Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Crossburner Lyrics

I just could not believe
That so much could be achieved
Are you for real?
Were you for real?
I caught you by the throat
And tried to squeeze
But you weren't real
You were not real

Turn your boat you stow away
It’s better there here’s not okay
I’m sorry it’s so far away
You break your back for little things
Like compliments and wedding rings
I hate that little song you sing
That song you sing

Turn your boat you stow away
It’s better there here’s not okay
I’m sorry you’re far away

Turn your boat around you stow away

Seems you can’t stop making sound
But nothing I can’t read about
Your 2 cents fall right on the ground
Right on the ground

Turn your boat you stow away
It’s better there here’s not okay
I’m sorry it’s so far away

Turn your boat around you stow away

I just could not believe
So much could be achieved
Are you for real?
Were you for real?
Cause you don’t listen
You never listen
You don’t listen
You don’t listen
I've caught you by the throat and tried to squeeze
But you weren't real
You were not real
Why’d I never listen

Turn your boat you stow away
It’s better there here’s not okay
I’m sorry we’re so far away
I’m sorry we’re so far away
I’m sorry we’re so far away

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Dillinger Escape Plan, The Crossburner Comments
  1. hans peter fred


  2. TheUnknown Soul

    Put a 1.5 speed 🔥🔥🔥


    Holy balls, this makes the song 2x better.

  3. Ryan Corrigan

    Holy efing shit.

  4. Mallow Marsh

    Anyone 2018?

  5. Christopher Briggs

    @240 reminds me of Alice In Chains 🤯

  6. Jorge Tardones

    Reninds me of Neurosis a little bit

  7. Fabio Braga

    I like! Fuck band!!!

  8. misterjohn john

    RuspurSaysGrrrr !!

  9. Flying Spider

    tfw you find a buy one get one free coupon for orange juice.

  10. Dave K

    Amazing band. One of a kind...its not okay.

  11. Andrei Deaconu

    1:07 Layne Staley?

    BЯoly LSSJ

    Hahhahhha nice 🤙🏻

  12. Dan Williams

    I hear Tool and Duvall-era Alice in Chains in this. Dillinger are not afraid to let their influences be known!

  13. misterjohn john

    wasn't Wilson a ball?

  14. Leo Silva


  15. mondoraptor

    fuck the public
    i go around blasting this shit in my car stero



  16. The Media Store

    im sorry you're so far awaaayyyeeee

  17. thatchadguy 97

    They came to Charlotte were was i 😦

  18. Matthew Hurley

    @Robert Earle Stanton

    >"New Dillinger is bad"
    >"...listen to Bring Me The Horizon"

    Lol okay

    hans peter fred


  19. spagetti001



    My name is Voit you dumbass!

    misterjohn john

    Cone The SuperGopnik
    ...Wilson was a ball wasn't he, best supporting actor rooe in that film with Tom Hanks stranded on an island

    T Sun

    Degas, degas.

  20. Unrein82

    fav song on the album. I'm guessing that sound towards the end of the song is Greg breaking something in the vocal booth. This song sounds very NIN inspired: love it

  21. Eliran Sabag

    I just could not believe that 5 minutes would pass so fast, are you for real?!

  22. MrScion500

    When people say things like dep have gone soft. You know they have never been in a serious band and know nothing about music.


    @Robert Earle Stanton You lose all credibility when you state that their albums all sound the same. There's a considerable amount of variance in the songs on this very album sound much less their back catalog.

    Alternatively, it seems like you want every album to be Calculating Infinity and have lumped all of their albums since into the vague grouping of "Not calculating infinity". 

    Paul Welsh

    @R It must be boring to play the same shit every song. They clearly have a wide and varied taste in music. People say you sell out when you change your sound. i think it's precisely the opposite. A band tries to keep a "true", an original, sound to appease their old fans, which often kills authenticity and creativity.. People evolve and mature. And to kill that is the ultimate sell out; just for the fear of losing a fan base and their approval. It takes guts to say "fuck that" and try something else. That is well more rebellious than if they had just kept their same sound to keep their fans happy, and I applaud them for it.


    @Paul Welsh they wrote farewell mona lisa bout guys like him

  23. MrScion500

    Very true peter. Dep are a band that write songs that actually evolve as you listen.

  24. MrScion500

    Saw them in Leeds yesterday. Omfg. The best band I've ever seen live and I've been watching bands for 20 years.


    I'm 38 years old and this band is blowing me away! Talent unreal!!!

  26. TotSamiiShaman666

    DEP have made a collaboration EP with Mike Patton in the past. So yes, Mike Patton had something to do with DEP.
    By the way, awesome song,as always!


    And that ep sucked. Patton's shenanigans ruined it.

  27. Louis Joe

    What did Mike Patton have to do with Dillinger Escape Plan? Was he just a big influence of theirs?

    Kacper Wiśny

    lol TDEP is basically Mr Bungle on cocaine. Also Patton recorded an EP with Dillinger

  28. Robert Saunders

    Interesting... Not sure what I think but im glad to have given it a shot.

  29. kquixotic

    Same. It's songs like this that make me want to make a "The liver deserves it" playlist.

  30. saylevaughn

    All Sumerian needs to do is sign Btbam and Vildhjarta and there won't be a need for another record label.

  31. Alec Ferris

    Which one? If you're referring to Brent Hinds, he actually sang on Horse Hunter (back on Ire Works), which sadly doesn't seem to be on yt

  32. Spoonman Xu

    Sick and evil... O_O Awesome! \m/

  33. Luke RoyalDeftonicBoy

    My favorite fucking song off this album right here!
    What a song! The changes on the song are so fucking good =)

  34. Shinjaw

    I like drinking heavily to this song and screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs.

  35. stallan lonewolf

    Without Mike Patton, there would be no DEP.

