Dio - Sacred Heart (Live) Lyrics

The old ones speak of winter
The young ones praise the sun
And time just slips away

Running into nowhere
Turning like a wheel
And a year becomes a day

Whenever you dream
That's when you fly
So here is a dream
For just you and I

We'll find the Sacred Heart
Somewhere bleeding in the night
Look to the light
Got to find the Sacred Heart

Here we see the wizard
Staring through the glass
And he's looking right at you

You can see tomorrow
The answer and the lie
And the things you've got to do

Find the Sacred Heart
Look to the light

Oh, sometimes you never fall
And ah - You're the lucky one
But oh - Sometimes you want it all
You've got to reach for the sun

And find the Sacred Heart
it’s Somewhere bleeding in the night
Oh look out for the light, the light

Find the Sacred Heart
It’s bleeding in the night

You fight to kill the dragon
And bargain with the beast
Then you sail into a sight

You run along the rainbow
But you never leave the ground
Still you don't know why

Whenever you dream
You're holding the key
It opens the door
To let you be free

And find the Sacred Heart
it’s somewhere bleeding in the night
Look tor the light
Got to find the Sacred Heart

Run along the rainbow
Before it turns to black


You’re the last in
You’re the last in
You’re the last in
You’re the last in
You got to reach for the sun

You’ve got to find the Sacred Heart

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Dio Sacred Heart (Live) Comments
  1. Xoan García

    Man, what a performance! Holy DIO Forever! \m/


    It would be great if Eagle Rock doubled up this performance with the Super Rock- Live in Japan ‘85’

  3. Ty Morn

    6 years on and it still says 'Scared Heart' instead of 'Sacred Heart'. Well done Eagle Rock , sheesh 😒😒

  4. John Zwengel

    Caught this show in Peoria, Moline and Cedar Rapids. Nice stop on memory lane. The sound in this video is fantastic btw.

  5. Jöhan Rïndt

    Craig's tone is orgasmic! Can anyone explain it?

  6. Michael H.

    Please dear God, someone make a time-machine. I wanna go back. Not coming back either.

  7. Anderson RCC Cordeiro

    Poderiam era criar um Filme com o Cd MÁGICA... daria um belo filme!

  8. Irishmailman

    The GOAT...

  9. Chadley Allen

    the rainbow bridge = N'ter-raciaL relationships. Sacred heart knows red yellow black & white: we R all precious N our Lord God's sight. B warned: It is written: "When a man sins, God takes a portion of his beauty away." The Lord God searches the hearts & minds: 2 give a man according 2 his conduct; according 2 what his deeds D'serve. Jesus Christ telled the woman @ the well 2 go and get her husband. She replied, "I don't have a husband." Jesus sed un2 her, 'U R right N saying "I don't have a husband": 4 U have had Five husbands & the man U R presently with is Not your husband. She replied, "Sir I perceive U R a prophet." Jesus sed 2 the Scribes & Pharisees "Abraham rejoiced 2 see my day." They replied, "U R Not even 50 years old & U have seen Abraham?!" Jesus answered, 'B'hold, b4 Abraham was, I AM!!" The Father the Son & the Holy Ghost R One

  10. YPO6

    0:04 Same bell sound effect like Possessed - Fallen Angel


    No cell phones, only lighters and joints. A friend of a friend told me.

  12. Steve Barber

    Ronnie's voice is particularly strong in this one. Miss him.

  13. KUGO

    Simplemente ¡ EPICO!

  14. C Sanchez


  15. Vanei Pontes

    I was there / Great Show 🎵🎶🎼🎸😎👊
    "Jimmy Bain"(r.i.p)🎸😎👊
    "Ronald James Padavona"(R.I.P )🎤😎👊

  16. Augustine m.umlong

    thank to you.you uplaod this kine of my dream

  17. Robert Bowman

    Always keep him in YOUR sacred heart.

  18. Chadley Allen

    Where is this 'Rainbow Bridge?!' mentioned 1:23

    Chadley Allen

    Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat has English father & oriental mother

  19. Caroline Percy


  20. Dymond Dave

    The late Jimmy Bain on Bass , R.I.P Jimmy.

