Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain Lyrics

I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing

I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing

Is it up to me?
You won't wait to see
Screwed us both again
About as close as you've been

I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing
I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing

Is it up to me?
You won't wait to see
Screwed us yet again
About as close as you've been
Hey now, take it back
Get off me, you're sad
Trailin' on your scene
Just try and keep it clean

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Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain Comments
  1. girraffeslayer

    my dad told me it was ok to cry to this song

  2. PurgeAnimations 2020

    Is It just me that the sound of the cork getting of a bottle sounds cute?

  3. Kauani Dias

    quase uma rockstar me indicou esse hinooo

  4. Nicholas Brannon


  5. Andrew Hicks

    Weird album cover but memorable

  6. Katheryn Younger

    Mom had a miscarriage when I was 7 and my parents were never the same. Of course my parents tried again and had a baby boy, who was raised by a different mother, it was the same woman, but the one I knew was long gone. He'll never know how it feels to truly belong to a group of siblings being 8 years younger, and he'll never know the mother and father I knew. Everytime I'm not sober I think about that, and start to cry. This is for you T-Bird! We're all we have in this world.


    My mom had a miscarriage when i was 7. She was bout to leave my father but found out she was pregnant so she stayed. After she lost the baby she became pregnant again soon after. My parents only lasted for 6 yrs after my lil bro was born. Things fell apart n it was bad. My dad left us for a kid on my hockey teams mom. She was awful to us. Im almost 40 now n my dad n i dont talk. Ive almost died multiple times in car accidents and an o.d im in pain 24/7 and addicted to opiates. I feel your pain and im glad i read your comment. We have a similar story. I hope your ok and stay strong...

    Monster Killer

    @Mike Stay strong, brother. Take care

  7. Dr Goldberg

    2020 still great

  8. sin eater

    Good God .

  9. Mr. Inbetween on the fence nondescript antagonist

    So I’m assuming then that your grandmother was obviously a devil worshipper, if she head banged to those kinds of bands. Damn devils! 🤘🏻🤘🏿. You’ll all burn in hell....if it isn’t filled up by the time all of those ‘90s era grunge bands/fans have died & gone to their rightful eternal home of fire & flame! Repent now! You should also check out a great rock band, one of the greatest ever, called, “CREED”
    (C.hrist’s R.edemption E.xpels E.vil D.wellers)
    Before it’s too late!!!

    Scott Parrington

    At least it's hot in hell!

  10. Northern Range

    Heck yeah, I was 16 in 94 too. A man; without the responsibilities of one, (not having said responsibilities is odd and manufactured) And right in the midst of the 94 music explosion. I traveled the country in my Saab, which is such a 90's car itself, with my lady and saw all this great music. People nowadays have institutionalized arrested development and are forced to believe they are still children until they're 20! I watched a montage video of my graduating HS class, and we were clearly adults. I see High school students at Starbucks and around town lately, and they just behave like they've been coddled to the point of serious mental estrangement- from themselves. It's very odd and frankly, ominous.

  11. questioned anti-mason ?

    It sounds so fresh goddamnit

  12. Greg Todakonzie

    Get off the attack

  13. thomas hinchey

    I'm from western massachusetts

  14. Chris Simpson

    My Dad hates me, I feel nothing 😏

    sin eater

    God loves you sweetie

    Chris Simpson

    @sin eater Thanks.

  15. Chris Simpson

    My youth, damn!

  16. DCJGeek 又

    This reminds me a little of The Pillows.


    Yeah the Pillows were super inspired by bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, and the earlier pillows albums have a lot of The Cure and The Smiths in them. All of those are great bands worth checking out.

  17. Lanzy Fabian

    I'm here because I was going through Nirvana videos, saw Krist Novoselic wearing a Dinosaur Jr. T-shirt and asked myself "Why have I never listened to that?"
    Now I wonder why I never noticed this band before.

    dale miller

    implying they aren't good?

  18. Froze Moments

    I wish the goosebumps I have right now could comment.😶

  19. Andy Petrovich

    I remember this song. I laugh at the person who said 1994. It couldn't have been more than a few years ago.

  20. rudd plate

    Ok, karen

  21. Middleaged Austin

    It’s 2019 and I still feel the pain of everyone

  22. Joey Cape

    Im trying to keep my shit together im 33 with a son and a wife I found out I have a brain tumour and all I can do is keep drinking and being me wtf is wrong with me...


