stairway to heaven!

  24. Alexis Arellano

    Omg this song is fuckin amazing I dont know what I would do without music probably suicide, but this helps me with life, meditation and relaxation literally like 70% of my day is realaxing to music like this!!!

  25. Alas rojas Murillo

    Una de las mejores bandas del buen metal que he oído en vida

  26. withheld rather not say

    This is becoming my favorite DIO song. Last in line is definitely one of my favorites but sacred heart is definitely starting to take it’s place

  27. Ramses Antonioni

    I love ronie james dio

  28. Matthew Rogers

    So uploaded knows......cant expect to keep subscribers with one DIO somg

  29. Mario Cinquemani

    He was a God!!! 🤘

  30. olleke bolleke

    250,000 years of human evolution, and i get to live in the same time period as Ronnie James Dio... Yay!

  31. Suma

    🤘😎⚡ DIO FOREVER !!!!!!

  32. Gael Reyes

    I keep hearing "heaven" instead of "night" (first time he says it)

  33. Dan Chaney

    Long live Ronnie James Dio!!

  34. Milan Blagojevic

    greatest fashion insparation

  35. Merthlock ·

    Eight seconds have passed

  36. шаман


  37. Triantafyllos Katiniotis


  38. Stephen Meier

    Two different threads here...people who remember the singer, and something to do with an anime. Seems like everything is related to an anime nowadays. Oh well, RJD would be happy to be remembered I suppose

  39. Beto Kaos Z Deja-vu

    Final dos anos 80 fuçando na caixa de fitas cassete do meu pai, encontrei uma escrito " Metal " e dentre todas as músicas sem os nomes na capa, " Sacred Heart " foi a que mais me deixou elétrico soltando faíscas nos ouvidos e olhos. Me perguntava que banda era esta, seus integrantes, e muito mais. M envolvi com o Metal Pesado e uns 5 anos depois me veio o tal vinil nas mãos, e ao ouvir a mesma música da fita a alegria foi enorme.

  40. Way Word

    He is relentless with his dragons, wizards, and Queens - Fuck, I love this guy - what a voice!!!

  41. Hoeman Mcmurder


  42. SonNaruto5

    He almost sounds like Freddy Mercury

    Way Word

    No!!! That is just incorrect.

  43. mester orange

    Good stuff

  44. Szabó Sándor

    Dio is "Over Heaven" now.

  45. Darth Tenacious

    102 people got the Vampire Donut special

  46. Dream Evil

    Ronnie James Dio will live forever🤘

  47. Maureen Nemaizer

    So hear is a dream for just you and I ....we'll find the sacred heart. Forever RJD ❤

  48. Lisa Fury


  49. Aron Dillon

    Motivation to chase our dreams!

  50. Thy Kingdom Come. !

    The wizard pointing right at you. There is always someone watching or some spirit/angel or God it's self. You are always being watch and your deed's are being recorded, so always try your best and do good. Professor Paul Badham of Lampeter University, who studies the philosophical implications of near death experiences, said that despite media hype, the phenomenon is quite rare. However, he says the reports of people who have had near death experiences tend to contain similar elements.
    "It is very common for people to report going out of their body and looking down on their body," he said. "Going through a tunnel is also a common experience, as is being surrounded by light. The meeting of deceased relatives or friends is also commonly reported. People will also say that they feel they are in the presence of a spiritual reality. A Christian may interpret this as Jesus. One atheist who had an out of body experience said that he later realized that this presence was responsible for the governance of the universe."
    Professor Badham said that the numbers of people experiencing the phenomena are rising as medicine improves and pulls more people back from the brink. He says that people who report near-death experience sometimes "see" things that would have been impossible for them to see if they had been unconscious on an operating table.

