Dinosaur Jr. - Been There All The Time Lyrics

Can I fix it and still care?
Can I run and you'll be there?
Wish that I could run and hide
Juggling messages inside
Stalling, trying to buy more time

Can I be a part of you?
How to get there? What to do?
Can I get there from inside?
Of all the ways I could have tried
Can I be there all the time?

Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?

Can I feel another way?
Can I bring it out to stay?
Can you capture what I've done?
Play it back so I don't run
Now I'm walking on the sun

Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?

It's not mine
Take me fine
With a smile you know
You've been there all the time

Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?
Is it all me?

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Dinosaur Jr. Been There All The Time Comments
  1. Baby Yoda

    I didn’t know my Math teacher’s side job Is playing in dinosaur jr!

  2. Benny The Jet


  3. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    My favorite part about this video is that J. is wearing green while playing a purple guitar (my favorite paired colors)!!

    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Also, Lou's bass it sweet, too!...and are the girls seen in this video, perhaps, all daughters of the band-members (J., Lou, and Murph)?

  4. jekk23

    This fucking rocks.

  5. jekk23

    Fucking tune

  6. Cak Redi

    *Thurston Moore sat there enjoying the Youths played Sonics.*

  7. Ivan Aparicio

    They got great solos

  8. martin garcia

    yeah yeah yeah !!!

  9. Scott Prince

    Love seeing the boys together again the way it should be.although i loved some early sebadoh.

  10. Electric Bear

    Is that Gregg Wallace on drums?!

  11. Ralph Chunksoup

    amazing band

  12. lori

    my happy place

  13. broken1394

    Best band ever.

  14. Joe Patterson

    The intro sounded like in a jar

  15. Marcos Alberto Renteria

    Los necesitamos en México urgentemente

  16. stella

    Thurston and the NA record hahaa

  17. Lauren Bentley

    Will love you guys forever and ever and ever!!!

  18. Jacob A

    Is no one gonna talk about that sunflower bass

    It's the bomb

    Also the drumming is the bomb

  19. Miroman

    The beginning makes me smile

  20. Paktric

    360p? Really guys? lol

  21. Andreas Durst

    poor kim

  22. Narrowpath247

    Sounds like lil furry things mashed up with other one i cant think of right now🤔

  23. The SickNeeds

    who edited this video? She says "oh you mean this one?" and is about to play something on guitar and the drums kick in instead of her doing something.... that could have been done sooo much better. Aside from that Beyond is by far the best Dino Jr. album. I can't think of any other band that pulled that off....become what some might say legendary, break up.....come back and be so much better. New York Dolls return album was pretty fantastic though.

  24. Michel Lönneberga

    Oh my, how much I love that :-) This is so great. They sounding as good as ever.

  25. Tom Senft

    So, look at Black Flag, or even Husker Du, and it looks rough and crazy. Is this rough and crazy, or is it nice and mellow? It's crazy how it feels nice and calm, but crazy and out of control.

  26. Reto Bührer

    Murph ist so lustig...

  27. Ricky Thomas

    see them live

  28. James France

    Sonic Youth sucks limp dick.

  29. The Convergence

    Glad they are not more radio friendly. The world just doesn't quite get this great music. Makes us who do get it..more special. Kinda like Catherine Wheel. Don't want to share this music with douchebag people who are more like sheep and go along with anything that is hip and new.

  30. Bonky B

    10 bux says that's thurston's actual basement.

  31. Donald William

    Best thing I ever heard

  32. R. G.

    Amazing band, amazing song! The work of the bassist, drummer, and the guitarrist is just great!
    Cheers from Argentina, Dinosaur Jr sure does inspire me into playing my instruments as good someday!

  33. Indigo Sunset


  34. teresa hollingsworth

    Which one, indeed.

  35. carlsmeric


  36. Spike

    I din't know Saruman had a band, 'cause you have to be a fucking wizard to play like J. Mascis!

  37. whatever happens happens

    this band is brilliant the one guy who inspires me to play guitar and makes feel like giving up both at the same time lol

  38. Δημος Βαλσαμαρας


  39. iluvugoldenblue

    just like her mother!

  40. FMZ101

    They know how to shred!

  41. Erick das caverna

    "Eis o início e a usurpação de toda a terra! "

  42. Spooky

    lol thurston

  43. deceiver

    That bass and guitar sound...

  44. Gambero

    Lol that bass

  45. Owen Kenney

    fucking Thurston Moore just sitting in on these kid's band practice

    Hubblebub Lumbubwub

    I think that girl is his daughter

  46. Maximus Wolfe

    that solo is sick

  47. MrJommins

    I am going to watch this video everyday until it hits the 1,000,000 views that it deserves!

    Fire and Ice

    It deserves 7,500,000,000 views :)

    Iodo Radioativo destrói carcinomas na tireóide

    MrJommins Are you still doing this?

  48. MrJommins


  49. Der Panda

    I like the message I get from this music video, something like any garage band can make it...


    Or maybe "making it" doesn't matter because playing music isn't about "making it". Music is a tool to look inside yourself or show other people the way you see things in a way that won't get you in trouble socially.

    Der Panda

    +oldmatrices Perspective is a funny thing.


    +Der Panda He's right man :)

  50. CassetteSkullMan

    I got so psyched when this first came out. It proved that they weren't gonna just do reunion gigs. They were back to stay!

