Dio - Fever Dreams Lyrics

Lately when my demons drag the night across my eyes
I just can't seem to fight it anymore
Yield unto temptation and be ruler of the world
But it seems that I have heard that song before

And the voices begin to sing - Come home

I have seen some evil as I've walked upon the earth
But this is way beyond what eyes can see
Wicked is as wicked does and if I lose control
Is this the way that hell is gonna be

Have I fallen too far to rise
Been burning too long in the fire
Then it all falls down - Tearing the night away

It must be - Fever dreams
Fever dreams
Fever dreams

Now before my demons roll the night across my eyes
I tremble as I wait perhaps to sin
Yield unto temptation and be ruler of the world
And all I do is let the beast come in

Have I fallen too far to rise
I've been standing too long in the fire
Let it all fall down
Tearing the night away

It must be - Fever dreams
From the outside - Fever dreams
Oh, fever dreams
Fever dreams

Fever dreams
Fever dreams
Fever dreams
Fever dreams
Fever dreams
Fever dreams

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Dio Fever Dreams Comments
  1. Mario Criptomoedas


  2. Vinícius Pietro de Almeida

    How was this band not famous? Dio is one of the best bands I've ever heard in my life. ROCK NEVER DIES

  3. victor666ful

    Í love this song

  4. Joe Blows

    Mlb odds

  5. Thomas Evergreen

    Was looking up weird fever dreams for the Meme and came across this. Oboi

  6. Blazecap 1213

    I was brought here by a homosexual time stopping vampire
    Bizarre right?

  7. billy garner

    Play it at 1.25 speed

  8. Praveen Kumar

    Holy god DIO...🤘🏻🤟129 ppl RIP 🙏

  9. va yay yay edition

    One of my favorites dio songs!

  10. Juliette

    Sounds like Rage Against the Machine at first

  11. John Warboys

    I miss u sooo much, u gave me shivers!!!!

  12. Scotty Jones

    I think we have all been "standing too long in the fire" ...what a lyricist

  13. Scotty Jones

    Underrated concept record!

  14. yo mama jk

    1 of best rifts in rock and roll

  15. Icon Icon

    The song describes the emotional turmoil, desecration of our humanity when you climb the corporate ladder and you motivate yourself in this nefariously soulless ego trip //

  16. Jonathan Garcia

    Mexico always for you

  17. oOcorridosOo TM

    If you don't tap your foot and headbang then something is wrong with you.

  18. TheOriginalGeekNerdVillian

    I listen to Dio to keep my intolerance of bullshit metal high

  19. Anni Kristiina

    This kinda reminds me of 'turn to stone' anyways I love both 🤘

  20. Kim Larsson

    I wonder why Ronnie's diction doesn't get credit - it's faultless. He was very articulate when he sang. Every damn word is crystal clear. Try that, folks, while keeping the power and grit in the voice. It's hard!

  21. Scotty Jones


  22. Scotty Jones

    Gr8 song from a very good concept record... He was one of the best song writers of all time...imo... God bless u RJD...u r forever missed...

  23. Andrew Amos

    The magic Elf never dies he is only reborn.
    P.ersistance DIO
    🤘we found our sacred heart🤘

  24. Ana Murcia

    Dio te amo.
    Y te amo.
    Y te vuelvo a amar Rockero precipicioso.!!!!&?

  25. Nelson Camacho

    Metal Majesty

  26. joey handeland

    I love this fucking song

  27. RAY RUSH

    I don't. Give. $ or. F. 4. Year. Go. Today. 2019. We are good. A

  28. Sean Morrison


  29. joey handeland

    Craig Goldie, is the most underrated guitar player. Listen to his tone people...fucking mind numbing,! Amazing!

  30. Metalborn

    Как-то мимо меня прошел этот альбом. А песня шикарная.

  31. Maniam Raja

    GREAT efforts by the late DIO

  32. Iqbal studio

    Ola! I created a stopmotion about fever dream. Check it out https://www.instagram.com/p/BrCiOT3lqKE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=vllwtxqqiopd

  33. Mike

    For those of you who love dio check out rainbow rising album by rainbow. Ritchie Blackmore and dio were a perfect fit. This shits as good as sabbath just different . Stargazer badass and a light in the black is also

  34. Mike

    Hell I can’t find dehumanizer anywhere on vinyl. Unless you wanna pay like280$

  35. Mike

    Dizamn Nadia

  36. Mike

    Damn this is bad ass..... it must be “ fever dream”

  37. Randy Henderson

    Another masterpiece from RJD. What a songwriter!

  38. Lisa Birabent

    what a tasty Dio smorgasborg

  39. Angela


  40. Gé-örg Jansen van Vuuren

    Where have I been that I only hear this now , changed my life! Tnx for the upload.

  41. shred5

    That sinister sounding riff is just killer... best song on what was in my opinion easily Dio's best album. I had the pleasure of seeing him on this tour as well.

  42. Paul Buttress

    Dio a legend

  43. Frank Landry


  44. Average Joesson

    I think this is his best song, sadly the rest of the album Magica is terrible and I'm quite dissapointed in the rest of Dio's discography.

