Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know Lyrics

Just got extreme or so it seemed
I left it clean, found a place to hide
I loved the place, I took up space
Forgot to pace and found myself outside
I want you to know

I left you there, I hid upstairs
I had to care 'cause you're the one I see
I looked around, I felt the ground
A soul not found was hard enough for me
I want you to know

Hey, did I let it go
Stay with me, tell me if it shows
I want you to know

I brought you there, I thought you'd care
Not to stare, but you just couldn't see
It's always you, it's always me
It's always hard for you to set it free
I want you to know

Hey, you're the one who'd know
Stay with me, I can't let it go
Hey, you put it in my head
Stay and see, you know what you said
I want you to know

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Dinosaur Jr. I Want You To Know Comments
  1. Steven Lloyd

    Its tremendous that a band can after 20 + years of recording can put out an album that is better than everyone else and be their benchmark. Pure talent. Thanks boys!

  2. Dan from GA

    My senior year anthem.. Class of 2015 i always said id never miss you.. We all know thats bullshit

  3. Mark Flyer

    album cover is ents taking hobbits to safety

  4. Daniel Nicoletti

    I fucking LOVE this song JESUS CHRIST

  5. Sergio García

    The best fucking ever song in the fucking world PERIOD

  6. Matheus Macedo

    dj is possibly the most natural band i know

  7. Tomio2664

    Hes kinda right I mean black flag and minor threat and nofx are good but they arent as definitive

  8. Tsvetan Iliev

    Even tho "Get me" is probably my favorite Dino Jr song, I still remember getting blazed and blasting this album. Good times :(

  9. Darren Brown

    Also my first time hearing Dinosaur Jr and it's incredible..

  10. IndubitablyMe1988

    If you think that the Ramones and the Clash are definitive punk bands, then you should probably get back to listening to Blink 182...

  11. luc4metal

    was the same for me when i first heard it about 5 years ago :P
    still a big die hard fan :P

  12. geonerd

    Yeek! Just about zero dynamic range. I can't listen to more than a few minutes at a time. Such a shame, since the music sounds pretty cool.

  13. goldsmice

    I really like guitar solos in a major key, like the one in this song at 2:48. It reminds me of the solo on Allman Brothers' "Blue Sky".

  14. twistedkarm

    The Ramones had nothing behind their music, they were just great at being cartoonish

    The Clash, i respect them but im not a fan, and yes... they ARE overrated

    wow!!!, dont you have anything better to do?
    that´s sad man...

  15. lolttyl143

    Um, The Ramones are THE punk band, The Clash are the only band that matter. I'm bothering you because you clearly are getting pissed off and it is entertaining.

  16. twistedkarm

    he never mentioned that and i doubt he even knew so...
    why are you bothering me?
    besides everyone knows those bands
    the ramones suck
    the kennedys rule
    and the clash is overrated
    and be more specific i dunno what the hell are you talking about

  17. lolttyl143

    At least he knows that punk rock started in the 70's and practically died from the mainstream in the late 80's. Name your favoite punk band. Ever hear of The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, The Ramones to name a few? Wrong decade bro.

  18. shishirba

    well handled kid

  19. ZoeyAngelG

    Dinosaur Jr. is my most Fave ever! <3

  20. John-Michael Peterson

    @RyanStone same here man!

  21. Ryan Stone

    r/trees brought me here, I think I'll stay.

  22. Zandryta Bermudez

    los 90´s perduran..

  23. twistedkarm

    maybe but that doesnt change the fact that you dont seem to have anything better to do than this...
    and that, is sad...

  24. twistedkarm

    so now you are the fat kid from south park?
    get a life, get a girlfriend and be happy. You are the only one getting excited around here, cant you se that?
    i dont see anything fun in this whole thing... I only a see a desperate person trying to feel better...

  25. twistedkarm

    so what now you are pretending to be the fat kid from south park?
    are you gonna try to make me eat my family too?
    man, find a hobby a girlfriend and have a nice life

  26. twistedkarm

    im not mad i just feel bad about you...
    there´s a big difference between those two man
    you are the who seems a little excited about this whole issue, and i honestly have no idea why
    like i said you must be a very sad lonely person and i hope you find someone who takes care of you and gives you the love you need
    but still you should know thats no reason to start insulting people you dont even know
    i mean why would i waste my time insulting someone if i dont even know his name?

