Dinosaur Jr. - Thumb Lyrics

There never really is a good time
There's always nothing much to say
Pretty good, not doing that fine
Getting up most every day
Steppin' out, I tried to fix it
Pulled a thumb out of that hole
Give me ingredients, I'll mix it
How can you move without a goal
There never really is a good time
There's always nothing much to say
Pretty good, not doing that fine
Getting up most every day
An excuse is all you're in for
The abuse is all you crave
Sure you know just what is in store
Wait and see if I'll behave
There never really is a good time
There's always nothing much to say
Pretty good, not doing that fine
Getting up most every day
There's a time, just let me know now
When it's with you I'll be glad
That I was right there just to show you
At least it's more than what you had
There never really is a good time
There never really is a good time
There's always nothing much to say
Pretty good, not doing that fine
Getting up most every day

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Dinosaur Jr. Thumb Comments
  1. Jim Tem


  2. Doug Surdel

    I can’t believe that there are few that dislike this
    This is absolutely j at his most charismatic best
    Live in concert today?. Uhm?. No

  3. Mike Mcintosh

    Ah the days before locking tuners :)

  4. Merdith Roach

    Fuck yeah. Never gets old.

  5. incircles1975

    One of, if not THE all time most underrated guitarist and musician of all time. Nobody can make such a structured and beautiful musical car crash like J Mascis. His solos are perfection and give me the same chills today as when I was in high school. Thank you!!

  6. Mary Ellen Leach


  7. TheBoi353

    GODLIKE 7/10/19:

  8. Michael Cruz

    Q merda lembrei da minha ex.

  9. joeyrogerson83

    This sounds so much better than the album version.

  10. Finy Music

    Cousin Itt at it's best <3

  11. Jack Burton

    No flute 0/10

  12. Ella Lucy

    this MTV session is unfuckwithable. If only it were longer, right?

  13. TX ZZ

    Murph’s snare drum

  14. Andrew Fallon

    Murph is a criminally underrated drummer.

  15. Bloodwork Studios

    These guys suck

  16. Brian K

    Why is one of the dudes from the Replacements playing in Dinosaur Jr?

  17. Epitaphforyesterday

    so raw

  18. F Z

    Murph’s double kick is so sick

  19. nigeldpablo

    Getting up most everyday......there never is a good time....dude these lyrics are such amazing honesty.....way more heavy then slayer or hum...just a honest dude trying to be part of this weird world we all are a part of. such honesty....this is such a slap in the face of truth....I am thankful He never gave up. Such feels straight to the soul....

  20. Lauren Bentley

    This makes me sooooooooo happy. Best memories from the old days

  21. Twelvexes

    Just so damn good. Such great memories.

  22. anthonyrules90210

    Mike Johnson is so bad ass in this!

  23. JGS

    Oh, shit. They're on fire! The rhythm section is killing it - so tight.

  24. Cody McGrew

    The first time I heard this drumbeat, I became so enamored with it.. and this song. I was so obsessed, I wouldn’t turn it off until I had the beat memorized. I can just put this song on repeat and sink into relaxation. Best live version by far.

  25. T.K. Ly

    I love Sebadoh/Lou Barlow but I must admit Dinosaur Jr was better with Mike Johnson on bass.

  26. TX ZZ

    There never really is a good time

  27. Sammy Sue

    Lou Lou Lou Lou

  28. Jason Betcher

    J is a fucking god here....

  29. Killing Moon

    That glide to the mic

  30. J Cass

    Can anyone tab me the little hammer/pull off fill at 5:18 ?? Much appreciated

  31. R_C_Davies

    Back when Jay's stacks would knock the breath out of you for an hour and the door prize was being near stone deaf for a week after.

    Andrew Fallon

    That's still a thing. I saw them two years ago and I don't think my hearing has ever been the same.


