Dinah Washington - Baby Get Lost Lyrics

Well good morning baby, hmm welcome back to town
Well good morning baby, welcome back to town
You doing so much travellin', never know when you'll be round

Yes you a fine mella' fella, but you stubbord as a mule
You love me like an angel, but you treat me like a fool
Oh face it daddy, don't wanna have me no double cross
'Cause any time I'm ready, I can tell you baby get lost

Yeah you're cheating on the outside, doing anything you choose
Better come back on the inside, 'cause you got too much to lose
Don't want no trouble, I got to be the boss
Hmm and if you can't play it my way, well now baby get lost

I could try an' stop you cheating but I just don't have the time
I got so many men that they all standing in line
Oh papa you'll have to come across
'Cause any time I'm ready, I can tell you baby get lost

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Dinah Washington Baby Get Lost Comments
  1. Dominik Burgess

    i am only doing this for school

  2. AG C

    Billie Holiday's version is also fabulous.

  3. April Armstrong

    Who wrote this song?
    Who wrote this song? She sings it so well.


    April Armstrong Leonard Feather


    The song was written by Leonard Feather, but credited to Billy Moore, Jr. according to Wikipedia

  4. Diron Christopher

    The great Ms. Dinah Washington