Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - We Are Legend Lyrics

We were all lost
Almost something so close
On the outlines of your west coast
We were waving red balloons
We were wide-eyed
Oh, we only lived in highlights
A delusion, summer twilight
We were dumb and beautiful

Higher than the broken angels
Flying with no parachute
The minute that we felt like this when I knew

I only wanna be with you
I only wanna be with you
And no one else will ever do
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be with you
That's something that I can't refuse
It's something that I didn't choose
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be with you

I only wanna be with you
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be with you

We were perish
We were subtle, we were drastic
We were calm, we were dramatic
We were fantasy and fear
And you changed me
You were silent and you faced me
Yeah, you saw me and encouraged me
Like a tourist, souvenir (woah)

Higher than the broken angels
Flying with no parachute
The minute that we felt like this when I knew

I only wanna be with you
I only wanna be with you
And no else will ever do
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be with you
That's something that I can't refuse
It's something that I didn't choose
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
I only wanna be with you

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike We Are Legend Comments
  1. DJKOVY90'S


  2. Phantom

    That was the song of me and my girlfriend when we used to be together lol
    rip me

  3. Maga Hi

    This song not on apple

  4. Tato Palmieri

    I need this song in S P O T I F Y plis c'mon

  5. xirraG nitraM

    Why not on Spotify ? Because it got ghostproduced ?

  6. Ardi Faisal H

    Why this song aren't released on Spotify?

  7. rahul shah

    Legends line Only.....😎😊♥️☝️

  8. Miguel Costa

    Add to spotify pls we are waiting for long time!

  9. Zeeshan Saiyed

    Not on imusic

  10. Agam Pratap Singh

    spotify link ?

  11. Coag

    mau ai mas a voz arruinou a musica;-; pqp a unica q era classica da epoca q tomorrowland era bom

  12. Martin Garrix Leaked

    Para los que no sepan esta cancion fue hecha por Martin Garrix & no por 3 are legend
    Losiento por las personas que no la creen , si desde el 2014 ya habian sospechas sobre la canción
    En febrero del 2019
    La verdad salio a la luz

  13. Martin Garrix Leaked

    Prefiero mil veces la versión de Martin Garrix
    Está es muy aburrida

  14. razor rein

    martin garrix -the weekend - cant feel my face ghost production

  15. Soumodeep Basu

    Martin garrix 🔥

  16. FaltroN ANTRAX

    I don’t know why I cry every time I hear that song

  17. Haylaz 61

    Dangerous 🔥👍

  18. TingTong Tech

    Melody and lyrics don't meet
    But still very very very *AMAZING* !

  19. Ricardo Benitez

    Para cuando este hermoso track en Spotify?? 😭😭💔

  20. Daniel Carroll

    1-Dimitri Vegas, 2-Steve Aoki, 3-Like Mike- Martin Garrix is a Legend

  21. Bruno Wilson

    Martin Garrix - We Are Legend feat. Abigail Breslin



  23. Abigail Youcan

    I'm so proud of named Abigail... Jajaja I like this song... Much love for all you...

  24. ArtSubtitle

    Ghost produced by Martin Garrix: Martin Garrix - Legends :D

    Tan Loi Kieu

    ArtSubtitle dimitri Vegas ,like Mike 2013 :D

  25. Hêy Bro

    Amazing drop

  26. Angaiha Khiangte

    This is one of my favorites

  27. Iván Eche

    Everyone asking about the instrumental version and it was released on 2014... hahaha

  28. Alv Ciagvg

    Mashup con One Republic Alesso!?

  29. gonzalo H. Olivera

    No lo encuentro en Spotify 😔

  30. Melissa

    Here after Rogan lol

  31. Cecilia Vernaola

    Me encanta ! 😍😍😍
    2019 ? Setiembre ?

    Lenny Scott

    Cecilia Vernaola 🙋🙋🙋

    César Daí 7u7

    Octubre :3

  32. Poonam Garg

    Add on music streaming platforms pls

  33. Arbaaz Khan

    Ak number 👍👍

  34. Gian Velasquez

    Playlist, SETIEMBRE 2019 🇵🇪 ⏪⏮️▶️⏩⏭️🖤

    Cecilia Vernaola

    ARRIBA PERÚ !!! 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪😍

  35. Midhun Joy

    Add spotify💟🙏

  36. Legends Memes 2

    we are legends

  37. PokemonLatios

    Plot twist there is an old version of this song leaked and Martin Garrix made it first.

  38. Lerian

    like si la sigues escuchando en 2019

    Ricardo Benitez


    Dani sanchez

    @Ricardo Benitez 🤙

  39. works LB

    3 are legend!!!
    1,Dimitrivegas 2,Steave Aoki 3,Likemike
    fucking love you!!!

  40. Exi0s

    This track change my life

  41. Мухтар Кабылбек

    Who is listening it in Aug 2019?

    Slimdex UNLIM

    Мухтар Кабылбек русский ахаххаха


    I ammmm

    Мухтар Кабылбек

    @Slimdex UNLIM казахский*

  42. Denny KAI

    Martin Garrix - We are Legend

  43. Anonimo GD

    Tomorrowland 💕

  44. Óscar alejandro Corona acosta

    Quien volvio al pasado :')?


    Plz tell m who ghostproduced this.

