Dio - Mistrated Lyrics

I've been mistreated
I've been abused
I've been struck down-hearted, baby
I've been confused
Cos I know, yes I know
I've been mistreated
Since my baby left me
I've been losing my mind
I've been lonely
I've been cold
I've been looking for a woman
To have and hold
Cos I know, yes I know
I've been mistreated
Since my baby left me
I've been losing, I've been losing
I've been losing my mind
I've been mistreated
I've been abused
I've been looking for a woman
I've been confused
Cos I know, yes I know
I've been mistreated
Since my baby left me
I've been losing, losing
I've been losing my mind
Oh woman I've been losing my mind

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Dio Mistrated Comments
  1. Aiko The Great

    Dio owns this song. Nuff said. The power. Jesus! This is pure heaven.

  2. Sean Rooney

    Dio is a god ... However this song belongs to coverdqle.. he brings the blues the feel the pain

  3. Rafael Giacomini

    Dizer o que?!!! Só tem gigante aí!

  4. Missy Nur

    I came upon this video in early 90s when i was abt 15 yrs old...that was the beginning of my love towards 70s classic rock😍

  5. Peter Majanen

    I am a singer my self. And I know what it takes. Dio is without a doubt the best singer during the last 100 years or so. In any genre. Better than fantastic singers such as Pavarotti, Chris Cornell and Steve Perry. His vocal technique is incredible. He is a true virtuoso. Paired with top-musicality and great talent to tell a story. He was blessed with so many gifts. Most world class singer might have one dimension. He had it all. I miss him a lot.

  6. Art Vandelay

    Holy shit, that was some performance by Ronnie there puh. Just blows Coverdale away like a fly on the shoulder.

  7. Алексей Сталин

    Рони лучше всех!!!

  8. Panzer Brecher

    Garbage, compared to the performance of Caverdale.

  9. Isis & Osiris

    (AND YES.....you dont have the right of such an opinion)

  10. BryanX 64

    Dio destroys Coverdale

  11. minners71

    I have a lot of respect for Ronnie but this is Coverdales song.

  12. Lady Joelle

    Rubbish! Give me back David Coverdale so that I can be "mistreated" having an orgasm just by listening to his fantastic voice!

  13. Omar Mahfouz

    Who the fuck mistreats Dio

  14. J Pysmythe

    Holy SHIT, they were great, weren’t they? NOBODY plays like this anymore.

  15. Jan Vrolijk

    RJD, my dearest Keeper of the Castle, you were and will always be the best <3

  16. John McMinn

    Best version no silly falsetto

  17. Sinisa Ivankovic

    Angels are happy When you sing

  18. Ryan M. Alfred

    Thank you God, Jesus & the Blessed Trinity for giving the world this amazing Supergroup. Mr. Blackmore & Dio were in all honesty sent by the gods! themselves. Rock on forever, Rainbow ❤

  19. MrAdam026

    The one and only RJD..


    Dio e Coverdele, ambas versões ficaram magníficas!!!

  21. Sergi Koms

    Dio Big, - said words to Lord.

  22. Ricardo Barros

    Interpretação magnífica! Só RJD poderia superar a magnífica interpretação de David Coverdale.

  23. james Golden

    the greatest

  24. Richard Alpert

    Dio is God, but Coverdale is the only guy who can sing this song correctly

  25. Andreas Müßener

    I saw Mr.Dio two times on stage in my life!!!I'll never forget!!!

  26. mona1017

    Best cover of this song. 🤘

  27. Richard Davies

    Better than Coverdale.

  28. Anatoliy Ivaschenko

    Ян Гілан краще співає

  29. Jan Keuter

    Guitar solo incrdebile good...love it!

  30. Franco Russo

    Época de ouro, sensacional....e demais a interpretação vocal Dio, do guitarrista Black mour

  31. Panagiotis Poulikogiannis

    Ronnie's voice is not of this world. *edit - First comment of 2019 i suppose.


    55 тащутся что они не такие как все аминь. Пусть не такие, нну и что! Мы все дураки но есть более или менее.

  33. boldozas

    power !!!

  34. martin bamford

    "I'm so upset"?

  35. Claudio Herrera Figueroa

    insuperable el maestro

  36. Michael Anderson

    That moment in history when Keith Richards secretly played the drums.

  37. Sveta Mulenkova

    Мое ощущение Дэвид Ковердэйл мне нрасится больше.

  38. николай киселев

    просто ахуеть!!!

  39. Hasso


  40. Bruno Faustino

    Awesome version, but... Coverdale version appear to transmit more intensity, much more inside the blues spirit... Dio was great absolutely but David Coverdale had better performance here. The song is just amazing. Richie is Richie... No words for such talent... It's absolutely amazing the skill of this guy.

  41. liddy paul

    I see cozy has done what comes naturally to him, speed the song up and ruin it.

