Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering Lyrics

My descent is the story of everyman
I am hatred, darkness and despair
My descent is the story of everyman
I am hatred, darkness and despair

Evoked and entertained through centuries
Wrathful and sullen - Dormant still

The ferocity pervades everywhere
Waiting to be released at last
Hear my offering
Ye bastard sons and daughters
Share my sacrifice
Share my sacrifice.

My descent is the story of everyman
I am hatred, darkness and despair

Reconcile not with the fear of the snake
But embrace it as your own
Inject its venom into your veins
And replant the seed that gives growth
Still shrouded in mystery
Until you arise above perception
A veil of ignorance is in motion
Continuing throughout generations

(A veil of ignorance is in motion
Continuing throughout multiple generations
Let me be the one that deliver you from the deceit
And back into perfect accordance with the laws of nature)

The snake is notoriously tempting
But the snake is fair
What is worse than not knowing?
To live or disappear?

The ferocity pervades everywhere
Waiting to be released at last
Hear my offering
Ye bastard sons and daughters
Share my sacrifice
Share my sacrifice

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Dimmu Borgir The Serpentine Offering Comments
  1. صبي روحاني


  2. dark pampers

    even in 2020 its amazing

  3. Abdessamed Chennaf

    Fuck rock

  4. Rasit Boncuk


  5. Станислав Борисов


  6. helenehajdu


  7. Day

    All hail Joe Pesci !!!

  8. Day

    In SORTE !!!!!!!!!

  9. Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T

    Share my bag of riiiiiiiiice.... You rice bag converts

  10. Sayeret Shaldog

    leonidas vs . immortals

  11. Saikat Mahfuj

    I miss that ICS VORTEX voice.

  12. Iontai

    Vortex without makeup on, Looks like the kinda guy who would get a call from his friend saying "Hey can you help me move this couch"
    And he would be like "Sure! I'll bring pizza and a beer!"

  13. Ändrëz Mörälëz

    Vortex forever 🤘

  14. Jennifer Regan

    I'm surprised I've never heard this before.

  15. Jeff Scholz

    They are so rad I live in California and I really wish I could see them I am 57 years old

  16. Олег Хромов


  17. Troy Elhard

    I remember when this released. Hasnt gotten old

  18. John Case

    Back when 240p was seen as HD.

  19. Mike B

    People and their 240P comments, must be children that never knew of any music videos more than a couple years old.

    John Case

    I miss the days when this quality was normal and all you had to do to fix anything electronic was slap it.

  20. Raul urbina

    I born listening this song

  21. Humberto Mayoral

    Para mi es realmente una obra de arte esta cancion'' 2019

  22. Flammenwerfer IndustrialGrindcore

    This movie kicks ass

  23. Serj

    4:33 to everyone

  24. Maid•Chan YT

    *me sent this to a Christian friends *

    *after 10 minutes realised that I have no Friend anymore*

  25. -Fantasia

    Ti serve una golia?

  26. Miles Fiedler

    Share my sack of rice! \m/

  27. Mark Carson Jr

    Amazing song, the rock band 4 version seems to be a slightly faster tempo for some reason haha

  28. Annaleigh Dai

    share my sacrifice

  29. Justin Ely

    You must embrace the dark side of the force lord Vader

  30. Luismi Diaz

    An inminent blizzard everytime vortex sings 🇵🇷

  31. Ronnie Radkie

    Fuck this music i love it , feels like my ears filled, till now but i want to go in heaven :(

  32. Дима Бойко

    Хуета полная

  33. João Henrique Mariano de Campos

    share my sac of rice

  34. Danilo Gentile

    Best metal song by far

  35. Elmok Valygar

    need this on 1080

  36. Ricardo Nolasco

    Cuando vuscas comentarios en español y no encuentras

  37. Vampiro De La Peste Negra

    Norge. 🇳🇴🤘🤘

  38. Philip Jonas

    share my sack of rice

  39. Maicon Tadeu Laurenti

    Such a great music deserves a high quality video for an official version.

  40. Thomas Jones

    The battle will never end. Indeed it won't as long as religious death cults like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism exist. There will only be peace on earth when they are gone.

  41. xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx

    Best quality I've ever seen in my entire life!!

