Dio - Hungry For Heaven Lyrics

You're a dancer but you're dancing on air just a matter of time till you fall
You're a dreamer one night at the fair but still you want it all
You're in danger the last of a line but the vision lasts forever
So just hold on you can make it happen for you reach for the stars and you will fly
You 're hungry for heaven hungry for heaven hungry for heaven
But you need a little hell oh oh oh ooh oh
You're a runner but you're chasing yourself feel the hot breath on your shoulder
You're emotion running cold running warm the young just getting older
We are sunlight we can sparkle and shine and our dreams are what we're made of
Oh just hold on you can make it happen for you reach for the stars and you will fly
You 're hungry for heaven hungry for heaven hungry for heaven
But you need a little hell oh oh oh ooh oh hungry
You 're hungry for heaven hungry for heaven hungry for heaven hungry for heaven
You're hungry for heaven oh hungry for heaven so hungry for heaven you're hungry for heaven
You're a dancer but you're dancing on air you're a dreamer one night at the fair
You're hungry hungry there for heaven oh oh oh
You're a runner in the night just a dreamer but that's alright
You're hungry hungry for heaven oh hungry hungry for heaven
Hungry for heaven hungry for heaven no no no

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Dio Hungry For Heaven Comments
  1. Carmem Silvia

    If Pucci had sex with DIO, it was a threesome (DIO, Pucci and Jonathan's body)????????

  2. Carmem Silvia

    Lord DIO, heaven is not your place, you're better than it, you are above heaven...

    You're OVER HEAVEN!!!!

  3. Carmem Silvia

    Dio is not dead...

    He is just

  4. PETER Rein

    Wrestling tune!!!!

  5. Will McHale

    Was fortunate to meet Ronnie in Heathrow airport on two different occasions - on the same freight elevator about a year or so apart. At the time I was working out pretty seriously and had the Vision Quest soundtrack in my Walkman for the gym. I told him I was a fan generally and had listened to Hungry for Heaven about 400 times. He laughed and said something to the effect that while it was not his favorite song, he really appreciated the kind words. Had such nice encounters with him both times - he was super kind, and really funny the second time because he actually remembered! I started to tell him that we had met in the same place about a year ago and he said "I remember...Hungry for Heaven" - I almost shit myself. We exchanged pleasantries and when we were parting, I said "OK, see you back here in about a year?" He gave a real belly laugh and said "I'll plan on it!" Before smartphones so I never snapped a picture but he probably would have preferred that. I'll cherish the memories.

  6. Sulu Imli

    Hungry for Dio

  7. Doctor Whomst'd've

    RIP Ronnie James Dio.

  8. chris miller

    dancing on air?
    never flying


    The main guitar riff reminds me Baba O`riley from The Who!

  10. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Not bad

  11. Paul Buttress

    Ronnie James Dio a true legend

  12. SDS 4Life

    61 idiots just dont know what great melodic metal song this is!!! Dio Rules🤘

  13. Spinozilla Saurian

    Dio when he obtains Heaven: Pucci! Play the song!

  14. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    This is lovely !

  15. chris miller

    just had to play it twice

  16. Paul Buttress

    First saw him back in 1990 at The Aston Villa Leisure centre Birmingham with his own band Dio

  17. Zap 70

    sweet, precious memories... I was 15 when this came out.
    thx 4 the up!

  18. Silver Dust

    Part 6 in a nutshell

  19. Vanei Pontes

    Is true 👉 "Dio Band"🎼🎶🎵🎸😎👊

  20. Eduardo Bernardi

    Eternamente Dio

  21. Giovani Graff


  22. Crying Polnareff

    I hope this will be used for Stone Ocean lol

  23. Kevin Ha


  24. Carlos Molina

    Out here in the fields
    I fight for my meals

    Oh... wrong song

  25. joey reamer

    Dio, you are the best. Awesome music

  26. Jameston Moura

    Monstro do rock.

  27. Fernando Antonio

    Baba O'Riley.

  28. Eric Cornejo

    Por siempre DIO

  29. Shelley Keeley

    Dio made no sacrifice, he was always looking for heaven in hell. It was always there and he has a place there that's for sure. Bless you man x

    Salty Shunk

    Well, he rejected his humanity for vampiric power and later on gained the ability to stop time. He had a plan for a very long time to achieve his world over heaven and become a god.

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    Desolation Row
    Fig tart
    Rhinoceros beetle
    Via dolorosa
    Rhinoceros beetle
    Singularity point
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    Secret emperor


    Fireurchin Productions rhinoceros beetle is the way and the light


    Are those all the items you have jammed up your ass for pleasure?

  31. Case Zambelli

    Mother loving Vision Quest.

  32. blaze y

    i just came back from listening slipknot i needed to clean my ears

  33. David Mandziuk

    Class of '84...masterpieces like this from the '80's WILL NEVER take a backseat to ANYTHING TODAY

  34. A MOTE

    映画 クレイジーフォユーのサントラ買いました

  35. Diego Barbagelata

    the message is the following: you got to suffer at least the size of one grain of sand to get in heaven. The message of it is much positive, and actually everyone deserves heaven.