  21. Rosemberg Fernandes

    Extraordinário o nível de qualidade musical que a banda produziu nos anos de 1980!

  22. Dijaan Hooijmans


  23. Marcelo Gomez

    Reageton has billons of visits......Incredible!!!!!!

  24. Gualtiero Stanganini

    Grande voce dio mi manchi rip💎👑😻😻😻😻👍✌✌🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️


    Dio, Ozzy, Maiden, Priest ,Sabbath, Saxon, Scorpions , Triumph and so much more. Man these dreams I still relive from my youth every chance I get!! A smoke, a drink, lights down and volume up in my home just by myself reliving all these great bands and the music I will never forget!!! Can anyone else relate to these magical times gone by?

  26. Jurgen Van Arrow

    The name of the video is wrong: Dio - Scared??? Heart

  27. metalaras999

    Pls god we need a time machine ASAP!!!!

  28. шаман

    команда Дио прекрасна!!!

  29. Antonio González

    ooo.. maestro sublime .. el padre y señor de metal... Dio x siempre

  30. ᄋᄋᄏᄏ

    이것이 진정 라이브란 말인가 클라스보소

  31. James Deitz

    Craig coldy didn't play guitar on this tour it was all Vivian


    Vivian was the tour the year before, he had left by 86

  32. gaston martin Perez

    Aguante dio la concha de sus madres 🤘🤘

  33. 이슬기

    음질 완전 좋아요!

  34. Jed Taneo

    That 80's metal zone guitar effect.

  35. Senju Tobirama

    Watchmojo brought me here

  36. Sebastian Orduz O

    Watchmojo brought me here for some reason.

  37. Otto Castillo

    Dio the first 20th century dragonslayer.

  38. Iuri Macedo

    Querem um motivo pra reunir as esferas do dragão ?! Tá aí uma !

  39. Patrick McCluskey

    What can I say? Dio is THE god of metal on this planet that we have to live on. I am sure on other planets in other star systems there are similar rock gods or whatever but for us Dio is the real deal!

  40. jhgosnell

    Ronnie abides in the sacred heart....

  41. Koss

    Hey guys this is some great footage from The Voice THANK YOU!
    If you could just correct the title from "Scared" to "Sacred"
    Cheers! \w/

  42. ShadowⓋ

    Still waiting for the song to end..

    Urdnot Wrex

    Unfortunately it does end, but it gives you enough time to find the sacred heart


    @Urdnot Wrex I did.. back in the mid 80's. I was one of the first people to buy the tape on cassette. I used to play it on an old box radio when I was bored. It went together pretty good with a few hits of weed.

    Urdnot Wrex

    @ShadowⓋ still does, most everything from Rainbow/Sabbath and Dio goes well with it.


    @Urdnot Wrex - Yeah, there's something about marijuana and Dio that I never noticed when listening to music back then. There was only certain records that brought me to that 'plateau'. Another one was Metallica's "Ride the Lightning", but there was something too creepy about it, so I would always gravitate back to Dio, which kinda brought me down a bit. A few tracks from TNT "Knights of the New Thunder" also did something weird to my senses back then. Can't really describe it..

  43. Jagermeister058

    Scared Heart ??? Wtf ?

    Urdnot Wrex

    Our benefactor did not understand the difference

  44. GAPC1969

    saw that tour in Australia 1986 Sydney Ent Centre, Boss and White Widow supports, metal at its finest.

  45. JOSE. Conde


  46. John Perkins

    RIP Ronnie!

  47. River PB

    is that campbell?

  48. андрей иванов

    топчик епта!

  49. Francis steger

    I remember it well 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  50. Urdnot Wrex

    "Greetings, my Children.

    Come with me now and discover the Magic that lies beyond the Sea of Dreams.

    And, if You have the courage to cross - The Rainbow Bridge...

    You may find,

    The Sacret Heart..."