    Much love to you and your family, make the best of every day and stay strong!!

    frank wallop

    Brother you are the the best man for the problems you have. You'll do it. Look up a poem video on here by Bukowski called go all the way. It helps me a lot. I drink everyday too. Much love brother

    Chestnut Redmond

    Praying for you and your family 🙏


    Hey man, stay strong.
    Stop drinking so the Doctors can
    heal you properly. Stop drinking for your son, who is probably scared shitless of losing his Dad.
    Stop drinking for your wife, who is probably scared shitless of losing
    her love.
    Research Kratom, and stop drinking.
    I wish you a long, bright future
    for yourself and your family.
    And I hope you can drop a line here sometime and let us know that you're healing and staying strong.
    God bless.

    Steven Jackson

    Skelter kratom saves my life. I was a 20-year opiate addict and almost destroyed my life. Kratom keeps me pain free and takes away my desire for opiates.


    one of the greatest riffs of all time

  24. MemesAreDreams

    This definitely inspired the song "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Ron Remark

    MemesAreDreams I doubt it, what makes you think that!? That is pretty random, I’d be willing to bet you are totally wrong about that. I’m pretty sure this song did not inspire maps by YYYs at all. Let’s ask Karen O

  25. Marcy Brennan

    Joys of being an empath?! 🤣

  26. Everyonedies96

    Throwing up that west side.

  27. Joe Smith

    saw them once. awesome

  28. Toaster Bath

    if someone could comment what skate video this was from, i would be very happy. and i dont think im thinking of nike - nothing but the truth

    Toaster Bath

    wait...... maybe it was my own skate video

  29. DethronerX

    When 90s Hit Parader magazines had a two page Tshirt advertising page, with Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Danzig, Janes Addiction (nothing's Shocking), Helmet, Primus, Porno for Pyros, Ministry, Cannibal Corpse, Kiss,

  30. Lester Q

    Fck you ,i love u so much

  31. the ghost of k-rismas past


  32. Lord Gold Throneroom

    Insalubrious and I will be there at the same time as the ouroboros

  33. mrhoffame

    Talk about 3 killer notes!!!!!

  34. Jacob Easton

    Right now. I feel nothing...the felicity of a few beers.

  35. Josh Orange

    I feel the pain of everyone
    Then I feel nothing

  36. Moab T. Frican

    Who else thinks this song is aimed at people with RA or fibromyalgia

  37. David Lee

    Saw em at the Masquerade in Atlanta the club had a heaven and a hell and I think they were playing in Heaven upstairs it was Fall of ‘93 and idk how me and my buddy Alan even got in unless it was all ages but.. that was an incredible show for a 16 year old me.

  38. Terrence Holmes


  39. The Uberman

    I know this is a 90s song but it was a hit with emo kids in the late 2000s... "We felt pain"

    Toaster Bath

    This was also in a very popular skate video around that time...... but i just cant put my finger on it :(

  40. John Lau

    wir wussten es nicht, selbst wir hatten eine jugend, vor etwa 500 jahren.

  41. John Lau

    ich wusste es nicht, penagon steht frei

  42. John Lau

    das war ein ehrwürdiges urteil, ich will noch nicht sterben.

  43. John Lau

    wir haben hitler rumgeflogen, wir hatten ein problem, kim war da. alles hat sich gedreht. nicht war war wie vorher

  44. John Lau

    sonic youth ist lächerlich

  45. Elijah Sexton

    Bang and blame...keep up zombies

  46. Siobhan Clark

    Noel's jumper brought me here

  47. Amber133 Xo

    Rock Band 2,Guitar Hero world tour,and Rocksmith 2014 Brought me here

    Tribal Soldier

    Definitely Rock Band 2 brought me here, the good ol days when I used to get together at a buddies house and we would full band the game.

  48. whitemmet

    Jays dad was Neil young

  49. Adrian Huth

    some songs stand the test of time, some don't, this one did!

  50. Larissa Matta

    Quase uma rockstar me trouxe aqui

  51. Eddie Lacayo

    Perfect way to start my Sunday.

  52. dave harry

    Still listening in 2019 !!!!

  53. Nyneva Kyte

    Open letter to the boomers from the shadow generation. Oh shut up, we didn't choose that name

  54. รωσllεɳ ૮σѵεƭ


  55. Gak- Man

    This song is my paracetamol after a heavy night. Love you, Dr.Jr.

  56. Massimo Riserbo

    Sound like Ceremony by Joy Division

  57. SoCalAdvocate

    How the hell do they play guitars or drums with those disproportionately small arms and no opposable thumbs?

