Dinosaur Jr. - We're Not Alone Lyrics

I've been lying softly, glued to the ground
I don't need to listen, I just need the sound
piece it all together, let me out
When it's almost over there's a doubt to get through
I wanted you to say
'be around'

I wanted you to say
'be around'

keep an eye on my eye
keep me straight
keep an eye on every move I make or think of
keep the past out of my weathered head
keep me guessing, keep me
keep me and I'll help

I wanted you to say
'be around'
like you are now

If you say 'we're not alone

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Dinosaur Jr. We're Not Alone Comments
  1. Moxy 6

    One of their most underrated songs, amazing. Shame it doesn't get enough love!

  2. Elias Schnee

    Solo makes me cry!!!

  3. John Random

    Fuck there goes another pair of headphones 🎧

  4. John Random

    Dear god this is absolute perfection

  5. B b

    I can't find this on spotify!!! aaaaah!!



  6. Rikki Tikki Tembo

    Has anyone else noticed there are a few note sequences in this song that are the same as from Pick Me Up?

  7. Leslie Tucker

    The book sorta like a rockstar brought me here

  8. MagnificentFiend

    The greatest guitar solo of all time. Joy distilled.

    Rikki Tikki Tembo

    +MagnificentFiend I'm stealing that... joy distilled I mean. that is mine now.


    +Rikki Tikki Tembo You're welcome, friend.

    John Random

    I do not understand how anyone can solo that beautifully

  9. cardigan3000

    this song is so good i just shit my pants

  10. MsMadeInUSA

    my favorite song! love you guys ;)

  11. houstonveer

    "I wanted you to say, I wanted you to say you'll be around." J is the Jimi Hendrix of our time.

  12. xelemeno89x

    does anyone know what that little acoustic riff at the end of the tune is from? i hate that it cuts out!

  13. twistedkarm

    ya mama, ,biatch

  14. houstonveer

    Dear J and the Boys, You're Living All Over Me and I love it. Cheers, M

  15. houstonveer

    Who knew that a rock guitar solo could make you cry? Greatest. Ever. Period.

    Thank you Gambittero85. Thank you J. Thank you DJ.

  16. houstonveer

    Great volume, doc. Gambitero85--well done. Why are so many yt songs so QUIET? Bring the noise. Thanks for honoring virtuoso guitarist J.

  17. Xndtwo

    "Keep an eye on my eye.
    Keep me straight.
    Keep an eye on every move i make or think of."
    Always reminds me of the times that have past, makes me sad and happy.

  18. CanIhaveasecondguess

    Dinosaur Jr is so amazing, and somehow even better live. This song totally shows J's ability to make a KICK ASS SOLO.

  19. Whiskers

    What sucks about this song that I dont like, is how it has an ending. WHat I do like is that there is a replay option...

  20. brandonmadsen

    @xxWickedLifexx That is the Dinosaur Jr. way =)

  21. TheCharlesDanger

    That solo is so face melting, it gets me every time.

  22. RevengeOfTheNerfed

    Thank God for you J. Mascis. Good guitarists like you keep insecure people like me from going insane.

  23. Robby R

    Do you know how good the guitar solo is in this song? IT DOESN'T FUCKING STOP WHEN THE LYRICS KICK BACK IN!

  24. twistedkarm

    i havent cryed like this since toy story 3
    every time i hear this son i cry for all the people ive loved and died because of died
    some others i lost over time and distance

    life is beautiful because it aint happy all the time and the sad parts makes u who u are and u will bebut also at the same time it makes u wanna hold on to ur lovedones tighter than ever so they never get away

  25. Hugh Jass

    From a guitarists perspective, this is the best solo ive ever heard.

    John R

    Hugh Jass tell me something I don’t know

  26. JrWigz

    thanks so much for posting, couldn't find this anywhere

  27. Grace Rusten

    Thank you for posting!! :)

  28. kinnikubeam

    Very good song i love