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We have examined the manuscript.
The information is complete, but does not conform to logical patterns.
Flesh cannot be mutated into stone and remorphed back to the body once again.
Continue the investigation with special attention given to one word.

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Dio Discovery Comments
  1. Vanei Pontes

    Ronald James Padavona

    Jimmy Bain


  2. Vanei Pontes

    Great Álbum 👉 "Conceptual"🎶🎼🎵🎸😎👊

    Pablo Sandiyu

    Vanei Pontes como lo titula el mismo álbum. Realmente las canciones son 'mágicas' 😍

  3. White Studios

    Why is this not an animated music video? I can totally see a rotoscoped heavy metal animation of this album.

  4. Davide Vacca

    First Dio album I ever bought!

  5. CoolCatGlenn

    My favorite album Magica!

  6. Music for Gaming

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one who preferred to listen to these three songs together as one. :)

  7. metallooney

    R.I.P.--Bass player Jimmy Bain (19 December 1947 – 24 January 2016). Once again reunited with Ronnie James Dio.

  8. Javy Lawless

    que grosso Craig Goldieee en el solo del minuto 1:26...
    Alta armonia!!! DIO LIVESSSS!!!!

  9. Zeitgeistmusic997

    This reminds me of Princes' Rainbow Children album in that a voice tells yout whats hapoening instead of following the music. At least Prince used a deep voice not jUST read itbut dio could never fail

  10. Alexandre firmino da silva

    uma pena ter nos deixado !!!! uma das maiores vozes do rock !

  11. Cholmondeley99

    Dio was not "fatalistic" at all. In his music, Ronnie Dio was sending carefully crafted DANGER WARNINGS to his audience -- which included many who did NOT consider themselves to be Christians, or maybe weren't sure. Ronnie was a Christian (raised as Catholic), but just didn't follow the pathways of "organized" religions, because he didn't think they diligently followed the pathway of God. However, in his musical career, Ronnie James Padavona helped save a lot of souls. (I'll write more.)

  12. ozzman123

    honestly the best album ever

  13. Cavallino Rampante

    Mr.RonaldJames was fatalistic in his songs. Did he know what type of horrible afterlife he would be facing? It seems to me that he did know, just listen to his lyrics.

  14. MajsteR

    5:56 Sesja nakurwi se już :D

  15. accomplishedmission

    I wish i could understand what is being said from 5:44 to 6:12

  16. Yiannos Georgantas

    The Chuck Norris of riffs

  17. AlmostOuttaHellview

    This guy is like some Fallen General from Hell's Army. Fuckin A right. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP SATAN ^_~

  18. Gilson Souza

    DIO the BEST

  19. Ender Cleijne

    Love the Album cover art. Why do these artist have all the cool/creepy covers. Iron maiden, Black Sabbath or artists like Steve Vai always had these artistical album covers. I love it.

  20. Ben Perry

    The greatest music artist ever-no arguments needed.

  21. Irvigon

    @Tarjaholic88 I agree about Dio's music, totally great. Christians should worship God with their hearts, the worship songs are just decoration. I personally prefer christian rock and metal than the old style gospel music, but even in silence I would feel chills when praising God. Check out W.A.S.P's album Babylon, it is such a metal masterpiece, and it still has christian message in it. So I really don't think God likes boring silent stuff and would force people to listen to it.

  22. northlander30

    @Rorschachxx1985 Because it is a story!!!! From beginning to end.

  23. Rorschachxx1985

    so why is it a concept album?

    Tyler Marin

    Because all the songs connect

  24. mistman1977

    RIP Ronnie. Metal lost its darkest child the day you left this world.

  25. Tarjaholic88

    If God was real he would make us worship him and listen to boring ass gosple music. I feel like a zombie when listening to gosple music when i used to be manipulated to go to chruch. Metal music, especially Dio's music is truely uplifting music for the mind,body and spirit. I highly doubt theirs a single crhistian that actually gets chills from listening to gospel music lol seems like there all controlled to me.

  26. BrotherOfMetal1993

    What tuning is this in? Standard?

    Tyler Marin

    Standard I think

    Pablo Sandiyu

    yes, standard

  27. Saintwalker31

    Epic song.......genius

  28. Adnan Che

    The Best. That's the word.

  29. Paul Danial

    \m/ \m/ RIP

  30. Robert Christensen

    I still hear the Magic everyday that has been given to us all.

  31. Robert Christensen

    I still hear the Magic everday that has been given to us all.

  32. Hans Ermer

    Er is einfach der schärfste

  33. jeff bell

    I love the night! so many shadows!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Robert Christensen

    Not may have given what Dio has!! Ronnie James Dio will be the reason why I love METAL!!
    I was 11 years old when I first heard the true voice of METAL , I heard Ronnie on the Mob Rules album!
    I knew right then that is what I love!
    Ronnie James is not gone , he will live on through my Son and through my Grandson !!
    Nothing can ever change the fact that Ronnie was here , Ronnie James DIO is forever!!

  35. Robert Christensen

    Not may have given what Dio has!! Ronnie James Dio will be the reason why I love METAL!!
    I was 11 years old when I first heard the true voice of METAL , I heard Ronnie on the Mob Rules album!
    I knew right then that is what I love!

  36. Cymen

    @MachinePriest25 Well, Magica was supposed to become a trilogy...but I gues that idea was scrapped....

  37. Snuggle Bear

    @RagnaroekChaos What Do You People Mean?? Whatz Magica II??

  38. Cymen

    I don't think that both will be out next year....Magica 2 should though.....

  39. Thomas Graves

    so different to othyer dio stuff, this i almost progressive in it' majesty, i love it!