Dio - King Of Rock 'N' Roll (Live) Lyrics

Hot night - summer in the city
Just about to smoke and burn
Look out - he's evil but he's pretty
And oh he's gonna twist and turn

He's got the midnight madness
He's got control
He's the King of Rock and Roll

Bad blood - everybody knows it
But everybody doesn't care
He's got the only way to show it
They want to see it everywhere

He's gonna give you fever
He'll scratch your soul
'Cos he's the King of Rock and Roll
The King of Rock and Roll

Bad boy - always on the cover
Gettin' the story told
Fast, fast - one way or another
Cause he'll never never never never never get old

He's got the midnight madness
He's got control
He's the King of Rock and Roll
He's gonna give you fever
He'll scratch your soul
You are the King of Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll

He's the King of Rock and Roll


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Dio King Of Rock 'N' Roll (Live) Comments
  1. Dylan Grant

    DIO lives!

  2. Daniela Santos


  3. Rick Burton

    I was lucky enough to be at this as well as the other Dio show filmed at the Spectrum. Can even be seen in certain parts on both, but i really missed Vivian Campbell this time around.

  4. 개봉이 장승혁

    dio. He is king of rock

  5. Francis steger

    Goldie 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  6. rob service

    That was killer

  7. Marco Polo

    I love this version, with faster tempo.

  8. Наталья Крупинина


  9. SilverTounge85

    R.I.P. Ronnie and Jimmy. :(

  10. paul productions

    thank you


    The best concert, DIO Always did the BEST for us. In 86 we had spectacular laser and pyrotechnic effects, nowadays the concerts are so poor.i LIKE VERY MUCH THIS FILM cause, my little dog MINDUIM ( or pinuts ) seems like the DRAGON.

  12. BryanX 64

    Long Live the King of Rock 'n' Roll

  13. Carlos

    he wrote this for Elvis


    Elvis wrote this to him.

  14. saizoo2018

    indeed the king of Rock N Roll \m/

  15. brad smith

    Now I know what I was missing when I was playing lead guitar in local metal bands back in my 20s. A cape! That was the missing piece! That would of changed everything!

    Eric Pymm

    A must for a guitar super hero!

  16. ESP/Mike

    Craig Goldy was ok but Vivian Campbell kicked serious ass....


    ESP/Mike different style but equal in ability

    Michael Holmgaard

    Craig was just as good. Different, but he was able to deliver everyone of Vivian's solos precisely as they were on the album

  17. HermesTheThriceGreat

    Listen to Dio's voice!
    Craig Goldy's hair was ridiculously big! haha

  18. HolmzB124

    @ Crank Jhorum: 'Holy Diver' is a must have album. Not just a must have 80's album, either. Still sounds as awesome today as it did in 1983. Great post, man!!!!!

  19. Crank Jhorum

    Great voice ! Loved his work with Rainbow and Sabbath He made some strong albums on his own Check out Holy Diver ...

  20. HolmzB124

    The giant voice inside the small body. One of the greatest voices and stage presences in metal. R.I.P Ronnie. We miss you......

  21. jose alvarez


  22. gian paolo Puglisi

    Thanks !

  23. SardBlack

    envy you...

  24. SardBlack

    Too much awesomeness for one video...

  25. OdessaWest

    I had the pleasure of seeing the Sacred Hearts Tour in Odessa Texas just right before Vivian left the band. We were center stage on the floor. To this day, without a doubt, it was the best concert I had ever been to. Best stage show EVER! Long Live RJD!

    Johnny Eco

    You're so lucky to have experienced this greatness live on the Sacred Heart tour ⚡ God Bless Texas!

  26. Bruno Crocco

    DIO was the best metal singer of all time.

    Francis steger

    Damn straight he was🤘🤘🤘🤘

  27. Smawler

    is that a joke or something?

  28. Chad Trexler

    Damn what happened if Vinnie had to take a leak, he would need a ladder or something to get down. They sound freaking great here though.

  29. Bruno Crocco


  30. Belva Vargas

    lml... DIO ... lml

  31. ildiscorpions

    Great voice! :) Thanks for the sharing! :)

  32. chrissie dio mettis

    Man what a voice....One of the greatest vocalist EVER....R.I.P...The Man On The Silver Mountain....RJD

  33. keefriff99

    Wow, I envy you...that must have been amazing. I was 8-10 years too young to have seen all those great '80s metal shows.

  34. keefriff99

    That VOICE. And he was already well into his 40s by then...he still had over 20 years of rocking out to do, and he NEVER had a bad show.

    What a talent. RIP, Ronnie.

  35. keith hinkel

    i was there in phila. at the spectrum

  36. keith hinkel

    the king and the voice of metal!

  37. Nemanja Jovanović

    Creator of the "sign of the devil" :D But, some people who sometimes show that sign don't know about that :D