  36. David Perkins

    forgot how cool the solo was will learn it tomorrow,

  37. Noahide

    In the Beginning Was the Beast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMHN-RShUzk

  38. Isra Sanchez

    Dio hungry for heaven ....lo que muchos buscamos pero nunca lo encontramos...

  39. Fernando Nieto Carrasco

    Simplemente.....el mejor.!!!!!

  40. Donald Chase

    victor r are you gay?

  41. Jaxolotle

    I’ve made all the jojokes I can on holy diver but the world over heaven still exists so get ready

  42. Cz the VoltMan

    Does anybody here believe in gravity?


    Gravity is a theory, never proven


    @Rangerman9404 never been proven, it's a theory


    @venomagent76 2 words: Cavendish Experiment.


    @Rangerman9404 hahahaha.... I have seen that, I know that it's hard to break the blinders and scales off your eyes. Hit the snooze one more time, sleep tight!


    @venomagent76 what is your "debunk" of it, may I ask?

  43. csrgatorfan

    Another Vivian Campbell masterpiece solo.

  44. Law Dawg

    R.I.P. Ronnie James...love ya...a voice of a God....Unbelievable Talent !

  45. KB-P2730

    ......Just a dreamer, but that's alright!!!

  46. randall scott burress


  47. randall scott burress

    I can't see are you blind

  48. orgasmatron1977m

    Hungry for Tacos!

  49. randall scott burress

    Roller skating without a ward-robe?

  50. SebastianSierpe

    MASTERPIECE!...DIO ROCKS!...Rock greetings for every Rocker of this world from Santiago, CHILE!

  51. SebastianSierpe

    Many thanx Radu for uploading this superb DIO´s Hungry for Heaven!...This is my very first time to see and hear your excellent upload!...I´ve spent a very entertained 4:12 minutes!...GREAT CONTRIBUTION!...Rock greetings from Santiago, CHILE!. PS: Please continue uploading great songs like this one that i will listen them attentively from South America.

  52. 石渡和男

    good song!

  53. FR MAREN

    Also best tune on "Vision Quest" movie soundtrack.

  54. Theda

    Yes, I am hungry for Heaven

  55. randall scott burress

    Before you think about what you are are reading ? You gotta think about what nyou might be readinn

  56. Sandy Koenig

    Hell Yeah!!!

  57. Lisa Fury


  58. Martin Cruz


  59. Julio Ocasio Albino

    An all star band Dio vivian jimmy appice

  60. breedhate68

    Heard this today on Sirius radio and it brought back so many memories. Luckily I seen Dio in Madison Square Garden in 86 and was honored to have seen him live

  61. Vollot Philippe

    All my youth...always so good!!

  62. Mr. Z

    ..."the young just getting older"....

  63. Sanguine the Adamant

    That guitar solo is fucking bomb

  64. randall scott burress


  65. paul belmonte

    Vivian was good but I like craig goldie better

  66. paul belmonte

    saw sacred heart concert in 1985 at providence civic center rhode island had seats on floor were taking pictures of dio singing security came and took film away lol. and the beginning of this song sounds nothing like baba oreilly .

  67. Donald Thompson

    One of the greatest vocalists

  68. Donald Thompson

    Fucking great song I remember training for new York State championship 😀

  69. clutchgolf

    his voice at :40 and 1:40 can change a life

  70. Maria Pereira

    Qual vocalista tem uma voz nesse timbre?

  71. Guta Thiudans

    The thing I've always loved about Dio is that in his music, he is talking to YOU. They aren't songs tht just so happen to sound good and " deeply philosophical", but rather, he is actually speaking to me and you


    And all along I thought I was the only one ,but we ALL were the only ones so personal to each of use ,no other has the profound effect in music.

  72. Blue Thistle

    dio over heaven

  73. Guta Thiudans

    May your name live on unto the ages, Dio

  74. Doge Master19000

    he shines like a star 666

  75. Doge Master19000

    your welcome. 6666

  76. naveen shetty

    R.I.p we miss u dio

  77. Leon Green

    I live for this shit R.I. P R .J .DIO

  78. Veselin Filkov

    Now you are playing for God. Is not fair :(


    Veselin Filkov
    DIO is literally Italian for god, he was kind of doing that form the start

  79. Jean Carlo

    (Com Fome de Céu)

    Você é um dançarino
    Mas você esta dançando no ar
    Uma questão de tempo até você falhar

    Você é um sonhador
    Uma noite justa
    Mas você ainda quer tudo

    Você esta em perigo
    O ultimo na linha
    Mas a visão é eterna

    Então apenas espere
    Você pode fazer acontecer pra você
    Alcance as estrelas e você estará voando

    Você esta com fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Mas você precisa um pouco do inferno

    Você e um corredor
    Você esta perseguindo a si mesmo
    Sinta a respiração quente no seu ombro

    Você esta emocionado
    Fuja do frio fuja do calor
    O jovem ficando velho

    Nos somos a luz do sol
    Nos podemos cintilar e brilhar
    E nossos sonhos são do que nós somos feitos

    Oh, então apenas espere
    Você pode fazer acontecer para você
    Alcance as estrelas e você estará voando

    Você esta com fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Mas você precisa um pouco do inferno
    Oh! Fome!