    @Andrew Fallon Nonetheless -- back in the '90s they were exponentially louder than they are now. J & the Fog too. On the other hand, their shows these days tend to sound better because they're not as loud.

  32. Cam Carrithers

    Is Murph playing with pool sticks?

  33. Jason Litherland

    Not a big fan but I can see how he nineties would have eaten this shit up like crazy haha it’s like everything 90s in one band

  34. Not One

    J Mascis really loves playing this song you can just tell. My favorite Dino jr song EVER!!!

  35. Lucas F

    This live version is so good. God i wish those guys come to play in my town.

  36. Dawson Nichols

    Ahhh the moment when J hits the distortion takes me head off everytime.

  37. Mark Olivas

    still cool over 20 years later.

  38. Ghair Michaud


  39. D Rago

    Reminds me of Toy Machine's Good and Evil

  40. Seemöve Projekt


  41. bluesdjben

    This is so cool. I had no idea how good J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr were before I did research for my list of the 100 best guitarists of all time, but they ended up being one of my favorite discoveries. By the way, if anyone knows where I can get an XL Whatever's Cool With Me t-shirt, I would love to have one. I ended up ranking Mascis #59 on my list: http://bluesdjben.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-100-best-guitarists-of-all-time_10.html


    I checked out your list. Not gonna comment on order, or anything, since it's your list,and opinions, but I just wanted to maybe add a few guitarists that you might like that I didn't see on it. Billy Corgan/James Iha(Smashing Pumpkins), Kevin Shields(My Bloody Valentine), Carrie Brownstein(Sleater-Kinney), Mike McCready(Pearl Jam). Not all shredders, but pretty cool in their own ways.

  42. Mary Ellen Leach

    Mine and my husband's song. We were 15 and this and Muck off of Green Mind was our shit...still together...93-17...J . MAS is our hero.

  43. Huelogy

    he makes that guitar scream like a little girl

  44. ND K

    1. Keith Moon 2. Jaki Leibezeit 3. Murph

  45. dourtan

    Sonic BOOM!

  46. Carlo Marchiori

    great performance

  47. Elio Quintanilla Grandez

    what happened with this man? just look this video, he was so intense playing the guitar and now he hates everything

  48. phase

    henry Rollings at bass?

  49. Jeffrey Sykes

    Seven people don't know just what is in store.

  50. Sammy Sue

    Love every thing about this. So damn good But have to say... Murph steals the show Magic feet

  51. atwoodvscondor

    I'm pretty sure this is from early 1993. I remember watching this on Sunday March 14, 1993. I had a massive stomach pain - massive - and 12 hours later was having my appendix out. I was 19. Another great session on 120 Minutes.

    Nomad 17

    What was it like being a teen in the early 90s? Was it as amazing as they say it was?

    Chris YTFC

    It sucked, because being a teenager always sucks, but the music was great!

  52. Butt Hole

    I started every single morning of high school with this song blasting through my headphones. One of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands. <3


    really one of the best ever - i wann go karaoke with it now!

    tony salas

    me too im a senior right now😁😁😁


    Same here haha. For a brief time in my senior year I would always blast the whole Green Mind album in my car on my way to school.


    Senior year '90-91 I played "The Wagon", and Ride's "Vaportrail" every morning. Both taped off WFNX. If I hit rewind as soon as I started my car, I'd get through both songs just as I arrived at school.



  53. MEL29

    Thank you! Great show at The Orange Peel!!!😉

  54. Kailash

    great bass on this, he was a good bassist

    Sky Studios

    Yeah Mike Johnson, wish he had never left. Different, but also better than Lou in my opinion.

    Dude Dude

    No way.. total opinion, however Lou is much more dynamic in his playing. Johnson is amazing however, he hits those notes with some authority. Better though?...Nah... Just different.


    Mike has a really great solo discography. A voice deeper than a bottomless pit. Bandcamp will sort you out.

