Dinosaur Jr. - Pierce The Morning Rain Lyrics

Tried the morning rain, it tastes the same
But I don't blame the split
Pulled one over but I stole her fair and square
You must admit

Pierced the morning rain
My eyes again
She can't go if I don't know I'm goin' in

Had a look around, I scoured the town
And I refused to quit
Causing quite a stir all over her
Our bed, you must admit

Pierce the morning rain
I'm free again
Others woulda split
I stuck to you, my friend

I won't abide
I'll bet on sky to get me through this life

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Dinosaur Jr. Pierce The Morning Rain Comments
  1. Doctor Skull

    Sounds like Husker Du.

  2. Dead Scene Gitz

    Is this the guys who played a Serial killer in criminal intent? Think he was a doctor and killed women with another one

  3. Dean Corrll

    Why is Henry Rollins beating the shit out of that dude?!?

  4. nezuminokifujin

    My favorite music video.

  5. tricia warden

    love this

  6. The SickNeeds

    This reminds me of 3rd Bass...in a good way.

  7. Fenris

    Henry my man!


    What were they smoking haha. Somehow the video works though lol.

  9. Paktric

    *When you realize the hallucinations are from the exhaust gases.*

  10. Jason Clark

    Tim Heidecker is a good friend of the bands

  11. Replicant-Will

    The main riff sounds like Scentless Apprentice

  12. projectno5

    a wild henry appeared.

  13. Dumpster Porn

    I like how the pain from the volume manifests itself as Henry Rollins.

  14. Juan Mata

    fuck Henry Rollins we love you punk!!!!

  15. C S

    I bet on sky to get me thru this!

  16. Graham Kristensen

    Where can I get sub-woofers that make me feel like I'm being punched by Henry Rollins?

  17. Arkantos

    Music IS Power

  18. Lon Old Sun

    i love bamford

  19. Mike Watkinson

    2:59 that sexy maria bamford dance lmfaoo

  20. Maximus Wolfe

    Fuck Henry Rollins

  21. Jacob Morgan

    Oh hey its rollins, rise above dude

    Reverand Dave

    And Maria Bamford

    Ki Radkins

    And James Urbaniak

  22. Hyperslow

    Dude I love this fucking song. Also this video and the last one "watch the corners" are are dealing with some pretty close issues to me being a 35 year old man with kids and shit. I clapped out loud when dad took his daughters pain out on the jackasses workplace.

  23. TheSporehacker

    Great song, great band.

  24. Chad Imrie

    This is the 3rd Dinosaur Jr song I've heard and now I'm hooked it kinda sounds like old Foo Fighters mixed with Lagwagon it's great

    Jackson Page

    Dig deep, they don't have a bad album in my opinion. Listen to Farm if you haven't yet.

    derk ramone

    McChudThe2nd exactly!!!

    scott upton

    @Jackson Page hand it over was pretty bad.. but other than that your assessment is spot on

    Robertson Druery

    You mean, the Foo Fighters sound like them.

  25. Rafaela Rijo


  26. Kᶦᶫᶫᵉʳᵃᶰᵈᵘᶰᵈᵉʳᵗᵃᵏᵉʳ

    Henry Rollins Maria Bamford Great video .

  27. Twisted Transistor


  28. brian scott

    Rollins did a gig with DJ as a groupie. Check it out on KEXP. Over the top performance with Henry letting us know just how much he loves these guys


    +brian scott He toured with them too a few years back, opening their shows with interview questions for the band. It was pretty neat to see.

  29. Aethyr


  30. Oliver Frey

    Best Vid ever!

  31. Mixalis Dakos

    nice video clip :) 

  32. JoJo McJoJo

    Henry Rollins cameo was an unexpected treat.

  33. Pútrido incandescente

    A henry rollins hallucination !!!

  34. Riadh Krir

    So is the moment with rollins with the red background is a reference to the song "Low Self Opinion" by Rollins Band?

  35. rise_zero

    For a second I expected to see Henry Rollins fighting a dog.

    Cèsar Zuñiga


    It's genius

    Chris Mitchell

    That I could actually see happen.

  36. Pascal Jault


  37. Carlo Marchiori

    Dj music totally uninteresting these days



  38. Carlo Marchiori

    Dj music totally uninteresting these days


    I think it's better... especially with all of the band back.

  39. italianets75

    Генри Роллинз - Cool !

  40. syntaxerror2341

    Henry Rollins is ready for some BUSINESS

  41. dougthealligator

    Because subwoofers feel like getting beat up by henry rollins

  42. Papersunflowerband

    GREAT! If you want visit our channel and subscribe! We are an indie rock band from Italy. Thanks! :)

  43. Sir Alex Ferguson


    Valson Pereira


  44. 〈MYWAR〉

    This is great!

