Dimmu Borgir - Satan My Master Lyrics

Satan My Master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan My Master
Up side down I turn the cross of God

Satan My Master
Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan My Master
I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

Satan My Master
Remember me when judgement day is near
Satan My Master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here

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Dimmu Borgir Satan My Master Comments
  1. Idan Guttman


  2. littleblasian

    Why is this so funny to me

  3. Daniel Moreno

    Playing this at a church parking lot right now

  4. eVellish

    bathory cover

  5. Martha Frausto

    I listening to this before going to church

  6. 88sephiroth88

    Satan My Master
    I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
    Satan My Master
    Up side down I turn the cross of God

    Satan My Master
    Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
    Satan My Master
    I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

    Satan My Master
    Remember me when judgement day is near
    Satan My Master
    Take my hand when Armageddon is here

  7. Satan my master

    This is the deepest song ever in music history Hail Dimmu!

  8. Dedi Maryanto

    The first black metal song I heard

  9. Cristian Popescu

    Wrost cover

  10. Rene Garcia

    Who knew clutch pressure plates were heavy metal worthy.

  11. Disco Badger

    Fake poetry:

    Wake up in the morning & I dab
    Had to pull up on the block
    Cause you know I get to whip
    & you know I top chop
    & my car name is nae nae
    Had 2 hit da quan cause today is a good day

    Writers: Iheartmemphis's professionals.

    Real poetry:

    Satan my master
    I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
    Satan my master
    Upside down I turn the cross of God

    Satan my master
    Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
    Satan my master
    I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

    Satan my master
    Remember me when judgment day is near
    Satan my master
    Take my hand when Armageddon's here

    Orignal Writer:

    The almighty Quorthon of bathory, covered by Dimmu Borgir.

  12. Jimmy Tremblay

    bathory version better !!!

  13. viajerosdelabismo

    Satan really knows how to compose good music!

    Disco Badger

    Skinless, lich king, SOAD, Marylin Manson, flesh consumed, dawn of demise, social shit, antomist, Cruz and cryptic pit do too!!!!!

  14. Hootabell

    dude black metal is so beautiful omg!

  15. sandinoise

    Satan My Master
    I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
    Satan My Master
    Up side down I turn the cross of God

    Satan My Master
    Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
    Satan My Master
    I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

    Satan My Master
    Remember me when judgement day is near
    Satan My Master
    Take my hand when Armageddon is here

  16. Esther Terpstra

    Why have I never heard this before?

  17. Quick last

    Add the lyric

  18. R Schultz

    it makes me want to dance. I don't dance. do the math.


    Do the meth!


    u dont dance!? are u retarded or something?

    R Schultz

    +jwst don't know, never been tested.


    @R Schultz i was kidding :D but you can't stand still to this music, man

  19. Pyry Raunio

    1:12 im i  the only one who sees a clutch spring?

  20. Mc Fudge

    Better than the original in my opinion


    Highly agree

    Mc Fudge

    @Necro Noise I'll get right on that

    Tim the Enchanter

    Nope. Bathory is far greater than Dimmu Borgir will ever be.

    Dan H

    They are but this covers better than the Bathory version because it's heavier.

    Something Dreadful

    They both have their merits, this version is cleaner and slightly heavier, Bathory's is grittier more atmospheric, its also the original that means its purer and truer artistically. However, its a fucking tribute Dimmu Borgir recorded this as a tribute to the greatness of Bathory, debating which is superior is pointless.

  21. Night Wing

    Why it reminds me of Carpathian Forest?

    Dead End

    +Komandor Wolf
    Because Carpathian Forest is heavily inspired by Bathory who wrote and originally performed this song.

    Night Wing

    @Dead End
    Ah, thanks.

  22. Stephen Roberts

    not a bad cover but burn in hell was their best

    Nathan Forrest

    I agree.

  23. Ian Mohr

    This "song" is terrible...

    Ritual Sounds

    +Ian Mohr why don't you shut the fuck up bro???

    New Ingvaeona

    But Dr Dre is sophisticated music?

    Disco Badger

    In what way?

    Creepy Tales

    hahaha :D


    go listen to your autotune somewhere else

  24. shinigami2D

    Sit in my Mazda!!! XD



    Creepy Tales

    You ruined the song hahahaha

    Mangyang 212

    hahahah :D


    So much for praising the dark lord, I suppose it's all about sitting in the Mazda now, thanks a lot buddy!


    626 a car I used to drive

  25. canislupus

    if you listen to this song backwards you can listen clearly a christian message, for real no kidding!!

    Something Dreadful

    +canislupus Darkthrone had 'In the name of god let the churches burn.' Apparently Cradle of Filth backmasked the lords pray.


    Master My Satan?

