Dinosaur Jr. - Crumble Lyrics

I got nothin' where I've been
Will you bring me there again?
No-one ever understands
You won't change to help them

I got lost inside a lie
With a smile you made it die
I'm not there and you know why
And I run to get some more.


Can I be there all the time?
Can I stop to wonder why?
Will I crumble? Will I fly?
And I've got to break it.

Will I be in time to see?
Will it run over me?
Can I fake out just to be?
You know I can't take it on.


Held a picture yesterday.
Held a picture of a moment that I want.
I want.
I want.

You have time for me again.
But you flatten me instead.
Tried to hear the things you said.
Feel like I almost had it.

But I don't have it at all.
And I'm sweatin' tryin' to stall.
Til I think I heard a call.
I look, you're just laughing on.



Held a picture yesterday.
Held a picture of a moment of our love.
I want.
I want.

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Dinosaur Jr. Crumble Comments
  1. sk8didii


  2. Jonny ogy

    Wow the guitar in this is incredible!


    Dinosaur Jr will never get old

  4. Protoman888

    What a tune.

  5. DJ Gabiru

    Eu amo esse som!

  6. Jimi Hendrixx


  7. Isaiah Sea

    Emma you are my light

  8. David Zelaya

    This song is so special I love it so much

  9. MILO C

    Still find myself here such a good song

  10. Gabriel Valdetaro

    in the first 5s of the song i had already loved it

  11. Adam

    Song of the Day
    11-21-18: Crumble | Dinosaur Jr.
    also on: www.onecuriousworld.com

  12. Ruben Chapman

    I got nothing where I've been
    Will you bring me there again?
    No one ever understands
    You won't change to help

    I got lost inside a lie
    Every smile, you made it die
    I'm not real and you know why
    Can I run again some more

    Can I be there all the time
    Can I stop the wondering why
    Will I crumble, will I fly
    And I've got to make you

    Will I be in time to see
    Will it roll all over to me
    Can I fake it just to be
    You know I can't take you on

    Built a picture yesterday
    Built a picture of a moment my love
    My love
    My love
    My love

    You have time for me again
    But you flatten me instead
    Try to be the things your said
    Like I almost had it

    But I don't ever have it all
    And I'm sweating trying to stall
    Til I think I heard a call
    But you're just laughing along

    Built a picture yesterday
    Built a picture of a moment my love
    My love
    My love
    My love

    Bobbin' Williams

    MY favorite part is the line about being flattened.

  13. ByTheWay

    The song has been on my mind for three days

    Donnie Blanko

    It's been on my mind since yesterday

  14. Jason Clark

    I love how J combines that awesome lead into the chorus. The guy is a genius muscian

  15. Josh Orange

    This is the tune

  16. Josh Orange

    This is the tune

  17. Messalina

    Album of the year for me ..and year is 2018

  18. Chad deez

    Me likey

  19. Allison Nascimento

    Nice solo.

  20. metalhead24 68

    There's something special about these 90s alternative bands like
    Sonic youth
    Smashing pumpkins
    Dinosaur jr
    Babes in toyland
    Bikini kill
    There were to me the last true rock bands idk there was something about 00s nu metal post grunge and pop punk that didn't connect with didn't feel natural and from the heart felt to corporate we need to bring back true alternative and indie rock

    Erik Frost

    metalhead24 68 i would say you left out pavement because I love them and they’re talented but Malkmus almost deserves to be left out for being a douchey hipster who hates on Pumpkins and STP

    FP Wiegmann

    @Erik Frost yeah, they have good songs but that hipster art snob shit makes me not want to listen to pavement at app.


    Entirely agree. The 00's rock was self-reflexively rock (White Stripes, The Strokes, etc) -- in a sense it prefigured the post-modern malaise of Trump's wave of neo-conservatism, since it expressed rock's terminal moment right when it reclamed its motto: "Make rock great again" . All the 00's rock movement tried to forge an authenticity that in itself indicated its absence. The Strokes first video tried to portray the band as a 70s band, and this fiction-rock was the rule during that age (the first incarnation of Kings of Leon tried to portray itself also as 70s classic rock act)

    Ryan Gustin

    Nah bitch... the strokes connected. Then it was over when they left. But nice try.

    Vinicius Delangelo

    thats just because you got old, but bring me he horizon, slipknot and a day to remnber are still great bands, ljust ike the ones you said

  21. José Alemán

    no mames carnal eres la banda saludos para el Jair

  22. ItsCarrico

    Mindfield had such a great soundtrack. This song went perfect with Mikey T's style

  23. MrBuk86

    Truly a gorgeous song, really. Mascis is a genius. Oh and I owned his signature Fender Jazzmaster, the purple glittery one, SOB, it was a great sounding guitar. Miss it.

