Dimmu Borgir - The Chosen Legacy Lyrics

Hence I will anoint
And whisper wholeheartedly
The creed of Hades and beyond
As I succumb to inevitable sin

For I cannot enslave myself
With imaginary words of salvation
The hypocrisy that surrounds my temple
Is assisted by pretenders to the throne

The winds that blow purity
Signify my chosen legacy
I was born to opposition
A contender to creation

In Sorte Diaboli
In Sorte Diaboli
In Sorte Diaboli
In Sorte Diaboli

For my sins
I will ask no forgiveness
For my sins
They are not to forgive

So never speak of me quietly
Stand by my confession
I voice your rebellion
Against the traitor of the world

I am the first creature of this Kingdom
I will be the One
To out live His time
With the triumph of free will

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Dimmu Borgir The Chosen Legacy Comments
  1. PRANTO 666

    In sorte dios

  2. Hail Wotan

    Brutal Intro

  3. manuela Esih

    One of the best of D😈B

  4. Nelci Filipi

    Great music!

  5. Anthony ryan

    Seriously one of there best songs

  6. Terrance Clifford

    FUCKING LOVE THIS!!!! I remember when this album came out!!

  7. Requiem Laus


  8. Krzysztof Szczypior


  9. Jango Yifftail

    This is the song of my soul... my black twisted Pagan Necromancer Occultist soul. XD

  10. scott weldy

    in sorte diabolic latin for in league with satan

  11. Castellan of Conviviality

    That opening reminds me of Planescape: Torment.

  12. Jorge Dr

    I came for 2:37 to 3:03

  13. Albertus Magnus

    An Immortal ☺

  14. raglfragloo

    Someone plz help, I am searching for a song i got year ago off limewire that probably had the wrong title. the song was "Dragonfire" by "Dimmu Borgir". It went something like G A D F D B C E

  15. Jesus Resamano

    musica de emos

  16. DanteDarcangelo

    No wonder he fired the band, they forgot their make-up on dress up day.

  17. Erdbeerchen Melly

    Ernsthaft? 😂😂😂

  18. cmm98

    The double bass at the end !

  19. cmm98

    Their last good album imo 👌

  20. CKSlakers81

    At 1:55 Mustis earned his money!

  21. PRANTO 666

    In sorte diaboli....every fucking time gives me goosbumbs

  22. mario dimitrov


  23. Luis dias

    Impressive song with this video clip band DIMMU BORGIR!

  24. Semerah Padi

    In salted the garlic

  25. Swaglord Pickle-Pee

    This video is SO METAL. It's a shame that with their last two albums they kinda abandoned their black metal roots in favour of a more commercial, goth-oriented approach.

  26. Oscar AlfaX

    So let me get this shit right, mustis is gone and vortex and some how i stoped listening to them.

  27. 19HajimeSaitou91



    Es una buena banda pero en particular este disco es una joya

  29. mark621000

    Revelation 20:10 "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever."

  30. Frank Salazar

    Hail Black metal 😈666😈 10/03/2018

  31. MegaAngelique22

    Favourite band forever!! 🤘🖤

  32. Jose De La O

    Impresionante 🤘

  33. Ivett Caballero

    Me gustan sus canciones

  34. fabio lorente souza

    A melhor Formação do Dimmu Borgir foi essa, sem comentários!!!

  35. Marcos Silva

    que bela bosta kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  36. Roberto P Silva


  37. Dario Castillo

    epic moment! 3:43 with drums!

  38. Dario Castillo

    epic moment... 3:45 with drums!

  39. Mystical Child

    These guys are definitely fucked up.

  40. Vincenzo Montebello

    I'm to old for this shits .

  41. Josip Gujić

    Sotona vas je ostavio u zabludi uskrsnuća prava na puteno biće srasa i da je otac satan. No sotona nema pravo na prostranstvo bitka jer je Jahve pokrio sva zdanja postanka tako da svaki za metak novog boga bude ubijen mimo prvog Stvoritelja jer je u njega spoznaja prostranstava bitka zametka čim bude začet mimo spoznaje u bitku prvostvoritelja Jahve nude uništen spoznajom prostranstava.

  42. da war bozz !!!

    good music for dark souls

  43. da war bozz !!!

    thanks Norway for giving us this black metal band also toki wartooth

  44. Albertco.

    3:40 whoa

  45. Ragnar_SECULARIS - Viking_Sith_Lord

    Happy 10 year anniversary for the filming of this killer video which took place in Los Angeles on April 14 & 15, 2008 with myself and friends and a great band. Tusen takk - many thanks. In Sorte Diaboli \m/

  46. boblackmetal

    Hellhammer's Raping Blast Beats!!! Lubricating your ears is advisable.

