Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants Lyrics

First off
Let me say you look so tired...
Rest your head and shut your eyes
Empty... ambition
Blankets the sky
I'm Thinking 'bout another world... toni-i-i-ight

Yeah right
Yeah right
Yeah right

So drop the gown
The game's over
Just push your face into the fight
And it breaks my heart
Like dancing up all night
Ride so high we both start thinking 'bout another world tonight
And it feels so wrong
Like nothing we've ever... felt before-ore-ore-ore

Yeah right
Yeah right
Yeah right

The stranger's candy takes you where you ought to be
In broken alleys in the back of every street
Close your eyes...

Baby you can have it
Baby... you can... have it

Oh, baby gnaw me
Down to the bone
Soon you'll find I'm never gonna take you back home
Well, there's so much you never told me
And there's not much I want to know
'Cause your pretty face will do just fine
You'll be the star...
Of my very last show

Let's go for a long ride
I'll show you places you won't ever want to leave

The stranger's candy takes you where you ought to be
In broken alleys in the back of every street
Stranger's candy...
Broken alleys...

We could... bring it all down
We could... bring it... all down

They think this body's a dead... note
Dancing... to the beat
But they'll never see this corpse
Coming... 'til it... kills them

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Dillinger Escape Plan, The Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants Comments
  1. T J

    THIS BAND IS STRAIGHT TRASH NOW. THIS SINGER TRIES TO B MIKE PATTON MIXED WITH DISTURBED OR SOMETHING NOW??😂😂😂.....hardcore is dead I'm glad I was there for the beginning and now the sad sad ending R.I.P. D.E.P

  2. Akhmed Murtaev

    Дядя Пэттон повлиял на буззанов!)

  3. Gokhan Aydogan

    Jazz insanity metal

  4. HenriqueRusso

    Can anyone tell me if M Shadows from AX7 was featured on this song?

  5. A B

    Quick crutch field tongs at the end! 3:34

  6. Robert Atkins

    Listening 2 this now its obvious why mike patton was the singer 4 this band 4 some time

  7. Ryan Kurtz

    Is that fucking José Mangin??

  8. Vox Volta

    this is so 2004

  9. zer0 95

    greg looks like a nerd from the suburbs who has to be home by 6 and then one day got buffed and started screaming in some band and stuff

  10. Carlos Guerra

    Mike Patton rip-off

  11. Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    that chorus part though, The vocals are more raspy with Low and High notes. Sounds like LINKIN PARK to me, this Nu metal song is awesome if you agree!

  12. chris murlock

    The thumbnail for this and Milk Lizard almost look the same lmao

  13. officer nasty

    is jose mangin in this?

  14. MrLDub4589

    Is that Jose mangin from liquid metal SiriusXM?

    Z3r0 San1ty

    MrLDub4589 I was wondering the same thing

  15. Tim Dolan

    Is that Jose mangin?


    Dude I just asked the same thing!! I think so, sure looks like it to me man

  16. James Hampton

    I legit thought the singing on here was from Brandon Urie. They had very similar voices.

  17. Sean Pulatie

    Their own record label didn't know the lyrics?

    And it's "gnaw". That's the incomprehensible part.

  18. Miss Wolf

    Wherever you are now Greg, plz bang me

  19. Screpitum Ralk

    Oh, this song was about rape. Oh...


    absolute pile of shit. calculating infinity should be used as inspiration to murder anyone who likes this track

    Famous Mortimer

    I bet you think Battles In The North is for posers too, huh?

  21. AFTERSHOCK54321

    Is that Jose mangin!

  22. clit crusader

    Relapse records more like anal prolapse

  23. Chew Your Good Food

    Chris Pennie brought the foundations. Gil Sharone brought the groove. Billy Rymer brought the j a z z.

  24. Raktim Kashyap Deka

    Greg looks like George st. Pierre with hair

  25. Guillermo Galvan

    2018.... Casi 2019..... From the best album of DEP

  26. Curmudgeon5462

    "there's no way to replace the absence that you called. Finally, there's a light over the dark one's illuminated."

    Think about that from a Christian perspective. What a powerful lyric. Whether or not he meant it this way.

  27. Srg Fkct

    God I fucking love The Dill Pickle Escape Van

  28. Luke Joynes

    Greg looks like Sam Hyde in this video.

  29. EDsavant

    Was that Jose Mangin?

  30. Jay Borders

    Lol its metal Tom hardy lol

  31. Pia Nyström

    The video is so boring compared to the music. I guess they are hard to match with a decent film maker, since DEP go beyond!