  45. Walter Gerez


  46. Tony D. Wilson


  47. Jennifer Monte

    he's are king

  48. Andrejs Šamanskis

    Women cry

  49. Eugenio Arancibia

    🤘🤘🤘🤘😆Dio Grande

  50. Richard Bendall

    First heard this when I was about 8, still an absolute banger.

  51. Александр Кузьмин

    Ушла легенда, но обещала остаться в памяти!

  52. Davi Albuquerque

    Theses lyrics are just too good

  53. Matteo Sandrin

    Ke figada😎😎😎Tiro torno picinin!

  54. Th3DrunkGuy

    The riff gives me an orgasm everytime . Nadia M we need to chat :)

  55. Jim Strehl

    This is the most underrated dio song ever written

  56. d0kodA

    kono dio da

  57. Heavy Metal Magnet

    Wicked is as wicked does! Shreds me every time! LOVE IT!

  58. Ahnold Swozzinagger

    Listen to the bass and drums that drive the guitar solo just awesome. 2:18

  59. Ronin zen

    Inmortal DIO!!!!

  60. gary fisher

    Gary Fisher Dio is my favorite band he is gone but his music lives forever.

  61. rakman paguio

    RIP ronnie james dio my idol!

  62. Mike Liffick

    Fucking love DIO

  63. Jim Tzio

    fking amzing

  64. Rodi Pardo

    Ooooo si dame más Dio.

  65. Claude Logan


  66. Kamo dalje rođače

    Slušam po ko zna koji put ne može dosadit
    Neponovljivi Dio i Ronnie

  67. James Woehl

    Dio is the greatest singer ever- all is metal is like rock opera awesome can never hear enough!!!!!!! Heavy metal just like my Air Force career.

  68. yasmin florencia sardella calello

    aguante dio.....from argentina !!!

  69. Eugenio Arancibia

    forever Rony James Dio

  70. bodine1231

    I like the sped up version on the Evil or Divine Live album much better. Dio's voice was so amazing on Doug Aldridges playing was so great!

  71. Lamar Marciano

    A Kobe Bryant nba mix brought me here...it actually kinda fit wit the video

  72. Ignacio Julián García Díaz

    akella juventud desolada por malas sustancias como me recuerdo k lo mala k era la heroina se morian de trombosis o algo peor pues ni es droga ni era nada....

  73. John Doe

    this song is the shit !!!! would be a badass intro song to a awesome one man action movie... with a helicopter cam following a black truck down the road and closing in to the main character driver with a scruffy face and a few guns in the passenger seat.. smoking a cig... with some shades.. in a desert setting... with a coat of dust on the truck to give it that dirty look.. like arizona style or something.

  74. Maxgames

    Dio is the only Icon the only man who can tell me how i should live <3 <3

  75. Scotty J.

    By far the best track on this "concept" record...
    *RIP RJD*

  76. Junior Quintana

    those lyrics are unlike anything I have ever heard .....and his vocal melodies the man is a master he is on his own level...

  77. Kuba Plaza

    this is great!!!

  78. Teuvo N

    Dio rules
    Teuvo Nikumatti from center of Finland

  79. Rick Solis

    I was blessed to have seen Ronnie a few times. a few solo shows and with Black Sabbath in 1991 ....and I had the privilege to meet him also. He signed my white vinyl of Rock and Roll Children which I have to this day! Thank you Ronnie for the awesome music.....Rest in Peace! ✌

  80. P.J. Bennett

    just woke up in a panic with a bad fever. stood up to go pee and fell.

  81. Ignacio Julián García Díaz


    Ignacio Julián García Díaz

    ya creo en el viaje espacial mental real solo con operar.....hevi forever....

  82. mark villalpando

    tearing the night away... 4~18~2017!

  83. Ari Ketola

    Long live DIO!!

  84. Marti Garcia


  85. Nate Wilson

    i could give u an orgasm

  86. zzzsunnie

    ah Dio its been too long

  87. Michael Fischer

    actually, i am the cohen, cash type. but dio gets me. so fuckin awesome

  88. Ringo_The_Octopus

    I am an age old mythical entity born of the cosmos and like this music. I HATE being born in this dimension.

  89. The Dublin Banshee


  90. Jacob M.

    I think I might've had a fever dream...

    Nemanja Pavlovic

    The picture goes well with ur comment...LOL

  91. Jailson Mendes

    que riff delicioso aaaaaahhh delícia


    Sublime papu.

  92. Rick Willson

    DIO i love you)))) rest in peace...

    The Dublin Banshee


  93. Asoka Love

    fever dreams!!!

    The Dublin Banshee


  94. Ahmet Polat


    The Dublin Banshee


  95. Anton Galica

    putain cest la première fois que j'entend cette musique et le riff du début est bandant PUTAIN DE MERDE CEST TROP BIEN \m/


    Anton Galica Bienvenu dans le merveilleux monde du Heavy Metal !! \m/

    Anton Galica

    ça fait déjà pas mal de temps que je suis dedans et je découvre de nouveaux chefs d'oeuvre chaque jours

  96. Bourder

    Man, this album is so good, but I can not find it almost anywhere in my country, along with "Killing the dragon". So sad.

    Junior Quintana

    Bourder order it online like I do

    James Woehl

    Amazon has it