Dio - Rainbow In The Dark (Live) Lyrics

The Rainbow in the Dark

When there's lightning – you know it always bring me down
Cause it's free and I see that it's me
Who's lost and never found
I cry out for magic – see it floating in the light
It was cold - lost my hold
To the shadows of the night

No sign of the morning coming
You've been left on your own
Like a Rainbow in the Dark
Just a Rainbow in the Dark

Do your demons – well, do they ever let you go
When you've tried - do they hide - deep inside
Is it someone that you know
You're just a picture - just an image caught in time
We're a lie - you and I
We're words without a rhyme

No sign of the morning coming
You've been left on your own
Like a Rainbow in the Dark
Just a Rainbow in the Dark

When I see lightning – you know it always brings me down
Cause it's free and I see that it's me
Who's lost and never found
I cry out for magic - feel it dancing in the air
But it's fear - and you'll hear
It calling you beware

No sign of the morning coming
No sight of the day
You've been left on your own
Like a Rainbow
Just a Rainbow in the Dark
You’re a Rainbow in the Dark
Just a Rainbow in the Dark
A Rainbow in the Dark
No sign of the morning
You’re a Rainbow in the Dark

I see you’re all, you’re all, you’re all a Rainbow
You’re a Rainbow in the Dark

Thank you
Thank you
Good night

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Dio Rainbow In The Dark (Live) Comments
  1. Marcelo Peris

    Saudades, Dio.🤘🎸😭

  2. Nasty Hardcore

    Dio and Miles Davis make skullets cool

  3. impakktt

    RIP Brother

  4. Mondo Costa

    Who is playing guitar? On this bye ray

    Mathias Forslund

    Doug Aldrich !

  5. Panagiotis Vakalis

    i sacrifice those 294 people to bring back for one live

  6. Bob Donlon

    Smaller singer, one of the BIGGEST voices in Rock!

  7. Santiago Rafael

    You always in my 💓 2019

  8. joseph heminy

    I dont know how many countless bags of weed I smoked jamming out to DIO at 55 years old now still jamming not so much the weed.anymore lol

    Pawel Radwanski

    ... but not so much the weed 😉

  9. Kamal Talukder

    Greatest vocal in Heavy Metal. End of debates.

  10. alexandro oliveira

    Teu best-seller

  11. Funk Rocker

    RIP Ronnie, you had a very beautiful and powerful voice.

  12. Eric Ochoa

    Even at that age he still had it! Fucking amazing performance! That's real metal kiddos!

  13. Michael Miziker

    The greatest male metal vocalist of all time. Here is the female version of RJD. https://youtu.be/kp5pJNt3kf8

  14. Scott Demoss

    Still to this day one of the best concerts I've been to was Dio 🤘🤘🤘 Rock in Peace my friend 🤘🤘🤘

  15. NotYourTypicalNegro

    Doug Aldrich on guitar. He's only one to give Viv a run for his money on this solo. I like this guy.

  16. brigham2250

    Okay, Ronnie was a great singer. No denying it. But why did he have to contribute vocals during the guitar solos? Like he was saying, hey, don't forget I'm here... as if that was a possibility.


    Rudy Sarzo, the Best bass player ever

  18. allegro Pl

    The same guitarist plays in Whitesnake.

  19. Ken Valdez

    When I listen to Rainbow In The Dark!!! So do my neighbors !!

  20. Flip Wright

    Look Out

  21. victor ascurra

    Rip Dio!!! Tu musica traspas todo limite!!!!!!!


    RIP dio the god of metal

  23. Beaureigncielo

    Dio the metal alchemist 🧙‍♂️ 🤘

  24. vuduhwy

    Good job Doug!

  25. bjugi02

    Pure Orgasm.....pure music

  26. Trucker Ron

    Simon Wright is NOT as good as Vinny Appice. Never did like his drumming though.


