Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny Lyrics

Calling out I'm deep in doubt I'll meet you
Calling out ends always with a stare
I couldn't give you less of what I mean to
I'll pretend but I don't see you there

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

Replace a friend I'm overwhelmed I need to
The fear is good you understood it wrong
A box is overflowing then I see you
The fear is that I can't be friends for long

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

I know it, I know it for sure
I'll blow it, I know, yeah it's her
Did I show you a clump, it's a blur
I'll know it, I'll know it

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

Calling out give me something to cling to
Call and take you back and you know where
Call your friends it all depends on me too
Call me back, I'll get on track, I swear

I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know

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Dinosaur Jr. Tiny Comments
  1. Brent O'brien

    Three years later to your comments. Very true. Dino. Was so more then grunge. Jay is a master at guitar. Such a great time. Saw dino twice at lalapollaza and once in Detroit. In early 90's all I can say is wow. One of my favorite bands to this day.

  2. Saam

    is that the dog that set the Guinness world record for dog riding through the longest human tunnel? because it fucking looks like it and ill be damned if that isnt the goodest boy.

  3. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Best Alt Rock Band of All Time..purelove i nside each picking...

  4. From A Great Height

    I miss the "tiny was my dick until i heard this song" comment

  5. VinceverevecniV

    I am a Dino fan BUT this song is weak... you Can do much better J.

  6. Reker moma

    I'm from Boston, their sound wasn't digested too well out in New England, post Hardcore scene, but when they moved to NY they really took off. This band's sound is still so fresh to this to this day. J Mascis's writing and the level in which he plays his guitar is just fuckin genius, and the entire band collectively has this energy and groove that just inspires me

  7. Brian Lane

    Cool tune...but the PAF’s carry that tone tone tone on and on and on

  8. Johnathan


  9. Anthony Francis

    dinosaur are super uplifting and always pick your day up

  10. none of your business

    Where on earth can I get that eyeball hat?

  11. ClearlyThisIsMyActual RealHumanNameNow

    The riff is cast a shadow by beat happening sped up

  12. 97izt


  13. roger rogerson

    in 2 days, i get my Mascis Jazzy

  14. Cak Redi

    This song is like Teenage Fanclub with too much cough syrups.

  15. Samiran Patowary

    i love all of your songs dinosaur

  16. LisaDawnn

    I absolutely LOVE this song, however, I thought this was Matthew Sweet up until now :) Fabulous!!

  17. voteZDLR

    I had to go check and see when this song was released, thinking it came out in the 90s in time for it to be featured on one of the episodes of Pete and Pete or whatever but no this song came out in freaking 2016! ROCK ON DINO JR!


    The goodest good boy

  19. robo yobbo

    Love it still listen to it since the 80s , all ,ramones etc etc

  20. Gino Rossellini

    Love this band but their albums sound like s***even on my best my stereo systems. If they had a better producer or allowed someone else to do it that would be great. Love the band love the sound the guitarist the songs the vocalist Love his Voice but again it sounds like s***if you want to play it Loud on a stereo for my car stereo. I have a very expensive high-tech sound system in my car and I still can't make the album's sound good.


    Sounds good on a woolly old hifi though. Your high end hifi is to clean and forward sounding.

  21. Ozz Terry

    1st time hearing dj,sounds like early foo fighters.🤔

  22. Emma Drummer

    Everybody loves void

  23. Dinosaur Jr.

    The bulldogs name is beefy...

  24. Micah Newman

    It's the grandpuppy of the "Whatever's Cool with Me" dog.

  25. Robin Stiff

    Sounds like the foo fighters, and that's a good thing.

  26. Jason Armstrong

    Thanks for reping noho sk8 park

  27. boobtuber06

    English bulldogs... the Ford Pintos of dog breeds

  28. wade wilson

    Dont know why mastodon is touring with acts like this... They wanna be a "rock" band sooooooooo bad despite their heavy sound lol like who are you trying to kid guys youre a frgn metalband just embrace it, and dont tour w EODM Primus and Dino jr!! Laughable.