  55. minus one girl

    although I prefer dinosaur with lou in it, I have to say that this is a tremendous video.   j and murph are truly throwing it down especially j.  he hasn't moved around that much in a quite a while.....

    Kyle M

    Watch him covering "School" with Nirvana, he gets super into it :)

    Moon Antarctica

    Appreciate the lou qualification ✌️

  56. Sammy Sue

    all hail the Murph! What a great tune. all of them at the peak of their game So damn good

  57. Prometheus L. Williams

    Murph is incredible!

    minus one girl

    couldn't agree more and j is no slouch either on the skins as you know.

    Sean Ismail

    Murph was taught by J who originally played drums when forming Dinosaur after their early days in Deep Wound.

  58. Double2Neck

    Miss 120 Minutes...D Jr. made it that much better!!

  59. ryan ries

    This is it, my absolute favorite YouTube vid.

    Mary Ellen Leach

    ryan ries I'm kinda in love with you

    Kristie Mcconathy

    Same here

  60. monaurallab

    Amazing performance...

  61. RyDawg084

    Love the drumming in this tune...

    Sammy Sue


  62. David Philips

    Ah man I remember when this was on TV. I recorded it on VHS and watched it over and over. I am always grateful to have been around at this time, and to have been the age I was, just starting to play guitar and be in bands. I also remember when Pearl Jam came on MTV and just blew my mind an changed my life. Fuckin amazing time to be young. I feel sorry for kids now days.

    minus one girl

    are you serious about pearl jam?  I will keep all other thoughts about that time in music to myself....

    Slotter Dawg

    Good idea, no one's interested.

    minus one girl

    I was just considering all the incredible bands from a half a decade earlier like husker du, dinosaur, minutemen, etc. who didn't receive the attention they deserved and could barely make it from show to show.  whereas, as a result of the grunge scene, bands like pearl jam who were musically inferior in the eyes of many independent music fans seemingly hit the scene with relative ease.  also,  many of the bands from this era including nirvana caused underground music to become mainstream.  so, I don't think that was such a harmful thing to say. I apologize for the slight dis on pearl jam....  each to their own.  take care all

    johnny potseed

    Great point! When you started naming bands off I thought you were going through my record collection.

  63. christco120

    Murph is dressed like he just spent the day laying tile or carpet or something.

    J R

    +christco120 He looks like he just finished his shift at the Sunoco and got to the studio just in time.


    He laid the foundation of this performance :D

  64. Huelogy

    love all the noise

    R B

    Huelogy love ur picture. Best band ever


    Reid Betten hey pizza huts good too

  65. rolla coasta

    just the best song ever

  66. Brian McCoy

    i wish he'[d show his face alot more....

  67. merging bondra

    Meant the ones who disliked

  68. merging bondra

    who are the 6 dickheads?

  69. Facundo Zalazar

    Max Headroom on bass!


    Facundo Zalazar lol totally


    Hahaha nailed it

  70. FlirtGossip

    love that fast double kicking part


    +Snatco Me Too


    +Snatco absolutely

  71. mr matte

    Thanks smoofest. I never did get around to looking at that.

  72. Millennial Smark

    Weird, he looks like a young Tiny Tim.

  73. Badoocee

    Too Damn cool.

  74. mr matte

    Very small complaint/observation: Murph is playing more like a metronome here, instead of playing along with J. The timing. If you listen to the studio version you'll hear how the drums "wait" for the guitar and bass, but here they are just plowing forward with or without the rest... And more than likely it could be due to the fact that J was doing the drumming on the album track. Maybe. I will have to check and see. Regardless, these guys are soooo good

    mr matte

    Thanks Smoo

    Mary Ellen Leach

    mr matte holy fuck. YES. Well played sir!!

    T.K. Ly

    mr matte keep up the good work.

  75. J Smith

    OMG!!! This is too much....1D could learn a thing or 2

  76. DJ Yogurt

    Live version is better than studio recording

    Amanda Westfall

    Agreed! So good.

