Dinosaur Jr. - Ocean In The Way Lyrics

Said there's an ocean and I'm in your way
I'd like to go soon we'll shine through your lake [?]
I need to feel it, you don't need a thing
Got tons to feel, what else should I bring
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma

Said there's a panic that I can't describe
I need that something I see in your eye
Just wanna lay down when I cannot deal
Pick me back up, give me something to feel
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma

I've been out lookin' for somewhere to hide
There's been a mix up somewhere deep inside
I feel the ocean inside of your heart
Just takes a doubt to come smash it apart

Come on down, got some work to do while I'm around
Come on down, got some work to do while I'm around
Come on down, come on down

Said there's an ocean inside of my mind
It's all so murky, the truth's hard to find
When the time gets here, you'll vouch you in
It'd be a shame to start over again
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma

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Dinosaur Jr. Ocean In The Way Comments
  1. Patrick McManus

    This and “Get Me” are my jams!

  2. John Random

    This is the first song that got me into loving this band for the rest of my days

  3. Charlie Watt

    radiohead the bends ?

    Pertti Simpson

    Karma police = Sexy sadie (The Beatles)
    Creep = The air that I breathe (The Hollies)

  4. nos somos Flor de carolina


  5. Brendan McDonald

    awesome band and album. my guitarist turned me onto these guys. suggested we cover this song, and now I listen to these guys non stop. fucking awesome

  6. mario4prez

    reminds me of neil youngs powderfinger

  7. Andrew Holder

    Def one of my fav songs by them!

  8. F. Hawk

    Awesome album cover isn't it. So happy to see this band having waited over a decade to catch them.

    Try an album called Medicate the Howls by Lucid Rivers.

  9. Nicky GMP_3

    This is the type of song where not only the lyrics speak to you

  10. Black Vinyl BR

    Love this song and this album and this Rockband!

  11. GetUAClue

    I'm not worried about the amount of views because Justin Bieber's "Baby" has over a billion views which is indicative of how diluted music has become and you have to search deep to find music with profound substance.

  12. Douglas Dexter

    Album genial !!!!

  13. Eric Saunders

    Love this song and the album cover

  14. backyardbeachbum

    if i lived in a country where everyone loved dinosaur jr i think that would be the best country on earth


    I wish I could give you 1 million thumbs up. Truer words have never been said. I wish I could meet even a couple of people with this appreciation, other than the 2 friends from college (U of Iowa) who liked them too, who I lost contact with. Probably should get on Facebook

  15. FarmerDoom

    As should everyone.

  16. It Must Be RoofCake

    what a great album

  17. MoonBearBush

    I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP WITH MY FRIENDS! hehe on a serious note such a epic band.

  18. cristian diaz

    I really like this band!!!!

  19. plainmuffins

    you should listen to Said the people by Dinosaur Jr... Every time i listen to it it takes my breath away.

  20. BEATmyguest31

    fucking epic band!!! do not let the number of views deceive u THIS IS GOOD MUSIC

  21. J Rice

    @zolevokpk lol

  22. Austin Funk

    J. Mascis fucking kills it.

  23. Albert Jiang

    @firemusic82 man I was at a record store two years ago, and I saw this record. I had no idea who dinosaur Jr. was but I thought the cover was awesome. shouldve just picked it up!

  24. zolevokpk

    @NchTrovert Someone seems to be mad without a reason. C'mon gimme a hug.

  25. Samir Dathi

    I love the tones of the guitars in this album. Great production.

  26. MrMentllet

    @billyhyu never thought of that... maybe

  27. zolevokpk

    I like the fact that the song is 4:20 long

    Jack Burton

    J is actually blazingly straight edge

  28. thychaos

    @MrHello435222 lol are you kidding me? im not dissing the band, but theyre far from the greatest guitarists alive.

  29. 74cknight

    @VitoDiBeasi Ebay has the rare ones every once in awhile.I got a 91 green mind tour shirt alien peering thru window shirt there.very rare.

  30. Edsded

    1 justin beiber fan sucks enough to dislike, bah ram you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. frost heaves

    Just bought this record. Can't seem to stop listening to this particular song. Sooo incredible.

  32. beelzabubba

    @GEOpz838: ==>Yes, it's growing on me as well... haven't really listened to this since it came out... definitely have to pull this CD out into rotation again.

  33. yeti war

    you can buy them at their shows...have two of them...they are great!!!!!

  34. Glynnis Grant-Henderson

    I still personally like Beyond better as an album, but this song... makes my brain explode into several minute pieces of brain splatter....

  35. Emphasize

    this album is amazing! Dino Jr. rocks!

  36. GEOpz838

    try their official site

  37. Mikey Bustamante

    this song is so beautiful, i bought the CD put it in my disk player, set this song on repeat, and woke up in the morning singing it all day. this is so great.. great dino..

  38. MetalLordSP

    Gorgeous song!

  39. Tbaum77

    my fav track off the new album; I hope they're playing it in concert.

  40. GEOpz838

    you're welcome!

  41. isaac8399

    20 views?????????????????????? WTF