    Jack Burton

    Dino used to be one of the heaviest bands ever

  29. Lumpen Proletarier

    Nice void shirt!

  30. NoEsUnYoutuber

    I never knew I wanted watch a video of J Mascis' dog skateboarding until now.

  31. MIKE

    That dog is awesome

  32. Arkantos

    Amazing song, awful video.

  33. Nabeel guitarist 355

    I literally have a squire jazz master j mascis signature!!! (Sorry for spelling mistakes)

  34. Trouble Breathing

    Dinosaur senior

  35. Levi James


  36. dududeds

    This rocks! Dino still going strong thank god! Long live j mascis and co.!

  37. misumi75

    Ex deep wound...band from 80's...great band

  38. sereregio

    Dinosaur jr. sigue mereciendo mejores videos.

  39. Stefano Latini

    Cayman The Animal had this idea way much before. :/ So sorry but it's true.

  40. Richard Fukuda

    But seriously, the dog.

    The Internet Killed Music

    He was funny.

  41. karyn waladkewics

    This video is so good and pure

  42. The Shelf TV

    we are a band of skateboarders who love nirvana, dinosaur jr and all this good music that keeps us alive. give us a listen!!!

  43. elsquibbs

    I love J's solo on this song. No dinner, no movie, no drinks, no foreplay, he's just right up in there from the get-go.

  44. GaëlB Galbar

    Very fuckin good!

  45. stadioarcadio

    dinosaur jr + skateboarding dog = awesome

  46. GBRL

    i love dogs, i love skateboarding, i love dinsaur jr.

  47. homelessathome

    nice Void shirt!

  48. Pyewacket 5

    British bulldog. Nice. Thumbs up from the u k : )

  49. umpy Goodness

    J should do a duo with Kim Thayil!

  50. Knut Hansen

    1:50 - so great

  51. Maya's Corner

    Stupid kids disliking

  52. Eugen Slavik

    I love You DJR!

  53. Hooptie Hamburger

    Wait a minute... This 90s band is still coming out with new music?

  54. Kris York

    Was hanging out with J the other night

  55. The50x50

    loved these guys since my college days. class of 93 baby

  56. tastybaconsensation

    It sounds like foo fighters in 40 years

  57. Plain Truth

    the beginning almost sounds like "I don't you anymore" by Bob Mould. Both great acts either way

    Jack Burton

    J Mascis and Bob Mould are two people who just seem incapable of putting out bad music. All their projects are great.

  58. Dylan Riesenbeck

    It brings a tear to this mutts eye to know that Beefy still rides

  59. Eduardromedarius Chávez

    Noodles from The Offspring would fit perfectly in Dinosaur Jr.

  60. m1lkb0y

    j mascis plays a squier??

    Andrey Tikhonov

    It's his signature model, an amazing guitar in fact. He owns a ton of different stuff, mostly different jazzmasters and teles, little amount of les pauls. Check out the episode of string theory by ernie ball with him, you will see a big part

  61. mark g.

    Beefy is not impressed by the new song, but I like it!

  62. Ростислав Тервинский

    sounds like Hey Mercedes )

  63. thatrunningirl

    watch the corners is still their best song

  64. Ryan Thomas

    This song reminds me of my bulldogs. RIP Louie and Spike.

  65. Mike Casias

    I'm inspired to pick up my guitar again... thank you J.

  66. Willemijn Forte

    If I didn't know better, I thought I would be listening to Foo Fighters

  67. William Allison

    J mascis is so awesome, he doesn't even have to play the other notes for the rest of the solo

  68. Paul Sharp

    I Love Beefy xxx

  69. okkim138

    I'm in love with that bulldog :)

  70. wayne van vorst

    14th commandment. Thou shalt not shred (Unless yer J Mascis).

  71. Kevin F

    Trying to figure out who's the oldest dog here.

  72. Eugen Slavik

    I love you fuckers!!!!!

    Eugen Slavik

    And that Jazzmastrer too

  73. J. Mascis

    Whatever's cool with me...

  74. Danny LeBlanc

    The dog makes me happy.