  58. Jonathan Guevarra

    Is this one of the songs depicted in the promo of NU 107 The Last Goodbye?

  59. Shan Barrett

    Fuck it I'm going back to the 90s whos down???

  60. The Last Survivor Of Today's Media

    Dinosaur Jr may not be Grunge, but this song is pretty Grunge!

  61. Gabrielj 977

    🎸🥁🎸🎧 💫

  62. AnarchaoS 11

    We Love You in Russia)))

  63. Daniel Edwards

    Seemed like the THING to do not think to do.

  64. Martin hauser

    I usually put this song on when I'm opening a ieg open er...

  65. Alex

    House Guest

    Taylor Goetz


  66. Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath

    Memories of rock band 2 and high school . Cutting class to go get high and smoke weed with the teammates and than played rock band 2 for hours before going into football practice . Ah memories of high school years

  67. herbprophet

    This is the song from the 90's movie House Guest with Sinbad. It's playing in the goth girl's room when he goes in to have a heart to heart talk with her.

  68. l i l y

    I really enjoy this song, like a lot.

  69. the bukowski myth

    i really hate to say it but the 90s really were fucking amazxing for music, as i scroll back up to the video after scolling down so far just to comment, what happened there youtube? its annoying, id rathger read comments than see suggested videos first, anyway, what a bunch of amazing fucking bands and songs on this page, i want to watch them all but i have to sleep at some point

  70. the bukowski myth

    damn youtube, that really was the fucking perfect cure for my "blues" after crying for 20 minutes watching sonic youth du karen carpenter

  71. Gérard Quenet

    Thanks for put that on YouTube.... Dinosaur jr. Sound is always spécial.... Take care

  72. Israel Kelley

    Bunch o hits anyone remeber that

  73. rallokkcaz

    It's also crazy to think how J was the only member of the band at the time, this is all him. It's probably their most well known tune as well.

  74. Anarchist's Theory

    Finally listened to the song for the first time as a conscious alcoholic. Holy shit do I identify with this song.

    “I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing”

  75. robendo2014

    did the song really begin like that? reason number 5000 why i love this!!!!!!

  76. IDoDisney

    The guitar rift is amazing but what about the drumming

    Louie Clark

    Sorry to do this but the word is 'riff' , anyway, have a nice day

  77. IDoDisney

    When people ask what it was like to be in the 90s

  78. Άγγελος Αγγελίδης


  79. CriticalThinker08

    Ahh the early nineties. My alcoholism and addictions were strong then. Great soundtrack to being a slacker gen-x loser though

  80. John jacobjingle

    I feel your pain

  81. sheez

    My grandma was going through her cd's recently and she found this and other stuff like Soundgarden and Green Day. I knew all the other cd's she pulled out, but I think this might be one of my new favorites.

    Dan Barton

    Your grandma is effing cool

    Mike Forbes

    Granny is the shit baby!!!


    haha lol, gramma knew her shit back in the day.

    Calvin Dueck

    Your granny has great taste in music. Also hearing this makes me feel like I'm ancient.

    Mr. Inbetween on the fence nondescript antagonist

    Dude... you have no ideal obviously, how freakin weird it is to me to have just read where you said “Your grandma was going thru her cd’s recently & found this, soundgarden, Green Day...” I’m picturing my old, now deceased (rip nana) grandmother listening to soundgarden etc........I guess I just need to accept that I’ve gotten old. I jammed this shit back in early 90’s when I was 18-19. Just thought that sounded funny tho. Considering my grandmother was born in the ‘20s. I’d imagine your grandmother is probably closer to my age tho. I’m 44.

  82. Ninjalo Killa

    A local talk show just brought up this band out of nowhere... had to watch this. Nostalgia 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  83. gerald 413

    Wake up

  84. gerald 413

    Great WAJE UP SONG!!!!

  85. gerald 413

    Let's see someone follow their act.

  86. gerald 413


  87. gerald 413

    Great. Sounds Fantastic. I feel the Pain. Perfect track.

  88. Jameson Jeffery

    I wish i could have discovered this song without guitar hero

    Mitchell Webber

    Just be happy you know it bro, many people find great music through video games. Its not a matter of how you discorverd the song, just that its a part of your life now:) keep on searching for more music


    Altern8ter album

  90. H - I

    What a massive band.

  91. Ale Soriano

    I got to this video just because the name of the band sounded funny to me

  92. antonio Gerardo

    Yeah Yeah Yeahh

  93. Twisted Wizard

    Most underrated band of all time