  27. twistedkarm

    what about finding a better hobby than being annoying to other people on YOUTUBE i need you may think im stupid but this whole thing doesnt say much about you either
    just think about it ok ?

  28. twistedkarm

    and you are even more stupid for paying attention

  29. twistedkarm

    maybe you are right, but still it goes a little bit further for me even thought it sounds silly
    cause all those silly ideas i made up in my mind became a code the conduct i live by which is basicly

    1dont do anything you dont want to do
    2the only person you give answers to is yourself
    3take responsability for tour own actions

    so... yeah, i thinks that´s it...

  30. twistedkarm

    well its ok dont worry
    i wouldnt be able to have ur..."confidence"? or "courage"?
    and just go around replying to a comment made almost a year ago

    for what u´ve said u are either an actual guy who lived in those days but never did anything and spent his whole teenage years playing D&D
    or u are just some stupid hipster from my generation trying to look cool or smart

    either way i just wanted to tell you that you have the importance of an ant to me
    and yeah please dont reply dont waste my time

  31. nonewmccarthyism

    J Mascis .... What can you say? I remember fall of '91, listenin' alone in my room to Green Mind and thinking (based purely on the odd art of that tape) that he was a Dungeons and Dragons freak who could play the guitar as well as Eddie V. They were so mysterious to me. That was the first album of the 90's that "did" it for me. J and the boys still do... Make no mistake, personally, I think other bands are rather an embarrassment compared to Dino (in general, there are exceptions, of course)

  32. Geovany Perez

    They've actually been making music like this since the mid 80s :) isn't that awesome? While everyone was into the Glam Rock scene. These guys were breaking barriers in music.

  33. twistedkarm

    yeah thats what i meant MTV stopped the machine that kept bringin bands to mainstream circles
    like i said it was a necesary evil without it i dont think we´ll ever see another band hit society as hard as nirvana did in the 90´s
    and yeah i thought we would have another revolution back in 2010 or at least something would start coocking up but it didnt
    its like a fucking limbo of tan spray and bad music
    dubstep isnt so bad cause it could be used by the next wave of rock
    but it is taking a lot

  34. twistedkarm

    but music hasnt moved in more than 10 years
    its been 18 years since kurt cobain died and with him the last great age of rock
    and the second thing i have been thinking about is that even thought i hate MTV it was a necesary evil cause if MTV hasnt played nirvana´s smells like teen spirit and and those videos of all those bands over the years music wouldnt´ve reached to where it was
    hahaha i wish primus had a little more spotlight but
    i dont see kids listening to primus
    its way too smart for them

  35. twistedkarm

    holy crap man i like all those bands
    and yeah like you said even thought the trash and glam metal scene wasnt the best thing in the world it was pretty decent compared to what we have today
    i mean no band or performer today has any respect for art or credibity as an artist whatsoever
    they all sell out as soon as they can
    the greed killed music
    and one day we´ll all wake up to see that music isnt art anymore and that its our fault for letting it come to this
    its sad but it may happen one day

  36. twistedkarm

    thats exactly what i meant but my english sucks hahah
    wish i lived on the 60´s or 90´s with the age i have now (19)
    i dont like trash n´hair metal which was the biggest metal scene in the 80´s i think those bands were pretty boring always pretending they were bad while they were making millions and living like princesses
    hahaha it was way too much hipocrecy for me
    im would be happy with the hippies, punks and grunge hobos
    after all my fav bands are
    sonic youth
    the dead kennedys
    sex pistols


    hey...you're the one who knows, stay with me, I can't let it go...