  75. Eelis Kanerva

    Discovered them yesterday...i feel like im too late

    Adam Hovey

    Puistokemisti I've known about it for years but they've only recently started to get into them I'd listen to them before but it was never really something I would do on almost a daily basis


    I've discovered them a few months ago, and now I just can' t get enough!

    ChrisP Bacon

    Not a total loss. At least you're a fan of descendents

  76. nymphetamine

    good dog, 10/10.

  77. OrcinisOrca

    I thought this was Foo Fighters. Both bands over rated. Rolling Stone said he was one of the best 100 guitarists. But this song sucks.

    Adam Hovey

    OrcinisOrca dude the song doesn't suck your taste in music sucks

  78. Koettnylle

    Murph really slays the drums at 1:11

    Greg Lopes

    Lol, like "wtf am doing here, I wanna play it live" hah

    Dinosaur Jr.

    This is one of the funniest comments I've ever seen xD

    Steamed Aurora Borealis

    He's really taking his anger out on them. Dude needs to calm down.

  79. flopimus

    Awesome! Is that the Bullpup from the "Whatever's cool with me" cover?


    I believe that dog has passed, considering that album was released like 25 years ago. RIP doggy.

  80. jon yeldino

    These guys are a bit like early foo fighters

    Adam Hovey

    jon yeldino dude other way around Dinosaur Jr has been around a hell of a lot longer than foo fighters

  81. Vinicius Kiyoshi Oshiro

    Static X Destroyer?

  82. Christophe D.

    Boring... since Bug, at best !

  83. Rodrigo Cantalejo

    One of the worst videoclips that i see in my life.... the voice its out of the music.....

  84. Cha&No

    SO. I bought a random patch in an antique store for 1$ with Dinosaur Jr. written on it. I just typed in the name and found you guys! Your great and I guess I have to listen to you to "have the right" to put it on a shirt... So here I am

  85. Enrico Pastore

    shyness is niiice and shyness can stop youuuu ...ops wrong song

  86. dean willetts

    I love dino jr. So glad they are back 😃

  87. Adam Hovey

    Dinosaur Jr is one of the few bands that are still around that I have found that has been consistently good. that's never translated to Commercial Success even though they are well-known, and I can't think of any major Awards they have one but that just goes to show you talent really is better than popularity. people are telling me that rock music is dead I don't hear it

    roger rogerson

    More influential than successful. But he has his own signature guitar. I know, i got it

  88. rustinpieces

    Can't wait for the subsequent tour. Hope I catch them again! Even though this isn't way up there with their very best, it sounds like Dinosaur Jr. and that's what matters.

  89. Michele Anderson


  90. Jodok Pedersen

    Where's the drums? Have they forgotten how to record good sound?

  91. Jay Clark

    Dinosaur Jr. Puts out another masterpiece. They don't know how to make bad music. They are so underrated

  92. dbsound88

    he has a great guitar. Yeah J Cool guitar!

  93. ollie murphy

    everything about this video is perfect

  94. Richard Albert Henderson

    I thought I was hearing a cover of Dancing In The Street at first.......

  95. Gil Orms

    jeez file under Generic Rock. I've heard this same song a thousand times before by a thousand different bands, none of which I remember

    Adam Hovey

    Gil Orms geez you're an idiot. you do realize that those bands you've heard playing this song were because this band exists right? no of course not because you don't have any sense of music history whatsoever so you don't understand Dinosaur Jr is influence on alternative rock and rock music in general because you are not a music historian neither am I but I still understand that I still know why it's important I'm not here to complain about a video I don't like because I'm not a moron

  96. Chris Walker

    The new album is SICK

  97. morgan owen-rees

    this band sounded like the foo fighters before the foo fighter sounded like the foo fighters

    Adam Hovey

    morgan owen-rees I really don't see a comparison between dinosaur jr. and Foo Fighters maybe some of the Foo Fighters newest song since I haven't really listened to them since what was the one after the colour and the shape? Yeah that one


    Adam Hovey the song "Oh George" off of the Foo debut album has a dinosaur kinda vibe to it