    Chew Your Good Food

    Watch the vid for "When I Lost My Bet"

  32. Luquitagl

    You know? I usually don't like metalcore. But this band kicks ass!

  33. Zack Clevinger

    Good sounding music.

  34. Shaban Satan

    1:20 idk but this reminds me of that band panic at the disco if im right

  35. Matt Price

    Wow...does this song have a Faith No More vibe to it!

  36. Jonas Butler

    I love these guys. It's not often you can elbow some stranger in the face and he hugs you afterward. Weird energy. I love it.

  37. Gabriel Enriquez

    who gave greg the 5th grade yearbook hair cut ?

  38. Doggy Dog

    stop screaming ! god dam it! live its even worst!!

  39. The Classic Manila-style

    Mike patton style

  40. Оgnen Nikolovski

    popoleka :D

  41. John Martin

    i forgot how much the singer resembles pie f#cker when he was younger.

  42. davegrapho

    OMG it's Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine season 1

  43. Oscar Duarte

    I had never heard of these guys, and I saw them at a metal festival in Europe last month. I couldn't last more than 15 min. This poppy shit is painful to watch, especially when you have the likes of bands like Emperor. It definitely killed my mood. It doesn't belong at a prestigious metal fest.

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    Oscar Duarte listen to 43 percent burnt

    Matt Sucks

    If its so prestigious then why did that Disney ass Emperor get to play? Who the fuck wants to listen to symphonic black metal? Just go watch Beauty And The Beast if you want a fucking orchestra. Not kvlt enough.

    A B

    This poppy stuff! Lol! If I played this for my dad he would be terrified. It's not like this is "acceptable mainstream" music.

  44. Matthew Howe

    I hope their plane crashes and the whole band burns to death...poor excuse for music...

    Ooga booga

    The amount of childish hostility in this comment is baffling.


    Not true. Now, if he'd've added "...and then jackals should piss on their charred remains", THAT would certify as baffling childish hostility.

    Shining Armor

    Well, guess what. They've disbanded. Are you happy now?


    How can you call this trash

  45. Moocyfer 2.0

    ..... I don't know my wife my friend was hyping this band it sounds like a poor man's Avenged Sevenfold desperate to squeeze in as much Jazz as they can.....
    I'm going to have to ask my friend if he needs to come out of the closet because I can only see one redeeming thing and I can see it with my eyes I'm not hearing it with my ears...

    Matt Sucks

    These guys aren't as gay as A7X, your ears are just so full of gay shit, you wouldn't know good shit if it cucked you.

  46. Varsha V

    i love the fact it says [Incomprehensible] me when its clearly gnaw me

  47. loutiscrive

    porca troia che massacro

  48. G C

    And it is also "you will be the star of my very last show" not every. just a heads up for you.

  49. G C

    Oh baby (incomprehensible word is gnaw)

  50. Riccardo Cannavò

    So underrated

  51. caja 88

    Fall of Troy does the jazz break better but Fucking great song.

  52. mexicanblondplayer

    metal come in very different forms, Black Metal, Super Black Metal, Progressive Vegetarian Scandinavian Grindcore, and... Lounge uwu 1:47

    Ardiel García

    jajaajajaa Cierto pelo!!

    Copper Dragon

    If nothing else, you can’t say they were ballsy in experimentation.

  53. mrpelon1000

    dang dude puciato always looks jacked....like the hulk lol

  54. Thinchap

    Going to see them for the first and last time.... TOOONNNIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTTTT!

    Agnidipto Roy

    Thinchap lol

    A B

    I got such a good LOL out of this as I read it in my head with the scream

  55. kyle benson

    I never understood the Greg/Mike Patton comparison, I don't here it generally.

    A B

    It's only because Mike Patton released an ep with this band. This song doesn't sound like Faith No More like some people think it does.

  56. vanderjagt7

    for the lyrics in the description he says gnaw me down to the bone

  57. Myotic Tesseract

    This song is like Panic! at the Disco/Fallout Boy with balls. xD

    Shaban Satan

    I thought the same

    BigOlBoaner Gaming

    TDEP transcends all classifications with their overall product/ sound being an ever changing thjng


    _soqotra well he said " with balls" for a reason.

    Myotic Tesseract

    I did only say _this_ song. Obviously DEP is a much more chaotic band with crazy jazz-infused mathcore stuff that completely knocks this song out of the park. Been a fan for a couple years now.


    This is hardcore punk and patd! And Fob are gaycore.

  58. GoldDragonTV

    The strangers cannnddyyyyyyyy takes you where you oughta be!

