Dinosaur Jr. - Drawerings Lyrics

Do you know that it's alright?
I been thinkin', seein' that's not how it's gotta be
Ain't sayin' if it's worth the fight
I'm a space but you can count on me to save your place
And I know it's all to do with you and me
Do you know if you're against the deal?
We'll wait and see
But I'd love to hear that story once again
It's the only part of me you still defend

Did you know I heard your voice?
When I call to see if you're around, I have no choice
Then the news is in my face
Took a step to let the feeling go and lost my place

And I swear I hear the same thing every night
Once again no accounted for the hours I spent
Baked as any time I drifted out of sight
Remember when you didn't need this time to mend

Anywhere you'd like to go
Would it help to be inside the life I couldn't know?
If you shake it, it won't show
Hold out for me, 'cause bailin' at this point is really low.

And I know it's all to do with just a friend
And I can't decipher messages you send
But I'd love to hear that story once again
It's the only part of me you still defend


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Dinosaur Jr. Drawerings Comments
  1. msdkid

    Saw them two weeks ago. Just as loud and unbelievably tight as ever. I felt like a kid again. I wish they toured more.

  2. Booey D

    Discogs rules!!✌️

  3. SNATH

    Nice melody that takes ya back to the 90s

  4. Joey Trimble

    Criminally under rated criminally!!!!

  5. Arbscape

    Never gets old, has been amazing from the first time I put the needle to the vinyl.

  6. ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    l can't think of a better guitar player that isn't dead than J Mascis.


    Mascis and Frusciante, for me.

    the ghost of k-rismas past

    Lou Barlow is a pretty good guitar player.

  7. Ayana J

    I've been listening to this album for several months; why am I just now noticing that possibly human roadkill in the background

    Mike Wicklatz

    Ayana J it’s simply the Mandela effect.

  8. Duane Mountain

    one of the best j.r songs ever .


    Duane Mountain Dinosaur*

  9. Rodger Carr

    this my😥🤔

  10. martin murray

    amazing guitar outro

  11. proxy444


  12. Walter M Falcon

    love that final solo