  36. Psyfonify

    holy shit, by 0:51, all the fucking hairs on my body were sticking straight up!

  37. Nick Martin

    the dillinger are friends with mastodon and sometimes when they are on tour together the singer of mastodon comes out and sings along with greg live!

  38. Edoardo Casini

    TDEP. I think it's enough!

  39. taxira

    YOU NEVER ... LISTEN !!!

  40. Cloudy

    The beginning of this song is so hype.

  41. Chris H

    Don't get me wrong: I love a lot of Patton's work. But he's had a sizable share of misfires as well, particularly more recently. Not quite the god you make him out to be.

  42. Chris H

    The irony in all this is virtually every band (that hasn't broken up) in their peer group has changed drastically since they were formed: Coalesce, Burnt by the Sun, Cave In, etc. (You could make a case for Converge, I guess.) That original "mathcore/metalcore sound" is dead, though.

  43. Rust1nPeace2112

    I love all the upcoming record labels with countless great bands that are continually signed.

  44. 000sicair

    This was definitely NOT what I expected when I clicked a Dillinger link. Holy fuck I am more impressed than when I first heard of Jeff Loomis.

  45. Al Harper

    that song gave me a head massage from the inside out

  46. Suda

    Holy shit 2:41 sounds just like MASTODON. Dillinger is fucking legit!

  47. Woody Fentress

    5 different songs from this album have been stuck in my head, for multiple days each, for the past couple of weeks. This is just the most recent.

  48. Joshua Berkoff

    good man.

  49. ScumB

    What is it with people watching YouTube and porn at the same time

  50. DandJProductions100

    Wow, touchy. Go actually listen to the song and then comment before being an unnecessary twat about it just because you happen to not like them. I don't see how you came to the assumption that i like AA but it is wrong. I was merely stating similarities between the two songs so grow the fuck up.

  51. DandJProductions100

    Can't be that shit if DEP made a similar song to them.

  52. James Jackson

    What. WHAT. Mike Patton is a fucking god. Fuck you.

  53. Bachishaman

    TBH i feel as though this new album is the "heaviest" they've been since calculating infinity

  54. toymasheenSH

    on behalf of Mike Patton, go fuck yourself <3

  55. Gillmich

    I'm so glad I came across this band. So sick!

  56. Lorenzo

    I think we all need to stop and take a second out of our lives to realize what has just been said.

    Greg a better singer than screamer? Maybe.
    People blame him for DEP getting "softer"? Potentially.
    Mike Patton is the enemy? Go burn in hell. Mike Patton is one of the most diverse, adaptable and creative vocalists ever to have stepped foot on this earth. He didn't even make DEP soft. Irony Is A Dead Scene is fucking insane throughout. Everything fits. Patton is a damn god. Seriously. Not cool.


    No, Patton ruined the ep.

  57. DandJProductions100

    Awesome song, first half reminds reminds me heavily of 'Gently' by slipknot. Anyone else getting that?

  58. TronPaul2012

    same here

  59. adamclark52

    I'm glad the "beep" is here at 1:34, I thought my CD was fucked.

  60. ReflectsCoD

    No, not at all.

  61. Tunaboy45

    loving it

  62. BECKZ7171

    Best dillinger album yet!

  63. Samuel Keeler

    Fucking great stuff

  64. MrArmface

    fucking great

  65. lucifersam99


    bloody hell. this breakdown actually hurts me.

  66. lucifersam99


    my god.

  67. SpikeMoney

    Screamo is grabage and Dillinger escape plan will out sing your screamoing ass

  68. Isaiah Campbell

    Within the ruins

  69. repooc84

    This is the best song to walk on moon rocks. Such a incredible group of ppl. Keep doing whatever y'all want!

  70. Joshua Berkoff

    i swear, this album is like a sequel to irony is a dead scene.

  71. Patrik Hevele

    LOL. Click on the Facebook Summer Slaughter link and laugh. :D

  72. Daniel James

    One of the best songs on the CD

  73. Henry Dale

    When are you going to start posting covers again!?

  74. Alec Ferris

    Does anyone else feel that Liam has more of a presence on this than bass has previously enjoyed on Dillinger releases? Also, I honestly believe these might be Greg's best and most varied performances so far :)

  75. Metal4life0102

    best off OOUITK
    title track is awesome but this is some of the best shit Dillinger did since calculating infinity

  76. ThisIsMyFlower

    "turn your boat you stow away"

  77. armyofme

    or you could just buy the fkn album.

  78. Onamorata

    This should of ended the album. Greg dropping the microphone and just excessive feedback. So awesome.

  79. IronCladBushido

    Like all dillinger albums!

  80. Axel K

    i dont think enough people understand this song really hits that spot ;) BTW peeps use this to get it on your pod > bit.ly/16kFQq4?=obsni

  81. Tom Bodington

    Best opening 40 seconds of a song for a very long time. My favourite song off the album.

  82. SuperMario16bit

    DEP goes sludge/doom, I like.

  83. dave laughery

    Best on the album. Period.

  84. Johnny McLane

    Facebook link to Summer Slaughter page is so very wrong. Lmao

  85. Luke Rutter

    Holy fuck! Thank you Corey Rutter for getting me into this band. Super badass!

  86. Ian Maclay

    These guys never cease to amaze me!

  87. Cyril Ruegsegger

    kinda agree

  88. valeria hug

    Yeeeeahh 6 comment!! :D

  89. Peter Jones

    What a great heavy yet technical song ... love the changes that the song goes through. Definitely see this album needing multiple listens to truly appreciate it all.

  90. Tim

    still can't get over the climax around 3:30, really great screams from Greg

  91. kevstew26

    2:42 is when I closed my porn tabs and that isn't an easy thing to do