  51. Julia Kaffka

    best video hahaahahaha

  52. Adam Abbas

    Directed by Matt Dillon.

    Ramón A. Parra A.

    +Adam Abbas no way

    Armando Arrojo

    It is true, Matt Dillon directed this

  53. Saša Paunković

    what stress?

  54. Nico Filoseta

    yoooooo that Negative Approach doe

  55. Scott Valkwitch

    In that band in the very beginning is Coco (Kim & Thurston's daughter) on guitar in the dialogue w/ Thurston also its Matt Krefting (solo artist, part of the experimental sound trio Son of Earth...etc) who's the singer...


    very cool

  56. Mr.Armenian

    hell yeah!!!

  57. Reaching Evans

    The third solo is one of the best things the ever happened

    scott upton

    so is that purple sparkle jazzmaster


    love dinosaur Jr. rock on party people!!!

  59. Scruffy P

    Jay is one of those guys that gets cooler as they get older. 

    Jean baptiste Geneau

    So true 😄

    Cody Stabelfeldt

    All three really

    James France

    Nope. Way cooler in '91.

  60. I'mjust Asimplebot

    hahahaha Thurston ...


    That was Thurston!?  

    Jackson Page

    Has Thurston ever looked any different?

    Cee Dasun

    Doubleganger though ;)

    Jason Benatz

    and the Negative Approach record

  61. Charlie Burnham

    Thurston moore!

    Hubblebub Lumbubwub

    Thurston less!

  62. Riza31417

    If they were more radio friendly...they would have been famous big time...not that they aren't legends...they are.

    _jep 777

    none of your business even if they include swearing, Jay's delivery still wouldn't make it sound explicit. 😁

    The SickNeeds

    I'd be more famous if were famous too.

    James Cobalt

    @none of your business It's the tone that makes it not radiofriendly, a lot of their stuff is noisy, fuzzy and overdriven, casual radio listeners may find it abraisive if they aren't accustomed to this kind of music. I love this stuff, but I see why pop stations don't play it.


    99% of radio listeners don't want to hear J's voice and wailing guitar solos. nice try ;)

    Ryan Haydon

    @Bishop *Picks out the ONE song they swear in*

  63. TheMaskedheel

    Just rediscovering this band. I must have the entire collection.

  64. syntaxerror2341

    Lou's bass...

  65. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    purple jag, boss



    damn rite

    +Christopher Fish with matching headstock that's the j mascis signature

    Grant Beck

    The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri it’s a jazzmaster, but still boss

  66. adrian frascarelli

    que gran cancion

  67. Papersunflowerband

    GREAT SONG! If you want visit our channel and subscribe! We are an indie rock band from Italy. Thanks!

  68. patagonianratz

    I believe the singer in Cocos band is that kid from almost famous

  69. Juan Cristancho

    The girls change his hair color

  70. Leslie Tucker

    I meant was tht Thurston Moore

  71. Leslie Tucker

    Was Thurston Moore

  72. 130world

    What a record! Loving this

  73. Louis Minett

    The singer at the start looks like Nicky Wire.

  74. hipstersoup

    I wish I could rock the daisy rock bass like lou

  75. igothemdiabetiesinme

    This was one of my favorite dino Jr songs back when I was in 7th grade

  76. zack Kaliush

    Only Lou could rock the flower bass.

  77. Scott Hall

    J Mascis does not believe in haircuts

  78. memoriausente

    GIRLS INVENTED PUNK ROCK NOT ENGLAND h ttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lroijbm8y41qir6ydo1_400.jpg

    The SickNeeds

    who on earth ever said england invented punk rock?

  79. SethHesio

    "Better mugs" ha ha... sadly you might be right.

  80. Danielle Guzman

    and whats the deal with music these days?!

  81. Danielle Guzman

    I feel like Kings of Leon copied these dudes, just got thinner bodies and better mugs and maybe a slower indie feel

    Soufiane Elamiri

    Kurt cobain also copied these dudes.

  82. Danielle Guzman

    holy crap!

  83. TheVideoEnthusiast

    I don't know if that's Coco Gordon-Moore but I'm pretty sure she's playing Kim Gordon's 60's Fender Jaguar

  84. Doug Fine

    I thought so too

  85. Filipedanielomg

    Lol, he had one burguer too many xD

  86. Agosto Rivera

    hell yeah, the crying boy picture on the wall.

  87. lucascobain

    Thurston é o cara!!

  88. thatrussianguy1

    thats the guy form sonic youth yeah? cool :)

  89. Hannes

    Holy god this guy is fat here.

  90. Will Carrick

    Thurston Moore kind of sounds like Jerry Seinfeld at the beginning of the video...

  91. Angelinterceptor78

    Beyond is up there as one of their best

  92. AlexanderWS

    Was that Beck on vocals?

  93. Leonardo Miranda

    A melhor banda que existe!!

  94. atarirob

    Sure is :D

  95. Anton Z

    Yeah, it is also filmed at the basement of Gordon/Moore's house in Northampton

  96. Mente P

    quiero un tocadiscos!!!! :'(

  97. David Hensby

    Thurston Moore

  98. MrPeguin666

    Thurston Moore+ Dino Jr. = double epic win!

  99. AlbatrossOfficial1

    You do mean the one with sunglasses shouting right? That's Matt, if you mean the guy with the negative approach LP in his hand that tells them to play the Dinosaur Jr. track, that would be Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth