Dinosaur Jr. - Lightning Bulb Lyrics

You know I will not leave
I'm happy left behind
Stare in disbelief
Truth can strike me blind

Truth is no one knows
How the garden grows
Be gone mistaken weeds
That's something we don't need

You know what they would say
They'd say it all day long
Someone should strike them dead
Can't we all get along?
I'm loomin' on your wine
Open up your mind

We are all [?] under the ground
Tryin' to find a way

Well, I don't look the part
So I don't play the role
Convey the Saviour's name
Complain about my soul

I seen 'em all love death
The poison on my bread
Loomin' on the wine
Open like your mind

We are all [?] under the ground
Tryin' to find a way
We are all [?] under the ground
Tryin' to find a way

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Dinosaur Jr. Lightning Bulb Comments
  1. zeketheloser 9

    Underated song, best bassline on dinosaur Jr history by Far, is brutal, raw, you can hear the strings being raped on that Bass, im certain its a precision vintage crying on a ampeg/big muff


    Probably a Rick through a driven Ampeg and cranked Marshall stack, that's pretty much it

  2. Gregory Rohde

    Lyrics feel more and more relevant somehow

  3. Soundfruit

    soooo underrated

  4. Louis Minett

    Got a very Sebadoh vibe about it.

  5. Louis Teto


  6. TheSporehacker

    Underrated. Such an awesome song

  7. punk grungao

    musica fudida

  8. irlandos1

    so good it hurts :)

  9. samsbro1952

    Did you ever hear the J Mascis Project, Free So Free? Set Me Free on it makes me break down and weep every time, and Everybody Lets Me Down is one of the great pop songs ever.

  10. Funkroza

    My favorite.

  11. SurfBirdTrash

    @gruffgruff13, what do u want from this?my guitar teacher is a professional bassist an he teaches also guitar, to geeks like me.i can ask him to help people that share the same taste with me. i can send what he ll make in guitar pro, file. ;D

  12. Griffin Woodard

    i need tabs to this song

  13. SurfBirdTrash

    @EarDeff, u r right!

  14. Danny Cunniff

    wall of sonic bliss this is heaven on youtube!!