  38. twistedkarm

    those people are like zombies and not in the good "i´ll blow your brains out" way
    but still i sometimes get the feeling that im an outcast
    i wish i had born on other days like the 60´s or 90´s
    cause today sucks
    and no one has a future

  39. twistedkarm

    thanks people like you makes me feel a little less of an outcast hahahaha
    cause i have friends that have like 4 or 5 FB accounts just to know what their frineds, boyfrend or girlfriend are doing i mean what a waste of time
    they are spending their lives in front of a computer instead of just living their lives
    whats the point of having 5000 "friends" on facebook if we all know facebook friends are just a pathetic reason for those people to feel better about themselves?
    i just dont get it...

  40. twistedkarm

    i am god, little dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a nice day
    by the way whats that son that goes "tu tu tutututu tu tutu tu tututu tu tu tutu tu"?
    anyway im digressing, i do that a lot specially when im happy
    are you happy?
    i´ve been thinking it may be a case of "ADD"
    but i dont know what do you think?
    well i better go before i start talking about setting things on fire
    bye little dude

  41. JBeatty17


  42. derek

    @whatchinmewatchu you seem pretty awesome

  43. tone finder

    dj ROCKS

  44. serbdetritus182

    @whatchinmewatchu more like over 60 :D

  45. 07foxmulder

    wow that intro really sounds like pearl jam's 'alive'.

  46. Viplav Singh

    youtube ' i want you to know' we need auto-replay of this one...

  47. Pagan Robot

    @nelsonlhs87 I agree, and I was only born in 1998 :D Music these days just seams to be getting worse and worse

  48. BEATmyguest31

    nirvana has yet to turn me on to a bad band , love the dinosaur sound !!!!

  49. Genevieve Antoinette

    @Whyyousuchadumbbutt You know,I thought I did as well until I heard that 'somebody told me,you had a boyfriend,looked like a girlfriend....I really dislike that song,but I love The Kills.

  50. Genevieve Antoinette

    I miss this bands like this.Why are bands like Buckcherry considered alt.?And Nickleback?As 4 the Killers,why are they so popular?

  51. transaltlanticism

    @TheGreenPlague this is weird but im on the toilet right now...

  52. FilthyDubz1

    first time hearing this band.....im in love

  53. ozqar bmx


  54. owingawat

    @whatchinmewatchu I'm about to check it out now for the first time. lmao

  55. Christopher White

    Good music never dies.

  56. twistedkarm

    @58lbinder well we punk rockers gotta stay together bro
    let me kow ifu want me msn ok?

  57. TheseBonesLiquify

    Seriously. Get a beautiful button.

  58. twistedkarm

    @basehead617 nope bro what i meant is that even they chaged the line up and the sound over the years they never sold out and their music has always been good on any record they´ve made
    and this album has a lot of sounds from the past men
    but mostly i wanted to say is that i hate being so young
    i hate havent been able to see all the 90´s scene cause for me the 60´s and 85-95 were the best time for music
    or i dunno what do you say bro?

  59. bh617

    @SharliexCheen if you mean their music stayed the same as the early period, that's definitely not true - listen to the major label era that were basically J solo... very clean and produced compared to the SST recordings, or for that matter, this one

  60. twistedkarm

    one of the best bands
    they are like diamonds theyr music doesnt age
    doesnt decay and doesnt sell out
    i love them i admire them so much
    and im only 18 years old
    i hate myself for not being a x generation
    i missed all the good bands all my stupid mtv generation has is my chemical romance paramore gaga spears or kathy perry
    i mean what does a guy like me does ?
    i feel stuck in the past
    i dont even have face book or twitter because i feel like its betraying the 90´s punk rock values

  61. Aspartamebraintumor

    For 2009 this sounds amazing

  62. Lee Moran

    this song is a monster

  63. Adolph Heetler

    Your wish has half-come true in the way that, I am 14 and hearing this album for the first time. And as the album plays, the smile on my face gets bigger and bigger.

  64. grossboy517

    i love myself some good dino jr. hmmmmmmmm thats the stuff

  65. MegaLotusEater

    @nelsonlhs87 I know what you mean. I can't believe this band still sounds so classic. When all the other old time bands now can't make music for shit, Dino still sounds true to the 90s. They're so fucking bad ass you can't not respect them.

  66. Joe Maggard

    best band ever period.