    Você esta com fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu

    Você esta com fome de céu
    Oh! Fome de céu
    Tanta fome de céu
    Você esta com fome de céu

    Você é um dançarino
    Mas você está dançando no ar
    Você é um sonhador
    Uma noite justa

    Você está com fome
    Fome de céu

    Oh, você é um corredor na noite
    Só um sonhador, mas tudo bem

    Você está com fome
    Fome de céu
    Ah, fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Fome de céu
    Oh, oh, ooh!

    Composição: Jimmy Bain / Ronnie James Dio

  80. Kim Cringson

    "The true winner is the one that gets to see *heaven*. I will get there , no matter how many things i must sacrifice."

    --DIO, 1988

    Dukke Monterier

    This HAS to be one of the part 6 ending songs! It's perfect. It has Heaven. It has DIO.


    @White Album it's only a theory, never proven


    @Iván it's a theory, never proven


    @venomagent76 so you don't believe in [GRAVITY].


    @Iván the cologne, yes!

  81. lionel torres

    hhaayyy, me encanta este grupete!!! hurrraa!!

  82. Testicles the Mega Monarch

    JoJo is just a retelling of Dio's discography

    Bálint Kristóf

    The World's power comes from the rainbow song stargazer.

    Musical Lad

    no, that's what the world over heaven should have been

    Salty Shunk

    @Leictreon Zwenzheter this would have been The World if Araki didnt use Tarot

    Currently Phi

    @Salty Shunk would have actually been Holy Diver. just in terms of appearance.

    Big Ounce

    @Leictreon Zwenzheter c moon shoulda been named after this since ita the form that precedes the heaven form

  83. michael Castle

    I love the very beginning-aaaaaaaaaaaah!

  84. Smedleywallacekennedy

    First time I heard of Dio was when a buddy of mine, who was a Black Sabbath fan, couldn't stand Dio, he was an Ozzie fan until the end. So he gave me his brand new cassette of Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell and I was an instant fan of Dio ever since.


    Victor R. Yeah, he wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

    Victor R.

    Ya, Heaven and hell and this singer are shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL . Best singer ever.


    Victor R. My favorite song from Dio is "Last in line". Song is deep and chilling.


    Victor R. My favorite song from Dio is "Last in line". Song is deep and chilling.

    blaze y

    who tf is victor r and why is everyone in this reply talked about him :/ .............................................dio had some hits so did ozzy they both were good at black sabbath

  85. Reijo Kiviniemi


  86. Victor Vicente

    Oh my goooood, this song is FANTASTIC \m/!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Phill Moeller

    when I reach 4 the stars  I hope you will be there to greet me !! r.i.p Ronnie!!!its not the same anymore without you!!!god speed!!


    Phill Moeller
    You do know he dabbled in satanism and witch craft

  88. Outbound Shane

    I've been a Dio fan since even before I was born, my mom told me that she lisened to this when she was pregnant with me. RIP Ronnie James Dio.

    Victor R.

    WOW! My family hated rock music and wouldn't let me listen. Still listening. Rebels make their own rules.

    Outbound Shane

    @Victor R. My stepdad was a religious nutjob but like the Twisted Sister video I rocked out anyway.

    Victor R.

    My family thought were Satanist! LOL. Dio, my favorite male singer. Fiona Flanagan favorite female singer. This, Time to burn, Mystery, Caught in the middle, very underrated Dio songs, but some of his best! Cheers

    no one


    sjd D.

    Just wait until DIO attains true heaven

  89. JonnSkate

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  90. Andrew

    te queremos Ronnie!!!

  91. Olivia Corman

    mystery pt 2😂

  92. Bobby T.

    Compare this to "Mystery". Pretty much the same song.


    same key and tempo but still different structure all in all

    Victor R.

    Both 2 of his best!

  93. WhatDidYouSay 145

    FUCKING AMAZING SONG! DIO WE MISS U! Please come back!

    eloisa fantasia

    is a fucking masterpiece of song even all the album

    eloisa fantasia

    is so fucking awesome

    WhatDidYouSay 145

    indeed the whole album is fantastic ! \m/

  94. Marvlotte

    This song is so friggin amazing!!!

    Jon Dunmore

    Love those chugging guitars! What a great sound Vivian had in Dio. He lost that metallic sound in Lep...

    Victor R.

    Too poppy for me.

  95. known fact

    I get peoples' comparisons to The Who but I hear shades of early Springsteen with this song. Whatever, wonderful work and my favorite Viv Campbell guitar break.

  96. Patrick Bohart

    I remember as a kid I raced to the record shop to buy this album. best song ever