  59. GamerGamer

    1:10 that's the face I make when I jizz

  60. addictedkids12345

    sucks ass

  61. planteicasa

    cade os Br ? será q tem

  62. Dump Trump

    There's only about 3 Dillinger songs that I hate and this is definitely one of them.

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    Kill Trump This, one of us is the killer and black bubblegum?

    A B

    This song is so good though!

  63. Mustard Fart

    pressed replay !

  64. Jared Hoeft

    The world never deserved a band this amazing

    Alex Smith


  65. Joe Bookish

    Greg looks like a ripped version of that guy from Lonely Island in this video

  66. thierryman

    If you did an album of all the songs they played straight forward you would still have a better album than most metal bands out there!

  67. James seeker

    Don't you tease

  68. огнедышащих медведь с АК47

    I think the [incomprehensible] lyric is gnaw, "oh baby, gnaw me to the bone". Come on Relapse youre slackin

  69. Kat Johnson

    my favorite dep song

  70. Francisco Diaz

    DEP are one of my all time favorite bands but I'd say this was my favorite album.

    A B

    Me too. It's just SO solid the entire way through

  71. Cam Par


  72. linguo76

    I always thought Greg was channeling Mike Patton on this song :/


    honestly, that dude is ALWAYS channeling patton. not that its a bad thing.

    Owen Mordid

    I thought 2:09 was Mike Patton guesting on the song the first time I listened, sounds so like him

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    linguo76 That's because this was the first album that came after the godly Mike Patton ep, give it a listen or 2000000, it's great.

    Guilherme Juquênzio

    @Owen Mordid He was channeling frank zappa

  73. wildinthestreets101

    I love the Mike Patton influence of this song

  74. Henry Garcia

    Greg is the man!

  75. jemimallah

    puciato's head wasn't really designed to have hair on it

    Scott Lockwood

    a new type of really great hair metal?


    Can anybody tell what happens to that woman?


    jemimallah in the one video he looks better with the hair and nose ring, here he looks like dexter the serial killer

    Andrew Drow

    like any italian

  76. joan

    It's funny. In the chorus, it sounds like a Panic At The Disco/Fall Out Boy's song.

    BubbleRoo Fuckaroo: Boogaloo Fuckyoutoo

    Nah, Panic and FoB aren't shit. Their newer albums are just not nearly as good as their first ones.

    Kezia Naomi

    @Pseudo Wounds nah they have never been musically technical and never really pushed any boundaries. They are just mainstream bs but if that what u like, dont stop me from having u listen to it

    BubbleRoo Fuckaroo: Boogaloo Fuckyoutoo

    @Kezia Naomi Technicality and boundaries don't mean anything when it comes to quality, and being mainstream doesn't necessarily mean it is bad. Metallica are pretty mainstream, and they were insanely good during their first 4 albums. Besides, you wont find anything that sounds quite like them that hasn't come after they showed up. I'm pretty sure me telling you to check their first 2 albums would be useless, since you're so stuck in this notion that something has to be technical or innovative to be good, but the wittiness in their lyrics and the melodies they've crafted *in those 2 albums* can speak for themselves. I'm not saying they are Dillinger-Escape-Plan-Good, but they shouldn't be labeled as "mainstream BS". They were much better than that.


    Pseudo Wounds you kind of shot yourself in the foot by using an example that demonstrates the exact opposite of what you were trying to prove lol. Metallica WERE amazing in their first four albums precisely because they WEREN'T mainstream then and those albums pretty much set the blueprint for thrash metal (aka were innovative). After that they got more simple and mainstream and began to suck. You clearly don't know a lot about music/metal history. I don't understand how so many people who listen to bands like PATD like Dillinger, it's just inconceivable to me. I mean this song, sure, but they have about 5 like this in their entire catalogue, the other 95% is incredibly abrasive, technical math metal. Are you lost?

    Dekai Averett

    Kezia Naomi I know your comment is old but technicality does not equal quality, The Ramones were incredibly simplistic, untalented musicians that still made great music and kickstarted one of the most influential genres in the history of music.

  77. Christian Arnie

    Guitar hero? :D

  78. expectador

    When good songs do.shit videos.

    A B

    This video is fuckin sweet!

  79. fuck Off

    oh god. jose, is that you?

    Alex Jirovsky

    it does look like Jose Mangin

    fuck Off

    It's him dude, I read it somewhere. haha

    fuck Off

    are you getting in the mood for the new record?

  80. Tim Racadio

    Has anyone pointed out that the part in the lyrics that says 'incomprehensible' is naw...