  67. ZoeyAngelG

    J's voice is so SEXY no matter what age he is! I have beeen listening to Dinosaur Jr since I was 14. They raised me better than my parents did. And I will forever love J!!!!!

  68. kermitneville

    This guitar riff is similar to Buffalo Tom's "Crawl". Not better or worse, but similar. Has anyone noticed that?

  69. TheSuperOther

    one of the only 21st century bands that puts out songs i WANT to listen to constantly.

  70. Swisscheez92

    I've been craving a song like this for way too long.

  71. Mikey Bustamante

    i was talking about green mind... On farm it's either ocean in the way, peices, or said the people.

  72. Mikey Bustamante

    the wagon is the best song on that album, in my opinion,

  73. Rose

    Greenmind is fantastic. The first time I heard it, I listened to it like three times straight. =]

  74. Megadethfans Areajoke

    Hell yea they do they suck so bad i make comments that suck just to piss people off lol im glad someone recognized that hail matt

  75. Archangel Muir

    Screaming tree.
    you fool. This is Dinosaur,Jr.kings of Kings

  76. martin3801

    yeah. that's an album cover that vinyl was made for!

  77. Keelah Se'Lai

    Fsh, these guys still got it, huh... amazing!

  78. xxx xxx

    a qaund un concert à bruxelles?

  79. Josiuhhhhh



  80. Gaetano Paolino

    wow, not many of your age know this band, congratulations! ;) i was 19 last saturday, what a show!

  81. Gaetano Paolino

    they aged just like good wine. Looking forward to their concert on my birthday!

  82. mwindle1973

    That's the way they want it. AT least they want the volume to get their tones right. Guitar/Bass tones based on cranking several stacks run in series. I think on most of their material the vocals are mixed pretty evenly with the music. But anybody J produced over the years had the same, muddy, mid rangey quality. This album actually has a "cleaner" production than most of their stuff. The vocals are more out front

  83. Agent Cooper

    just like heaven is not from dinosaur jr.
    although their version is far better

  84. modifiedcontent

    Buy the double vinyl! It's top quality and has mp3 downloads included.

  85. marco uebereck

    in all this years... one of the best...

    best wishes...
    oldraven :-)

  86. testsuya ofdeath

    I'm just thankful they're still putting out stuff. The new stuff is a lot poppier but it's still good, makes me want to drive around with Dinosaur Jr cranked and smoking some good pot.

  87. Dave-O

    j sounds a tiny bit like eddie vedder at the start of this one

  88. 3waystopcock

    this songs good... but like.. i just dont like the overall sound of the new album....

  89. Jakub Figiel

    i love them but this song seems a bit boring to me... You're Living All Over Me ROCKS!

  90. Nelson Mandela

    i want this song so much. i want to just like drive around and listen to dinosaur jr all summer.

  91. TallFastLoud

    You can't have a "dumbass" opinion. An opinion can't be smart or dumb. That's kind of the point.

  92. TallFastLoud

    I was originally not very stoked on this song; seemed like a Beyond-clone slow song, but it's really growing on me and that solo is kind of new-ish sounding, but retains that great J tone.. That said, "I Don't Wanna Go There" is just lazy, one hackneyed lyric, one guitar riff and that's about it. Their sound has gotten so homogenized since YLAOM. Even the best songs since then have sounded a lot like the less-than-good ones. Regardless, there's no way I'm not picking Farm up.

  93. Jason Byrne

    Please dont hate me, but I have not thought about Dino Jr. ever since I got married and had kids, it's been many years since I last heard this awesome band, I remember cruising PB in San Diego blasting tunes like Forget The Swan and Out There, these guys were a major part of my growth from the"rebellious" teen years to young "responsible" adulthood. J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph are amazing musicians and songwriters that are due much more credit/acolades than they have received!

  94. Sleepinglikesheep

    beyond was sick, crumble is the best song. but what i meant was that i hope they continue making albums.

  95. Sleepinglikesheep

    this is awesome, i hope its not their last album

  96. jon dicks

    It does sound to me a little reminiscent of Where You Been.

    Can't wait for it to come out.