  51. Luca Corsi

    Please, Eagle Rock, change the title: Sacred Heart! 🙏


    YouTube would take it down, if he did. Copyright thing.

  52. silver

    Someone please give this dragon a tetanus shot,

  53. Duayne Clarke

    Watching this just makes me wanna cry \m/

    Urdnot Wrex

    But when you dream, that's when you fly. And here is a dream for just you and I.

  54. james Golden

    yep me too

  55. Praise Dio

    This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

    Urdnot Wrex

    Because Dio is beyond this realm dude

  56. Paulo Machado

    sensacional anos 80 quando o metal dominava que saldade

  57. James The Incel

    Shit I'm glad you produced this eagle Rock productions
    Where would be be without you and your 10 second intros

  58. George Kolotouros

    Really miss these shows. Most memorable time in my life.

  59. SDS 4Life

    Such great memories of this Concert! One of the Best if not THE BEST Live Metal Show ever filmed! Dio at his Best!🤘

  60. azwris

    @Eagle Rock this is "Sacred Heart" and not "Scared Heart"..

  61. Helium Road

    Wow, amazing to stumble across this video, I was there in the crowd that night at the Spectrum! I try to tell my younger friends about metal shows in the 80s, and how I saw a fire breathing muppet dragon shooting lasers out of its eyes at a Dio show once, and to see this again after so long brings back the memories of the night. Me and three buddies, teenagers all, somehow managed to score a case of beer and got fucked up in the parking lot before going in. We each smuggled a beer or to in our pants into the place. The opener was Accept, I think, and despite being loud as hell they were so boring and we were so buzzed that we started to doze off. When Dio came out all was right with the world once again. I was pissed off that Vivian Campbell was gone, but Goldie got the job done. I remember RJD swinging that cheesy fake sword around, and that fucking dragon I will never forget. And Dio was such a great band, always sounded good, love Vinny's drumming and Jimmy's bass playing. Those were good days.

  62. James Kolak

    "Scared Heart?"

  63. vinicius matos


  64. tira tiros

    what's the term in music for what they do between the 2 'attack'? it's not a solo, not a crescendo, not vibrato

  65. Andrés Mol

    @8:18 How I want to play those drums

  66. K Fox

    It's been a long time since I heard this song which brings back so many memories.. From the first time listening to this on a cassette tape headphones and boombox lol! I saw this tour as well and it was fucking amazing wow... Along seeing Maiden, Priest,Ozzy,Queensryche,Metallica and tons more, these were the best of times without a doubt.

  67. tiago tj

    que falta faz esse baixinho

  68. 74 torino

    and what do you get at concerts these days ..a blank fuckin stage and a big video screen.
    utter Shite ..

    Urdnot Wrex

    Dio had a fucking dragon. That's how you do it


    I just realized that I have been watching this everyday for a long time now lol

    George Kolotouros

    I remember going to this show in San Diego. Miss those days.

    Urdnot Wrex

    Listen to it every day, and you may just have the courage to cross the rainbow bridge.

  70. Larguirucho Jujujajujaju

    Que bien sonaban en vivo en esa epoca.

  71. Damian Velazquez

    3:26 Pedazo de vocalista Ronnie, piel de gallina siempre que lo escucho. Si me dieran la oportunidad de tener la voz de algún cantante, no querría la voz de Elvis Presley, Mercury, Jeff Buckley, Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Halford, Dickinson etc, querría la del señor cantante Ronald James Padavona.