  45. thewoolycontacts

    Shut the fuck up marionetemanj. Its people like you that cause a lot of fuckin problems in the world. Keep your own "truths" to yourself

  46. J Pittmon

    Maria Bamford???!!!

  47. djmined

    great video , not one of my favorite songs by them though...

  48. dmorin74

    This video is god damn GREAT!

  49. Martin Spud

    I don't get it. Music will make you young again and your frigid wife will bang you? Is that the gist?

  50. serbdetritus182

    Dafuq did I just see?!

    I love this song, but this video is...
    Oh well, at least Henry is still awesome.

  51. M Fillmore

    I cam here for Maria Bamford and left after seeing her.

  52. sonetlumiere12345678

    I did not expect that video. So much glorious wtf.

  53. Hootyhaha Hootyhaha

    That video got funnier and funnier as it went on. Dinosur Jr. always has great videos. If you loved this one you should share it all over the place, see if we can get this video in the million mark. PLUS, this song just rocks. I love all the songs off this album, but this one is at the top of my personal list for this album. Makes me smile each time I listen to it.

  54. Lumbre


  55. Plokoonsc2

    came from new noise :p

  56. MrBigSkizz

    maria bamford sighting ...

  57. Luke Moran

    bums up for the slammer!

  58. Eduardo Godoy

    é muito loko Dinosaur Jr. não?

    Allison Nascimento

    Eduardo Godoy Realmente uma banda muito boa. A conheci em 2012 e não consigo parar de ouvir desde então.

  59. brandon ferrazzi

    buffalo bills

  60. brandon ferrazzi

    buffalo bills

  61. Rodrigo Avila

    yes, that's cool in Brazil and over all the worlds.
    Thanx to exist Dinosaurs.

  62. Merry Joy Lee

    I wish Henry Rollins would smash my face in.. :(

  63. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri


  64. Yabbablabba

    thumbs up for the bammer!

  65. Tony Delaney

    Henry fuckin Rollins!!!!

  66. Jacques Perrod

    Love it ! Funny & well done , good actors ... & Henry Rollins as the punishment itself !
    I'll share it on my blog :

  67. Zackathor 5000

    Maria Bamford! love her.

  68. Matchin' Punchies

    and FINALLY in this album the mixing`n stuff sounds great!!!

  69. Santo Cristo

    I like the part when Henry Rollins misstreat that guy. Hehe.

  70. Trystan Williams

    Henry Rollins should be in every music video.

  71. Countess Boochie Flagrante

    I am so fucking confused.
    AMAZING anyway.

  72. Seamus Slattery

    Green Man!

  73. Titania85

    Holy shit. J, Urbaniak, Bamford, Rollins. In one place.
    It's just too much awesome.

  74. Michael Scott

    Henry Fucking Rollins

  75. wellobliviously

    I find this video misfitting to a song with no bass at all.

  76. spaziani42

    Holy crap, Maria Bamford.

  77. Angelinterceptor78

    Great band,they were quality live last nite in Leeds

  78. jennathephotog

    A black pug? Henry Rollins? Dino Jr? *swoon*

  79. osirisslee

    That's a cool music video guys! Sorry your guitar got stolen at the wow hall. That was awesome show though. Don't let that experience stop you from playing at the wow hall. Its actually a really cool venue. Shit just happens sometimes :/

  80. decadepast decadepast

    Dear god it's Hank!

  81. Party Bot

    I have Bell's palsy!

  82. Speedy Speedboat

    I have this on my starred playlist on spotify, but the video for it just adds so much more.

  83. lbr218

    Maria Bamford is the greatest person alive.

  84. Mikey Phillips

    hahahaha fucking hell.

  85. Daniel Winter

    Sceptical first world guy.

  86. B Tarrrrr

    It's the cat lady from Tim and Eric! I think J Mascis is a bit of a fan :)

  87. Messofanego

    and Maria Bamford!

  88. Messofanego

    Hey, it's the guy who played Robert Crumb!

  89. Leonardo Miranda

    Melhor Banda do Mundo!

  90. recite the plan


  91. afrobassFI

    I dig your enthusiasm, but unforchantly they don't sell 90% of the stuff shown in our vehicles in Local Audio Stores, let alone Auto zone. :-)

  92. Gabe Newell

    Dinosaur Jr. is Henry Rollins' favorite band, they do stuff together all the time.

  93. Earl Lemongrab

    If we destroy all record companies and the entire industry, who's going to finance such awesome videos. BRB gotta buy some albums.

  94. BradTheProducer

    I just got a Rusty Venture.

  95. Ryan W


  96. Price8741

    Hello J Mascis i would like to say what the fuck/
    but good song though/
    Henry rollins?