  26. fernando fieldy Moreno

    the great cover very fucking good sound

  27. Boy From Neptune

    Best Cover Of Bathory

  28. Northern Darkness666

    Cool song !

  29. Theo Raguin

    +Jay Ruin MEINE*

  30. Coldacre

    this version is shit compared to the Bathory original!!! get fucked triggered kick drum, get fucked Dimmu Hamburger. BATHORY FOREVER 

    Darian Bax

    you mean Burgery? gtfo


    @darian x tee hee 


    @Coldacre are kidding? the sound of the bass drum doesnt sound triggered at all, maybe a bit to commpressed, but I dont think they use trigger in the studio, live sure.

    Disco Badger

    But they never played this live

  31. Dhiego Cardoso

    Sit in my mazda!


    @Dhiego Cardoso lmfao

    Hogash TV

    +Dhiego Cardoso i will laugh till death...i think haha


    Dhiego Cardoso 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪😆😆🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  32. TeamPlayzForDayz

    Excellent song \,../

  33. robson alves

    dimmu borgir foda

  34. Kurt VIA Boys Kurt VIA Girls

    NOT SATAN,KURT [email protected] original!!!!!!

    Kurt VIA Boys Kurt VIA Girls

    "Allah frame" with signature star

  35. Bobby michael oshane vick

    Agnostic here dimmu borgir is wikid awesome.


    Atheist here and I too think this is wicked awesome. Face-melting good shit.

  36. han uchia

    Hail satan! 666 SATAN MY MASTER! 

  37. Benjamin Perez


  38. Yeirei

    bonus track?

  39. Hereje DiosEsFiel

    Andate a cagar ._.

  40. voadeiranatuacara

    Awesome song!

  41. voadeiranatuacara

    Awesome song.

  42. ilovetheipad

    My god guys can't we just Enjoy the music.
    Just saying Black Metal is the music of Satan. DOESN'T MEAN OTHERS CAN'T LISTEN. I'm Hindu I listen.

    And Dimmu Borgir sucks :/ try Burzum.

    Lucas Shore

    ilovetheipad. True

  43. Ján

    egyptian gods aren't deamons, they are gods... but some of them serve chaos, so the are only evil (sorry for my bad english)

  44. srinivas kumar

    I love dimmu and all but Shagrath really needs to stop posing like that . 0:20. Lol

  45. 666REmaster

    JoS interests more with the sumerian pagan gods.

  46. Zepherlyte

    Sick music. Sadly there aren't many religous people that are openminded nowadays -_-

  47. eradius

    actually its an idea thats been around far longer, search tartarus.

  48. imglidinhere

    Technically speaking, Hell was invented around 1200 A.D. to scare the kids of that generation into following the church.

    Disco Badger

    Exactly, religion is bullshit.

  49. Pa Vikingtokt

    Um, I'm not a satanist, I'm a Norse pagan, but this is still one of the best bands out there, so mmk.

  50. 420RadicalxExtremist

    funny cuz satans not real

  51. KlangbaumHerz

    i came here for the music and i find dumb people talking about religion.. cmon guys

  52. Killian Hackenschmidt

    There is no god... no satan.. only Dimmu!

  53. Ethered the unerdy

    satan doesn't exist,loser, end of story. i am better than you. get off youtube

  54. CornyTelecaster49

    How can you kill something that doesent exist?

  55. Jelena Janković

    Troll? Hope so. But I love the song!

  56. Ethered the unerdy

    satan doesn't exist. neither does father christmas, the easter bunny, or bigfoot

  57. Adrian Dietzschold

    Then i want that demon too.It is so annoying picking up all that ice cream by my selfe.

  58. professorbland

    probably carries some groceries, sweeps up around the house a bit, volunteers to pick up some ice cream from the gas station late at night...you know...demon stuff


  59. Adrian Dietzschold

    Now i am curious. How is a demon helping you?

  60. FHPOfficalpage

    I hate this band. They fucking butchered a great song.

  61. angelicpsych7

    I told you, electromagnetic fields and the pineal gland maybe good starting points of research. I cant show you the truth you must find it yourself. I am only a catalyst to your growth of consciousness. You will have to lose your ego your fear to proceed.

  62. angelicpsych7

    condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. there is plenty of proof, your refusal to believe and denial is what holds you back to see. Science has proved it, and science can only prove certain areas. it only can solve 5 senses. I suggest you do some research of electromagnetic fields. Your mind is limited, and I dont say this to belittle you, i say this to make you more aware of yourself. Nikla Tesla knew. vibration and frequencies. from here its all you

  63. angelicpsych7

    statement is ignorant, your conscious level has not yet achieved higher level of frequencies and expanded conscious. you have so much to learn amount of knowledge is infinite, as well as your mind. I suggest you start awakening. This finite experience in this dimension is just a learning experience if you dont awaken now maybe in the next cycle.peace

  64. TheDrFist

    yeah, and i bet u hear voices inside your head...