    He relates the experiences of a man who, following an out-of-body experience, was later able to tell his dentist that there were two pennies on top of a cupboard in the room. Upon investigation, the pennies were found exactly where the man said they would be, although they were not visible from ground level.
    A hospital on the south coast of England is currently testing the validity of near death experiences by placing unusual objects randomly around a cardiac ward. If a patient's near-death experience report includes the object and its location, weight must inevitably be added to their stories

  51. Arthur Cesar


  52. MasterKlaw

    ZA WARUDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. MasterKlaw

    Be me.
    Carpooling with a friend.
    friend asks, "Hey mom, can we listen to Sacred Heart by Dio?"
    Mom turns on the radio, "It's okay, let's just listen to this station!"
    Singer on radio: "JEEEEESUUUUSSSS!!!!!"

    frog baseball.jpeg

  54. Dream Evil

    Dio is the God of all God's🤘

  55. Skararu Playz

    Za warudo

  56. titmusspaultpaul5

    Love this song... and the whole album. Cheers & thanks for the upload.

  57. Jonathan Barnes

    Paid cash for this cassette tape first day of sale, take heart good days ahead.

  58. Jake Bryant

    Awesome song and Scared Heart would make a kickass Stand

  59. Dijaan Hooijmans


  60. Malco Lima

    Love Dio /,,/ I from Brazil 🏟

  61. Moses Gtz. H.

    I found the sacred heart on sunday at mass, amen!

  62. Geneviève Laurin Perso

    Ok, this is gonna sound weird, but... anyone else hears Loverboy?

  63. Chris Winkeblack

    something about myself my two heart's.

  64. jean-francois vachon


  65. Dennis

    Ronnie always sings like he can go on forever.

  66. Lisa Fury

    May 16 2019..9 years you’ve been gone my beloved Ronnie James DIO xxxooo

    XBettie Page

    Miss him so much xoxo ;)

  67. Gary Oesterle

    Attack back!

  68. siddharth kapoor

    RIP R J D

  69. Lisa Fury


  70. Ralph Brueckner

    solo is the most unreal cosmic 4th dimension shit

  71. Asmodeus

    Will ever get something this great. Doubt it. DIO nailed it. A DIO movie would be awesome.

  72. Carlos Junior

    Dio é o melhor \m/

  73. Osmarina Barbosa

    Amazing before song crazy

  74. Chuck Bryner

    I remember seeing the sacred heat tour. I was a few rows back from the stage. Great memories. RIP Ronnie. Pittsburgh Pa.

  75. HansKuhlmann

    After "The last in line", which was an awesome work, I didn't really like "Sacred Heart". But now many years later I appreciate the melodic songs and the great voice of Dio on SH. Ok, there are songs like "shoot shoot" I still don't like today, but the title track and some others are classics.

  76. Александр Семенов

    Вечная память!!!!

  77. øssur Johannesen

    genius singer dio great song

  78. Jimmy Recard

    This song needs an animated film clip!

  79. Frank Landry


  80. Clark Pitts

    SAINT DIO Day. IT Should be a National Holiday!!

  81. Manuel Martinez

    Arte puro hace que se te suban los pelos de puntas con ese solo

  82. Mahmoud Elsaady

    I will look for the light Dio,ur light

  83. Larren Ramone


  84. Charlie Reese


  85. ASA

    Que pedaso de tema, para alegrarte la existencia en cualquier momento

  86. Lionel Rosière

    Dio le grand sorcier de l'héroic métal.

  87. Alex Flo


  88. Josue Rolando Samayoa Espinal

    🤘🤘 lo mejor un dios del metal

  89. William Krajewski

    Here we see the wizard
    staring through the glass
    and he's pointing right at......

  90. Vanei Pontes

    Great Álbum / Great Song 🎸😎👊

  91. Anthony Crager

    Inspiring words.

  92. Ioannis Dospatis

    Υπέροχος,ο,dio,rest,in,peace,in, the,paradise,of,course!

  93. Maniam Raja

    i heard this album around 1988.. years back.....in the year of lord 2018 ..i am still fighting against the Dragon and yet to destroy the beast

  94. A Box

    240p? Man, you must be living in the future!

  95. William

    I saw The Last In Line 1984 tour and Sacred Heart 1985 tour. Dio shows were awesome to see. 🤘🏼🎸🇺🇸😎