Dinah Washington - I'll Never Be Free Lyrics

Each time I hold somebody new
My arms go cold thinking of you
No one can take your place, darling, in my embrace
I'll never be free

And when my lips burn with desire
No other kiss can put out the fire
Though I may try and try, no one can satisfy
This longing in me

I'll never be free from your smile so tender
The sweet surrender in your eyes
How can I be free when I still remember?
How you could thrill me with a sigh
Just like a chain bound to my heart
Your love remains while we're apart

Each kiss I gave to you
Made me a slave to you
I'll never be free

That kiss I gave to you
Made me a slave to you
I'll never be free

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Dinah Washington I'll Never Be Free Comments
  1. coachnsuccess

    1950 a young Dinah Washington saying she will never be free. No one can satisfy this longing in me....

  2. World Weary

    This must be young Dinah. Her voice is so high.

  3. Kelly Christina

    18 years old and loving this song. <3

  4. postofc

    Dinah, what can a person say? I saw her in person when I was a teen, (in the late 40's) go ahead, do the math. This woman could sang. And I do mean SANG!!! What does Tina sing,,"Simply The Best" well thats Dinah. She lives on, and she is simply the BEST.

  5. deniseg812

    She is my absolute favorite torch singer hands down.

  6. bolder2009

    Truely one of a kind. The Queen of the Blues!

  7. Jose Dardano

    sing, sing.sing.sing, darling, so I can rest in peace,LOVE YOU

  8. grenworthshero

    Actually, I'm 21, and I think our generation is better than the last. Sure, a lot of the music today is horrible, but we're more open and less ignorant to other music, too. Frank Sinatra is no longer the only name people recognize and singers like Michael Buble deserve a lot of credit for that

  9. btinsley1

    Thank you for your great taste in music & due homage....today's generation is SO FAR-removed from their heritage, it's like Pluto asking Mercury "what's that bright thing that warms your surface?" think about that for a moment... :)

    peace, bt