    I think the same thing... its drumming lacks of heavy power

  27. Matthew Zhuang

    where's Vivian Patrick Campbell????

  28. Matthew Zhuang

    I love how Ronnie keeps do the heavy metal hand gesture. Woo!

    kelly miller

    He pretty much started it lol

  29. ALCANÇAR A ENERGIA sentir a vibração


  30. Vikram Mohite

    Great song... For Solo Vivian Campbell was the best.... RIP Dio....

  31. Julio Maiz

    Arcoiris en la oscuridad DIO eso eres tu. Que suerte tiene el señor de tener el mejor cantante de Rock junto a él.

  32. Marco Della Valle

    Essa música é Dio. Grava na mente. Legal bicho.

  33. Shakthi Vel

    Notice how he shows the devil horns whenever he uses words like "demons", "hell", "devil"

  34. Mr Someone

    The guitarist was on point here...
    Top stuph.

  35. Juan Luis Montañez

    Desde mexico chingon y oscuro no mamadas de hoy al 100 mi dio r.i.p james

  36. Patrick Hunt

    God Bless RJD.....To go out swinging.....I love his spunk!

  37. michael wahlfridsson

    a metal master always in ouer minds R.I.P ronnie james

  38. bjugi02

    No Words.....just....Metal.

  39. JPK G&L Karchental

    Ronnie James Dio, el exponente perfecto, el cantante perfecto, el rey. Disfrutaré de mi muerte en el infierno con tal de oírte cantar por el resto de la eternidad

  40. axistec

    Monstro! 🤘🌈🤘

  41. Bud Wiser

    I gotta have Vivian Campbell when I listen to this song. RJD is still the master of heavy metal vocalist.

  42. Carlos Llano

    Little giant, the best by far!!!!

  43. Mark Jones

    Where was this? I think the audience was expecting someone else. Spice Girls maybe?

  44. CopenhagenDenmark

    name of the lead guitarist?

    Yuan Aidil Khan Yusof

    Doug aldrich


    Yuan Aidil Khan Yusof ty for answer

    Yuan Aidil Khan Yusof

    Ur wlcome buddy

  45. manuela almeida Almeida

    Me from Portugal.......

  46. Luiz Soares

    Esse cara deveria ser declarado o patrono mundial do metal.

    Rafael Matoso

    Ou quem sabe mudar o nome do Metal para Dio

    Carloss Miguel

    @Rafael Matoso kkkkkkkk boa

  47. Rhoie Eichstadt

    who is the drummer?


    the king!!!

  49. Kathe Kathe

    Ever since I first heard this song, I knew my soul belonged to rock!!! ❤️

  50. markfromct2

    If you read the history of this track....they almost tossed it in the trash can.....I am sure everyone reading this thinks that would have been a tragic mistake .... See you in Rock Heaven Dio....can't wait!!

  51. James Burns

    Dio forever

  52. James Burns

    Sorry Rio forever

  53. James Burns

    Can what a great singer performed Rio forever

  54. Carlos Valdez S.

    R.J. Dio 4 ever!!! 🤘✨

  55. Paul Darling

    Loved RJD and his amazing voice! Had such a stage presence,despite his size! He was only 5'4" but was a giant among men twice his height. Ironically his music is wrought with fantasy and reminds me of The Lord Of The Rings,in fact Peter Jackson should re release them and add this awesome music to them!

  56. Cebola Rodrigues

    Dio the best vocal metal do word all times!!!!!!!

  57. Leandro Silvaaa


  58. Julio Perales

    Tengo el DVD.

  59. José González Salazar

    Dio fuiste un grande, de los mejores vocalistas, y esta pieza tan bien hecha la puedo oír todos los días.

  60. miguel f

    If I die and born again I want to born again in 1972 Music 70s 80s are just unforgettable.

  61. Daqua1

    250 idiots and 10k people with a fantastic taste in music. <3 Dio

  62. Bruno Moraes Morais

    Dio in Brasil

  63. The Twisted One


  64. Metalshreder777

    Top 5 metal voice of all time.