  42. charles mason

    I was 20 years old and still listen maybe 10-15 a week the man

  43. Saint JP

    This should have been a Dio song and not Deep Purple

  44. Елена Чудинова

    Эта песня уникальна только в исполнении ковердейла и группы deep purple

  45. Iran Priest

    The greatest Singer of all times

  46. Marlon Campos Vindas

    Simplemente una interpretacion fuera de serie...una obra de arte

  47. Franco Russo

    Very good!!!number on

  48. Igor Pertsev

    Дио в роке- это Поваротти в классике!!!!

  49. Валера Колпаков

    Очень красиво

  50. Gilberto de Sucesso

    Looks like this song was done for Dio sings. Fuck'n crazy! \m/

  51. David Coston

    No he learned from the best...

  52. ThorMas91

    The scream at 6:10... gosebumps

  53. Yanet Lilian


  54. Евгений Чех

    Ronnie super vocal 👏👏👏

  55. Jorge B.V.

    Dio is one of the greatest rock/heavy metal singers in history, but this song is Coverdale's.

  56. La Barone

    Ive got to strongly disagree with the comments saying that Dio's 'version' is superior and it has nothing whatever to do with Dio being in any way inferior to DC. This was written and intended as a blues song and Coverdale has (had) a very soulful blues voice, remarkable for a white man. Dio sings this just like he would any rock song. There's no 'blues' in his delivery, no pain, no torment. Watch & listen to Coverdale (at age 23) sing this at California Jam 1974, there really is no comparison.

  57. Jorge Senna

    Dio o melhor vocal heavy!!!

  58. pratheesh t_s

    Not in any other genre you cant get this ........All are legends ,legends singing legend;s songs.My life is happy now.

  59. Jeb Stuart

    Whole band is tight as fuck! What a show !

  60. Say When


  61. ELIPHAS LEVI levieliphas


  62. bungopony

    Dio sounds great here, but whats missing is Glenn Hughes bass.

  63. Kazuela Ryder

    Estar abandonado. Te ayuda a crear seres que te lleven por el sendero de la buena vidaaa. Paz y amor loquillos

  64. klbax63

    Why would Blackmore ever blow this thing up??? Down to Earth was a great album but every other version of Rainbow sucked compared to this one (Blackmore,Dio,Powel)

  65. Chroom 13

    Direct .Intergaltic .Organ.RIP

  66. Firebrand VOCALS


  67. João Krebis

    both versions are fine

  68. ironmaiden1236541

    Was there ever a better live band? I don't think so

  69. James Burdzinski

    Good Memories! .

  70. Jeffrey M

    Rainbow is a great format for Dio.  I love Tony and other guitar players but this music; this writing....

  71. Ian Andrews

    Yay Dio!

  72. Henry Noel

    Dio sings this great, but Coverdale owns this song.
    They’re both so good though it’s just a bonus that they both sang Mistreated and we can enjoy both versions!

  73. simodm10

    Dio take this song to another level.. as it has done with Dream ON by Aerosmith.. This happen when you're dealing with the legend of the legends..I don't know if someone will be able to sing Dio'songs better than him.. This is the difference.. RJD LEGEND ABOVE LEGENDS !!!


    simodm10 Dio is Dio, no one else can be Dio ❤️

  74. thomas psarras


  75. Jukka Ylinen

    This is much better than Purple's Caljam

  76. Jukka Ylinen

    Legendary trio:Blackmore,Dio.Powell :)

  77. Gabriel Maia


  78. Nazih Sebai

    Ever living ❤️

  79. Laeh Ehteb


  80. Stan Dan Deliver

    Great song, great vocals, but there's something missing - it begins with "C" and ends with "overdale". This version is a stadium pleaser but I prefer the more soulful original.

  81. Spock Le Vulcain

    Dio et le plus grand chanteur de la planète R. I. P il restera le meilleur

  82. cirusmetal

    Não tem pra ninguem, Dio foi e continua sendo o melhor vocal de todos os tempos!!!

  83. Kristian Hucke

    Dio version is better.

  84. Yannis Bagourdas

    Cozy's drumming on this is just out of this world...

  85. Johnny Kos

    Blackmore is one of the greatest guitarists ever in rock history but he did a great mistake in rock history too .... he kicked out Dio from Rainbow, and transformed the band to pop rock in the 80's. I don't think we all can imagine what Dio would offer to Rainbow. Long live Ronnie James Dio !

  86. thomas psarras


  87. thomas psarras

    Ronnie James DIO you are UNFORGETBLE ONLY THE BEST

  88. miloslav malát

    Dio is góóóóóóóóód !!!

  89. thomas psarras


  90. rangel fakov

    Ritcnie , the big boss !

  91. Ruthger Hauere

    yyyyyyyyyeeeeee my heart

  92. Chris L.B.

    Temazo la conchesumadre!!! Better than Coverdale for me!

  93. николай киселев

    не знаю английский но...почему то когда я слушаю эту песню хочется плакать.

  94. Михаил Займидоров


  95. lukas vh77

    Ja pierdolę, ale Dio wymiata.

  96. E R.A.

    fucking hell!!!!..........this is what rock and roll is about...........you can't get heavy metal heavier that this!!!

  97. Albert Gilmour

    Foda pra karay