    Pizamo Gaming

    @NINI YZAJ Martin Garrix*


    Not look like MOGUAI more

  46. Thibo Huyghebaert

    Add on deezer pls

  47. dhanush s

    Martin Garrix - We Are Legend

  48. alexander Leyva

    Spotify please

  49. Hiếu Nguyễn Văn

    Cho anh gần em thêm chút nữa

  50. Otavio Vieira


  51. Leaya

    To All the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Fans our there!
    Martin Garrix ghost produced this soo lol
    Thanks Martin 🙏🙏

    Kazkade Musicz

    @SouRoney Superpader Steve aoki doesn't even have a fan lol

    Sean Lee

    Idk what to feel about that honestly, I’m both a DVLM and Martin Garrix fan

    fayaz dm

    @Leaya Just answer what Gaurav had asked you. Don't reply with Invalid points...!!

    fayaz dm

    @Leaya I have seen most of you dumb asses trying to get out of the actual topic by diverting to some other topic. So just shut the fuckup and answer to his query


    fayaz dm lmao you mad too? lol how? you’re just mad cuz i fucked your dad oms💯 fuk outta here you dumb kid and go play country music. oms💯 you’re bitchmade fuckin stud lmao!! plus that was a dumb question so why would i answer something so fucking stupid🤣🤣 Just knowledge the fact the This song is GP by Martin Garrix 💯🤧 even Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike comfirmed this in a interview..🤣🤣🤣 dumbass fool

  52. Eduardo Martínez

    Es mucho mejor la versión demo del martino garrix (el fue el creador de este track)

    LE !

    Solo son rumores de los haters cuando fue prensentada DV&LM ni siquiera conocía a la ratita de Garrix de igual manera son de países diferentes este rumor lo hicieron los haters para desprestigiar a Dimi & Mike. Seguro fueron los fans de Hardwell.

  53. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    No copyright....

  54. Francisco Méndez


  55. Smmari طريقة طبخ

    2019 three are legends set 🔥

  56. Mr Ahnaf

    When you realized Little Rock is the one who sings

  57. Moussah M

    So beautiful and epic im not able to describe it with words

  58. Ꭳ Fanny Ꭳ

    *This is my song because it was uploaded on my birthday* 🤩❤️

  59. YoDassh

    Todos diciendo que es de Martin Garrix
    Me:Me vale verga solo disfruta

    Manuel Aquino Lay

    Yo ni sabía que era de Garrix, pero ignoro el hecho de que fue el que la produjo

  60. Fairchild Ftw

    100 millions views lost due to bad kick used in that lit af beat

  61. Kike Rentería

    And think that today they closed mainstage of tomorrowland❤️

  62. Azmi Rafiee

    remind me of tomorrowland 2013..if i lose myself tonigh!!!!

  63. Danny Boi

    Fucking ruined. It was perfect when they played it live. I waited years for this shit. The instrumental was what made it magic, all these vocals make it sound like any other whack ass EDM song.


    ➕✖ !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Ginny Khokhar

    This is awesome..... this song made my day......... WE ARE LEGEND ..... BOOM BOOM BOOM

  66. ꧁༒•DAFM•༒꧂


  67. José Luis Ricardez

    Best song ever

  68. Muhamad Dzaki Akram

    Can't feel my face (Martin garrix remix)

    I believe this was made by martin garrix. I feel his vibes

    Robbo 14

    Muhamad Dzaki Akram this track was made 6 years ago dude

  69. Sad Boy

    Martin Garrix and jay hardway ghosted this

  70. Ujwal Chaudhary

    Words can't tell
    Insane out of the world ❤️

  71. Batuhan Elkovan

    LEGEND music guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Charlotte Ritmanic

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Lovet this songe

  73. venus colina

    Putos cracks💘

  74. venus colina


  75. deepak kumaya bisht



    Martin Garrix - Legends

  77. Alexis Morales miss

    Esta rola es una de las mejores es leyenda

  78. mep 711

    Why this isn’t on Spotify...

  79. Maximilian Botwright

    PLsssss add onn spotifyyyyyyyyy

  80. derly huirse

    que chevere musica

  81. Hack Piece

    I miss Mathew's vocals on the beautiful track.😣

  82. dimuthu 94

    2019 anyone


    Any one up in 2019

  84. Kaijincool Coolkaijin

    Imagin in the big ass concert and this song come in your ears suddenly the drop damn!


    1.50 fire

  86. Jo Rodrigues

    - 2 0 1 9 💥🔊🎧

  87. AFTERAll Music

    This Is The Best DVLM work idk why This is not so Popular! This Track Deserves in Billions 💥

  88. JAYY

    Sounds like 'Can't feel my face (MG Remix)'

    Łukasz Przybylik

    Because it was made by Martin Garrix, ghostproduced

  89. elmer manuel

    Es la melodía más hermosa que he escuchado en mi vida :')


    I love you dimitri vegas

  91. しょぼた【フォートナイトやってる人】


  92. Prasad Anuruddha

    2019 🇱🇰 ❤❤❤

  93. sourabh yadav

    Jst love this track ...love u dv.lm...

  94. El Bandito

    Alesso & One Republic - If I Lose Myself vs. 3 are Legend - We Are Legends (Tomorrowland 2013 Mashup)❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  95. Merve Yuksel

    You are legend (2019)

  96. Rohan Kashyap

    One who listens always and check the notes in this music will found to produced by garrix