Dinosaur Jr. - Pick Me Up Lyrics

Later on
I will find you
Not too strong
Not inspired

I've been holding off so long
Can't admit that I was wrong
I've been stung when I've been weak
In the end I disappear

But I've gone
All along

Pick me up
Cut me out
Tie me up
You're still smiling

I've been wasting all these years
Still you haven't disappeared
I've been lifted I've been poor
And I don't think I belong

Am I wrong?
All along

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

Can't hold on
Well I smile
Could I reach you
All the while

I can't stop
It's always been
Awfully useless
You just smile and

Can I scream
Am I hurt
I still miss you
I still burn

Can I bend
To your will
Know I need to
Have to learn

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Dinosaur Jr. Pick Me Up Comments
  1. Levi Guise

    God i fucking love it. What a solo

  2. Alex Hamilton

    ❤️🤘 fuck yeah!

  3. Levi Guise

    Every guitar solo says something. What does this solo say to you guys?

  4. Levi Guise

    Such a great song some people dont even know exists. The guitar work is extraordinary. Keep on rockin

  5. Barry O Donnell

    Whoever dislikes this should be shot!

  6. 志保斉藤


  7. nesfan8

    3:35 to skip the intro

    LOving sOUL

    I always do that; just did it! 😄

    Ardeth Bay

    Please don't do that, you'll mss the awesome 2:44 - 3:35 part.

  8. Professor Frond

    Have to learn.

  9. Wes Ellis

    I love the whole song, but I could listen to that breakdown and solo all day

  10. Levi Guise

    this song fucking rocks

  11. Kim Wexler

    here guys, if you love tasty rock try Mew trust me.

  12. Kim Wexler

    we played this in tech (college) because we were grouped together regardless of taste. we all absolutely loved it.

    Kim Wexler

    Even the metalheads.


    Of course the metalheads would love this song, it might be alternative rock but it's metal AF. J Mascuis is a big metal fan, and the influence is apparent more in this song than any of his others with Dinosaur Jr (he also plays in a metal band, though he drums rather than plays guitar). I'm getting the impression you don't know metal music very well.

  13. darthmon26

    I feel like this song should have been on farm

  14. Johny O'blivion

    This has been my favorite band for 20 years. Who fucked the lyrics up? Tee-hee

  15. すみっコのリキ

    epic solo

  16. ganondorfchampin


    This is way better than fucking Eruption, and the vocals are great, it's their lethargy that's compelling.


    spot on.  they're so firmly rooted or grounded, too.  It's just so damn good!

  17. Rikki Tikki Tembo

    God damn I love this band.


    im gonna shit in your mouth

    Twisted Transistor

    @PLUGZS God damn I love this band. <3


    @Twisted Transistor
    why are you telling me this?

    Twisted Transistor

    cuz it's true :3


    Yeah, me too.  It really is amazing how good this music is 

  18. Rikki Tikki Tembo

    Considering that Pearl Jam has a new album, you're not exactly correct when you say that Eddie Vedder is the former lead singer of Pearl Jam.

  19. Darryl Cherry

    No he does not

  20. Han Daimond

    The most memorable riff for me is the one that repeats at 0:50

  21. sean devine

    I discovered Dinosaur Jr. by watching mtv's true life ''i have OCD''. one of the people in the doc was wearing a dinosaur jr t'shirt. I read it and thougt hey wonder what they sound like thank god there great!

  22. Scotty Two-Socks

    Love that solo at 3:37, i get the strangest feeling when it drops.

  23. portounido

    Really nice, still reminde me Pearl Jam, even the voice, sounds very much like Eddie Vedder , former vocalist.

  24. Andrew Louden

    i've only started listening to them within the past two years, and they are one of my favorites by far

  25. mvpsarah

    Am I the only one who cries a little when that freaking AMAZING solo by J Mascis has to end... just wow... nuff said

  26. wabbitZHD


  27. eagles665

    Can't turn this up loud enough!

  28. hockey225826

    I personally don't think so, especially if you listen to their older albums mascis has a very distinct voice

  29. andy

    " I feel useless, you just smile
    Can i scream? am i hurt?
    I still miss you, I still burn
    Can i bend to your will? "

    The whole song is just beautiful, the lyrics are somewhat simple yet so deep

  30. njestyle


  31. Capnsensible80


    Close, my friend but it's Boston who is over-rated. Dinosaur Jr never even got any recognition in the 90s, let alone these days. Besides, a solo doesn't define the song.

