Dilated Peoples - Reach Us Lyrics

Dilated, dilated, dilated..

I kill ciphers
That's how I went from good to God
I ain't perfect, yet n' still the hood is ours
And it's worthy, good people here work good and hard
But the news really only shows crooks and stops
It hold you for commercials and talk you into buyin shit
I was taught to learn from life and learn from my environment
Rocka walks the street as the son of a preacher
Who's the son of a preacher with people tryin to reach ya
I visualize the rise and realize the falling
High as time flies I recognize the calling
Went from lavish life to savage life back to lavish life
But never average, might be caught like Christ for the sacrifice
I still roll up my trees
For ? I meditate to roll up my sleeves
We adjusting readjust
I said I touch the world and the world said

Reach us
Reach us
Open up the world people ?

You know these days ain't gettin any longer
Now, it's do or die
Now or never, time to hit the street
We on the move
Ride out with shit to prove
Everywhere we go they like...
It's a green light for you
Got lyrics about pleasure some about pain
From Southern Cali where they say it never rains
It's different dames that make me count blessings
We burn for our peeps that ain't here as we sing
Reach us
In God we trust no doubt that's a must
A hundred times see us but still catch the rush
And when we fly bless the sky
Let your mission unfold
You in the car we in the bus bless the road
How could I reach you if I wasn't real
Might have to go before you really studied the flow
And understand the deal
This year fuck before mad, loud and clear
You know that's the truth they can't

Reach us
Reach us
Say this cause I mean it from the heart
Reach us

What happened to me, nah what happened to you
The crew ain't changed the numbers the sames
The lack and the fools, the check for Cali dimes down to Georgia peaches
At our shows to book us, ? is how you reach us
Got ho's girls I see got queens
Got friends got enemies and in-betweens
Teacher are students, students are teachers
Low key or prestigious I reach you, you reach us
I see lines around the block in the snow it's cold now
I see people gettin hot when the shot is sold out
I see dime pieces to the front to rap along
To every word, word for word to every song
I raise every head and every arm
In every jam from every stage we stand on
People climbin over barricades and still
I tell security chill, they only tryin to

Reach us

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Dilated Peoples Reach Us Comments
  1. Vito Scoletta

    Certified Banger, Proud to be from cali 🤟

  2. Przemysław Błażek

    Please give me next that oldSchool psychorap

  3. Ruben pylvanaimen

    Im here cuz i been a fan for 20 years, also cuz of great taste i musik

  4. Unathi Nyangwa

    I'm from South Africa and I been banging dilated since before Christ

    Siyethemba Msomi

    Nginawe mata 🇿🇦🙌🏾💯

  5. Jesus Najera

    Here cuz of bryson tiller

    Julius Roches

    Jesus Najera how

  6. Nikolaos Antonopoulos

    Finally a sleeper sample coming from my country Greece! Mad props!

  7. Mitchell Powers

    Most underrated

  8. Ryan Rye

    When a kayne song is the worst on the cd....... a fucking pre bullshit kayne even... maybe this is something only I think.

  9. Obi-Wan Shalomi

    Nice track! Came here because people said the beat from 'Jim Jones - Drops Is Out (prod. by ARAABmuzik)' was inspired by this track.

    Stavros Pavlovits

    And this track sampled xarchakos (greek musician) 😉

    Dimension Ratsaka

    Yeah dialated people shit is the bomb g"i b bangin this shit since 99.im Que dee niggaz whatz up

  10. Alex Hartley

    ace dilated peoples underated group

  11. Brendan M

    Best track made!!

  12. Orr971

    Joey Chavez and Sid Roams are always so hard. Damn.

    Brendan M

    Orr971 hell ya this production is so on point. Chavez is the man

  13. Greg Cummings

    these youngstas aint hearin this real hip hop dialated peoples drop mad jewels on this shit this what hip hop today is missin real str8 up substance thats what its lackin right now today now its turned to shit bring it back please


    I'm 21 and Evidence is one of my favourite artists. You should stop generalizing people. Plenty of great artists still make incredible music (including Evidence), you're just being ignorant sleeping on great music.

    Greg Cummings

    +KnownEpidemic oh my bad i apoligize bro much respect to you its all good

    Greg Cummings

    +KnownEpidemic im 34 i been a fan of hip hop for a long time 20 years since 14 since 96 i know good hip hop music your 21 you like dialated peoples its all good bruh again my apologies to you bro i shouldnt judge your right im just a product of my era in the mid late 90s and 2000s im old school i was speakin from a elderstatesmen point of view im the old guy i didnt mean everybody or meant towards I can respect a young guy like yourself who like this music i didnt mean anything by it figure of speech

    i dont discriminate

    Brendan M

    Greg Cummings word

  14. Greg Cummings

    dialated peoples reppin that real underground hip hop shit with substance this what real fuckin hip hop should sound like word to this generation
    much respect to dialated peoples

  15. gustavogarza1

    This is what hip hop should be.