    Moda Mont

    @DJ Yogurt def way cooler awesome

    Richard G

    I feel that way about that entire album.

  77. KneedleKnees

    this is how electric guitar should be played: sloppy as fuck but emotive as hell.

    Mary Ellen Leach

    KneedleKnees well said sir.

    TX ZZ

    KneedleKnees sloppy lol no brilliant


    that´s exactly fucking right

  78. Amanda Westfall

    Working on an audit and it's mind numbing. Was listening to Green Mind and Thumb is playing. I put the pen down and closed my eyes and thought what a fucking perfect piece of music if ever I heard...

    johnny potseed

    Green Mind is one of my personal favorite DJ songs EFFIN Brilliant


    Doing the same thing right now at work. This is great.

    Jason Betcher

    I would marry you.

  79. Flipper1974nz

    Awesome awesome awesome !!!

  80. Nico Valenti Gatto

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  81. Jim McIlwham

    Holy crap, I thought the "Whatever's Cool With Me" was the best live version but this is excellent.  Thanks for posting.

  82. Riza31417

    They are so cool....

  83. WhoahVal

    I wish they actually did play for '120 minutes.' I could have taken another 116 of that solo.

  84. mr matte


  85. Brent Lohr

    Gawd. 7:21 of pure perfection.

  86. Jacko Reaper

    gotta love 90s music. it wasnt too much rap wasnt too much pop wasnt to much country every genre was balanced

  87. THE VX

    fucking-A, bad-ass guitar work! I forgot how much ass he kicked on guitar.....

    Jackson Page

    How could you? I think about it every day...

  88. THE VX

    1994.....back when MTV used to play music.


    Honestly MTV always sucked. Dead Kennedys had the song "MTV Get Off The Air" back in 85. It was never actually good or even acceptable, it was just all we had.


    They still air music, just not as often. And honestly, on the whole they've always kind of sucked. They capitalized on visual aspects music and helped make it more of a commodity. Big whoop

    Mary Ellen Leach


    CCG Bass and More

    haha yeah, now its replaced with something better


    +CCG Bass and More ???

  89. J Hill

    Dat tone!

  90. MEL29

    Mine and my husband's first song )since 1993). Never got the chance to see you since we are in the Southeast. We are married now over 8 years now… And this is still our song! Thank you J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr!! Much love and blessings upon you all and your fans and families!

    Millennial Smark

    MEL29 Damn, Dinosaur Jr. is your special song? Christ, that's so badass.


    MEL29 what’s the song about? Is that what makes it special to you and your husband. Just wondering, hearing song for first time.

  91. monaurallab

    Best solo

  92. Joel Rodriguez

    I wouldnt say that, I'd say best sound for sure. The reason I say that is because J carried this lineup. Lou is a better bassist in my opinion but you can clearly hear J covering up for this bassist, as for Murph here I have no issue other than he just seems angry but it works anyway.

  93. Santo Cristo

    Yeah! Mike Johnson did so good to the Dino's Music. He recorded the whole "Where You Been", IMHO, their masterpiece.

  94. Carlo Von Sexron

    Who hates Mike Johnson? That guy's the shit! The drummer after Murph though, meh...

    Mh Collage

    Agreed! Mike Johnson rocked on three super important Dinosaur Jr albums that helped to solidifiy the Dino Legacy! He could play 1,000 more notes than Lou as well as rival J on the guitar. Mike Johnson was a tasteful player and you could hear his notes during each song. His solo albums are impressive as well!

    Mh Collage

    Hand It Over, Where You Been, Without A Sound!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Carlo Von Sexron

    Murph seems to enjoy his double-bass pedal here... lol.

  96. Alex D'Ambrosio

    I love how at the end J is beating the crap out of his guitar then at 7:19 he's like "Alright, that's good."
    Great song. Good song to jam to as well, I never realized that.

  97. frankenzion0001

    Their amps all go to 11.