  65. Benjamin K Doyle

    All these satan worshipers and christians arguing, and I'm just sitting here, being an atheist

    Disco Badger

    I'm sitting here, believing in reincarnation.

  66. kroanor

    Here is a simple question. Why would you worship a entity of which its single main reason of existence is the human race being eradicated ?

    All you so called self called satanists are just a bunch of idiots running through the darkness searching for a new source of light, thus missing the fact that there is no light ,only darkness,the void,nothingness. True,pure and most immaculate.You are nothing bust a soup of atoms drawn together by a inexplicable force just like a moth to the flame.

    Disco Badger

    Satan doesn't exist, after you die it's just you caught between the two awful worlds of a fine line and a lifeless void of nothingness

  67. TheDrFist

    but the song is nice ;)

  68. TheDrFist

    every god is false... who believes in this bullshit is a small mind. there is no god, allah, satan, odin, brahma or whatelse. fairy tales...

  69. Anonn Mous

    The original Illuminati were despised by the higher power which was the indoctrinating milieu of the Catholic Church hencing the ill research speculation by Christain fundies who think through dogma instead of for themselves.

  70. Alex Toledo

    Why do you come into a video called "Satan My Master" and expect to get your shitty christian views across?

  71. Qalmana

    literally sounds better in 240p!!!!

  72. Rabbit Swaggins

    dnt care bitch

  73. Rabbit Swaggins

    IDIOTS Why are you loving satan? For what, you dumbfucks morons?

  74. Rabbit Swaggins


  75. youaregay759


  76. Renan Freire Di Carvalho

    Ave Satanas!! Shemhamforash!! .:.1010011010.:. Hail \/ictory!! -!- Rege Ba'alZebud-!-

  77. David Cicala

    I've only listened to one Vulvectomy song before. I guess I should check those bands out.

  78. David Cicala

    I've listened to some of their stuff. They're pretty awesome.

  79. David Cicala

    They're good. Not the best Blackened Death Metal band out there, but their stuff is pretty brutal. Their last album (Regiment Ragnarok) was a bit of a disappointment though.

  80. David Cicala

    Hail Satan!!

  81. David Cicala

    Have you ever heard of Panzerchrist?

  82. David Cicala

    I have 4 good friends, but around ten friends. I'm agnostic, not a Satanist though. I'm more into Death and Thrash Metal than Black Metal.

  83. David Cicala

    Martial artist and agnostic. I just did research on Satanism.

  84. KaNsNaHo


  85. David Cicala

    Good, I don't want them to like me because they are assholes. And nearly all the hot girls in my school are bitches so fuck them too! Anyway, I always tried to be nice (from the begining of middle school until now) and they hated me anyway so thats why I hate them. (You wouldn't understand this because you are probably a douchebag football player or something like that.)

  86. presmokan

    Well guess what, they don't like you either! And that girl, you know the hot one you've been eyeing up, well guess what? She doesn't like you either!


  87. presmokan

    Are you mad because you're licking satans bum?

  88. angelicpsych7

    wasnt arguing,not really a retort just giving you some knowledge. take it or leave it either way just giving you some input that you probably never heard. no need to get defensive. i agree with what you were saying to an extent.

  89. David Cicala

    You fail, stupid troll. Go listen to your lil wayne and gospel music.

  90. Mushroomsx

    mub snatas kcil


  91. Mushroomsx

    Lol, outstanding retort! You just shattered my argument to pieces!

  92. presmokan

    lick satans bum

  93. angelicpsych7

    you have little or no idea what you are talking about

  94. angelicpsych7

    illuminati means enlightened ones in latin. they are well educated in war, politics, spirituality, and science. they have their own goals as directed by higher powers. all we can do is better ourselves and acquire self knowledge, think freely and unity until we are harvested. most will repeat this cycle in a negative realm due to high negativity polarity, which was goal of government. be yourself, light love and heal. i love this song

  95. David Cicala

    I really want to go to school one day with an inverted pentagram shirt and an inverted cross necklace to make everybody believe that I'm a satanist and a misanthropist. I don't really like the people in my school so I don't really care.

  96. David Cicala

    Stupid fucking christian. Why must you give all christians a bad name by spitting out ignorant shit about a religion you have no idea about. Unlike you I did research on satanism and know much more about it than you. Your response comment happens to be very inmature and generic. I bet you're catholic. I'm glad to call myself a unitarian because catholics have radical beliefs and try to shove their religion down the throats of others.

  97. presmokan

    lick satans bum

  98. David Cicala

    One, its just music. Two, you know jack shit about satanism. Three, get the hell outa' here.