  24. 13points

    One of my favourite Dinosaur tunes. They played this when I saw them in Vancouver recently and I lost my cool, big time.

  25. Marla Aravena


  26. Benedetta Spampinato

    In my silence I've sex with J Mascis'voice.

  27. William Phillips

    Followed since 86 as I went to Amherst college. This album brings back the old school DJ

    t mac

    Greetings to Emily Dickinson across the void.

  28. cannabisPREVENTION

    You can really hear the Beyonce influence

    Víktor H. García

    even more than bieber´s

  29. Daniel Saredi

    This is their perfect song for their re-union record after so many years... but not still not their best songs by far! ... still it keeps me happy every the time I listen to the guitar at 2:03 for example. It's the little guitar riff that brings you down to the Dinosaur Jr. vibe and like no other guitar will ever be able to do so!! ... yes i may sound silly but please think about it! :)

  30. Matias Valdiviezo

    Mikey Taylor

  31. Rory LeVaux

    Absolute favourite Dinosaur Jr track.

  32. Otto Mann

    fucking bliss

  33. Ocean Sage

    Best song off of Beyond! Dinosaur Jr. really came back with this one!

    Rikki Tikki Tembo

    +Ocean Sage I contest that assertion, sir.

  34. Liquorice8

    Is it 'can I stop wondering why' or 'can stop to wonder why', cause it changes a lot!

    t mac

    +Liquorice8 there's this thing called google all the kids are crazy about.

  35. Luca Boriero Gendre Martins

    Can I stop wondering why? ;)

  36. Rodrigo Avila


  37. Kero

    lol remind of K-ON! song

    stuffy punk

    +MegaSonicMax How? I'd say closer to a BECK song.


    +stuffy punk Literally, I can't help but think of "Watashi no Koi wa Hotch Kiss".
    Well, now it's your turn: which BECK song?

    Dick Dastardly Richard

    actually die

  38. MattSk8s39

    Like for Mikey Taylor's Minefield part!!!

    Bran Buttowski

    Hell yeah dude! Lol

  39. MegaSogni

    Awesome.....favorite for years this band

  40. fireisforbadpeople

    first heard of this in mikey taylor's mindfield part. been in love with the band and this song ever since


    Hell yeah me too.

    Dave Jedi

    Thank god for that part

    Daniel Saredi

    @fireisforbadpeople Eventhough I follow this band since 1988, I was also very happy to see this song as well on mikey taylor's mindfield part. :)

    Get Money

    fireisforbadpeople same here 🤟🏿🤟🏿

  41. izzybusybones

    I had a dear friend who skated and wrecked on guitar. I had no idea he was so in to Dinosaur Jr. until they found all their CDs in his room after he tragically committed suicide. Every solo he ever played sounded just like Dinosaur Jr. and whenever I hear them, It's like he lives again.

    -Roll Forever Ethan Hausler

    Sully's Jamz

    Rest in Peace

    Stephen Amador

    He’s pushing hard in Sk8 heaven where wheel bite doesn’t exist and the ground is forever smooth ❤️

    Soyborne. Born, made, and undone by the soy.

    Ran into Jay on the fuckin street the other day lol... Didn't think that would happen. I froze. Didn't know if I should say something or pretend I wasn't there...

    He's a really chill dude from the looks of it. Bet he would be happy to have such kick ass fans though. Keep on rockin and doing your best in this joke known as life everyone : )

    Get Money

    RIP 🙏🏿🙏🏿

    Martin Hernandez

    I am a skater I've been skating for 16 short years, also a musician for the same time Ive been reading for 10 years and when I was 8 years old I tried to commit suicide because my parents where getting divorced and when I saw this comment it just got me, if I would be dead i could not achieved all my goals, now I live my life like I if gonna die tonight, thank you for sharing your story.

  42. Pete

    Prepare to salivate. Unless you've already seen it. In that case, salivate again.

  43. Adam M

    Mascis's pedal board is enormous

  44. plasmapunk

    Where you been?
    is probably their best album.

  45. plasmapunk

    compare puke and cry to out there.
    then compare kracked to in a jar
    then compare the lung to water
    they are way different, I just think you are too damn superficial.
    It´s their style after all.

  46. R.Cook

    Feel like once you've heard one D jr song you've heard em all :\

  47. Timothy Chase

    i guess its just subjective. you're living all over me is the best one IMO...

  48. Jordan Smith

    I'm sorry, is that an educated guess or did you learn this from something?

  49. ChumKrimson

    that's because that song was intended to sound like Dinosaur Jr

  50. Másnapos music

    I think that putting a capo on the 5th fret, playing the C chord with a pinkie on the third fret (relative to the capo) and then moving the whole things two frets higher (as a D) is one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard and played.