  65. MetalManiac 879

    Ronnie James Dio is one of the best singers who ever lived

  66. geovas77

    RiP my Angel of Music !

  67. Mohammad Mogaledi

    I Saw him in Medina Ent Cr, Minneapolis, MN What an Honor, Amazing Vocal God Bless his soul, Thanks Dio

  68. s3nke1

    Such a legend.

  69. Patrik Ottosson

    R.I.P Dio you definitely kicks ass

  70. Paul Darling

    RIP Ronnie,you had such an amazing range and presence. There's a family band called Liliac and their lead singer is a 17 girl who does this song justice. Thank you for having such an awesome influence on this very talented young lady! Shes carrying the torch with her siblings

  71. Felipe Lage

    Music is like a drug, but listen to the same thing for a couple of days and you’re on The Dust.

  72. calin marincus

    Thank You Dio!

  73. Josue Itiel Rua Polo

    Eres grande

  74. Joan Jett

    A bright rainbow in the dark....loving it!! Damn Doug ....freaking amazing...

  75. Gustavo Frare

    What a voice, pure talent! One of the best ever!

  76. Billy Baldwin

    Interesting that he needed to lower this song by a whole step in order to sing it. However he was in his 60s when he sang this.

  77. ren akiyama

    Hail the king dio! . Thanks for the great music,
    There is nothing golden music today!
    All is tugs tak tugs tugs tak! Dfuq!?

  78. Carlos césar Cruz Jiménez

    A la edad que tenía y todavía le rompía la madre a muchos cantantes jóvenes que creen que todo son voces guturales.

  79. Scott Wallace

    Ronnie James dio the man was a fuckin god among men

  80. Tony McCowen

    Having him play the Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance, Trey Parkers funniest joke. I laugh every time it enters my thoughts. I look like a lunatic laughing to myself in public but it's just so genius hahaha

  81. Cesar Gonzalez

    Una exente rola de uno de mis grupos favoritos el gran maestro dio que nos dejó para recordarlo

  82. TayGi777

    Man can he sing and he's no spring chicken here - so much respect for him.

  83. barmbeks

    Just great! Just DIO!!! Rest in peace on the silver mountain!

  84. Ryan Haws

    Doug Aldrich is pretty great btw

  85. Robert Johnson

    This guy was just so great wish I could have seen him before he left us

  86. Ouroborus

    DIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. rhoads' girl

    Ronnie was one of the sweetest guys in rock . \m/ \m/

    Laura Strobel

    Ty 😃

  88. Mohammad Mogaledi

    I saw him in Medina (Minneapolis area) wow what an Honor, Satanic vocal, even Devil would of been scared of him, Amazing, very nice guy too, Thanks Dio, next time I play Dio when I Blast the Hayabussa!!

  89. Kmen Tariang

    I'm in a fukin bar right now and they r playin fukin Nicky minaj,, I put on my headphones and just Fuk em all...


    Yeah! Rainbow in the Dark !

  91. WhiteShadow2k1

    I didn't know Lothar Frohwein could sing! (watch?v=ghbj6iNPfCU)

  92. Russell Gagne

    RONNIE JAMES DIO that is all..🤘

    ramon medina

    Perfectly said Russell. And let's not forget, this great man spearheaded getting the best musicians of the best to collaborate on a charity to raise money to feed the people in the African nation in 1985 along with a few other top shelf musicians. [ Hear 'n Aid.] Thru his efforts he fed a lot of people and made aware their plight. Such a great man passed too soon. R.I.P. Ronnie.

  93. Bill F.

    EPIC 🤘

  94. markfromct2

    How much would I have paid to attend this concert.......??? hmmm

  95. Kmen Tariang


  96. Richard Binder

    Thanks Ronnie, miss you !

  97. PREDATOR 28