  32. Capnsensible80

    The amount of epic solos J Mascis has produced is mind blowing. Love Dinosaur Jr and Mascis :D

  33. Oppie Pesada

    there are so amazing songs out there that we dont know, Im happy Im discoverying them often, like this pearl.

  34. Angelina BJesana

    I adore this song........

  35. SalientBen

    @hughtub it's probably because he's using inferior Jewish strings, rather than the strung out blond moustache hair of a 7ft tall, product of eugenics hausfrau.

  36. Peter Kerr

    hold onnn

  37. hughtub

    Overrated. Give me Boston's Hitch A Ride guitar solo over this any day.


    lol Boston. Most overrated band in the history of classic rock.

  38. Matthew Deweese


    BigMuff was invented in the late 60s.

  39. dios bananos

    @halifuckinfan i'd probably agree. the only problem i have with Where You Been? is that it sounds a little 'tame' on the distortion front. 'Farm' has a nice thick wall of guitars that greatly appeals to me, without skimping on the melody or tunes.

    overall, i can't think of a band that has made a more successful 'comeback 'than Dinosaur Jnr. Their output now is just as good as it ever was. their sound is timeless.

  40. silentconman

    I'll blaspheme and say that Beyond and Farm were better than just about any other Dinosaur Jr. record (Short of Bug and Where You Been? but not by much)

  41. Leonardo Leanoardo

    @DigitalDogParty he uses a big muff for all of his songs

  42. cripescate

    This song is what i look for in rock music. I love it.

  43. revolversand

    this is the kind of things that makes rock music so uniquee "Guitaaar soloooooo's"

  44. jeandepaul

    Fuzzy fuzz. By the Fuzzy fuzz pedal company

  45. Nunberry

    The song's not bad but that solo is absolutely superb. And I mean "Start Choppin'" superb.

  46. robberonbrent

    Great f*****g band

  47. DajuiceMain

    This solo is something sick as fuck

  48. ForestTheAmorous

    definitely they are awesome

  49. Zachary Dominguez

    This WHOLE band is outstanding!

  50. Matt Jackson


    lol why did this get negatived

  51. AJ Ball

    You know nothing

  52. jeandepaul

    Oh dear. I am sad. Why has it taken me so long to discover this incredible band?
    They are like a breath of fresh air in this stagnant pool of indie and emo.

  53. Madalene garcia marin

    i <3 dj

  54. Scooter Long

    Its pretty bad that people will come to a video on youtube just to talk shit about it.

  55. Slow

    Can't wait.

  56. Jason Spangenberg

    this songs kicks ass!! cant wait to jam that solo on rock band

  57. Jason Spangenberg

    come on feel the pain rocked in the 2nd half with the solo at least

  58. SwordFish95

    this. is. aMaZING!!!

  59. J0hnny0hm

    after hearing "Feel The Pain" I was not expecting Dinosaur Jr. to have a song that sounded this good.

    dunno if I'll buy it for Rock Band, but this is a pretty good song.

  60. Afireinside912

    How can you say it's the best solo ever?.. Not really... you can't compare this to Eruption whatsoever.

    and the vocals suck.


    Eruption is fucking awful, the most overrated solo in existence. It's just a bunch of random notes with no feeling. Even an average solo is better, let alone a spectacular one like the one here. You have shittiest taste in the world.

  61. Cláudio Ramos

    Really good song. I was searching for the musics that will be available for RockBand and this is a masterpiece!!!

    A must buy, for sure!

  62. nanowerx

    Never heard this before and was just blown away. Great song and easily one of the better solos I have ever heard. Can't wait to play it in Rock Band next week.

  63. Nathan Ayoubi

    dino jr can rip

  64. RollinX151

    Rock Band DLC 9/15

  65. kingap1

    an absoutely amazing song, love the drumming

    Simon Drolet

    The one and only MURPH🙌

  66. agenorski

    i love this song. such a soulfull solo

  67. wiz1027

    wow... that is one sick guitar solo...

  68. belfastperi

    insane riff

  69. KasperThue

    Sick solo