Dio - Hunter Of The Heart Lyrics

Hey liar, tell me your intentions are good
Knowing it could be a lie
I see how you rise
To question the eyes of anyone who promises pain

Contagious, something like a virus of love
Making the pleasure seem real

Another killing by the villain
Another body on the ground
Here comes the master of destruction again
I knew you from the start
Hunter of the heart

Cat crazy, never the predictable one
Asleep in the sun now the strike
Possession today, then send it away
After all the joys in the taking

Another beating by the villain
Another angel fallen down
Here comes the master of destruction again
Perfect for the part
Hunter of the heart

Another burning by the devil
And another diamond turned to glass
Here comes the master of destruction again
I knew you from the start
Hunter of the heart
Hunter of the heart

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Dio Hunter Of The Heart Comments
  1. Manny Badabing

    I've never heard a bad Dio album. Those 4 albums he did with Sabbath are Dio albums.


    No they are HEAVEN & HELL albums

  2. шаман

    оличнр,дио репект!!!

  3. Luis Alvarez

    Quizas mi album favorito. Fantástico

  4. Fire In Soul

    The bass and electric guitar just compliment eachother on this one 🤘

  5. Ascended Ghost

    It's literally like feeding fish. They all swarm. Every. Damn. Day.


  6. oh hi mark

    I wish dio would've explored sci-fi more. As angry machines and dehumanizer shows us dio can do Sci-fi as well if not better than fantasy. RIP Dio.

    Fire In Soul

    His lyrical writing and vocals seemingly had no limitations. That's a cool thought 🤘

    Elëctric Elf

    Agreed. This album is even better than Dehumanizer imo with the possible exception of "I" which is like the best song ever

  7. Chadley Allen

    https://youtu.be/Amb5KmvFCpY Hunter of the Heart LIVE N Brazil rules

  8. Ean Sherland

    This is a very overlooked Dio album. No shortage of ideas on this record.