    Raymond Wilson

    +Tim Racadio Gnaw*

  81. Carlos Lira

    Best song about rape. I love it 😍😍

    Carlos Lira

    +BLACK HAT I did after this comment and I can see your point thank you sir

    Dean Rigby

    Carlos Lira think date rape by sublime might be better but maybe the second best song about rape?

    Francisco Diaz

    Carlos Lira i play this song on my 1st dates no wonder they dont turn out so great

  82. The Kadju

    adam sandberg singing xD

    K-khel Aniñon

    The Kadju who the fuck is sandberg?

  83. tae smellsbad

    these guys tryin to copy simple plan

    tae smellsbad

    +Yi Hyung Lee manure smells bad indeed :)

    Aakash Iyer

    +tae smellsbad Are you pure retarded?

    tae smellsbad

    Are you an ISIS member?


    +tae smellsbad Are you hilarious?

    tae smellsbad

    Who cares?

  84. DJ Soundwave

    Ooh baby, *GNAW* me down to the bone

    Like chewing


    DJ Soundwave that's the exact one dude.why couldn't they figure it out and its not every last show it's my very last show. Duh sum people haha

  85. David Wilson

    That fucking jazz break though


    +David Wilson i call it the "hawaiian shirts on the beach" break, coined by some dude/girl who tabbed it and titled that section thus

  86. Kurt Thompson

    With that hair he looks like Adam Sambert

    Justin Widle

    +Nino Falletta That's what he said. Adam Sambert.

    Richard LeBlanc

    +Kurt Thompson Id like to see them arm wrestle though!

    Do Not Pass GO!

    +Kurt Thompson Sorta looks like Bryan Danielson here.

    Annie Samuel

    +Kurt Thompson I read it as Adam lambert and thought no no NO that is wrong!!! :P

    oedipa maas

    All I see is Urijah Faber, the former UFC fighter

  87. Burnt Toast

    Yo, is that Jose Mangin?

    Jared Bunn

    +Burnt Toast Yeah! I was like whaaaaaa??

  88. Kozak Gray

    At the one part, he says "Ooh baby you gnaw me right down to the bones"

    Kozak Gray

    My mistake, it's "you gnaw me down to the bone" not right down lol

  89. DukeBox

    I love those mathy breakdowns after the chorus. I normally don't like their more straightforward rock songs but this one is pretty good. Although they're pretty hit and miss overall; they're no converge


    +thomasthecricketlege I really like Converge and have nothing but respect for them and I know they have been around about as long as Dillinger, but they are no Dillinger. That is my subjective opinion of course. Cheers!

    The Classic Manila-style

    Converge ? Really? Tired of their music alteast dep tried different elements while converge will always be stuck on metalcore shit, no one listens to metalcore these days

    A B

    I love Converge but I would take Dillinger over them in a heartbeat.

  90. Spencer Randall

    I wish they made more songs like this

    Rittiron Sontimaung

    Agreed, This song really hook me up to them from the first time i heard.

    AussieDauz / Kingler

    Rittiron Sontimaung agreed

  91. Joost Feddema

    If you have to do this song on guitar hero you'll think it is made by satan ghehe


    We have Clone Hero now



    Sean Kraus

    @YASHER Encore the band is usually a genre known as "mathcore", however this song would be more like alternative rock and post-hardcore, with a LITTLE bit of their mathcore/math rock sound in there.


    That's what I love about this band. They experiment, but can still bust out some crazy shit when needed. I get bored real quick of straight core bands. They put me to sleep.

  93. Rom

    Baripapa baripiri

  94. Jasper Binzer

    .?? I Primi !

  95. ganondorfchampin

    ....this song is about a pedophile murdering children, right?...


    @ganondorfchampin Not even gonna read it... here's your candy, dont talk to strangers.


    @sukitta2 Yeah, because you're a fool whose only refuge is your own ignorance. The fact you said such an asinine thing that people don't talk to kids they kidnap makes it clear you don't even understand the whole "stranger" and "candy" association with pedophiles, further emphasized by you saying "here's your candy, dont talk to strangers". Guess what, genius, children wouldn't be taught not to talk to strangers if strangers didn't talk to children when they try to kidnap them.

    Owen Horecny

    @ganondorfchampin "you clearly know nothing about child abduction" you're right I leave this one to you, person who is weirdly obsessed with child abduction

    Kozak Gray

    @Owen Horecny lol


    @Owen Horecny Hey, it's not MY obsession, it's America's. It wasn't my choice to watch all those videos and read all those PSAs. The rest I know is mainly for various articles I've read on different topics that clarified some of the misconceptions the public has.

  96. King Infinite

    Definitely one of my favorite songs by The Dillinger Escape Plan.