  73. Johnny 3D

    Had the privilege of seening this exact tour in Chicago 1986, it was cutting edge live show technology & effects, lazers and lights absolutely mind blowing. Ronnie was a master singer, entertainer and performer, really genuine kind hearted human being. All of those incredible shows were the soundtrack to my life. I'd seen and personally met Ozzy, Kiss, Scorpions, Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Van Halen and many many more. But Ronnie, Ronnie really was one of the most caring, down to earth Rock stars I've ever had the pleasure and privilege to have met. Live shows were my addiction and main inspiration as a young musician. During the late 70s all of the 80s I was fortunate enough to have the hook up at most all of the Rock venues in the Midwest, that allowed me to go backstage, hotels after parties where few could at that time (Minus groupies and industry people). And then grunge came along and wiped Real Rock productions off the map for a while. Seemed like the labels didn't promote as well as they had been, radio played mostly Nirvana and Pearl jam stuff in heavy rotation. It had became more difficult to fill arenas. At that point started to see alot of smaller venues, theater shows. It was still very cool the crowds we're just as energetic, and the bands Rocked the house just as hard. Maiden and bands like Bon Jovi still kept playing to large crowds, they were fortunate for the massive loyal fan base. But I still miss the early days when heavy metal Ruled the earth!! Long live Rock N Roll, long live Ronnie James Dio!!!

    gristam s

    metal split in the 90s we had either death metal or total boy bands like trixter and firehouse its not grunges fault really. MTV and commercial radio wasnt playing any just good ol rock and roll music for ppl to listen too. it got all random alternative so music style stopped becomeing a way of life therefore smaller fan bases

  74. Marin Varbanov

    Чистото съвършенство!

  75. gristam s

    dio is a level 200 blood elf ret paladin'

  76. Julio Ocasio Albino

    the real man of the silver moutain , the first voice of power metal DIO

    Tom Chagas

    Kill the king, hahahaha

  77. HolyMuscleOfLove

    This is Ronnie James Dio, not that crappy hologram.

  78. Robert Brown

    Twenty-one people have not found the Sacred Heart.

  79. FallingDownTheRabbitHole

    We caught Heaven and Hell in Tampa just a few short months before RJD passed away. I remember wondering why he kept leaving the stage every other song or so and being disappointed in the lack of his usual theatrics. We didn't realize at the time he was so close to death yet still on stage trying his best. I can't imagine going on tour being as sick as he was. RIP, RJD. There will never be another like you. Ever.

    Stefan Sjöberg

    He certainly lived for being on stage and meeting his fans, so it doesnt surprice me that he did it until he could no more. I saw him live first in 1987 here in Stockholm (Dream evil tour) when i was 15 years old and have been a huge fan since the 80´s.

  80. Jo Porchetta

    I migliori sono quasi tutti morti.. grande Ronnie

  81. Harry Hathaway


    Ricardo Pereira

    TEU CU!

    elias dias

    Seu FDP

  82. Paul A.

    I like when Ronnie sings "You fight to kill the dragon" then points over at the dragon. You know, in case you missed it or weren't sure what he was singing about.

    gristam s

    hes marking it like the tank is supposed to do in a boss fight

  83. Cassio Moura

    Essa canção é um clássico

  84. John Pico

    Long live \m/ Dio \m/


    Pra mim Dio e Freddy Mercury são os melhores vocalistas da historia de todo tipo de musica.

  86. J. B.

    Simply wonderfull!! RIP DIO!

  87. Elëctric Elf

    Fucking badass

  88. maxim winner

    Dio - S-с-ared Heart
    WTF with you Eagle Rock???? Its SaCred Heart!!!

  89. Gedalva Lima

    Pesoal!, nestas situações; em quando gostamos da música; SÓ BASTA RELAXAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    up for ussssssssssssssssssss !

  90. Hernani Rosa


  91. Marcus Orangeboom IV None

    From the time when men were men and amps were amps...way back in the corridor of time.......

  92. Michael Jaklik

    Great Timothy!I saw him during Magica tour...That was something!

  93. Hu -

    Why is the heart scared? Is it because of that dragon?


    Magic! 😍

  95. Carnalite119

    4:16 6:24


    THE BEST DIO SONG!!!!! , Period!!!

    RIP, Master †

    Urdnot Wrex

    Cross the Rainbow Bridge, once more.

  97. Petros Nikoloudis

    Where is the time machine when you need it...


    No shit great time to grow up bro

    David J.

    @METAL HEAD Sacred Heart was my first concert. Accept opened.

    Urdnot Wrex

    If you have the courage to cross, the rainbow bridge.....

    You may find,

    The Sacred Heart.