  51. Jordan Smith

    Maybe it's just the vocals, but this song reminds me of Broken Social Scene, particularly "Cause = Time."

  52. Eugene Ahn

    first time i heard dinosaur jr was in "blind video days" <3

  53. Julio Anderson Da Silva

    bom som..

  54. Ingo Bousa

    >> pedal hoppin' like a dinosaur j <<

  55. martin caro

    taylor !


    Literally replayed about 28 times in a row

  57. andy

    Says the one who has a bruno mars playlist, ahahahaha.

  58. Xndtwo

    I'd just like to say really beautiful stuff and all of their other music is really sweet and pleasing to listen to.

  59. JayTheHelmetGuy

    if that's so, then how about you write a better song and upload it to youtube?

  60. marvy1118

    A Downs syndrome child could have come up with this music.

  61. CoconutBackwards

    Who cares how you got here?

  62. TheFalloutShot96

    Mikey fuckn taylor

  63. Wave Man

    mikey taylor

  64. colourgroup


  65. Michael Murphy

    Another great song. I don't know how Mascis does it

  66. anthony monaco

    Mikey Taylor is why listen to them

  67. Hayden Ball

    This kinda reminds me of "See You" off of Farm.

  68. Gunnar Burigsay

    mikey taylor brought me here.

  69. birchwoodemoji

    Not a fan yet. But will be in the near future!

  70. Shane O' Dwyer

    I listened to this song and, get this, without the aid of a like button just liked it in my head! Crazy, I know! I then went about trying to listen to more of Dinosaur Jr.'s music, thus becoming an ACTUAL DINOSAUR JR FAN. I wasn't aware of any secret indie ways of doing it that were somehow more authentic, but maybe you do, hum?

  71. Shane O' Dwyer

    Um... I just heard this song one day and 'liked' it, independently of any technological interventions (such as like buttons). I'm now listening to this song and hoping to listen to more Dinosaur Jr., thus becoming a fan of them and their music. I wasn't aware that there was some secret indie way of doing this that was more authentic, but maybe you are, hum?

  72. Trevor Stack

    Fav Dr Jr song.

  73. Michael Robertson

    I first heard them on some compilation CD with nirvana, weezer, a whole bunch of shit i cant rememeber what it was called though came out in the mid 90s

  74. Matthew

    I found them threw nirvana posters and was curious. I like this band a lot so far.

  75. Kev

    @MetroidFan621 I'm a Yuck fan if that counts.

  76. A1HipHop Nation

    MIKEY Taylor

  77. JayTheHelmetGuy

    @MetroidFan621 I actually found out about this song from the AWS video, but I've been a Dino Jr. fan from since before I started skating, so does that balance it out?

  78. bawhite125

    Funny, already knew about Dinosaur Jr. and this amazing song, but found out about Mikey Taylor as a result of everyone mentioning mindfield. Kinda like already knowing about "Asleep" by The Smiths, but everyone finding out about that song by reading a book.

  79. Alexander Kestner

    @hinmo24t Me too man but hey, better late than never.

  80. J.T Rivers

    Who doesn't give a fuck how you discovered the song, just happy that you're listening to some Dino. Jr.? By the way, Mindfield was sick.

  81. foohk yah

    @jakecicero69 Quit bitching about peoples youtube names and get a damn life.

  82. Skaterforlife13579

    Mikey Taylor mindfield

  83. Brandon Guzman-Sanchez


  84. GEOpz838

    @letsgoskate691 everyone has their own opinion, but i just don't hear it. When i introduce people to Dino they have commented on J's sounding like Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, and even Tom Petty on The Wagon

  85. Mart

    @GEOpz838 listen to lounge act demo by nirvana haha kurt and j sound the similar haha

  86. FX Gameplay

    Great song!

  87. The Nightman

    every days a mikey day

  88. Chosh Widninski

    MIKEY T!!!

    mike tate

    Chosh Widninski thats right Mikey T

  89. MetalTabsful

    To good

  90. search4theyeti

    @BBcrank92 WTF dinosaur's first album came out in 1985, so you mean Does kurt sound like J?

  91. search4theyeti

    @BBcrank92 WTF dinosaur's first album came out in 1985, so you mean Does kurt sound like J?

  92. cancereverywhereigo

    @johnnyscopes So ummmmm what's the album?

  93. Cambier David

    Hé you sucker , just that you know dinosaur jr are also skater , and they are also in the mindfield video(skate video)
    so you better shut the fuck up

  94. Ben Fletcher

    this is from kink safety first!

  95. chris Keez

    @johnnyscopes YESSSS...I don't understand how people can fail with such useful tools on their browsers. Even more so..Go download firefox.

  96. Dave-O

    not a bad song on this record.

  97. Noided

    jake johnson disliked this video.

  98. kermitneville

    @xxdulixx Idiot. Who cares.