Dinosaur Jr. - What Was That Lyrics

I miss my life
This isn't good
Got so intense
I wish you would
Said I'm down to meet you
Should have been
Someone said I should see you
I'd try anything

I open the door
You I wanted more
Never seemed to be
Like this before
Walk right out
What was that
Walk right out
Gotta go back

And finally when
I brought my friend
My mind's a mess
I gotta man

Said I'm down to meet you
I almost did
Someone said I should see you
So that I did

My mind's still in line
Tricks me all the time
Cut you down to size
Bitter move
What was that
I was hurt
I came back

To you why
She knows my face
I got so much
All put away

Said I'm down to meet you
I need you now
Someone said I should see you
You're all I need

Said I'm down to meet you
I'm back again
Someone said I should see you
So now is good

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Dinosaur Jr. What Was That Comments
  1. El pepian

    This song is great!!. Jmascis has a old voice. Just for privileged people

  2. Drew Gonzalez

    Is he talking about kurt ?Prolly not, top tracks dont you pretend you didnt know watch the corners almost fare, best new album way better than the last two

  3. Jer Mitch

    ''Pick Up'' is probably the only song I really like from Dino Jr. This one is okay.

  4. Anon Auch

    This song is definitely brilliant, but I'm unsure as to
    whether I truly like "Don't Pretend You Didn't Know" and "Watch the Corners" best, or whether I'm biased because they're the first tracks on the album, and thus got there first. Anyone else have that problem, too?

  5. DDAP

    No, I'm serious, this one is great!

  6. Jer Mitch

    lol, really hope you're kidding. This song is good though

  7. DDAP

    Best song of a great record!

  8. Lee Jiron

    Very nice!!! Yeah I have that album on vinyl and last night they did played a couple of songs from that one. Enjoy the show

  9. BushPrintzle

    Nice. I'm seeing them for the first time on December 1st. It's a show marking the 25th anniversary of You're Living All Over Me so I'm hoping they play a good chunk of the album.

  10. Lee Jiron

    I agree - Saw them last night in Denver. Was way too long since the last time. love these guys

  11. BushPrintzle

    This song reminds me a lot of Crumble off of Beyond. One of the better songs on I Bet on Sky.