  47. Saymon Z


  48. Yalisson Tuck

    Vc é cristão e curte Dimmu 🤔🤔🤔.
    Pense numa confusão

  49. Sky Baron

    Best drums are at 3:05

  50. Aramis Hodge

    Just noticed the 2 in the back were laughing @ 1:02-1:04 then starting to play LMAO


    Haha brilliant.

  51. Victor Halldin

    The short drum intro <3 gives me goosebumps 0:38

  52. Jorge Dr

    3:43 is very probable he's using double stroke bass drum, similar that the ones used on hands, u can see 66samus using the same thing and most other drummers in order to achieve those ultra fast speeds

  53. HellraiserDE

    Uh nice more relaxing music

  54. paperclip

    hellhammers blast beats are supreme!

  55. Invalid LiFe

    No one can beat my BFMV except my PTH 😏😏😏

  56. Tracey Fitzpatrick

    HAIL SHAGRATH 666!!!😈❤💋

  57. Tracey Fitzpatrick


  58. Tracey Fitzpatrick


  59. Tracey Fitzpatrick


  60. Martin Barrionuevo

    For all tid ...the best

  61. Zohan Milord

    Dimmu Borgir Forever

  62. jeff wardenburg

    i love DIMMU BORGIR\,,/

  63. Mark Mixer

    3:40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Jeffrey Margavage

    Now THIS is Dimmu Borgir!

  65. Daniel Rico

    Nice song!

  66. Viviana DU PARCK

    Dimmu borgir

  67. ArizMo2015

    New fan here. Never heard black metal before. Think I'll be listening to this one on replay all day long and research other songs after work. Killer song 🤘🤘🤘


    progenies of the great apocalypse. lepers among us, vredesbyrd, blood hunger doctrine, puritania....I'm also kind of new just separating those better songs than the average ones

  68. Gormfeld

    I showed this video to my grade 10 media studies class back when I was in highschool. Needless to say, I got an A.


    Of course they did...if you got a B you would've come to school the next day with a gun

  69. Frieza Cold

    fuck yeah! This song is the best! JESUS IS A CUNT!

  70. Nicolas Martin Arias

    Hail Dimmu borgir!! lml

  71. The Entity

    I could listen to this intro for hours! Love it!

  72. Emperor Magus Caligula

    The video sucks...

  73. Lucas Englund

    3:38 double bass vs v8 engine at 9000 rpm 😂

  74. A Lupo

    Forever my go to band.

  75. Jean Peres



  76. Murat Yüzer

    Shagrath's gestures :D

  77. Wally Bazoom

    I'm Roman Catholic and I've been into Dimmu and Behemoth for years..

    Eruan Cook

    No wonder lol :p



  79. Matthias Meiners

    i believe in the old gods.. but i love this kind of music

  80. Jamie Johnson

    Love it!!!!

  81. DAWSON \M/ C.H.B.

    they really are the kings\m/

  82. Edison Anangono

    super esa cabronessssssss

  83. Black Metal

    found out about them on accident. Not disappointed. I fucking love these guys.

  84. nozehabon


  85. Darren M

    LOL at 1:45 the lip sync is WAY off.

  86. Vasilias Kobliska

    4:39 When your mom tells you to stop listening to black metal and do the dishes

  87. Jessica Ariza

    my choice is GOD

  88. Adam Wolkerstorfer

    I just need to bath in holy water after listening to this

  89. Kelly Holder

    I love it!

  90. The Best


  91. Metal Music Maniac

    Faster drumming here then blood on the swans

  92. Edison Anangono

    de lo mejor es lqa cancion es dicna para mi ehhh

  93. Raphael Endrigo

    Salve maioral Reino de quimbanda

  94. Miloš Đorić

    i remember this album and video coming out,and i had to let the clip buff completely so i could play it,and even then it chopped.good old times.album was way ahead of its time,one of their finest.

  95. Gilbert Parson

    I agree I was almost to become a crishtin but I discovered this wonderful great music called black.S.M. I let it inject it's venom in2 my vains & I'm addicted 2 this bliss of maddness thank you so much dimmu borgir 2the all the band members thanks! again! yah hhhh

  96. Steve Sullivan

    1:01 "Yes I will anoint this butt-hole hot Julie!! Cream old ladies and the young, as I suck on Sue, never Paul's son!!!"       Yes! Never Paul's son, but definitely Sue, Julie, and hot old ladies!!

  97. AkagiCaga HiryuSoryu

    Умели раньше клипы делать!

  98. J.R. Robert

    music is music. I'm christian and I totally dig black metal music. its a great outlet to shred out my anger at least. plus as a guitarist and drummer I absolutely love the insane 200+ BPM drumming and diabolic sounding guitars.