Dilated Peoples - Directors Lyrics

First up in flight like I studied Raleigh
Same sky that I'm flying that got Buddy Holly
Back from tour with the Brother Ali (Ali!)
On my Fellowship shit, pumpin "5' O'Clock Follies"
(I don't say something) I got something to say
Sometimes I'm colorful, sometimes I'm gray
We get cancer twenty times a day
We're just strong enough to brush it off and kneel when we pray (Whoa...)
The truth reveal what it may
Tumbling Dice, Dice Raw, Dice Clay
Bad cards nothing nice to play
California nights a gamble but I stay
They say home is where you hang your hat
Well I ain't hanging up that, there's no time to relax
(Keep it pushin...) Only time to react
It's Dilated for life, I'd like to welcome us back

[Chorus: DJ Babu cuts and scratches]
"I am the director, as far as you are concerned" - [MC Lyte]

[Rakaa Iriscience:]
First to light up the crumbled collie
I could ride skateboards but I could never ollie
Forced to war like Muhammad Ali
Shape the future like cash is clay/Cassius Clay
Melt time, the Salvador Dali the world spins through my lens
I'm focused now, thoughts wandering through my sins
Fish-eye, birds-eye, Viewfinder third eye
High-definition, high-resolution words fly
Riots for celebrating the game
Then live via satellite Laker parades
Danger in the pit, are they dancing? Are they fighting?
I block off the angles then adjust lighting
Don't believe I touch thunder and lightning
'til they see the miracles pictures, then I'm frightening
We just capture the facts
Dilated never left, I'd like to welcome us back


"On set, the director of photography is in charge of the entire production."
"Just do whatever you have to do, from a behind-the-scene standpoint."
"I wasn't trying to, I just know that I can do it"
"I'm the director of photography" "Director of photography"
"I am the director, as far as you are concerned" - [MC Lyte]

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Dilated Peoples Directors Comments
  1. Edilson Langa

    let get back to the Roots and explore lot of shit lords of hip hop have created, he yo!

  2. Edilson Langa

    hip hop is back, if you do not, you are looser niggaz

  3. Edilson Langa

    Rakaa oh shit!!!. the Dilated spitting lyrical precision and you are sucker

  4. simon gorer

    That snare