    But this song is fucking epic so it makes up for it 🤘😝🤘

  42. Christopher Georgie

    Share my sacrifice

  43. Integrity In Christ Lazlo

    Still shrouded in mystery until you arise above perception
    A veil of ignorance is in motion continuing throughout generations

  44. veli ünverdi

    mental ejaculation

  45. Pablo Matías LAPA


  46. ThreeMinuteMiseryInc.


  47. Angry Lesbian Offensive

    Over a decade later and this song is still amazing

  48. Tony882

    I miss ICS Vortex so much dude :c

  49. Труба Брусок

    Шпрехен Зи дойойч?)

  50. Katrina Jade

    I love this song👹👺💅

  51. Jaron Talotta

    I'm 26. Probably some years yet to go. But for years now, I think this has been "my song". I feel a certain ownership of its meaning. The entire album, and The Sacrilegious Scorn being a close 2nd.

  52. fitra Gaahl

    Two four zero pee

  53. Spidey d

    Battle music at its best

  54. Saiful Amar

    Im still listening in 2019

  55. Boris Grozni

    theres gotta be better copy of this video ....this is masterpiece of high end production but this sounds crap and looks like crap in 240p

  56. Loonari x

    Came here because of Shadow of Intent. Not disappointed.

  57. Nicolas Arias

    Hail Dimmu lml!

  58. Leonel Kennedy

    A alguien mas le suena igual el intro al de la marcha imperial de Star Wars? 🤘

  59. analoglee

    War for territory - sepultura

  60. Fabricio Peña

    3:10 A la mierda el cristianismo y su dios ^.^

  61. Miki León

    y el HD?

  62. Brian Desouza


  63. Johan Ricardo Jaimes Bohorquez

    Q puto temazo \m/ la voz ics vortex de otro mundo

  64. Valderi Sousa de Oliveira

    Deus e o diabo simbolizam a guérra.. nós a morte da vitória...

  65. Roque Art

    What I find funny about these bands is that there is no content to talk about their satan god.
    And keep showing and speaking the things of Christ. Looks like angry Christians. #Folkmetal forever.

  66. Fresher Dougie

    Who else saw this on Headbangers Ball back in the day?

  67. Samuel Aguiar

    Eu curtia esse som quando eu era mais novo.

  68. Vladimír Dobiáš

    A to nikdo mluvící česky neposlouchá?

  69. Artenis Shupe

    You're not trve kvlt if the quality of your videoclip is higher than 240p!
    This is a pure fucking masterpiece and an eargasm! \m/

  70. Azraelina Santisima Rakoczy

    Dimmu Borgir, my favorite black metal band

  71. System


  72. Gen kinks

    From my little black heart 🖤💪

  73. Brendan Mc


  74. Hail Wotan

    I hate god and the Bible for what he representing, all the religions should be exterminated. Hail Woden


    All I know is....it needs more ads

  76. daniisaurushax

    Ugh the intro, i melt

  77. Air Wick

    Did you listen to this In 2018 you piece of shit

  78. Jasmine Luton

    Chorus is like sepultura territory

  79. Adriano Maquina Humana.


  80. Norrin Radd

    I fear not the serpent

  81. Rafaela Carolina

    Nenhum BR ?


    The drums in this one go hard af...

  83. Simon Enk

    New dlc rockband 4 \m/

  84. Sarcasm83/Games

    I remember the time when I thought this was the "new and fancy dimmu" and... I did not remember it was that long ago and in 4:3 on youtube. :S

  85. Miguel Ángel Dávalos Anaya

    240p ¡?¡?¡?¡? you gotta be kidding Nuclear Blast. :(

    Integrity In Christ Lazlo

    I swear when it came out it was at least 480p LOL

  86. Sidious 68

    Really like this

  87. M L

    Isn't this band satanic

  88. Christal Williams

    Always been a huge fan of dimmu borgir this is a deep form of metal I love it 🖤🖤🖤

  89. Max Violence

    nothing makes it better than 240p, FUCK YOU!!!

  90. Mariposa stalkazer ø

    Fuck islam

  91. irma nuñez

    Excelente video! Dimmu Borgir es grande!!

  92. David Usurelu

    I like these christian bands like Behemoth , Cradle of Filth ,etc.

  93. Laura Elm

    Vortex please come back ;-;

  94. Walter Antonio Rehder FILHO

    Jesuitas cinquistaram a America para a Educação e para Deus. Viva Pope Francisco!